(Consortium, dist.)

Catch That Crocodile! ($16.95) by Anushka Ravishankar, illus. by Pulak Biswas. Who will catch the crocodile that a fruit seller finds in a ditch? (4-8)

The Sacred Banana Leaf ($16.95) by Nathan Kumar Scott, illus. by Radhashyam Raut, is a tale about the trickster mouse deer of Indonesian folklore. (4-8)


(Norton, dist.)

Elephants: A Book for Children ($19.95) by David Henry Wilson, photos by Steve Bloom, compiles facts about and photographs of elephants. (4-10)


But the Giraffe and Brundibar ($14) by Tony Kushner presents an English-language libretto of the children's opera, as well as an original short play. (12-up)


Sparkly Board Books: Sparkly Farm, Sparkly Garden and Sparkly Ocean ($6.95 each), illus. by Caroline Davis, feature pull tabs that reveal glittery surprises. (2-4)

If I Were a... Ballerina and If I Were a... Soccer Star ($6.95 each) by Pat Hegarty, illus. by Liz and Kate Pope, are touch-and-feel board books. (2-5)

Do You Want a Hug, Honey Bunny? ($7.95) by Rachael O'Neill. In this board book, Honey Bunny has hugs for everyone who needs one. (2-5)

The Bear with Sticky Paws ($15.95) by Clara Vulliamy. A rambunctious, hungry bear arrives on Lily's doorstep. (3-7)

Boris and the Snoozebox ($15.95) by Leigh Hodgkinson. A cat's favorite box for napping is shipped all over the world—with him in it. (3-7)

Hello! Is This Grandma? ($15.95) by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Deborah Allwright. Trying to call his grandma, Logan reaches a variety of animals instead. (3-7)

Oodles of Noodles ($15.95) by Diana Hendry, illus. by Sarah Massini. Siblings come to the rescue when a pasta machine gets out of control. (3-7)


Fidgety Fish and Friends ($6.95) by Paul Bright, illus. by Ruth Galloway, rounds up rhymes about a fish and his underwater friends. (3-7)


Amadi's Snowman ($16.95) by Katia Novet Saint-Lot, illus. by Dimitria Tokunbo. Amadi discovers the world that reading opens up, especially for an Igbo man in Nigeria. (6-10)

Give a Goat ($16.95) by Jan West Schrock, illus. by Aileen Darragh. Can a classroom project make a difference for families on another continent? (6-10)

Under the Night Sky ($16.95) by Amy Lundebrek, illus. by Anna Rich. A working mother interrupts her routine to share the night sky with her son. (6-10)


(HarperCollins, dist.)


The Twelve Kingdoms adds Sea of Wind by Fuyumi Ono ($16.99, 13-up).


Faeries ($9.99) is a manga adaptation of the Disney series. (All ages)

Princess Ai:Rumors from the Other Side ($9.99) by D.J. Milky is a spin-off of the series. (13-up)

Paperback Series

Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket offers Vol. 19 and Fruits Basket Sticker Books issues Vol. 1 ($9.99 each, 13-up). Gakuen Alice continues with Vol. 2 and Vol.3 by Tachibana Higuchi ($9.99 each, 13-up). .hack/xxxx starts up with Vol. 1 by Hiroshi Matsuyama, illus. by Megane Kikuya ($9.99, 13-up). .hack/G.U.+ launches with Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by Tatsuya Hamazaki, illus. by Yuzuka Morita ($9.99 each, 13-up). +Anima gains Vol. 7 and Vol. 8 by Natsumi Mukai ($9.99 each, 13-up). Sgt. Frog returns in Vol. 14 and Vol.15 by Mine Yoshizaki ($9.99 each, 13-up). Trinity Blood releases Vol. 5 by Sunao Yoshida, illus. by Kiyo Kyujyo; StarCraft Anthology begins with Vol. 1 ($9.99, 13-up).

Chibi Vampire: The Novel offers the manga novel Vol. 2 by Tohru Kai, illus. by Yuna Kagesak ($7.99, 13-up). Trinity Blood: Reborn on the Mars adds the manga novel Vol. 2 by Sunao Yoshida ($9.99 each, 13-up).



Dragonback continues with DragonandLiberator by Timothy Zahn ($17.95, 10-up).


