Fall ’07 Mass Market Titles

Compiled by Karole Riippa


Crashing Paradise: A Novel of the Menagerie (Sept., $7.99) by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski is the fourth book in this dark fantasy series.

Cybermancy (Oct., $6.99) by Kelly McCullough. In this sequel to WebMage, magic has gone digital and a computer hacker can be a sorcerer.

Kris Longknife: Audacious (Nov., $7.99) by Mike Shepherd. Series heroine Longknife returns in her fifth adventure.

Dog Days (Nov., $6.99) by John Levitt introduces an urban noir fantasy series.

The Watcher (Dec., $7.99) by Jeanne C. Stein. Vampire Anna Strong must become a Watcher and make supernatural rogues pay for their crimes.

Iron Kissed (Jan., $7.99) by Patricia Briggs. Car mechanic and shape shifter Mercy Thompson returns in a new urban fantasy adventure.

Unquiet Dreams (Feb., $TBA) by Mark Del Franco. This urban fantasy series features a druid in contemporary Boston.

Reprints: Voyage of Slaves (Sept., $7.99) by Brian Jacques; The Great Tree of Avalon 3: The Eternal (Oct., $7.99) by T.A. Barron; Odyssey (Nov., $7.99) by Jack McDevitt; Crystal Dragon (Dec., $7.99) by Sharon Lee; The Fair Folk (Jan., $7.99) by Marvin Kaye.


Beyond Seduction (Sept., $7.99) by Stephanie Laurens. This new installment of The Bastion Club concludes the mystery begun in To Distraction. 750,000 first printing.

Just Wicked Enough (Sept., $6.99) by Lorraine Heath. A handsome but penniless nobleman seeks a bride in a devilishly unique fashion. 125,000 first printing.

Love Letters from a Duke (Sept., $6.99) by Elizabeth Boyle. A girl who’s dreamed of marrying a duke falls in love with the footman next door. 150,000 first printing.

The Scottish Companion (Oct., $6.99) by Karen Ranney. Grant Roberson finds himself fascinated by Janet, the companion to his fiancé—a woman he does not love. 125,000 first printing.

Secrets of a Proper Lady (Oct., $7.99) by Victoria Alexander. Mistaken identities abound in this tale of romance and intrigue. 500,000 first printing.

A Touch of Minx (Oct., $6.99) by Suzanne Enoch. A reformed thief agrees to track down stolen art to prove to her fiancé that she’s changed and genuinely loves him. 150,000 first printing.

Halfway to the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel (Nov., $6.99) by Jeaniene Frost. A vampire slayer with attitude teams with a vampire to vanquish an even more dangerous evil.150,000 first printing.

In My Wildest Fantasies (Nov., %6.99) by Julianne MacLean. Rebecca Newland seeks the man who she hopes will rescue her from the prospect of a loveless marriage.125,000 first printing.

Taken by the Night (Nov., $5.99) by Kathryn Smith. A vampire must find the killer who is stalking the women of the infamous Maison Rouge. 100,000 first printing

An Affair Before Christmas (Dec., $7.99) by Eloisa James. In love, but young and inexperienced, a couple must fight the fears that may tear them apart. 450,000 first printing.

Untouched (Dec., $6.99) by Anna Campbell. Imprisoned and expected to marry a madman, Grace Paget learns that they are both caught in a web of lies. 100,000 first printing.

The Warrior (Dec., $6.99) by Kinley MacGregor returns to the world of the Brotherhood of the Sword. 250,000 first printing

The Accidental Vampire (Jan., $6.99) by Lynsay Sands. Can an accidental vampire and a career-driven bachelor find love? 300,000 first printing.

Confessions at Midnight (Jan., $6.99) by Jacquie D’Alessandro. Far from being scandalized by the erotic novel the Literary Society has selected, proper Carolyn is intrigued and excited. 225,000 first printing

Hello, Doggy (Jan., $6.99) by Elaine Fox. A Golden Doodle dog named Barbra Streisand (that only comes if you sing “People”) may get in the way of her owner’s romance. 100,000 first printing

A Seduction in Scarlet (Jan., $5.99) by Sara Bennett. A liaison at the scandalous brothel, Aphrodite’s Club, leaves Marcus and Portia longing for more. 100,000 first printing

The Wicked Ways of a Duke (Jan., $6.99) by Laura Lee Guhrke. A lovely seamstress finds herself living the romantic life she’s only dreamed of. 150,000 first printing

In the Highlander’s Bed (Feb., $6.99) by Cathy Maxwell. Laird McKenna plots to kidnap a duke’s sister-in-law but she proves to be more than he can handle. 250,000 first printing.

The Undead Next Door (Feb., $6.99) by Kerrelyn Sparks. Vampire Jean-Luc goes into hiding in a small Texas town where he finds both love and an old enemy. 125,000 first printing

Vampires Are Forever (Feb., $6.99) by Lynsay Sands continues this vampire series as Ines Urso finds herself ignored by Thomas Argeneau—but not for long. 300,000 first printing.

Reprints: The Taste of Innocence (Nov., $7.99) by Stephanie Laurens, 650,000 first printing;Natural Born Charmer (Jan., $7.99) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, 750,000 first printing;


Highlander Unmasked (Sept., $6.99) and Highlander Unchained (Oct., $6.99) by Monica McCarty are books two and three in this sexy Scottish historical trilogy.

Your Coffin or Mine (Oct., $6.99) by Kimberly Raye. Book 3 in the Dead End Dating series continues this contemporary vampire romp.

My Fair Mistress (Nov., $6.99) by Tracy Anne Warren. Julianna Hawthorne offers a dashing financier anything he wishes if he will only absolve her brother’s debt.

The Vampire’s Kiss (Dec., $6.99) by Raven Hart. This vampire series comes from two seasoned romance authors writing under the name of Raven Hart.

His Favorite Mistress (Jan., $6.99) by Tracy Anne Warren. A battle of wills ensues when a penniless beauty falls for a confirmed bachelor.

To Pleasure a Lady (Feb., $6.99) by Nicole Jordan t What’s-Her-Name chronicles the tribulations of a spoiled Southern bitch. 553-city author tour.

