Tom Cain's excellent, unusual thriller, The Accident Man (Feb. 4, Viking), is built around whether Princess Diana's death was an accident or a conspiracy. As an “accident man,” ex-soldier Samuel Carver gets a phone call describing a person who is scum of the earth, like a slave-trafficker. The extremely likable Carver has a conscience and works hard to avoid hurting innocent people. But he's given false information and, thinking he will be killing a terrorist and companion, he arranges two accidents—only to find out that he is responsible for the crash that killed the princess. The “companion” he was supposed to kill turns out to be two Russians who have been hired to kill him. The believable storyline features very strong, interesting characters. Anyone who loves an intelligent, unpredictable and exciting story is going to enjoy this immensely. I absolutely loved it, and hope that Carver will appear again in a future book.