Red, Yellow, Blue, and You ($8.95) by Cynthia Vance, illus. by Candace Whitman, is a board book introducing the primary colors. (9 mos.-up)


A Child Is Born ($15) by Mary Alice Gran tells of the birth of Jesus. (4-8)

The Big Book of Bible Questions ($14) by Sally Ann Wright focuses on 60 biblical figures and events. (8-12)


The View from Under the Pew ($14) by Diane Winters Johnson relays the true story of a guide dog that helps a pastor minister to her congregation. (4-8)


A Horse's Tale: A Colonial Williamsburg Adventure ($16.95) by Susan Lubner, illus. by Margie Moore. Animal characters populate this story set in colonial America. (3-6)

Because You Are My Baby ($15.95) by Sherry North, illus. by Marcellus Hall, celebrates a parent's love for a child. (3-6)

Baby Animals: Little Ones at Play in 20 Works of Art ($14.95) by William Lach showcases animals in art from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. (3-6)

The Jellybeans and the Big Dance ($15.95) by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans, illus. by Lynn Munsinger, introduces very different girls in a dance class. (4-8)

Hush, Little Dragon ($15.95) by Boni Ashburn, illus. by Kelly Murphy. Dragons search for a bedtime snack. (4-8)

Clinton Gregory's Secret ($15.95) by Bruce Whatley stars a boy with an active imagination. (4-8)

Sally Gets a Job ($16.95) by Stephen Huneck. Sally the dog imagines herself in a variety of jobs. (4-8)

Professor Bumble and the Monster of the Deep ($15.95) by Daniel Napp centers on a bear and his plucky fish sidekick. (4-8)

Score! 50 Poems to Motivate and Inspire ($15.95) by Charles Ghigna, illus. by Julia Gorton, offers poems that encourage readers to reach for their dreams. (6-10)

The Book of When ($16.95) by Laura Jaffé, illus. by François Cointe, is a companion to The Book of Why and The Book of How. (8-12)

George Washington Carver ($18.95) by Tonya Bolden presents a biography of this farming pioneer. (8-12)

Elephants and Golden Thrones: Inside China's Forbidden City ($18.95) by Trish Marx, photos by Ellen Senisi, explores the palace of past Chinese emperors. (8-12)

50 Ways to Save the Earth ($17.95) by Anne Jankéliowitch, photos by Philippe Bourseiller, outlines ways to positively impact the environment. (8-14)

The Great Race: The Amazing Round-the-World Auto Race of 1908 ($19.95) by Gary Blackwood tells of this celebrated international race. (10-14)

Side by Side: New Poems Inspired by Art from Around the World ($19.95), ed. by Jan Greenberg, collects 40 poems about specific works of art. (10-up)


The Scribble Book ($14.95) by Hervé Tullet shows how scribbles evolve into drawings. (3-8)

An A-to-Z Treasure Hunt ($14.95) by Alice Melvin is an interactive alphabet book. (8-12)


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules ($12.95) by Jeff Kinney is a sequel to Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (8-12)

Escape the Mask ($15.95) by David Ward launches the Grassland Trilogy. (8-12)

Cicada Summer ($15.95) by Andrea Beaty. Lily solves a mystery, makes a friend and finds forgiveness. (8-12)

Something to Blog About ($15.95) by Shana Norris. What happens when a teen starts an anonymous blog to vent her feelings? (10-up)

Test ($16.95) by William Sleator. A girl gets caught up in a conspiracy involving a standardized test company. (12-up)


The Sisters Grimm welcomes Tales from the Hood by Michael Buckley, illus. by Peter Ferguson ($14.95, 8-12).


Walking Tall: How to Build Confidence and Be the Best You Can Be ($9.95) by Marie-José Auderset, ed. by N.B. Grace, illus. by Gaëtan de Séguin, explores ways to improve self-confidence. (10-16)

Friends Forever? Why Your Friendships Are So Important ($9.95) by Odile Amblard, ed. by Andrea Bussell, illus. by Andrée Prigent, provides tips for finding and keeping friends. (10-16)

Paperback Series

Manga Shakespeare adds The Tempest, adapted by Richard Appignanesi, illus. by Paul Duffield; and A Midsummer Night's Dream, adapted by Appignanesi, illus. by Kate Brown ($9.95 each, 12-up).


(IPG, dist.)