Reprints: The Mephisto Club (Sept., $7.99) by Tess Gerritsen; Capital Crimes (Oct., $7.99) by Jonathan and Faye Kellerman; Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary II: More Words You Thought You Knew the Meaning Of (Oct., $6.99) by Jeff Foxworthy; Mistral’s Kiss (Nov., $7.99) by Laurell K. Hamilton; Murder at the Opera (Nov., $7.99) by Margaret Truman; Magic Hour (Dec., $7.99) by Kristin Hannah; Shadow Dance (Jan., $7.99) by Julie Garwood; Capitol Threat (Jan., $7.99) by William Bernhardt; The Alexandria Link (Feb., $6.99) by Steve Berry.


Burdens of Empire (Sept., $6.99) by C.J. Ryan A far-future war that closely mirrors the current situation in Iraq is being waged with a conflicted bureaucracy in shambles.

Crusader Gold (Oct., $6.99) by David Gibbons. This new Jack Howard adventure tracks a team of marine archeologists searching for a lost treasure near Istanbul.

The Lessons of Desire (Oct., $6.99) by Madeline Hunter. An orphaned woman researching her scandalous family history falls into a passionate affair with a scholar.

The Down Home Zombie Blues (Dec., $6.99) by Linnea Sinclair. A sexy space captain chases escaped zombie creatures in this romantic fantasy.

Dust (Jan., $6.99) by Elizabeth Bear begins a new space opera trilogy.

Moon of Madness (Feb., $TBA) by Don Coldsmith returns with the 29th book in his Spanish Bit saga.

Reprints: Killer Dreams (Sept., $7.99) by Iris Johansen; The Dream Thief (Sept., $6.99) by Shana Abé; Queen of Swords (Oct., $7.50) by Sara Donati; Complete World Bartender Guide (Oct., $7.99) by Bob Sennett; Brother Odd (Nov., $7.99) by Dean Koontz; Temperature’s Rising (Nov., $7.50) by Sandra Brown; Sixty Days and Counting (Nov., $7.99) by Kim Stanley Robinson; The Edge of Winter (Dec., $7.50) by Luanne Rice; Scar Night (Dec., $6.99) by Alan Campbell; Stalemate (Jan., $7.99) by Iris Johansen; Flawless (Jan., $6.99) by Joshua Spanogle; Puss ’n Cahoots (Feb., $TBA) by Rita Mae Brown.


Blood Poison: A C.S.U. Investigation (Sept., $7.99) by D.H. Dublin. The author of Body Trace delivers anew forensics novel.

Blood Red (Sept., $7.99) by James A. Moore. This year the residents of a small town will find that things that stir in the Halloween night are not figments of their imagination.

Servant: The Awakening (Oct., $7.99) by L.L. Foster is the author’s first urban fantasy paranormal novel.

An Unfinished Canvas: A True Story of Love, Family, and Murder in Nashville (Oct., $7.99) by Michael Glasgow and Phyllis Gobbell recounts the disappearance of a wealthy wife and mother who seemed to have it all.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 4 (Nov., $9.99) is the fourth entry in this bestselling series.

Texas Princess (Nov., $7.99) by Jodi Thomas offers a humorous Texas romance.

Raptor Force: Corkscrew (Nov., $7.99) by Bill Yenne. A freelance air force strikes back at terrorists threatening the U.S.

Darkling (Jan., $7.99) by Yasmine Galenorn. The three sexy, supernatural D’Artigo sisters are bent on saving the world, one monster at a time.

Three in Death (Feb., $7.99) by J.D. Robb collects three original short stories.

Reprints: Hundred-Dollar Baby (Sept., $9.99) by Robert B. Parker; Innocent in Death (Sept., $7.99) by J.D. Robb; Find Me (Oct., $9.99) by Carol O’Connell; Treasure of Khan (Nov., $9.99) by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler; Invasion (Nov., $9.99) by Robin Cook; Breakpoint (Dec., $9.99) by Richard A. Clarke; The First Stone (Jan., $7.99) by Judith Kelman).


The Alehouse Murders: A Templar Knight Mystery (Sept., $6.99) by Maureen Ash. A disillusioned Templar finds himself thrust into a murder investigation in the town of Lincoln.

String of Lies: A Craft Corner Mystery (Sept., $6.99) by Mary Ellen Hughes. Bags, beads and murder abound in this second mystery set in Jo’s Craft Corner store.

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Fancy Stolen Casket: A Collie Parish Mystery (Oct., $6.99) by Fran Rizer begins a series featuring southern mortuary cosmetologist Calamine Parrish.

Some Like It Hot-Buttered (Oct., $6.99) by Jeffrey Cohen. This new series features New Jersey native and independent movie theatre owner Elliot Reed.

A Carol for a Corpse (Nov., $6.99) by Claudia Bishop presents a holiday installment of the Hemlock Falls Innmystery series.

A Murderous Glaze: A Clay and Crime Mystery (Nov., $6.99) by Melissa Glazer introduces a new ceramics and pottery series featuring feisty sleith Carolyn Emerson.

Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (Dec., $6.99) by Charlaine Harris. A copycat killer strikes when one of the citizens in a crime-solving roundtable is killed.

Hex Marks the Spot (Dec., $6.99) by Madelyn Alt is the third entry in the Bewitching Mystery series.

State of the Onion (Jan., $7.99) by Julie Hyzy. Olivia Paras, an assistant chef in the White House makes her debut in this new series.

Killer Mousse (Feb., $TBA) by Linda Palmer. This new series features Della Carmichael, host of a cooking show and owner of a culinary school in California

Reprints: The Drowning Man (Sept., $7.99) by Margaret Coel; Grave Surprise (Oct., $7.99) by Charlaine Harris; Gaits of Heaven (Nov., $6.99) by Susan Conant; The Traitor’s Tale (Jan., $7.99) by Margaret Frazer; Dragonwell Dead (Feb., $TBA) by Laura Childs.


Born to Be Wilde (Sept., $7.99) by Janelle Denison introduces Joel Wilde, an ex-Marine turned security specialist—and the Wilde family rebel.

