Joseph and Chico: A Cat Tells the Life of Pope Benedict XVI ($16.95) by Jeanne Perego, illus. by Donata Dal Molin Casagrande. Chico the cat describes the life of his best friend, the current Pope. (5-12)



iBaby: e•z Page Turners presents Mommies and Babies, Colors, Counting and Opposites, illus. by Ana Martín Larrañaga ($4.99 each, 1-4). My Giant Floor Puzzle gains two titles by Tish Rabe: ABC Train, illus. by Mary Sullivan; and Dinosaurs, illus. by Nathan Hale ($19.99 each, 3-up). Joining innovativeKIDS Readers are Sammy's Super Circus by Tish Rabe, illus. by Guy Francis ($6.99, 3-up); Rock Band by Elissa Gershowitz, illus. by Bob Ostrom ($6.99, 5-up); Presidents: The Race for the White House by Jesse Jarnow, illus. by Scott Peck ($6.99, 6-up); and Clue School: The Ghost in the Music Room by Phyllis Perry, illus. by Richard Torrey ($6.99, 7-up). Now I'm Reading! Games introduces four books by Nora Gaydos: Go Fish Stories! A Game of Story Sequencing, illus. by Patrick Girouard; Letter Bingo! A Game of Letter Sounds, illus. by Benton Mahan; Rhyming War! A Game of Comparisons, illus. by Terry Sirrell; and Word Dominoes! A Game of Word Building, illus. by Veronica Rooney ($9.99 each, 4-7). Made with Love offers Made with Love for Mom and Made with Love for Dad by Jennifer Kalis ($7.99 each, 6-up). And Innovative GAMES debuts with The Sesquipedalian Word Game by Marc Monés ($19.99, 12-up).

Paperback Series

Phonics Comics adds The Fix-It Crew by Lara Bergen, illus. by Stacy Curtis; and Tutu Twins by Bergen, illus. by Elise Pastel ($3.99 each, 6-up).


The Brothers Schlemiel ($19.95) by Mark Binder, illus. by Zevi Blum, relates the adventures of identical twins living in the mythical town of Chelm. (All ages)


Paperback Series

Math Matters
adds Mac and Cheese, Pleeeeze! by Eleanor May, illus. by Diane Palmisciano ($5.95, 6-8). Science Solves It! uncovers Bugged! by Michelle Knudsen, illus. by Blanche Sims ($5.95, 6-8). Social Sciences Connects offers The Bay School Blogger by Nan Walker, illus. by Amy Wummer, and The Ghost Town Mystery by Kirsten Larsen, illus. by Jerry Smath ($5.95 each, 6-8).

Paperback Series in Spanish

Math Matters in Español continues with Gallinas de aquí para allá by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso, illus. by Lynne Adams, and ¡Lo justo e justo! by Jennifer Dussling, illus. by Diane Palmisciano, both trans. by Alma B. Ramirez ($5.95 each, 6-8). Science Solves It! in Español starts up with Enterrado en el jardín by Gail Herman, illus. by Jerry Smath, Osos en la mente by Lucille Recht Penner, illus. by Adams, El perro verde by Meldina Luke, illus. by Jane Manning, and Trevor el ingenioso by Sarah Albee, illus. by Paige Billin Frye, all trans by Ramirez ($5.95 each, 6-8).


Jukebox ($14.95) by David Merveille. This near-wordless book journeys through the musical world. (All ages)

Cat ($15.95) by Mike Dumbleton, illus. by Craig Smith, follows a cat's mischievous day. (2-6)

No! That's Wrong! ($15.95) by Zhaohua Ji and Cui Xu. A curious rabbit discovers an unusual new hat. (2-6)

Minji's Salon ($15.95) by Eun-hee Choung. While Minji's mother visits a salon, the girl creates her own world of beauty. (3-6)

Hannah Duck ($15.95) by Anji Yamamura. Hannah overcomes her shyness when she faces her fears and confides in friends. (3-8)

What's Going On? ($15.95) by Elena O'Callaghan, illus. by Àfrica Fanlo. A boy describes his family's strange behavior. (4-8)


Sally and Dave: A Slug Story ($7.95) by Felice Arena is an alliterative tale about slippery, slimy slugs. (4-8)

Paperback Series

Toddler Tales issues Little Brothers Are... and Little Sisters Are... by Beth Norling ($4.99 each, 1-4). And Jack Russell: Dog Detective returns in The Buried Biscuits by Darrel and Sally Odgers ($4.95, 7-11).