Little Brother ($17.95) by Cory Doctorow pits tech-savvy teens against the Department of Homeland Security. (13-up)

Truancy ($16.95) by Isamu Fukui. In this 17-year-old author's debut, a group of former students fights against the mayor and repressive educators. (13-up)

Jack: Secret Histories ($15.95) by F. Paul Wilson. Can Jack discover the secret behind an ancient artifact found near a corpse? (13-up)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Play with Me! ($12.95) by Satoshi Kitamura. A little duck meets friends on her way home in this pop-up book with pull-tabs. (up to 3)

Eliza and the Moonchild ($16.95) by Emma Chichester Clark is about a girl who introduces a child from space to colors. (3-5)


Brilliant Billy's Big Book of Dinosaurs ($8.95) by Simon Hutton, illus. by Caroline Glickman. A boy's notebook is found by the judges of a writing competition. (7-9)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Alfie and the Big Boys ($17.95) by Shirley Jackson stars a boy who learns that “big boys” aren't always as tough as they seem. (3-5)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)


In the Nick of Time ($9.95) by Robert Swindells follows a girl who is transported back to 1955. (12-up)

Paperback Series

The Tom Marlowe series adds Redwulf's Curse: A Haunting Tale by Chris Priestly ($9.95, 12-up).


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)


Pop-Through-the-Slot Books adds Mole's Bedtime Story by David Wood, illus. by Richard Fowler ($11.95, 2-5). Push-Out-and-Play Books adds Build Your Own Fairytale Castle, illus. by Mark Chambers, and Build Your Own Pirate Ship, illus. by Richard Watson ($8.95 each, 3-5).


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)


Greed, Seeds and Slavery ($9.95) by Stewart Ross, illus. by David Roberts, is a collection of 11 stories about slaves worldwide and through history. (7-9)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

George, the Dragon and the Princess ($16.95) by Chris Wormell. George the mouse defends the castle against a terrifying dragon. (2-5)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)


G.E.M. ($9.95) by Jane Clarke, illus. by Garry Parsons, follows one boy's struggles with his G.E.M (green-eyed monster). (3-5)


What Can You Do with a Rebozo? ($14.95) by Carmen Tafolla, illus. by Amy Córdova, reveals possible uses for this traditional Mexican shawl. (3-6)

The Day We Danced in Underpants ($14.95) by Sarah Wilson, illus. by Catherine Stock. Papa's pants burst at the seams during a royal picnic. (4-7)

On a Road in Africa ($15.95) by Kim Doner focuses on an animal rescuer's efforts to rehabilitate orphaned animals. (5-7)

Making Cents ($14.95) by Elizabeth Keeler Robinson, illus. by Bob McMahon, offers an introduction to U.S. currency. (5-8)

Trouble Talk ($15.95) by Trudy Ludwig, illus. by Mikela Prevost. Maya discovers the harmful effects of rumors when her friend spreads them. (7-9)


Milestones Project Chewables presents My Teeth, photos by Richard and Michele Steckel ($6.95, 6 mos.-2 yrs.). Urban Babies Wear Black issues Eco Babies Wear Green by Michelle Sinclair Colman, illus. by Nathalie Dion ($6.95, 1-3). Busy Books welcomes Busy Bunnies by John Schindel, photos by Steven Holt ($6.95, 1-3). And World Snacks adds Chaat and Sweets by Amy Wilson Sanger ($6.95, 1-3).


Little Lions, Bull Baiters & Hunting Hounds: A History of Dog Breeds ($19.95) by Jeff Crosby and Shelley Ann Jackson examines canine breeds. (All ages)

Here a Face, There a Face ($14.95) by Arlene Alda. Photos reveal faces in unusual places, such as on buildings, in trees and fountains. (2-5)

Ready for Spring, Ready for Summer, Ready for Autumn and Ready for Winter ($7.95 each) by Marthe Jocelyn. These board books show how people dress for various seasons. (2-5)

Alien Invaders: Species That Threaten Our World ($19.95) by Jane Drake and Ann Love, illus. by Mark Thurman, introduces non-native species that affect ecosystems. (9-12)


The Boy Sherlock Holmes continues with Death in the Air by Shane Peacock ($19.95, 10-14).