Atlantis Awakening (Oct., $6.99) by Alyssa Day is the second book in the paranormal romance series about the war that rages between vampires and mortals from Atlantis.

The Education of Mrs. Brimley (Oct., $6.99) by Donna MacMeans. To get a teaching position at the Pettibone Academy, Emma Brimley claimed to be a widow—which is about to get her into romantic trouble.

Overkill (Nov., $7.99) by Linda Castillo. Trying to escape her past, a cop becomes the target of killers.

A Lady Betrayed (Nov., $6.99) by Nicole Byrd introduces a new Regency-set historical involving a beautiful woman and a viscount with secrets.

Beyond Fearless (Dec., $7.99) by Rebecca York presents the sequel to Beyond Control.

No Reservations (Jan., $7.99) by Deirdre Martin. Dante does pizza; Vivi does classic French; when they get together, things really heat up.

Dawn’s Awakening (Feb., $7.99) by Lora Leigh continues the paranormal series about genetically-altered humans with feline DNA.

Reprints: The Naked Truth (Sept., $6.99) by Erin McCarthy, Donna Kauffman, Beverly Brandt and Alesia Holliday; Bond of Blood (Oct., $7.99) by Diane Whiteside; Clandestine (Nov., $6.99) by Julia Ross; Never on a Sundae (Dec., $7.99) by Daniella Brodsky, Lynn Messina and Wendy Markham.


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Why I’d Rather Date My Dog (Sept., $8.95) by Mary Furstinger compares our human dates with our canine companions.


Mouth to Mouth (Nov., $6.99) by Erin McCarthy. The target of a con man, Laurel Wilkins is willing to be bait but finds herself falling in love with the man who’s supposed to keep her safe.

Almost a Gentleman (Dec., $6.99) by Pam Rosenthal. Masquerading as a London dandy, a woman finds herself pursued by women and men alike until a sensuous lord discovers her secret.

Reprint: The Irish Devil (Oct., $6.99) by Diane Whiteside; Get a Clue (Jan., $6.99) by Jill Shalvis.


On Fire (Sept., $6.99) by Patricia Sargeant. An ambitious journalist investigating a series of arson fires finds heat with a sensuous fire captain.

The Way You Aren’t (Oct., $6.99) by Karen White-Owens. When an advertising executive’s friends challenge him to change a co-worker from dud to diva, complications ensue.

Hot Like Fire (Nov., $6.99) by Niobia Bryant. Taking care of a widower’s daughter leads a nursing student to love.

Pet Diva Finds Love (Dec., $6.99) by Janette McCarthy Louard. When a meddling matchmaker brings a man and woman together they’re surprised to actually find love.

On My Terms (Jan., $6.99) by Shirley Hallstock. Returning to her hometown, a woman finds a movie crew on her property and a director who will steal her heart.

When the Lights Go Down (Feb., $6.99) by Rachel Skerritt. During a sizzling summer in Harlem, a Boston girl meets a sexy R&B singer.

Playing House (Feb., $6.99) by J.S. Hawley. An eccentric, full-bodied woman discovers love with a mini-mogul.

Reprints: Friends with Benefits (Oct., $6.99) by Lawrence G. Ross; The Other Brother (Nov., $6.99) by Brandon Massey; Ain’t No Sunshine (Jan., $6.99) by Candice Dow


Beowulf (Sept., $5.99). This epic classic pits warrior Beowulf against the monster Grendel and Grendel’s mother; movie tie-in.


Heroes in Training (Sept., $7.99), edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Jim C. Hines. Thirteen original stories deal with ordinary people learning to become extraordinary.

Wizards, Inc. (Nov., $7.99), edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Jim C. Hines. People who earn their living through spellcraft are the focus of this group of 15 original stories.

The Blue-Haired Bombshell (Dec., $7.99) by Zack Zakour. This sequel to The Platinum Blonde salutes the heyday of pulp fiction.

Marseguro (Jan., $7.99) by Edward Willett. After a worldwide disaster, a fanatical religious theocracy takes over the planet.

Reprints: Hounding the Moon: A Tess Noncoire Adventure (Oct., $7.99) by P.R. Frost; Aerie: Book Four of the Dragon Jousters (Oct., $7.99) by Mercedes Lackey; The Cracked Throne (Nov., $7.99) by Joshua Palmatier; Feast of Souls: Book One of the Magister Trilogy (Jan., $7.99) C.S. Friedman.


Hunting the Demon (Sept., $6.99) by Jaci Burton. A sexy demon hunter lures a surfer into her trap only to discover that he is being pursued by an evil force.

On the Loose (Nov., $6.99) by Tara Janzen begins a romantic suspense series and introduces a new cast of Special Defense Forces characters.

Fatal Feng Shui (Nov., $6.99) by Leslie Caine. A neighborhood decorating rivalry leads to murder in this installment of the Domestic Bliss series.

MidnightAwakening (Dec., $6.99) by Lara Adrian. A street war rages between Breed vampires and those who would protect them in the third and final book in the Midnight Breed series.

Getting Old Is to Die For (Jan., $TBA) by Rita Lakin. The slef-proclaimed oldest living private eye, Gladdy Gold, and her retirement community pals travel to New York City to catch a thief.

Destiny Kills (Feb., $TBA) by Keri Arthur. In this new series, a young woman wakes up on the beach with a dead man by her side and no memory at all.

Reprints: Darkfever (Sept., $6.99) by Karen Marie Moning; Keeper of the Keys (Sept., $7.99) by Perri O’Shaughnessy; H.R.H. (Oct., $7.99) by Danielle Steel; The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud (Oct., $7.50) by Julia Navarro; The Undomestic Goddess (Nov., $6.99) by Sophie Kinsella; The Innocent Man (Dec., $7.99) by John Grisham; The Devil’s Web (Jan., $TBA) by Mary Balogh;


Queen of the Orcs: Clan Daughter (Sept., $6.99) by Moran Howell. A young woman rises from conscripted army-slave to an unexpected monarchy.