India, the Showstopper ($16.95) by Kerry Argent. A circus elephant learns about the value of friendship and working together. (3-5)

What Will You Be? ($15.95) by Simon French and Donna Rawlins. A school costume parade celebrates individuality. (3-7)

Maisie Moo and Invisible Lucy ($15.95) by Chris McKimmie. A girl shares her troubles and joys with her invisible friend. (5-7)

The Island ($19.95) by Armin Greder is a story involving refugees, racism and human rights. (7-up)


Angel's Elephant ($9.95) by Kerrie O'Connor wraps up the trilogy that includes By the Monkey's Tail and Through the Tiger's Eye. (9-12)

The Secret Life of Maeve Lee Kwong ($8.95) by Kirsty Murray. After her mother dies, an Australian girl is adopted by her Chinese grandparents. (9-12)

A Whole Lot of Wayne ($12.95) by David McRobbie collects 25 stories about an optimistic boy with a vivid imagination. (9-12)

Right Book, Right Time: 500 Great Reads for Teenagers ($19.95) by Agnes Nieuwenhuizen. A collection of book suggestions. (12-up)

Paperback Series

Hugo returns in Hugo's Motorcycle Rescue by Lorette Brokstra ($7.95, 3-5). Tashi is back in There Once Was a Boy Called Tashi ($8.95, 5-7) and Tashi and the Mixed-Up Monster ($5.95, 9-12) by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg, illus. by Kim Gamble. And A Lolly Leopold Story continues with Billy and Clubs by Kate de Goldi, illus. by Jacqui Colley ($7.95 each, 7-9).



Joining Historical Characters are Really Truly Ruthie by Valerie Tripp ($12.95, paper $6.95, 8-up), Kit Fashion Studio ($17.95, 8-up) and Julie's Cooking Studio by Tripp ($15.95, 8-up), all illus. by Walter Rane; and A Thief in the Theater: A Kit Mystery by Sarah Masters Buckey, Traitor in Williamsburg by Elizabeth McDavid Jones and The Runaway Friend by Kathleen Ernst, all illus. by Jean-Paul Tibbles ($12.95 each, paper $6.95, 9-up). And American Girl Advice & Activity Books adds Craft Sale: Earn Quick Cash by Making and Selling the Best Creative Crafts from American Girl Magazine, illus. by Ali Douglass; and Doll Crafts: Make Your Doll Accessories to Fill Her World! by Trula Magruder, illus. by Camela Decaire ($17.95 each, 8-up).

Paperback Series

Coconut reappears in Coconut's Letter Writing Kit and Coconut's Poster Page by Carrie Anton, illus. by Casey Lukatz ($7.95 each, 7-up). And new American Girl Advice & Activity Books are Just Mom and Me: The Tear-Out, Punch-Out, Fill-Out Book of Fun for Girls and Their Moms by Erin Falligant, illus. by Stacy Peterson; and What's So Funny? Silly Stickers, Wacky Jokes, Funny Posters, Crazy Photos & More! by Trula Magruder and Falligant's My Pocket Journal: With Pockets I Create to Store My Special Stuff, both illus. by Chris David ($9.95 each, 8-up).



Cow and Boy ($12.99) by Mark Leiknes relays the adventures of a boy and his bovine sidekick. (8-up)

Sneaky Book for Boys ($10.99) by Cy Tymony. This how-to covers gadgets, survival skills, magic tricks, codes and science projects. (10-up)


(Firefly, dist.)

A Pocket Can Have a Treasure in It ($18.95, paper $6.95) by Kathy Stinson, illus. by Deirdre Betteridge, examines the concept of spatial relationships. (2-5)

Mattland ($19.95, paper $8.95) by Hazel Hutchins and Gail Herbert, illus. by Dusan Petricic. A shy boy uses ordinary objects to create a small town. (4-7)

My Friend Jamal ($17.95, paper $8.95) by Anna McQuinn, illus. by Ben Frey, centers on two best friends from different cultures. (4-7)

Super Crocs & Monster Wings ($19.95, paper $9.95) by Claire Eamer explores modern animals' ancient ancestors. (9-11)

Wonder Kids ($24.95, paper $8.95) by Charis Cotter spotlights nine child prodigies. (9-11)

Royal Murder ($24.95, paper $14.95) by Elizabeth MacLeod tells of real-life scheming sovereigns. (10-12)

The Curse of Akkad ($19.95, paper $11.95) by Peter Christie explores climate upheavals that have affected history. (11-up)