Paperback Series in Spanish

Libros del Mundo offers La cama grande de Sofía(Sophie's Big Bed) by Tina Burke ($4.99, 1-4); and El salón de Minji(Minji's Salon) by Eun-hee Choung ($7.95, 3-6).


It's Israel's Birthday! ($12.95) by Ellen Dietrick, photos by Tod Cohen, stars preschoolers on a pretend trip to Israel. (2-7)

Sarah Laughs ($17.95, paper $8.95) by Jacqueline Jules, illus. by Natascia Ugliano, adapts the biblical story of Sarah's skepticism about having a child. (5-9)

Private Joel and the Sewell Mountain Seder ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Bryna J. Fireside, illus. by Shawn Costello. Civil War soldiers in West Virginia celebrate Passover. (8-11)

Keeping Israel Safe: Serving in the Israel Defense Forces ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Barbara Sofer. Four Israeli teens prepare for military service. (8-13)

The Bat-Chen Diaries ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Bat-Chen Shahak translates the diaries, letters and poems of an Israeli teen killed by terrorists. (10-13)


Sammy Spider returns in Sammy Spider's First Shavuot by Sylvia Rouss, illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn ($15.95, paper $7.95, 3-9).


Let My People Go! ($7.95) by Tilda Balsley, illus. by Ilene Richard, relays the biblical tale of the 10 plagues. (All ages)

Keene Publishing

(NBN, dist.)

Skies Over Sweetwater by Julia Moberg ($15) is a historical novel about the Women Air Force Service Pilots during WWII. (12-up)


(PGW, dist.)

Hip Hippos, One Hippo Hops and Sad, Mad, Glad Hippos ($6.95 each) by Jane Yolen, illus. by Vlasta van Kampen, are concept board books. (6 mos.-3 yrs.)

Little Beaver ($15.95) by Christopher Jordan, illus. by Stephanie Boey. This tale of courage and friendship features embossed pages. (5-8)

Coyote's New Suit ($15.95) by Thomas King, illus. by Johnny Wales, reveals the consequences of wanting more than one needs. (5-8)


New Gymboree board books are Gymboree Alphabet, Gymboree Colors, Gymboree Numbers and Gymboree Shapes by Christine Coirault ($6.95 each, 1-3); and Gymboree Fun with Chalk by Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens ($16.95, 4-up).


The Freak and Visions ($6.95 each) by Carol Matas launch a trilogy about a teen who awakens from an illness with unexpected new abilities. (10-up)

Out on a Limb ($9.95) by Gail Banning. Rosie discovers the high cost of keeping secrets. (12-14)

Rich by Thirty: A Young Adult's Guide to Financial Success ($12.95) by Lesley Scorgie includes information on saving and investing. (12-up)

Paperback Series

Lawrence High welcomes Blind Date and Wild Thing by David Poulsen ($6.95 each, 8-12). TheMitchell Brothers are back in Coaching the River Rats, The Hockey Book, The Kapaskasing Kids and Season of Surprises by Brian McFarlane ($6.95 each, 8-12). And Salt and Pepper adds The Prisoner in the Painting by Poulsen ($6.95, 8-12).


Rosie and Buttercup ($17.95) by Chieri Uegaki, illus. by Stéphane Jorisch. What happens when Rosie decides to give her little sister away? (3-7)

Stanley at Sea ($16.95) by Linda Bailey, illus. by Bill Slavin. Stanley, of Stanley's Party and Stanley's Wild Ride, and pals have a nautical adventure. (3-7)

It's Moving Day! ($16.95) by Pamela Hickman, illus. by Geraldo Valério, introduces woodland animals. (4-7)

Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach ($15.95) by Mélanie Watt. Can Scaredy's homemade beach take the place of the real thing? (4-8)

Claire and the Bakery Thief ($15.95, paper $7.95) by Janice Poon is a graphic novel starring a girl, her dog and best friend. (7-10)

One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference ($18.95) by Katie Smith Milway, illus. by Eugenie Fernandes. A boy from Ghana turns a small loan into a thriving farm. (7-up)

The Dirt on Dirt ($15.95, paper $7.95) by Paulette Bourgeois discusses dirt and how it affects our lives. (8-12)