Passion for Fashion: Careers in Style ($18.95) by Jeanne Becker, illus. by Nathalie Dion, is a career guide to the fashion world. (10-up)

Afrika ($9.95) by Colleen Craig. A girl learns family secrets when she visits post-apartheid South Africa. (12-up)

Paperback Series

True Horse Stories adds JB Andrew: Mustang Magic by Judy Andrekson ($7.95, 8-11).


My Pajama Bible ($12.95) by Andy Holmes, illus. by Tim O'Connor. This board book compiles 30 bible stories for bedtime. (1-3)

Mi Biblia Pijama Bilingúe (My Bilingual Pajama Bible) ($12.95) by Andy Holmes, illus. by Tim O'Connor, is a Spanish-English version of this book. (1-3)

Paperback Series

RPM adds Overdrive and Checkered Flag by Chris Fabry ($5.99 each, 10-13). And The Wormling offers The Minions of Time and The Author's Blood by Jerry B. Jenkins and Fabry ($7.99 each, 10-13).


(PGW, dist.)


Drawing Dragons: Learn How to Create Fantastic Fire-Breathing Dragons ($14.95) by Sandra Staple gives instructions for drawing dragons. (9-up)

Pirate Arrrt!: Learn to Draw Fantastic Pirates, Treasure Chests, Ships, Sea Monsters and More ($14.95) by Rob Mcleay is a drawing guide to the pirate world. (9-up)


Rabbit and the Well ($18.95) by Deborah Duvall, illus. by Murv Jacob. When a drought strikes the forest, a rabbit realizes the animals need a well. (6-up)


Let Me Bee ($17.95) by Vanita Oelschlager, illus. by Kristin Blackwood. A boy and a bee face their fears. (4-8)

What Pet Will I Get? ($17.95) by Vanita Oelschlager, illus. by Kristin Blackwood. After pressing for a pet, a boy learns that sometimes less is more. (4-8)

Made in China ($17.95) by Vanita Oelschlager, illus. by Kristin Blackwood, tells of a loving adoptive family. (4-8)


Ducks Don't Wear Socks ($15.99) by John Nedwidek, illus. by Lee White. Duck teaches Emily the importance of laughing—especially at oneself. (2-up)

Nobunny's Perfect ($12.99) by Anna Dewdney. Naughty bunnies learn better rabbit habits. (2-up)

Red Truck ($15.99) by Kersten Hamilton, illus. by Valeria Petrone, is a rhyming tale featuring a red tow truck. (2-up)

Batman ($15.99) by Ralph Cosentino introduces this DC Comics superhero. (3-5)

Kids Like Us ($15.99) by Carole Lexa Schaefer, illus. by Pierr Morgan. Dress-up clothes let preschoolers assume various guises and learn colors. (3-5)

Peter Spit a Seed at Sue ($15.99) by Jackie French Koller, illus. by John Manders, spotlights a watermelon seed-spitting war. (3-5)

Tiny on the Farm ($15.99) by Cari Meister, illus. by Rich Davis, centers on Tiny, a giant dog. (3-5)

Your Own Big Bed ($15.99) by Rita Bergstein, illus. by Susan Kathleen Hartung, is a tale about moving on to a big bed. (3-5)

Corduroy 40th Anniv. Ed. ($19.99) by Don Freeman. This oversize edition of the classic picture book includes notes about its creation. (3-up)

Don't Worry Bear ($15.99) by Greg Foley. The star of Thank You Bear makes a new friend. (3-up)

Voyage to the Bunny Planet ($17.99) by Rosemary Wells collects First Tomato, Moss Pillows and The Island Light. (3-up)

Building Manhattan ($16.99) by Laura Vila tells of the building of this borough. (6-8)

Henry's Amazing Imagination! ($15.99) by Nancy Carlson. Henry finds a new outlet for his wild tales after his classmates call him a fibber. (6-8)

It's Only Temporary ($15.99) by Sally Warner. Living with her grandmother after her brother's accident, Skye records her new life in a sketchbook. (9-11)

Jessie's Mountain ($16.99) by Kerry Madden concludes the saga that began with Gentle's Holler and Louisiana Song. (9-11)

Don't Talk to Me About the War ($15.99) by David A. Adler. In 1940, a boy struggles with first love, family responsibilities and America's role in the world. (11-up)

Sketches ($15.99) by Eric Walters tells of a girl's struggle to survive on the streets. (11-up)