The Apprentice's Masterpiece ($19.95) by Melanie Little. This story told in verse is based on the Spanish Inquisition. (12-up)

The Pact of the Wolves ($19.95, paper $10.95) by Nina Blazon, trans. by Sue Innes. A new girl in school discovers a secret society. (13-up)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew It Was None of His Business ($14.95) by Werner Holzwarth and Wolf Erlbruch. In this tale with pop-ups, tabs and flaps, a mole tries to discover who left an unwelcome surprise on his head. (3-7)


Growing Up with Tamales/Los tamales de Ana ($15.95) by Gwendolyn Zepeda, illus. by April Ward. Ana wishes she could make tamales like her older sister. (3-7)

Do You Know the Cucuy?/¿Conoces al cucuy? ($15.95) by Claudia Galindo, illus. by Jonathan Coombs. A girl discovers that a legendary monster is actually a cuddly playmate. (3-7)


Witches, Owls and Spooks/Brujas, lechuzas y espantos ($9.95) by Alonso Perales is a bilingual collection of supernatural Hispanic tales. (8-12)

Alamo Wars ($10.95) by Ray Villareal. When a beloved teacher dies, her students stage a play she wrote. (11-up)

Chicken Foot Farm ($10.95) by Anne Estevis. During the 1940s, a boy and his family cope with changing times in rural South Texas. (11-up)


Baby's First Book ($19.99) by Claire Beaton compiles rhymes for the very young. (up to 7)

The Beeman ($16.99) by Laurie Krebs, illus. by Valeria Cis, is narrated by a child whose grandfather is a beekeeper. (up to 7)

Knick Knack Paddy Whack ($16.99), illus. by Christiane Engel, sung by Steve Songs. This book and CD adaptation of the traditional song features children from various cultures. (up to 7)

The Sounds Around Town ($16.99) by Maria Carluccio follows a baby through his day in the city. (up to 7)

Emily's Tiger ($16.99) by Miriam Latimer. When she doesn't get her way, Emily growls like a tiger—until Grandma comes to visit. (4-10)

The Real Princess: A Mathemagical Tale ($16.99) by Brenda Williams, illus. by Sophie Fatus, offers a number-crunching take on “The Princess and the Pea.” (4-10)


Bear returns in Bear at Work by Stella Blackstone, illus. by Debbie Harter ($6.99, up to 7).


Princess Rosebud: How to Love a Unicorn ($14.99) by Dawn Apperley. A princess tells of her unicorn, Snow White. (3-6)

Teddy Bear's Picnic ($16.99) by Pauliina Malinen. A group of bears organize a surprise picnic for Teddy Bear's birthday. (3-7)

Patches' Easter Adventure ($10.99) by Hans Wilhelm. A boy's stuffed rabbit finds himself in the Easter Bunny's basket. (4-7)

Rembrandt and the Boy Who Drew Dogs ($14.99) by Molly Blaisdell, illus. by Nancy Lane. The artist's son longs to paint like his father. (4-8)

Secrets of the Fairy Ring Activity Kit ($19.99) by Dominic Guard explores the world of fairies, with four figurines included. (6-10)

Secret Agent File ($9.99) by Moira Butterfield and Tony Potter introduces spies, moles and other undercover investigators. (8-12)


Books on the Go! welcomes Cuddly Monkey and Cuddly Elephant by Heather Henning, illus. by Daniel Howarth ($12.99 each, 1-4). Joining Twinkle Tots Books are Max at the Seashore and Molly in the Garden, illus. by Kate Pope and Liz Pope ($6.99 each, 1-4). My Slide and See Books offers Actions, Feelings, Sounds and Touch by Colin Petty ($5.99 each, 2-5). There are seven new Little People Shape Books by Giovanni Caviezel, illus. by C. Mesturini ($10.99 each, 4-7). Mini Scratch It! continues with Spring, Art Ideas, Beach and Cartoons, produced by Tony Potter ($6.99 each, 5-up). Discoverology issues Human Body: An Interactive Journey Through the Body by Steve Parker ($18.99, 8-up). There are four new Mini Magnetic Games by John Tremaine, produced by Tony Potter ($6.99 each, 8-up). Mini Art Series adds four books produced by Potter ($7.99 each, 8-up). And Graphic Classics introduces Macbeth, adapted by Stephen Haynes, illus. by Nick Spender; and Frankenstein adapted by Fiona Macdonald, illus. by Penko Gelev ($15.99 each, paper $8.99, 8-up).