Centsibility: The Planet Girl Guide to Money ($12.95) by Stacey Roderick and Ellen Warwick, illus. by Monika Melnychuk, offers advice on money management. (10-up)


Starting Art gains 123 I Can Draw! and 123 I Can Make Prints! by Irene Luxbacher ($14.95 each, paper $5.95, 4-7). Looking Closely offers Looking Closely Through the Forest and Looking Closely Along the Shore by Frank Serafini ($15.95 each, 4-7). Kids Can Read adds Looking at Bears by Deborah Hodge, illus. by Pat Stephens ($14.95, paper $3.95, 5-6); Lost and Found by Adrienne Mason, illus. by Pat Cupples ($14.95, paper $3.95, 6-7); Lucy Maud Montgomery by Elizabeth MacLeod, illus. by John Mantha ($14.95, paper $3.95, 6-8); and The Wright Brothers by MacLeod, illus. by Andrej Krystoforski ($14.95, paper $3.95, 6-8). Time Twister presents Journal #3 of a Cardboard Genius by Frank Asch ($14.95, paper $5.95, 7-10). Martin Bridge continues with In High Gear! by Jessica Scott Kerrin, illus. by Joseph Kelly ($14.95, paper $5.95, 7-10). And Snapshots: Images of People and Places in History welcomes Mark Twain: An American Star by MacLeod ($14.95, paper $6.95, 8-12).


(NBN, dist.)

Bad Rats ($18.95) by Eric Drachman, illus. by James Muscarello. In this tale packaged with a CD, Josiah and his fellow rats teach their professor the value of creativity. (4-7)


Darkness Slipped In ($14.95) by Ella Burfoot. Daisy and Darkness, personified as a friendly visitor, play until bedtime. (3-6)


I Wonder Why (Flip the Flaps) releases Judy Allen's Dinosaurs, illus. by Tudor Humphries; and Whales and Dolphins, illus. by Mike Bostock ($7.95 each, 3-6). Best Book releases The Best Book of the Human Body by Barbara Taylor ($12.95, 4-8). Kingfisher First adds The Kingfisher First Dinosaur Picture Atlas by David Burnie, illus. by Anthony Lewis ($10.95, 4-8). Through Time continues with Beijing by Richard Platt, illus. by Manuela Cappon ($16.95, 6-10). And Kingfisher Knowledge gains Sharks by Miranda Smith ($12.95, 9-12).


Quiz Whiz ($11.95) by Tom Jackson and Sean Callery rounds up more than 400 questions and answers on a variety of topics. (4-8)

Balancing Act ($5.95) by Donna King. A gymnast's dreams of Olympic glory are jeopardized when her parents need her to work on their ranch. (9-12)

Riding High ($5.95) by Donna King. After witnessing a horse's injury, Billie must overcome her fear that the same fate could befall her own horse. (9-12)

Physics: Why Matter Matters! ($8.95) by Dan Green, illus. by Simon Basher, explains physics concepts and depicts them as manga-style characters. (10-up)

Paperback Series

I Am Reading offers The Princess and the Pets by Angela Kanter, illus. by Maddy McClellan; Purr-fect Pete by Samantha Hay, illus. by Chris Inns; and Tooth Fairy Trouble by Julia Jarman, illus. by Miriam Latimer ($3.95 each, 4-8). Quick Draw issues Cats and Dogs, Creepy Crawlies, Fairies and Princesses and Under the Sea ($5.95 each, 4-8). And Sidesplitter continues with Champion Crack-ups, illus. by Gary Swift ($3.95, 6-10).


HammondAtlas of the Bible Lands ($14.95, paper $9.95) compiles info about the Holy Land's geography, trade routes, vegetation and climate. (8-14)

HammondDiscovering Maps ($9.95) introduces map concepts and facts about the continents. (8-14)


Titles in Spanish

Arco iris de poesía (Poetry Rainbow) ($15.99) compiled by Sergio Andricaín, illus. by Olga Cuéllar, collects poems from the Americas and Spain. (All ages)

La cucarachita Martina (Cucarachita Martina) ($14.99) by Héctor Cuenca retells a popular Hispanic folktale. (5-7)

Series in Spanish

Cuando los grandes eran pequeños (When They Were Young) welcomes Pablo by Georgina Lázaro, illus. by Marcela Donoso ($14.99, 8-10).