The Mystery of the Third Lucretia ($16.99) by Susan Runholt. Two teens find themselves at the center of an art forgery scandal. (11-up)

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn ($19.99) by Alison Goodman introduces a swordfighter-magician who is a girl masquerading as a boy. (12-up)

Fancy White Trash ($15.99) by Marjetta Geerling is a first novel about a teenage girl's search for true love. (12-up)

Hurricane Song ($15.99) by Paul Volponi. Miles and his father struggle in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina. (12-up)

Lock and Key ($18.99) by Sarah Dessen. When her mother doesn't return, Ruby moves in with her long-lost sister. (12-up)

Looks ($16.99) by Madeleine George. An overweight and an underweight girl seek revenge on the person who wronged them both. (12-up)

Take Me There ($17.99) by Susane Colasanti. Three friends' lives change over the course of a week. (12-up)

The Empty Kingdom ($16.99) by Elizabeth Wein is a follow-up to Lion Hunter. (12-up)

The Exchange ($16.99) by Graham Joyce. In contemporary England, a bracelet enables a girl to see into others' inner lives. (12-up)

The King's Arrow ($16.99) by Michael Cadnum is a novel based on the true story of a king's mysterious death in Norman-occupied England in 1100. (12-up)

Saga ($18.99) by Conor Kostick is a sequel to Epic. (12-up)

The Secret Rites of Social Butterflies ($16.99) by Lizabeth Zindel. A new girl at a private school finds there's a fine line between truth and gossip. (12-up)

The Starry Rift: Tales of New Tomorrows ($19.99), ed. by Jonathan Strahan, is a science fiction anthology. (12-up)


Angelina Ballerina adds Angelina, Star of the Show by Katharine Holabird, illus. by Helen Craig ($13.99, 3-5). Follow the Line continues with Follow the Line Around the World by Laura Ljungkvist ($16.99, 3-5). Froggy returns in Froggy Goes to Camp by Jonathan London, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz ($15.99, 3-5). Max and Ruby are back in Max's Bunny Business by Rosemary Wells ($15.99, 3-5). Belinda stars in Belinda Begins Ballet by Amy Young ($15.99, 3-up). Bones offers Bones and the Math Test Mystery by David A. Adler, illus. by Barbara Johansen Newman ($13.99, 5-up). Cork and Fuzz reappear in Cork and Fuzz: The Collectors by Dori Chaconas, illus. by Lisa McCue ($13.99, 5-up). And Cam Jansen returns in Young Cam Jansen and the Molly Shoe Mystery by David A. Adler, illus. by Susanna Natti ($13.99, 6-8).

Horrible Harry presents Horrible Harry Bugs the Three Bears by Suzy Kline, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz ($13.99, 7-up). Joining Hank the Cowdog are The Case of the Blazing Sky and The Quest for the Great White Quail by John R. Erickson, illus. by Gerald L. Holmes ($15.99 each, Puffin paperback $4.99, 9-11). Up Close welcomes Ella Fitzgerald by Tanya Lee Stone, Jane Goodall by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, John Steinbeck by Milton Meltzer and Thurgood Marshall by Chris Crowe ($16.99 each, 11-up). And Forensic Mysteries gains The Circle of Blood by Alane Ferguson ($15.99, 11-up).



Nightmare Inspector: Yumekui Kenbun ($9.99) by Shin Mashiba is a graphic novel introducing a private investigator who is a dream eater. (13-up)



Be With You ($8.99) by Takuji Ichikawa, illus. by Sai Kawashima. In this graphic novel, a man's wife returns from the grave. (13-up)

I.O.N. ($8.99) by Arina Tanemura is a graphic novel about a girl who acquires telekinetic powers. (13-up)


Paperback Series

Dragon Ball Z presents Vol. 1 (VIZ Big Ed.) by Akira Toriyama ($17.99, 7-up). Toriyama's Dragon Ball issues Vol. 1 (VIZ Big Ed.) ($17.99, 13-up). And Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millenium World adds Vol. 7 by Kazuki Takahashi ($7.95, 13-up).


Paperback Series

MegaMan NT Warrior continues with Vol. 13 by Ryo Takamisaki ($7.99, 7-up). New Pokémon titles are Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai by Takamisaki and Diamond and Pearl Adventure! by Ihara Shigekatsu ($7.99 each, 7-up). And Let's Find Pokémon! offers Fire Red Leaf Green, illus. by Kazunori Aihara ($7.99, 7-up).