The Declaration of Independence: How 13 Colonies Became the United States and The Bill of Rights ($6.99 each) by Syl Sobel focus on these historical documents. (8-up)

Paperback Series

Let's Take Care Of releases four new pet care guides in Spanish and English editions ($6.99 each, 4-7). A First Look at... gains Why Am I So Tired? A First Look at Childhood Diabetes and Why Is It So Hard to Breathe? A First Look at Asthma by Pat Thomas, illus. by Lesley Harker ($6.99 each, 4-8). And More Hide & Speak adds three titles by Catherine Bruzzone and Susan Martineau, illus. by Louise Comfort ($7.99 each, 7-up).



No Backbone! offers 10 titles, including Beautiful Butterflies and Leaping Grasshoppers by Meish Goldish and Helpful Ladybugs by Molly Smith ($21.28 each, 5-8). World Series Superstars by Michael Sandler debuts with seven volumes, among them Jermaine Dye and the Chicago White Sox and Manny Ramirez and the Boston Red Sox ($22.61 each, 5-10). Dog Heroes presents Dog Scouts of America by Shelley Bueche and Chris Puls ($25.27, 7-12). Horse Power continues with Fire Horses by Margaret Fetty and Hollywood Horses by Meish Goldish ($25.27 each, 7-12). There are six new Special Ops titles, including Army Rangers in Action by Michael Sandler and Navy SEALs in Action by Nel Yomtov ($25.27 each, 7-12). Orangutans by Meish Goldish and Whales by Lisa Rao join Smart Animals ($25.27 each, 7-12). And Scary Places visits six venues, among them Creepy Castles by Sarah Parvis and Haunted Houses by Dinah Williams ($25.27 each, 9-13).



Not Anything ($9.99) by Carmen Rodrigues centers on a girl's not-so-glamorous life in trendy Miami. (14-up)

Violet by Design ($9.99) by Melissa Walker. A sequel to Violet on the Runway. (14-up)

Twisted Sisters ($9.99) by Stephanie Hale is a follow-up to Revenge of the Homecoming Queen. (14-up)

The Elite ($9.99) by Jennifer Banash. Casey moves from the Midwest to Manhattan to live with her grandmother and attend a prestigious school. (14-up)


BFF Novels welcomes Rich Girl by Carol Culver ($9.99, 14-up).


That's Bingzy! Busy Building Self-Esteem ($19.95) by Arlene Richards, illus. by Louis Zimmerman, is a book-and-CD package featuring a bee-like character who encourages kids to be strong, loving, creative and happy. (3-7)


Gallery Ghost ($17.95) by Anna Nilsen, illus. by Richard Sala lets readers search famous paintings for ghosts. (7-up).


Night of the Veggie Monster ($14.95) by George McClements stars a young veggie-hater gone wild. (3-6)

Does a Sea Cow Say Moo? ($16.95) by Terry Webb Harshman, illus. by George McClements, is a sea story featuring wordplay. (3-6)

Apples and Oranges: Going Bananas with Pairs ($16.95) by Sara Pinto reveals unexpected connections between pairs of related items. (3-7)

Mary Had a Little Lamp ($14.95) by Jack Lechner, illus. by Bob Staake, is a send-up of the classic nursery rhyme. (3-8)

Yuki's Ride Home ($16.95) by Manya Tessler celebrates a girl's newfound independence. (4-7)

I Will Make Miracles ($18.95) by Susie Morgenstern, illus. by Jiang Hong Chen. A boy dreams of ways he will improve the world. (4-8)

Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood ($16.95) by Timothy Knapman, illus. by Gwen Millward. A dragon finds a boy and introduces him to his family. (4-8)

Where's My Hug? ($16.95) by James Mayhew, illus. by Sue Hellard. A boy tracks down his hug in this bedtime story. (4-8)

Come and Play ($16.95), ed. by Ayana Lowe, shows children playing around the world. (4-up)

See How They Run ($16.95, paper $9.95) by Susan Goodman, illus. by Elwood Smith, is a guide to the American electoral process. (8-12)

The Magic Half ($15.95) by Annie Barrows. Miri travels back to 1935 and meets a girl in need of a loving family. (8-12)

Ghost Letters ($16.95) by Stephen Alter. With the help of a genie and a phantom postman, two kids communicate with an Indian boy who lived 125 years earlier. (9-12)

Pandora Gets Jealous ($14.95) by Carolyn Hennesy. A teen unleashes the seven deadly sins. (9-12)