Horse Song: The Naadam of Mongolia ($19.95) by Ted and Betsy Lewin recounts the authors' trip to Mongolia, where they witnessed the Naadam festival. (6-10)

Buffalo Song ($17.95) by Joseph Bruchac, illus. by Bill Farnsworth. Walking Coyote, a Salish Indian, works to save the buffalo from extinction. (6-11)

Seven Miles to Freedom: The Robert Smalls Story ($17.95) by Janet Halfman, illus. by Duane Smith. This biography of Smalls covers his escape from slavery. (6-11)

Sharing Our Homeland ($18.95) by Trish Marx, photos by Cindy Karp. This photo essay focuses on Jewish and Palestinian children attending Camp Peace. (6-11)

Song for Cambodia ($16.95) by Michelle Lord, illus. by Shino Arihara, is a biography of the childhood of Cambodian musician Arn Chorn-Pond. (6-11)

Alicia Afterimage ($19.95) by Lula Delacre. Classmates and friends of the author's daughter share remembrances after her death. (12-up)

Paperback in Spanish

Joe Arco Iris y yo (Rainbow Joe and Me) ($7.95) by María Díaz Strom is about a girl who learns about imagination from a blind neighbor. (4-8)


Monkey with a Tool Belt ($16.95) by Chris Monroe. Can a handy monkey's tools save him from an organ grinder? (4-8)

The Vowel Family: A Tale of Lost Letters ($16.95) by Sally M. Walker, illus. by Kevin Luthardt. Five siblings' names each begin with a different vowel. (5-9)

A Boy Named Beckoning: The True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Hero ($16.95) by Gina Capaldi. Kidnapped from his tribe as a boy and sold as a slave, the hero became a doctor and activist. (8-12)

From Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between ($16.95) by Elizabeth Atkinson. A boy tells Alice she won't fit in at her new middle school unless she starts acting “like a girl.” (9-13)

Angel ($16.95) by Cliff McNish. A girl learns she's an angel. (12-18)


Mallory returns in Campfire Mallory by Laurie Friedman, illus. by Jennifer Kalis ($15.95, 7-11).


Paperback Series

Twisted Journeys offers Nightmare on Zombie Island by Paul Storrie, illus. by David Witt, and The Time Travel Trap by Dan Jolley, illus. by Matt Wendt ($7.95 each, 9-13). Graphic Myths and Legends offers Amaterasu: Return of the Sun (A Japanese Myth) by Storrie, illus. by Ron Randall; Atalanta: The Race Against Destiny (A Greek Myth) by Ron and Justine Fontes, illus. by Thomas Yeates; Demeter & Persephone: Spring Held Hostage (A Greek Myth) by Ron and Justine Fontes, illus. by Steve Kurth; Jason: Quest for the Golden Fleece (A Greek Myth) by Jeff Limke, illus. by Tim Seeley; Robin Hood: Outlaw of Sherwood Forest (An English Legend) by Storrie, illus. by Yeates; and Storrie's Yu the Great: Conquering the Flood (A Chinese Legend), illus. by Sandy Carruthers ($8.95 each, 9-14).


Lazily, Crazily, Just a Bit Nasally: More About Adverbs ($15.95) by Brian P. Cleary, illus. by Brian Gable. Cats introduce a variety of adverbs. (7-11)

The Laugh Stand: Adventures in Humor ($16.95) by Brian P. Cleary, illus. by J.P. Sandy, includes cartoons, wacky headlines and anagrams. (9-12)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Prayers for Baby's Christening ($7.95) by Lois Rock, illus. by Sanja Rescek, collects simple prayers and reflections. (up to 2)

Creation Song ($12.95) by Anna Scott-Brown, illus. by Elena Gomez, interprets the story of creation. (5-7)

The Lord's Prayer and Ten Commandments: Bible Words to Know and Treasure ($5.95) by Lois Rock, illus. by Debbie Lush, presents these biblical passages. (5-7)

The Story of Jesus ($16.95) by Andrea Skevington, illus. by Angelo Ruta, retells gospel episodes. (7-9)

The Lion Book of Best-Loved Prayers ($16.95) by Mary Joslin, illus. by Angelo Ruta, compiles prayers. (7-12)


Assignment Earth ($8.95) by Lynda Rose. Young angel Raphael is caught in a cosmic struggle between good and evil. (9-12)