My Animals ($8.95) by Xavier Deneux. This soft board book showcases a menagerie. (up to 3)

Lulu's Shoes ($8.95) by Camilla Reid, illus. by Ailie Busby, reveals Lulu's shoe collection. (1-3)

Valentine Surprise ($12.95) by Corinne Demas, illus. by R.W. Alley. Lily tries to create the perfect Valentine for her mother. (3-6)

Stuck in the Mud ($16.95) by Jane Clarke, illus. by Garry Parsons, presents a trickster tale. (3-7)

Mermaid Sister ($15.95) by Mary Ann Fraser. A girl and a mermaid feel as close as sisters, but some difficulties ensue. (4-7)

The Littlest Dinosaur ($16.95) by Michael Foreman introduces a small dino with a big heart. (4-8)

Melrose and Croc: An Adventure to Remember ($16.95) by Emma Chichester Clark launches these friends on a sea adventure. (4-8)

Balloon on the Moon ($16.95) by Dan McCann, illus. by Nathan Hale, tells of a space mission to rescue a lost balloon. (4-9)

When the Wolves Returned: Restoring Nature's Balance in Yellowstone ($17.95) by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, photos by Dan and Cassie Hartman, is a photo-essay about bringing wolves back to this national park. (6-10)

I, Matthew Henson ($16.95) by Carole Boston Weatherford, illus. by Eric Velasquez, tells of the first African-American to reach the North Pole. (6-11)

A Caldecott Celebration ($19.95) by Leonard S. Marcus is an expanded edition of this title. (8-12)

The Fire of Ares ($16.95) by Michael Ford chronicles a boy's rise from slave to Spartan. (10-up)

Saving Juliet ($16.95) by Suzanne Selfors. A modern girl is thrust into Shakespeare's Verona. (12-up)

The Ultimate Teen Book Guide ($24.95, paper $16.95), ed. by Daniel Hahn and Leonie Flynn, compiles book recommendations from authors and teens. (12-up)

Exodus ($16.95) by Julie Bertagna is a survival tale about global warming. (12-up)

Dirty Work ($16.95) by Julia Bell. Two teens hope to escape a human trafficking/prostitution ring. (12-up)

Neptune's Children ($16.95) by Bonnie Dobkin. Children form a new society after a biological attack kills the world's adults. (12-up)

Cheated ($16.95) by Patrick Jones. Mick must choose between protecting his friends and saving himself after a night of drinking leads to a deadly mistake. (14-up)


Lily Dale returns in Believing by Wendy Corsi Staub ($15.95, 12-up).



Art Explorers continues with What's the Big Idea!: Activities and Adventures in Abstract Art by Joyce Raimondo ($13.95, 5-12).


Dangles and Bangles Kit: Funky Accessories to Make and Wear and Way to Crochet Kit: Cool, Easy Projects for Kids of All Ages ($16.95 each) by Sherri and Michelle Haab, illus. by Barbara Pollak, provide directions and materials to make jewelry; and crocheted items. (8-up)

Eye Candy: 50 Easy Makeup Looks for Gorgeous Eyes ($14.95) by Linda Mason. A professional makeup artist outlines 50 eye makeup looks. (13-up)

Paperback Series

The Teen Girl's Gotta-Have-It Guides offers The Teen Girl's Gotta-Have-It Guide to Money: Why It Matters and How You Can Take Charge of It Today! by Jessica Blatt with Variny Paladino, illus. by Cynthia Frenett ($8.95, 12-15).



Girls Rock: How to Get Your Group Together and Make Some Noise ($13.95) by Robyn Goodmark, illus. by Adrienne Yan, provides tips for starting a band. (10-15)