Wings ($16.95) by E.D. Baker. An adopted girl who learns she is half fairy searches for answers about her background. (10-14)

Dragon Flight ($16.95) by Jessica Day George is a follow-up to Dragon Slippers. (10-14)

Big Fat Manifesto ($16.95) by Susan Vaught. An overweight teen fights for her rights. (12-up)

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow ($16.95) by Jessica Day George centers on a girl who holds the power to free an enchanted land of ice and snow. (12-up)

The Other Book ($16.95) by Philip Womack is the tale of an ancient book of magic. (12-up)

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea ($16.95) by Valérie Zenatti. When a Palestinian boy reads a letter from an Israeli girl, two lives are changed forever. (12-up)

The Patron Saint of Butterflies ($16.95) by Cecilia Galante. This first novel was inspired by the author's childhood in a religious commune. (12-up)

War of the Witches ($16.95) by Maite Carranza, trans. by Noël Baca Castex. A girl learns that her mother is a witch chosen to end an ancient war. (12-up)

Season of Ice ($16.95) by Diane Les Becquets. A teen copes with not knowing what happened to her father. (14-up)

Ten Cents a Dance ($16.95) by Christine Fletcher follows a young woman's journey from immigrant slums to the hottest jazz clubs. (14-up)


Troll Trouble gains Trolls on Vacation by Alan MacDonald, illus. by Mark Beech ($14.95, paper $5.95, 6-10). The Darkest Age offers The Circle of Stone by A.J. Lake ($16.95, 9-12). And Alfred Kropp returns in The Thirteenth Skull by Rick Yancey ($16.95, 12-up).


First Kiss (Then Tell) ($8.95), ed. by Cylin Busby, compiles stories, anecdotes and poems about first kisses. (12-up)

Paperback Series

Mermaid S.O.S. adds Misty to the Rescue & Ellie and the Secret Potion and Sophie Makes a Splash & Holly Takes a Risk by Gillian Shields ($4.50 each, 6-9). And Inside Girl continues with Some Kind of Wonderful by J. Minter ($8.95, 12-up).


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy ($12.95) by Michael Rosen, illus. by Quentin Blake, packages a book of poems with a CD. (5-7)


Peep Through Play Books presents My Fairy Glade, My Knight's Castle, My Pirate Ship and My Princess Palace by Smriti Prasadam, illus. by Rebecca Finn ($7.95 each, 2-5).


Home Sweet Hamish ($10.95) by Natalie Russell. Together, a cow and his pals overcome a problem. (5-7)

Paperback Series

Katie stars in Katie: The Revolting Baby and Katie: The Revolting Holiday by Mary Hooper ($8.95 each, 7-9).


(Chronicle, dist.)

Do You Wear Diapers? ($8.95) by Tanya Roitman. A finger puppet and animals engage in a dialogue about diapers. (1-3)

Picnic Buddies ($8.95) by Marjorie Hakala, illus. by Elliot Kreloff. This foam board book with die-cut pages includes photos of classic wooden toys. (1-4)

Simms Taback's Safari Animals ($9.95) by Simms Taback features animals in a fold-out, poster-size format. (2-5)

Buzzy & Friends: Lots and Lots ($7.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Emily Bolam, is a die-cut board book introducing concepts of “many,” “some,” etc. (2-5)

Posey Prefers Pink ($12.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Yukiko Kido, tells of a girl who only likes pink things. (2-6)

Broadway Barks ($17.95) by Bernadette Peters, illus. by Liz Murphy. A lost dog in New York City finds a new home in this book with CD. (4-8)

Mother Goose Manners ($14.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Pascale Constantin, uses classic rhymes to teach manners. (4-8)

Round Like a Ball ($15.95) by Lisa Campbell Ernst. This book with die-cut pages offers a guessing game and a tribute to our planet. (4-8)

A Bunny Is Funny ($16.95) by Harriet Ziefert and Fred Ehrlich, illus. by Todd McKie, pairs animal poems with oil paintings. (4-8)


Flip-a-Shape welcomes Flip-a-Shape: PLAY! by SAMi ($8.95, up to 3). Early Experiences adds Does a Pig Flush? ($8.99, 1-3) and Does a Lion Brush? ($8.99, 2-4) by Fred Ehrlich, illus. by Emily Bolam. And Flip-a-Word adds Quack Shack and Wet Pet by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Yukiko Kido ($12.95, paper $5.95, 4-7).