High Crag Linn ($8.95) by Margaret McAllister. In this novel, a man must face the consequences of his vengeful actions. (12-up)


The Blue Stone: A Journey Through Life ($16.99) by Jimmy Liao follows how a large blue stone, discovered in the forest, changes over time. (All ages)

There's Nothing to Do on Mars ($16.99) by Chris Gall. After moving to Mars, Davey finds there's always something to do if he uses his imagination. (3-6)

Mother Goose and Friends ($16.99), illus. by Ruth Sanderson, includes some less familiar nursery rhymes. (3-6)

Willow Buds #1: The Tale of Toad and Badger ($14.99) by Mary Jane Begin is an original story based on The Wind and the Willows. (3-6)

Crocs! ($15.99) by David T. Greenberg, illus. by Lynn Munsinger. This companion to Snakes! and Bugs! focuses on crocodiles. (3-6)

Sergio Makes a Splash! ($15.99) by Edel Rodriguez. On a field trip to the ocean, will Sergio overcome his fear of swimming? (3-6)

Mail Harry to the Moon! ($16.99) by Robie H. Harris, illus. by Michael Emberley, is a tale of sibling rivalry. (3-6)

The Year of the Rat ($14.99) by Grace Lin is a sequel to The Year of the Dog. (8-12)

Rivers of Fire ($16.99) by Patrick Carman. In this second installment of the Atherton series, the three-tiered world of Atherton is not flat. (8-12)

The Mighty 12: Superheroes of Greek Myth ($16.99) by Charles R. Smith, illus. by P. Craig Russell. An introduction to Greek mythology, with poems and comic book-style illustrations. (8-12)

The Postcard ($15.99) by Tony Abbott. A phone call, an old postcard and an unfinished pulp magazine thriller launch two friends on an adventure. (8-12)

100 Days and 99 Nights ($14.99) by Alan Madison, illus. by Julia Denos. Esme awaits her father's return from his military tour of duty. (8-12)

Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit ($15.99) by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel. A girl who can see spirits struggles to discover who she wants to be. (8-12)

Girl Overboard ($16.99) by Justina Chen Headley. Syrah attempts to realize her true worth after a snowboarding accident. (12-up)

The Kayla Chronicles ($16.99) by Sherri Winston. Can an aspiring journalist balance being a dance diva and a strong young woman? (12-up)

Primavera ($16.99) by Mary Jane Beaufrand is a coming-of-age story set during the Italian Renaissance. (12-up)

Sweethearts ($16.99) by Sara Zarr. After years of being separated, former best friends try to become part of each other's lives again. (12-up)

In the Small ($19.99, paper $12.99) by Michael Hague. In this graphic novel, a mysterious cataclysmic event causes humans to shrink. (12-up)

Sky Realm ($16.99) by Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson concludes the Crystal Doors Trilogy. (12-up)

Footfree and Fancyloose ($16.99) by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain is a follow-up to Bass Ackwards and Belly Up. (15-up)


Vampirates adds Blood Captain by Justin Somper ($16.99, 8-12). The Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup the Viking continues with How to Twist a Dragon's Tale by Cressida Cowell ($10.99, 8-12). And Darren Shan's The Demonata gains Demon Apocalypse ($16.99, 15-up).

Paperback Series

Wiley & Grampa's Creature Features offers Phantom of the Waterpark by Kirk Scroggs ($3.99, 6-9). Matt Christopher Legendary Sports Teams adds The New York Yankees ($4.99, 8-12). And Matt Christopher Sport Series adds Lacrosse Firestorm ($4.99, 8-12).


My Big Book of Spanish Words ($8.99) by Rebecca Emberley introduces words in Spanish and English. (All ages)

All Asleep ($6.99) by Joanna Walsh is a bedtime board book. (up to 3)

Bunny's Easter Basket ($5.99) by ALEX includes punch-out eggs and stickers. (3-6)

Trucks Go Pop! ($17.99) by Bob Staake is a pop-up book with fold-out poster. (3-6)

Forever Friends! My Friendship Scrapbook & Bracelet Wheel ($12.99) by ALEX includes party ideas, games and snack recipes. (7-12)


Arthur returns in Arthur's Family Vacation Book & CD ($10.99, 3-6) and Arthur Goes to Camp Book & CD ($17.99, 3-6) by Marc Brown.