Paperback Series

Scary Creatures adds six titles, including Killer Whales by John Malam and Scary Creatures of the Arctic by Penny Clarke ($8.95 each, 7-9). You Wouldn't Want to... offers You Wouldn't Want to Live in Pompeii! by Malam, You Wouldn't Want to Be in the Forbidden City! by Jacqueline Morley, You Wouldn't Want to Be Mary, Queen of Scots! by Fiona Macdonal and You Wouldn't Want to Sail on an Irish Famine Ship! by Jim Pipe, all illus. by David Antram ($9.95 each, 7-10). 24/7: Science Behind the Scenes: Mystery Files has six additions, among them Bigfoot Caught on Film by Michael Teitelbaum and UFOs by N.B. Grace ($7.95 each, 10-up). The 10 releases 10 volumes, including The 10 Boldest Explorers by Stephanie Kim Gibson-Hardie, The 10 Most Amazing Bridges by Suzanne Harper and The 10 Most Unforgettable Shipwrecks by Anita Griffith ($14.99 each, 11-13). And Scholastic Choices presents Out of Control and True Confessions by John DiConsiglio, Smart Money by Danielle Denega and Your Space by Diane Webber ($8.95 each, 12-18).



The Witness Tree and the Shadow of the Noose: Mystery, Lies, and Spies in Manassas ($8.95) by K.E.M. Johnston. After moving into a historic house, Jake spies an axe-wielding man who may be the ghost of a Civil War soldier. (9-13)


Looking for Easter ($15.95) by Dori Chaconas, illus. by Margie Moore. Little Bunny searches the forest for signs of Easter. (4-7)

Bat's Big Game ($16.95) by Margaret Read MacDonald, illus. by Eugenia Nobati. In a soccer match, will Bat play for the birds or the animals? (5-8)

Best Friend on Wheels ($15.95) by Debra Shirley, illus. by Judy Stead. A girl relates the ways she and her friend, who uses a wheelchair, are alike. (5-8)

Bugs in My Hair?! ($15.95) by Catherine Stier, illus. by Tammie Lyon. Upset that she has head lice, a girl calms down and helps her classmates. (6-9)

Isabel's Car Wash ($15.95) by Sheila Bair, illus. by Judy Stead. To earn money for a doll, Isabel starts a business with money her friends invest. (6-9)

Peaceful Piggy Yoga ($16.95) by Kerry Lee MacLean. The author of Peaceful Piggy Meditation reveals yoga poses and instructions. (6-9)

Penny and the Punctuation Bee ($16.95) by Moira Rose Donohue, illus. by Jenny Law. Can Penny, a period, beat a boastful exclamation point in the punctuation bee? (6-9)

Shannon and the World's Tallest Leprechaun ($15.95) by Sean Callahan, illus. by Kathleen Kemly. Shannon summons a leprechaun to help her in a step dancing competition. (7-9)

Waiting for Benjamin: A Story About Autism ($15.95) by Alexandra Jessup Altman, illus. by Susan Keeter, explores a boy's emotions after his brother is diagnosed with autism. (7-9)

The Truth About Truman School ($15.95) by Dori Hillestad Butler. Two friends start an online alternative to the school newspaper. (9-13)


The Boxcar Children Mysteries adds A Horse Named Dragon and The Great Detective Race, based on characters created by Gertrude Chandler Warner ($14.95 each, paper $4.50, 7-12).


My Up & Down & All Around Book ($10.95) by Marjorie Pitzer teaches prepositions and features photos of children with Down syndrome. (3-6)



Barnyard Bath! ($7.95) by Sandra Boynton is a bath book featuring messy animals. (1-4)

The Potty Caddy (Book and Stuff) ($13.95) by Rachel Gordon, illus. by Sarah Bergmann, includes a picture book, parents' guide and potty-training aids. (2-up)

Paperback Series

Brain Quest Workbooks issues Pre K by Liane Onish ($12.95, 4-5), Kindergarten by Lisa Trumbauer ($12.95, 5-6), Grade 1 by Trumbauer ($12.95, 6-7), Grade 2 by Onish ($12.95, 7-8), Grade 3 by Jan Meyer ($12.95, 8-9) and Grade 4 by Barbara Gregorich ($12.95, 9-10).


(Houghton Mifflin, dist.)

Paperback Series

The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids adds Vol. 2, edited by Janice Stillman ($9.95, 8-11).


Psalm 23 ($14.99), illus. by Barry Moser, illustrates this psalm taken from the NIV Bible. (4-7)

Creation ($14.99), illus. by Gennady Spirin, presents the biblical story of creation. (4-7)

Let's Go on a Mommy Date ($15.99) by Karen Kingsbury, illus. by Dan Andreasen. A mother and her children spend time together. (4-7)