Princess to Princess and Kid to Kid ($9.95 each), illus. by Liz Murphy, each include 24 postcards and a journal. (2-5)


Everywhere the Cow Says “Moo!” ($14.95) by Ellen Slusky Weinstein, illus. by Kenneth Andersson, reveals the sounds four animals make in English, Spanish, French and Japanese. (2-4)

Tara's Flight ($16.95) by Ruth Eitzen, illus. by Allan Eitzen. Noah's grandson is responsible for taking care of the birds on the ark. (2-4)

Dear Child ($16.95) by John Farrell, illus. by Maurie Manning, depicts the emotional connections between parents and their children. (2-5)

Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator ($16.95) by Sarah C. Campbell, photos by Campbell and Richard P. Campbell, focuses on this diminutive creature. (4-9)

Mouse Island ($15.95) by Eve Bunting, illus. by Dominic Catalano. After a boat sinks near his island, a mouse finds an unlikely friend. (5-7)

Ookpik: The Travels of a Snowy Owl ($16.95) by Bruce Hiscock. An owl struggles to survive during its first year. (7-9)

The Shepherd's Trail ($16.95) by Cat Urbigkit. Text and photos disclose how sheep are raised over the course of a year. (7-9)

Turtle Girl ($16.95) by Carole Crowe, illus. by Jim Postier. A girl misses her late grandmother, with whom she always watched sea turtles nesting. (7-9)

Imagine a Dragon ($16.95) by Laurence Pringle, illus. by Eujin Kim Neilan, looks at dragons from various cultures. (7-9)

Punk Wig ($16.95) by Lori Ries, illus. by Erin Eitter Kono. A boy gives his mother the love and support she needs during chemotherapy. (7-9)

The Puzzle of the Platypus: And Other Explorations of Science in Action ($17.95) by Jack Myers, illus. by John Rice, collects science articles from Highlights for Children. (9-12)

The Night Olympic Team: Fighting to Keep Drugs Out of the Games ($17.95) by Caroline Hatton. A team of scientists works to expose athletes who use banned drugs to win Olympic medals. (13-up)


Farmer George Plants a Nation ($17.95) by Peggy Thomas, illus. by Layne Johnson, portrays George Washington as a devoted farmer on his Mount Vernon plantation. (8-up)

Healing Water: A Hawaiian Story ($17.95) by Joyce Moyer Hostetter. In 19th century Hawaii, a teen's life is changed by leprosy. (10-up)

Robert H. Jackson: New Deal Lawyer, Supreme Court Justice, Nuremberg Prosecutor ($18.95) by Gail Jarrow is a biography of the lawyer and judge. (10-up)


Drive ($16.95) by Nathan Clement. A boy explains what his father does as a truck driver. (2-8)

Traces ($16.95) by Paula Fox, illus. by Karla Kuskin, presents a poem about glimpses of things seen, sounds almost heard and feelings difficult to name. (7-9)

Naked Bunyip Dancing ($16.95) by Steven Herrick, illus. by Beth Norling, shows how a quirky teacher brings out the best in his students. (8-12)

Rits ($17.95) by Mariken Jongman, trans. by Wanda Boeke. A diary-style story about overcoming emotional problems and coping with parental breakup. (8-up)

Niner ($16.95) by Theresa Martin Golding. A child comes to appreciate her place within her adoptive family. (10-up)

Child of Dandelions ($17.95) by Shenaaz Nanji. In 1972 Uganda, a girl is determined to triumph over a devastating historical event. (12-up)

The Lucky Place ($17.95) by Zu Vincent. Cassie finds inner strength after experiencing family conflict and loss. (12-up)

Thaw ($17.95) by Monica Roe, is a novel centering on a proud, gifted teen paralyzed by an illness. (13-up)

The Book of Jude ($17.95) by Kimberley Heuston. A young woman battles psychological illness during anti-Soviet struggles in Czechoslovakia. (14-up)

Lizard Love ($17.95) by Wendy Townsend. A debut novel about a nature-loving girl's move to New York City. (14-up)

Dani Bennoni: Long May He Live ($16.95) by Bart Moeyaert, trans. by Wanda Boeke, is a tale about a boy's love for his older brother. (14-up)


Like People ($16.95) by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert shows how animal parents take care of their young. (2-6)


Barefoot: Poems for Naked Feet ($16.95) by Stefi Weisburd, illus. by Lori McElrath-Eslick, muses about the pleasures of being barefoot. (5-9)