Secrets of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita presents Family Affairs ($16.99, 12-up).

Paperback Series

The Clique by Lisi Harrison issues Bratfest at Tiffany's ($9.99, 12-up); and Harrison's The Clique Summer Collection offers Massie, Dylan and Alicia ($6.99 each, 12-up). Poseur debuts with a title of the same name by Rachel Maude ($9.99, 13-up). Joining The A-List by Zoey Dean is California Dreaming ($9.99, 15-up). Gossip Girl continues with the first volume of The Carlyles by Cecily von Ziegesar ($10.99, 15-up). And The It Girl adds Tempted by von Ziegesar ($9.99, 15-up).


The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey ($16.99) by Trenton Lee Stewart, illus. by Diana Sudyka, is a sequel to The Mysterious Benedict Society. (8-12)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Digger, Digger by David Bedford, illus. by Christina Mieson; and Tractor, Tractor by Bedford, illus. by Judy Watson ($5.95 each) are board books featuring these machines. (2-4)

Dads and Moms ($9.95 each) by David Bedford, illus. by Leonie Worthington, are lift-the-flap books featuring animal parents. (2-5)

Kisses for Daddy ($15.95) by Frances Watts, illus. by David Legge. A baby bear's bedtime routine becomes a game. (3-5)

Malu Kangaroo ($14.95) by Judith Morecroft, illus. by Bronwyn Bancroft. This legend tells how a kangaroo spirit inspired the first surfers. (5-7)

Water Witcher ($16.95) by Jan Ormerod tells of a family in drought-stricken Australia. (5-7)


Mini Marvels issues Baby Animals, Numbers and Opposites by Mary Novick, illus. by Christina Miesen ($6.95 each, up to 4).


Little Humpty ($9.95) by Margaret Wild, illus. by Ann James. In the desert, a mother and baby camel meet new friends at the Great Waterhole. (5-7)

Crazy-Mazey Houses ($6.95) by Scot Ritchie is an activity book featuring mazes and hidden objects. (7-9)

Dinomazia ($6.95) by Rolf Heimann offers dinosaur-themed mazes. (7-9)

Famous Journeys ($6.95) by Tracy Turner. Mazes and puzzles focus on discoveries, inventions and explorations. (7-9)


Everything You Want ($16.95) by Barbara Shoup. The lives of a teen and her family are turned upside down after they win the lottery. (13-up)

Love (And Other Uses for Duct Tape) ($16.95) by Carrie Jones is a follow-up to Tips on Having a Gay (Ex) Boyfriend. (13-up)


Jump the Cracks ($9.95) by Stacy DeKeyser. A teen is accused of kidnapping after she removes a child from a potentially abusive situation. (13-up)

Into the Wildewood ($9.95) by Gillian Summers continues the Faire Folk Trilogy. (13-up)

My Life as a Rhombus ($9.95) by Varian Johnson. A high-school senior discovers the student she's tutoring is pregnant. (14-up)

The Shape of Water ($9.95) by Anne Spollen. Setting fires in a marsh helps Magda cope with her mother's death. (14-up)


I Don't Want to Go ($16.95) by Addie Meyer Sanders, illus. by Andrew Rowland. If Joey can overcome his fears, a visit with his grandparents will introduce him to new experiences. (4-6)

Pier 21: Stories from Near and Far ($16.95) by Anne Renaud, illus. by Aries Cheung, tells of those who have arrived at and departed from this pier in Halifax harbor. (8-10)


Come on, Mom! 75 Things for Mothers and Daughters to Do Together by Cynthia MacGregor; and Come on, Dad! 75 Things for Fathers and Sons to Do Together (New Ed.) by Ed Avis ($12.95 each) compile parent-child activities. (4-7)

YUM: Your Ultimate Manual for Good Nutrition ($14.95) by Daina Kalnins, illus. by Paula Becker, features recipes, meal plans and food facts. (9-12)

Fakie ($7.95) by Tony Varrato. On the run from a killer, Alex assumes the identity of a skateboarder in Virginia Beach. (13-up)

Paperback Series

Zibby Payne is back in Zibby Payne & the Party Problem and Zibby Payne & the Trio Trouble by Alison Bell ($6.95 each, 8-10). And Not Just Proms & Parties adds Emily's Rebellion by Patricia Penny ($7.95, 13-up).