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Inferno (Sept., $7.99) by Troy Denning is the sixth installment in Legacy of the Force.

Empire of Ivory (Oct., $7.99) by Naomi Novik. Temeraire the fighting dragon and Capt. Will Laurence return in their fourth adventure.

Hellfort’s War Book I: The Battle at the Moons of Hell (Oct., $6.99) by Graham Sharp Paul offers military science fiction adventure.

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Fury (Dec., $7.99) by Aaron Allston. The Skywalker/Solo clan is griefstricken while Jacen Solo’s plans to take over the galaxy spin out of control.

Reprints: High Druid of Shannara: Tanequil (Sept., $7.99) by Terry Brooks; Straken (Sept., $7.99) by Terry Brooks; Trouble Magnet: A Pip and Flinx Adventure (Nov., $6.99) by Alan Dean Foster; 1824: The Arkansas War (Dec., $7.99) by Eric Flint; Dragon’s Fire (Dec., $7.99) by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey; Star Wars: Allegiance (Jan., $7.99) by Timothy Zahn.


Endgame (Oct., $7.99) by Kristine Smith is the explosive finale to the Jani Kilian series.

Emissaries of the Dead (Feb., $7.99) by Adam Troy-Castro. On a distant planet the slightest misstep could lead to interplanetary war.


Spyware (Oct., $7.99) by R.J. Pineiro. An artificial intelligence, ANNE, has one goal: to eliminate the Earth of the disease destroying it.

Reprints: The Bishop Goes to the University (Sept., $6.99) by Andrew M. Greeley, 250,000 first printing; The Devil to Pay (Sept., $7.99) by Harold Robbins and Junius Podrug, 500,000 first printing; The Senator and the Priest (Oct., $7.99) by Andrew M. Greeley, 250,000 first printing;Dragon fire (Nov., $7.99) by William S. Cohen, 400,000 first printing;Larry Bond’s First Team: Fires of War (Dec., $7.99) by Larry Bond and Jim DeFelice, 250,000 first printing;The Machiavelli Covenant (Jan., $9.99) by Allan Folsom, 400,000 first printing;Irish Linen (Feb., $7.99) by Andrew M. Greeley, 250,000 first printing.


L. Ron Hubbard Present Writers of the Future Volume 23 (Sept., $7.99), edited by Algis Budrys, continues this series with 13 SF and fantasy stories. 50,000 first printing. Author tour.


The Powers That Be (Jan., $6.50) by Cliff Ryder. A team of covert international specialists secure the world’s future, one crisis at a time.


Kitty and the Silver Bullet (Jan., $6.99) by Carrie Vaughn is the fourth entry in the series starring Kitty, a werewolf radio talk-show host.

Letters to Penthouse XXX: Extreme Sex, Maximum Pleasure (Jan., $7.99) by Penthouse magazine presents a selection of provocative letters from the magazine’s Forum section.

Reprints: The Collectors (Sept., $9.99) by David Baldacci; At First Sight (Sept., $7.99) by Nicholas Sparks; Cross (Oct., $9.99) by James Patterson; The Last Coyote (Nov., $6.99) by Michael Connelly; Gods in Alabama (Dec., $6.99) by Jocelyn Jackson; Like Dandelion Dust (Jan., $6.99) by Karen Kingsbury; Fat Tuesday (Feb., $6.99) by Sandra Brown; Damage Control (Feb., $7.99) by Robert Dugoni.


The Serpent Prince (Sept., $6.99) by Elizabeth Hoyt concludes the Prince trilogy set in Georgian-era England.

Demon’s Kiss (Oct., $6.99) by Eve Silver. A car accident turns Clea into a Sorcerer who can become immortal.

Crazy in Love (Oct., $6.99) by Lani Diane Rich brings together an upstart rich girl, a disgraced cop and an elderly ghost who must play Cupid.

Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy (Nov., $6.99) by Stephanie Rowe. In this fourth entry in the Immortally Sexy series, an assassin falls in love with the devil’s new right-hand woman.

Laird of the Mist (Dec., $6.99) by Paula Quinn begins a sexy Scottish medieval romance series.

Hot (Jan., $6.99) by Julia Harper. A bungled bank robbery, a woman on the lam and an FBI agent cross paths in this caper.

No Control (Feb., $6.99) by Shannon Butcher blends suspense and passionate intensity.


Die For Me (Sept., $6.99) by Karen Rose. A homicide detective seeks a serial killer bent on destruction. 200,000 first printing.

Reprints: Hollywood Station (Oct., $7.99) by Joseph Wambaugh; Wild Fire (Nov., $9.99) by Nelson DeMille; Cat & Mouse (Dec., $7.99) by James Patterson; The Overlook (Jan., $7.99) by Michael Connelly.


Dead Sexy (Love At First Bite) (Nov., $4.99) by Kimberley Raye. Hairdresser Nikki Braxton falls in love with a sexy cowboy—who happens to be a vampire.

A Blazing Little Christmas Anthology (Dec., $4.99) by Jacquie D’Allessandro, Joanne Rock and Kathleen O’Reilly brings together three spicy stories for the holidays.

Winter Roses (Nov., $3.99) by Diana Palmer. Stuart sent her away because she was too young, now Ivy is determined to prove she’s ready to be his woman.

TexAppeal Anthology (Feb., $4.99) by Kimberley Raye, Alison Ken and Cara Summers offers a steamy Valentine’s Day collection.


The Valentine Gift Anthology (Feb., $5.25) by Tara Taylor Quinn, Linda Cardillo and Jean Brashear presents three love stories.


Beowulf (Oct., $7.99) by Caitlin R. Kiernan and Neil Gaiman. This adaptation of the classic epic poem is based on Kiernan’s screenplay for the November movie release. 150,000 first printing.


Dale Brown’s Dreamland: Retribution (Sept., $7.99) by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice. Las Vegas is the target for destruction as the Dreamland team races to recover missing nuclear warheads. 300,000 first printing.

The Missing (Oct., $6.99) by Sarah Langan. A teacher takes her third grade class to a small town, an ill-advised trip that threatens all of their lives. 200,000 first printing.