Where the Steps Were ($16.95) by Andrea Cheng. Poems narrated by five students describe their third-grade year. (6-up)

The Monarch's Progress: Poems with Wings ($16.95) by Avis Harley offers poems about monarch butterflies. (7-up)

The Seldom-Ever-Shady Glades ($17.95) by Sue Van Wassenhove. Poems and quilts pay tribute to the Florida Everglades. (8-12)

A Crossing of Zebras: Animal Packs in Poetry ($16.95) by Marjorie Maddox, illus. by Philip Huber, celebrates animal groupings. (8-12)

Black Stars in a White Night Sky ($16.95) by JonArno Lawson, illus. by Sherwin Tjia, features poems exploring such topics as love, conformity and time. (10-up)


(IPG, dist.)

Window Boy ($17.95) by Andrea White is a novel about a young man with cerebral palsy who dreams of attending school and coaching its basketball team. (9-12)


Kung Fu Panda Magnetic Storybook ($12.95) includes magnetic pages and eight character magnets from this forthcoming film. (6-8)

Kung Fu Panda Create-a-Storybook ($9.95) uses panels to flip to create different stories. (5-7)

Kung Fu Panda Fact Book ($9.95). Pages fold out into posters featuring characters from this movie. (6-8)



Baxter Moon Galactic Scout ($8.95) by John Zakour. A teen embarks on a mission to rescue a princess whose spaceship is captured by an alien force. (10-up)

Last Chance for First ($8.95) by Tom Hazuka. A high school soccer star contends with his best friend's accident and a cruel coach. (12-up)


Logan's Journey ($17.95) by Kathy Heath and Karla Martin, illus. by Theresa Ornoff, tells how a young couple and their adopted child become a family. (3-8)


The Grasshopper's Song: An Aesop's Fable Revisited ($16.99) by Nikki Giovanni, illus. by Chris Raschka, offers a twist on this fable. (All ages)

Baby Happy Baby Sad and No No Yes Yes ($6.99 each) by Leslie Patricelli are board books portraying a baby's varying emotions and behavior. (1-3)

A Visitor for Bear ($16.99) by Bonny Becker, illus. by Kady MacDonald Denton. A curmudgeonly bear finds an unlikely friend. (2-6)

If I Could ($15.99) by Susan Milord, illus. by Christopher Denise. A toddler and a loving mother share an ordinary day. (2-6)

Really True Bingo ($15.99) by Laura McGee Kvasnosky. Bea's imaginary canine friend has a knack for making mischief. (2-6)

Duck ($15.99) by Randy Cecil. This follow-up to Gator introduces a carousel animal who longs to fly. (3-5)

On the Farm ($16.99) by David Elliott, illus. by Holly Meade. Verse and art depict life on a family farm. (3-5)

Me Hungry! ($15.99) by Jeremy Tankard. A Stone Age boy takes matters into his own hands. (3-6)

Necks Out for Adventure ($16.99) by Timothy Basil Ering. A brave young creature finds a way to save his clan. (4-7)

Lady Liberty: A Biography ($17.99) by Doreen Rappaport, illus. by Matt Tavares, offers a portrait of the Statue of Liberty. (5-9)

The Buddha's Diamonds ($14.99) by Carolyn Marsden and Thay Phap Niem. A coming-of-age novel set in Vietnam. (8-12)

My Dad's a Birdman ($15.99) by David Almond, illus. by Polly Dunbar. A girl and her father find their wings and take to the skies. (8-12)

Sarah Simpson's Rules for Living ($14.99) by Rebecca Rupp. New friendships and a school play help Sarah learn that change may not be all bad. (8-12)

Chancey of the Maury River ($15.99) by Gigi Amateau is the story of a horse and the humans he helps to restore. (10-14)

The Tygrine Cat ($15.99) by Inbali Iserles. A cat with ancient powers saves a feral clan. (10-up)

Real Food, Real Fast ($16.99) by Sam Stern offers recipes from this teen chef. (10-up)

The Swan Kingdom ($16.99) by Zoë Marriott. In this fantasy, a girl uses her healing powers to save her kingdom. (12-up)

Chameleon ($15.99) by Charles R. Smith Jr. An Los Angeles teen faces life transitions, including his first romance. (12-up)

The Merchant of Venice ($21.99, paper $11.99), adapted and illus. by Gareth Hinds, is a graphic-novel adaptation of this play. (12-up)

