“A mother of three, Jessica Seinfeld, like many busy parents, used to struggle to get her kids to eat right. In Deceptively Delicious she shares... mouthwatering recipes stealthily packed with unseen vegetables, pureed so kids will never suspect.”

—back cover, Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food by Jessica Seinfeld.

“Think of me as your kitchen trainer. I want you to spend about an hour each week preparing purees so that you will always have them on hand... you’ll hardly notice the extra 2—5 minutes it takes to puree and you’ll increasingly find nooks of time to do it. Pureeing will become a habit like anything else.”

—page 17 of Deceptively Delicious

Jessica has made everything so easy. I am a busy mother of two and her suggestions are simply the best. I steam and purée 17 different vegetables in between loads of laundry, pour them into 21 perfectly squared packets while I am answering e-mail and whip up vats of low-fat brussels sprout spread while paying bills. Who knew I had these nooks? Then, I tuck asparagus into popsicles and make peanut butter and squashmellow sandwiches so my kids will be healthy, wealthy and wise—without being the wiser!

“Mom, is this the cheese I like?”

“Yes, Kate, it is.”

“Four cheese Mexican?”


“Something is wrong.”


“Yes, James?”

“The pasta doesn’t taste right.”

“You think so?”

“And Mom, why is the blender out?

“Is it?”

“Deceptively Delicious is a godsend for all parents who want healthy kids and peaceful family meals. And to never again say, 'eat your vegetables.’” —back cover, Deceptively Delicious

“So, Mom, what did she tell you to put in the pasta?”

“Just a little cauliflower.” (Jessica says the colors match and the texture is perfect.)

Ewww. She’s disgusting.”

“No, she is not. And her husband is really funny.”

“Funnier than Dad?”

“No one is funnier than Dad. But he is a whole lot funnier than Sam Underhill’s dad.”

Man with curly hair and glasses looks up from reading.

“Sam Underwear?”


Kids fall on floor laughing.

James is dancing around the kitchen. “Mom, you don’t need to use the sneaky cookbook on me. I’m not the picky eater. Kate is.”

“It’s not the sneaky cookbook, James. That one was written by Missy Chase Lapine. She’s an axe murderer. Jerry said so on Letterman.”

“Mom, I know I didn’t eat my pasta, but can I have a brownie now?”

“Okay, Kate, I will make an exception.“

“Why are you saying yes?” James is whispering.“Is there something in there?”

“Like what?”


Kate is waving a wooden spoon. “Mom, what is in these?”

“The usual and some other stuff.”


“Okay, spinach”

“Spinach in brownies? Are you crazy?”

“Jessica’s kids eat these brownies all the time. And get this: their dad is in the Bee Movie.”

“The number one hit of the comedy season? Where honey just got funny?”

“How is it, James, that you are only getting half an hour of screen time a day?”

“Those Bee toys at McDonald’s were not so good. James’s was okay, but my bee’s nose was too heavy and it fell in the kitchen sink.”

“Mom, did you hear what Kate just said? McDonald’s. I have a great idea. McDonald’s.”

“Um, I’m pretty sure it’s not open.”

“How could it not be open?”

“I think I read that it’s closed on Thursday afternoons.”

“Mom, are you lying? Because we have rules in this family about lying.”

“#1National Best Seller Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious is changing the way American families eat, one vegetable at a time!”

—full-page ad, USA Today, Nov. 20, 2007

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Mary Murphy is a documentary filmmaker and she is really busy.