Holidays Are Hell (Nov., $7.99) by Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Vicki Pettersson and Marjorie Liu gathers four tales of holiday magic that can be good, evil, romantic or erotic. 300,000 first printing

Reprints: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Sept., $7.99) by Ron Hansen, 250,000 first printing;The Righteous Men (Sept., $7.99) by Sam Bourne, 350,000 first printing; What Came Before He Shot Her (Sept., $7.99) by Elizabeth George, 600,000 first printing;Wicked (Oct., $7.99) by Gregory Maguire, 750,000 first printing;For a Few Demons More (Dec., $7.99) by Kim Harrison, 300,000 first printing; Next (Dec., $9.99) by Michael Crichton; When Darkness Falls (Dec., $7.99) by James Grippando, 200,000 first printing;Flesh and Bone(Jan., $6.99) by Jefferson Bass, 300,000 first printing;The Shape Shifter (Jan., $9.99) by Tony Hillerman, 850,000 first printing;The Blue Zone (Feb., $7.99) by Andrew Gross, 650,000 first printing; Daddy’s Girl (Feb., $7.99) by Lisa Scottoline, 800,000 first printing; Storm Runners (Feb., $7.99) by T. Jefferson Parker, 150,000 first printing.


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Dispensation of Death (Feb., $9.95) by Michael Jecks continues the Knights Templar series which follows murder and political intrigue during the reign of Edward II.


Coming Undone (Sept., $6.99) by Susan Andersen. Some high notes are hit when country music hotshot P.J. Morgan’s ex-crush is hired to escort the tempestuous female on a five-week summer tour.

Sealed with a Kiss (Oct., $7.99) by Carly Phillips. Molly Gifford has a hot legal career and a sexy boyfriend but she’s ready to give it all up when she finds her real father.

Dark Rival (Oct., $7.99) by Brenda Joyce. Allie Monroe, a Healer, will do anything to save Royce, a soldier of the gods, even if it means entering a dangerous world.

Chasing Midnight (Oct., $6.99) by Susan Krinard. Vampire Allegra Chase, living in 1920s Greenwich Village, finds forbidden love with a human.

The Queen’s Lady (Nov., $7.99) by Shannon Drake. Helping Mary, Queen of Scots, places Lady Gwyneth Macleod at perilous odds with a passionate laird.

Accidentally Yours (Jan., $6.99) by Susan Mallery. When wealthy developer Nathan King refuses to fund research that could save her son’s life, Kerry Sullivan refuses to take no for an answer.

Deadly Deceptions (Feb., $7.99) by Linda Lael Miller. A struggling private eye unravels truths about her family in order to find a murderer and save her sister.

The Bride (Feb., $6.99) by Carolyn Davidson. Shut away in a convent, Isabella dreaded the day her cruel betrothed would claim her—until Rafael McKenzie came to her rescue.


Silver Master (Sept., $7.99) by Jayne Castle. Jayne Ann Krentz presents a new paranormal romance written under her pseudonym.

My Immortal (Sept., $7.99) by Erin McCarthy. In this sensual paranormal romance, a man literally sells his soul to the devil.

Sword of God (Oct., $7.99) by Chris Kuzneski is a new thriller featuring Zack Hamilton.

Dead of Night (Nov., $7.99) by J.D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan and Mary Kay McComas features four new paranormal romances.

Blood Brothers: The Sign of Seven Trilogy (Dec., $7.99) by Nora Roberts launches a series.

Wizard’s Daughter (Jan., $7.99) by Catherine Coulter is a new historical novel from this bestselling author.

Reprints: Trouble (Sept., $9.99) by Jesse Kellerman; Dark Celebration: A Carpathian Reunion (Sept., $7.99) by Christine Feehan; The Christmas Angel (Oct., $7.99) by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer; The Hunters (Jan., $9.99) by W.E.B. Griffin; The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers (Jan., $7.99) by Lilian Jackson Braun; The Echelon Vendetta (Feb., $TBA) by David Stone; White Lies (Feb., $TBA) by Jayne Ann Krentz.


Reprints: Electric Blue (Sept., $6.99) by Nancy Bush; Death in the Orchid Garden (Sept., $6.99) by Ann Ripley; Something Real (Oct., $6.99) by J.J. Murray; The Gunpowder Plot: A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery (Nov., $6.99) by Carola Dunn; Perishby Pedicure: A Bad Hair Day Mystery (Nov., $6.99) by Nancy J. Cohen; Bake Sale Murder (Dec., $6.99) by Leslie Meier; Scrub-a-Dub Dead (Dec., $6.99) by Barbara Colley; ACatered Valentine’s Day (Jan., $6.99) by Isis Crawford; Remains to be Seen (Jan., $6.99) by Richard Tyler; Key Lime Pie Murder (Feb., $6.99) by Joanne Fluke; 3 Bridesfor 3 Bad Boys (Feb., $6.99) by Lucy Monroe; Knock Off (Feb., $6.99) by Rhonda Pollero; Tales from the Crib (Feb., $6.99) by Jennifer Coburn.


Moments Like This (Sept., $6.99) by Donna Hill. When a successful movie actress discovers her husband’s cheating, she’s shattered—until a Denzel-like filmmaker comes into her life.

The Pastor’s Woman (Sept., $5.99) by Jacquelin Thomas. A preacher seeks a traditional, reserved wife but falls for a lively, aspiring gospel star.

Black Rain (Sept., $6.99) by Vincent Alexandria. When FBI agent Cheryl Chase seeks Det. Joe Johnson’s help bring down a ring of killer cops, he only remembers that she nearly cost him his marriage before.

Feel the Fire (Nov., $6.99) by Adrianne Byrd. A business mogul stays clear of dangerous women until be meets attorney Toni Wright; the sequel to The Beautiful Ones.

Forbidden Temptation (Nov., $5.99) by Gwynne Forster. The morning after her sister’s wedding, Ruby finds herself in bed with the man she’s always considered to be her best friend.

To Love a Stranger (Dec., $5.99) by Adrianne Byrd. When her philandering husband returns after being lost at sea, Maggie finds that he’s considerate and romantic—and she’s not sure what to do.

Long Time Coming (Jan., $6.99) by Rochelle Alers begins the Whitfield Brides trilogy.

Reprints: No Compromise (Oct., $6.99) by Rochelle Alers; The Flip Side of Money (Oct., $6.99) by Earl Sewell; MidnightDreams (Nov., $6.99) by Kayla Perrin; Tonight and Forever (Dec., $6.99) by Brenda Jackson.


The Endless Knot: A Joanne Kilbourne Mystery (Sept., $7.95) by Gail Bowen. When a trial for attempted murder ends in murderous fallout, Joanne must unravel ties that bind parent and child.


(dist. by trafalgar square)

While You’re Down There... How to Ask for What You Want in Bed and Get It (Sept., $7.95) by Emma Dickens tells women how to get what they want.

Things to Do Before You’re 40: Over 100 Imaginative, Inspirational and Irresponsible Ideas to Try Before You Grow Up (Oct., $5.95) provides a checklist.

This Book Will Get You Laid (Oct., $6.95) offers an irreverent guide.


74 Seaside Avenue(Sept., $7.99) by Debbie Macomber. Teri Polgar lives a dream life until she begins to sense that her husband is keeping secrets.

Mending Fences (Oct., $6.99) by Sherryl Wooods. Longtime friends Emily and Marcie may find their relationship shattered by an accusation of date rape.

The Séance (Oct., $7.99) by Heather Graham. A murderer from 15 years ago may have returned to wreak havoc again.

A Cold Day in Hell (Nov., $7.99) by Stella Cameron. Christmas may be coming but things are anything but happy and bright in Pointe Judah, La.

Cut Throat (Nov., $7.99) by Sharon Sala. Bounty hunter Cat Dupree vows revenge for the killing of a 13-year-old girl and the murder of the girl’s father.

Heart of Fire (Jan., $7.99) by Kat Martin. A viscount’s daughter who writes for a ladies’ gazette yearns to be a serious journalist.

Snowfall at Willow Lake (Feb., $7.99) by Susan Wiggs deals with what happens after a woman has experienced unspeakable horror and must find her way back to healing and happiness.


MidnightAlley The Morganville Vampires (Oct., $5.99) by Rachel Caine continues the story of Claire Danvers who’s picked a town for her academic career that happens to be run by vampires.


Catnapped: An Animal Instinct Mystery (Sept., $6.99) by Gabriella Herkert introduces an animal investigation mystery series starring legal investigator Sara Townley.

Sisters On the Case: Celebrating Twenty Years of Sisters in Crime (Oct., $7.99), edited by Sara Paretsky, gathers short stories celebrating the international organization for female crime and mystery writers.

Dying to be Thin: A Fat City Mystery (Oct., $6.99) by Kathryn Lilley. Plus-size amateur sleuth Kate Gallagher stars in the new series that features eating and diet tips.

Criminal Minds: Jump Cut (Nov., $6.99) by Max Allan Collins is a tie-in with the popular CBS-TV crime drama.

Dead of the Day: An Annie Seymour Mystery (Nov., $6.99) by Karen E. Olson. This new series features New Haven police reporter Annie Seymour.

The Remains of the Dead: A Ghost Dusters Mystery (Dec., $6.99) by Wendy Roberts presents a new paranormal series starring Sadie Novak, a professional crime scene cleaner and medium.

Pushing Up Bluebonnets: A Yellow Rose Mystery (Jan., $6.99) by Leann Sweeney. Houston PI Abby Rose encounters a case of a mysterious woman who has survived a murder attempt.

Reprints: Murder She Wrote: Three Strikes and You’re Dead (Sept., $6.99) by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain; Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants (Jan., $6.99) by Lee Goldberg; Hell Hath No Curry: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery (Jan., $6.99) by Tamar Myers.


Reprints: Married but Still Looking (Sept., $6.99) by Travis Hunter; Sisters and Lovers (Oct., $7.99) by Connie Briscoe; Knockin’ Boots (Nov., $6.99) by Tracy Price-Thompson; No More Mr. Nice Guy (Dec., $6.99) by C. Kelly Robinson.


Over Hexed (Oct., $7.99) by Vicki Lewis Thompson. Sex therapists for witches and werewolves over the centuries run into trouble with mischievous spells.

Gardenof Darkness(Dec., $7.99) by Anne Frasier features vampires and a town with a terrible past.

Reprints: Havoc (Sept., $7.99) by Jack Du Brul; The Perfect Fake (Nov., $7.99) by Barbara Parker; Visibility (Feb., $7.99) by Boris Starling.


The Innocent Mage (Sept., $6.99) by Karen Miller. An underground conspiracy will help Asher fulfill his destiny; the first book in the Kingmaker/Kingbreaker series.

The Awakened Mage (Oct., $6.99) by Karen Miller concludes the Kingmaker/Kingbreaker series as Asher and Prince Gar must defend their kingdom.

Saint City Sinners (Nov., $6.99) by Lilith Saintcrow. When an old friend calls in a favor, Dante Valentine must return home.

Across the Face of the World (Jan., $7.99) by Russell Kirkpatrick. Six men and women begin a dangerous quest; the first in the Fire of Heaven trilogy.

In the Earth Abides the Flame (Feb., $7.99) by Russell Kirkpatrick. In the second book in the Fire of Heaven trilogy, the quest to change the world’s history continues.

Reprint: Of Fire and Night (Nov., $7.99) by Kevin J. Anderson.


The Next Killing (Sept., $6.99) by Rebecca Drake. A twisted psychopath stalks the campus of an exclusive girls’ academy.

A Perfect Grave (Sept, $6.99) by Rick Mofina. Jason Wade must unravel the truth behind the murder of a beloved Seattle nun.

Strangler (Sept., $6.99) by Corey Mitchell tells the true crime story of a musical prodigy who murdered three females­.

Kill Time (Oct., $6.99) by T.J. MacGregor. A woman uncovers the secrets of a shadowy government organization that employs time travel technology to make people “disappear.”

Blood Lust (Oct., $6.99) by Sheila Johnson. This true crime tale follows “the redneck Ted Bundy,” a murderous psychopath in Mobile, Ala.

In for the Kill (Nov., $6.99) by John Lust. Detective Frank Quinn (Darker than Night) must find the demented killer who dismembers his female victims.

All I Want To Do Is Kill (Nov., $6.99) by Dale Hudson. A troubled teen and her lesbian lover slaughter the teen’s grandparents in this true crime story.

Shattered (Dec., $6.99) by Jay Bonansinga. A killer plans a gruesome surprise for FBI profiler Ulysses Grove.

Rampage of the Mountain Man (Dec., $6.99) by William W. Johnstone. Cheyenne warriors use a blizzard as a blind to attack Smoke Jensen, who’s got a bounty on his head.

One Last Scream (Jan., $6.99) by Kevin O’Brien. Is Amanda a cold-blooded killer—or a pawn in a deadly game?

Driven to Murder (Jan., $6.99) by Robert Scott tells the true story of murder that occurred at ABC news journalist Sam Donaldson’s ranch when an abused 14-year-old boy killed an entire family.

Blood Bond: Texas Gundown (Feb., $5.99) by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone. Blood brothers protect a cowardly man from the evil uncle who is trying to kill him.

Reprint: The Assassin (Feb., $6.99) by Andrew Britton.


To Scotland, with Love (Sept., $6.99) by Karen Hawkins. A Scottish lord and a headstrong heiress fight and fall in love.

Madame’s Deception (Sept., $6.99) by Renee Bernard. A reclusive brothel owner encounters an aristocratic rogue.

Primal Desires (Sept., $6.99) by Susan Sizemore. A powerful vampire and his forbidden love face a danger that threatens to destroy them both.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Death in Winter (Sept., $7.99) by Michael Jan Friedman tells the story of the character’s lives after the end of the last Star Trek: The Next Generation film.

One Last Breath (Oct., $6.99) by Laura Griffin. A woman investigating her ex-husband’s shady dealings collides with a cop seeking revenge.

Moon Fever (Oct., $6.99) by Susan Sizemore, Maggie Shayne, Lori Handeland and Caridad Pineiro gathers romantic stories with a paranormal theme.

Secrets in the Attic (Oct., $6.99) by V.C. Andrews. When a teenage girl murders her sexually abusive father, her best friend must keep the secret.

The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount (Nov., $6.99) by Julia London. In the last of a trilogy, three aristocratic but destitute young ladies must keep up appearances and find the husbands of their dreams.

HighlandGuardian (Nov., $6.99) by Melissa Mayhue offers a tale of interconnected love among descendants of the fae folk.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Before Dishonor (Nov., $7.99) by Peter David. Always a threat to the Federation, the Borg seem ready to wipe out humanity from existence.

Sketching Evil (Dec., $6.99) by Donna Anders tells of a woman in jeopardy.

What You Can’t See (Jan., $6.99) by Allison Brennan, Karin Tabke and Roxanne St. Claire offers a paranormal romance anthology.

Smoke, Mirrors, and Murders, and Other True Cases (Jan., $6.99) by Ann Rule. Rule tells true tales of murders who go to extraordinary lengths to hide their crimes.

To Catch a Highlander (Feb., $6.99) by Karen Hawkins. A headstrong lass must defend her home from the wicked Dougal MacLean.

Reprints: Act of Treason (Sept., $9.99) by Vince Flynn; Break No Bones (Sept., $9.99) by Kathy Reichs;True Evil (Oct., $9.99) by Greg Iles; Kidnapped (Oct., $7.99) by Jan Burke; The Other Boleyn Kirl (Oct., $7.99) by Philippa Gregory; Santa Cruise (Nov., $7.99) by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark; Too Late to Say Goodbye (Dec., $7.99) by Ann Rule; More Twisted (Dec., $7.99) by Jeffrey Deaver; Inca Gold (Jan., $9.99) by Clive Cussler; Blaze (Feb., $7.99) by Richard Bachman.


Reprints: Roll Me Over: An Infantryman’s World War II (Sept., $7.99) by Raymond Gantter; Rising Sun Victorious: An Alternate History of the Pacific War (Oct., $7.99), edited by Peter G. Tsouras; Ambush Alley: The Most Extraordinary Battle of the Iraq War (Nov., $7.99) by Tim Pritchard; The Magnificent Bastards: The Joint Army-Marine Defense of Dong Ha, 1968 (Dec., $7.99) by Keith Nolan; The Third Reich Victorious: Alernate Decision of World War II (Jan., $6.99) by Peter G. Tsouras.


Recovery Man (Sept., $6.99) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch is the sixth entry in the Retrieval Artist series.

The Cipher: A Novel of Crosspointe (Nov., $7.99) by Diana Pharaoh Francis begins a series in a world where magic may be a blessing or a curse.

Shadows Past: A Borderlands Novel (Jan., $7.99) by Lorna Freeman continues the Borderlands series.

Reprints: A Meeting at Corvallis (Sept., $7.99) by S.M. Stirling; Once Upon a Spring Morn (Oct., $7.99) by Dennis McKiernan; Hinterland: Book Two of the Godslayer Chronicles (Nov., $7.99) by James Clemens; Lady of Avalon (Dec., $7.99) by Marion Zimmer Bradley.


Traceless (Sept., $6.99) by Debra Webb begins a new suspense thriller series.

Killer Bodies (Sept., $6.99) by Michael Fleeman presents a true story of two all-American models and bodybuilders who allegedly murdered their personal assistant.

Mine Till Midnight (Oct., $7.99) by Lisa Kleypas debuts a historical romance series.

No Rest for the Witches (Oct., $6.99) by Mary Janice Davidson, Lori Handeland, Cheyenne McCray and Christine Warren collects erotic witch stories.

Upon the Midnight Clear (Nov., $6.99) by Sherrilyn Kenyon is the second book in the Dream-Hunter series.

The Lure (Nov., $6.99) by Bill Napier. Scientists stumble upon mystery messages and a global conspiracy.

A Family Cursed (Dec., $6.99) by Kevin McMurray tells the story of two brothers who were murdered, each in drastically different scenarios.

Moving Target (Jan., $6.99) by Cheyenne McCray follows a woman on the run from the Russian mafia.

Shadow Lover (Feb., $6.99) by Tina Wainscott. Internet chatrooms form the basis for this tale of romantic suspense.

Reprints: Exile (Sept., $9.99) by Richard North Patterson; The Bancroft Strategy (Nov., $9.99) by Robert Ludlum; Visions of Sugar Plums (Nov., $6.99) by Janet Evanovich; The Fifth Vial (Dec., $9.99) by Michael Palmer; Plum Lovin’ (Jan., $6.99) by Janet Evanovich; Cat O’Nine Tales (Feb., $9.99) by Jeffrey Archer.


Sorceress (Sept., $7.99) by Lisa Jackson spins a tale of dark, historical romantic suspense.

Eye of the Beholder (Sept., $6.99) by Shari Shattuck tells a chilling tale of domestic suspense and frightening psychic abilities.

Holy Smokes: An Aisling Grey, Guardian, Novel (Nov., $7.99) by Katie MacAlister. Aisling’s wedding day should be perfect, except that the groom is missing.

Morning Light (Jan., $7.99) by Catherine Anderson introduces the Harrigan Brothers series.

The Vampire of New York (Jan., $7.99) by Paul Christopher is set in both 1860s New York and modern-day Manhattan.

The Lesser World (Feb., $7.99) by Howard Mittelmark offers a tale of vampire-like predators who rule the world.

Reprints: Fresh Disasters (Sept., $9.99) by Stuart Woods; The Gods of Newport (Oct., $9.99) by John Jakes; The Godfather’s Revenge (Nov., $9.99) by Mark Winegardner; Dust: A Richard Jury Mystery (Dec., $9.99) by Martha Grimes.


Truly Yours (Sept., $6.99) by Barbara Metzger . A touch of the paranormal lends excitement to this emotional love story.

Never Say Never (Oct., $6.99) by Geralyn Dawson. A stalker’s sadistic threat sends photographer Torie Bradshaw fleeing for her life.

The Art of Temptation (Oct., $6.99) by Lauren Royal. After trying to save her marriage, Deirdre finally left her husband and found new love; the final book in a trilogy.

Highlander in Her Dreams (Nov., $6.99) by Allie Mackay. This time-traveling romance follows a sexy Highlander who visits the heroine in her dreams.

Parallel Desire: A Novel of the Midnight Warriors (Dec., $6.99) by Deirdre Knight. Using his time-traveling abilities, Scott Dillon kills the man who murdered his wife and assumes his identity.

Trick My Truck but Don’t Mess with My Heart (Jan., $6.99) by LeAnn McLane offers a romantic romp.

Theft of Shadows (Feb., $6.99) by Naomi Bellis spins a tale of romance, espionage and corruption at the turn of the 19th century.

Reprint: The Last Heiress (Dec., $7.99) by Bertrice Small.


A Bravo Christmas Reunion (Dec., $4.99) by Christine Rimmer. Knowing that her boss and lover is anti-marriage and anti-kids, Heyley Bravo moves back home rather than tell him she is pregnant.

The McKettrick Way (Dec., $4.99) by Linda Lael Miller. For high school sweethearts reunited years later, pride still manages to interfere with love.

The Briton (Feb., $5.50) by Catherine Palmer. In medieval England, a young woman discovers a strength she didn’t know she had when she fights for a family legacy.

Homespun Bride (Feb., $5.50) by Jillian Hart. When a young rancher rediscovers his now-blind high school sweethearts, they both must come to terms with broken dreams and the blessing of love.

Warrior for the Light: Third Installment (Feb., $5.25) by Lindsay McKenna explores the dark and sensual side of the paranormal world.


(dist. by trafalgar square) )

Women of Iron (Oct., $11) by Catherine King spins a tale of poverty and love set during the Industrial Revolution in England.


If His Kiss Is Wicked (Sept., $6.99) by Jo Goodman. A woman believes she’s being stalked but the one man who can reveal the truth may present a different kind of danger.

What a Rogue Desires (Sept., $5.99) by Caroline Linden. A gentleman and a most improper lady cross the line between the upper class and the underworld.

Between You and Me (Sept., $6.99) by Jane Blackwood. Her boring like takes an unlikely turn when a woman joins her ex for two weeks of yacht racing... and perhaps something more.c

Free Fall (Oct., $6.99) by Fern Michaels. In the seventh Sisterhoodnovel, the Sisterhood’s target for revenge is America’s favorite movie star.

Shadowing Ivy (Oct., $6.99) by Janelle Taylor completes the romantic suspense trilogy that began with Watching Amanda and Haunting Olivia

Midnight’s Bride (Oct., $5.99) by Sophia Johnson. The spirited daughter of a Scottish lord finds passion with a bold warrior.

Comfort and Joy (Nov., $7.99) by Fern Michaels, Marie Bostwick, Deborah J. Wolf and Cathy Lamb. Popular authors spin tales with holiday themes.

Super Natural Acts (Nov., $6.50) by Rosemary Laurey. In this first book in a series, as WWII rages, in a quiet English village Axis and Allies, mortals and Others collide.

Too Much Temptation (Dec., $6.99) by Lori Foster. When the sexy Noah promises to fulfill all of her secret fantasies, innocent Grace brazenly agrees.

I’m Watching You (Dec., $6.99) by Mary Burton. Facing a killer’s wrath, a woman is protected by a detective who happens to be her ex-husband.

Hide and Seek (Jan., $6.99) by Fern Michaels. In their eighth outing, the Sisterhood has plans for a ruthless FBI man who’s determine to destroy them.

HighlandWolf (Jan., $6.99) by Hannah Howell. Annora MacKay is helpless to resist an alluring stranger.

The Murder Game (Feb., $6.99) by Beverly Barton. A sadistic serial killer plays and cat and mouse game with PI Griffin Powell and FBI agent Nicole Baxter.

Reprint: Calder Storm (Sept., $7.99) by Janet Dailey.