Triskellion ($16.99) by Will Peterson. While visiting their English grandmother, teenage twins are swept up in an archeological mystery. (13-up)


Guess How Much I Love You Storybooks presents Colors Everywhere and When I'm Big by Sam McBratney, illus. by Anita Jeram ($7.99 each, 2-4). Maisy is back in Maisy's Nature Walk by Lucy Cousins ($12.99, 2-5). Baby Brains adds Baby Brains and RoboMom by Simon James ($15.99, 4-8). Stink reappears in Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express by Megan McDonald, illus. by Peter H. Reynolds ($12.99, 5-8). Encyclopedia Prehistorica issues The Complete Collection by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart ($95, 5-up). And Marvel Comics True Believers Retro Collection introduces The Fantastic Four Pop-Up, designed and paper engineered by Andy Mansfield ($24.99, 5-up).

Joining Genuine and Moste Authentic Guides is Horse: The Essential Guide for Young Equestrians by Rosie Stoddard and Phillip Marshall, ed. by Libby Hamilton, illus. by Sophie Allsopp, John Butler, et al. ($15.99, 6-9). Amazing Wonders Collection debuts with Tyrannosaur by Monty Fitzgibbon, ed. by Clint Twist, illus. by Diz Wallis and Emma Nicholls ($19.99, 6-10). Ologies offers The Pirateology Handbook: A Course in Pirate Hunting by Captain William Lubber, ed. by Dugald A. Steer ($12.99, 9-up). And The Softwire continues with Betrayal on Orbis 2 by PJ Haarsma ($15.99, 12-up).


Varmints ($12.99) by Helen Ward, illus. by Marc Craste, tells of a threatened natural world and a hopeful new start. (5-up)

Paperback Series

Tucker returns in Lucky Tucker by Leslie McGuirk ($4.99, 2-5). Read, Listen, and Wonder presents four titles by Nicola Davies: Bat Loves the Night, illus. by Sarah Fox-Davies; Big Blue Whale, illus. by Nick Maland; One Tiny Turtle, illus. by Jane Chapman; and Surprising Sharks, illus. by James Croft; and A Field of Horses by Peter Hansard, illus. by Kenneth Lilly; and Growing Frogs by Vivian French, illus. by Alison Bartlett ($8.99 each, 5-8). And Where's Waldo? gains The Ultimate Travel Collection by Martin Handford ($12.99, 6-up).


My Pup ($14.99) by Margaret O'Hair, illus. by Tammie Lyon. A new puppy and his owner frolic throughout the neighborhood. (3-7)

Mrs. Millie Goes to Philly! ($15.99) by Judy Cox, illus. by Joe Mathieu, follows a class trip to Philadelphia. (4-7)

Baseball Hour ($16.99) by Carol Nevius, illus. by Bill Thomson, conveys the intensity and exuberance of baseball practice. (4-8)

Bandit ($15.99) by Karen Rostoker-Gruber, illus. by Vincent Nguyen. A cat wonders where he is going when his owner carries him to the car. (4-8)

The Kids' Yoga Book of Feelings ($16.99) by Mary Humphrey, photos by Michael Frost, portrays the feelings being released in 20 yoga poses. (6-9)

Manolito Four-Eyes ($15.99) by Elvira Lindo, illus. by Emilio Urberuaga, relays the adventures of a mischievous boy and his eccentric family. (10-up)

The Kingdom of Strange ($16.99) by Shula Klinger. An aspiring author's new pen pal is not who she seems to be. (12-up)


Ten-Gallon Bart returns in Ten-Gallon Bart and the Wild West Show by Susan Stevens Crummel, illus. by Dorothy Donohue ($16.99, 5-8). Simply Sarah adds Eating Enchiladas by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, illus. by Marcy Ramsey ($14.99, 6-9). Emma Dilemma is back in Emma Dilemma and the Soccer Nanny by Patricia Hermes ($15.99, 8-11). And the Companions Quartet continues with Mines of the Minotaur by Julia Golding ($16.99, 10-up).

Paperback Series

The Outcasts adds Lost and Found by Gregory Janicke ($7.99, 10-up).


Truck Stuck ($14.95) by Sallie Wolf, illus. by Andy Robert Davies. What happens when a truck gets stuck under a bridge? (2-5)

The Searcher and Old Tree ($15.95) by David McPhail. An old tree shelters a tired raccoon from a ferocious storm. (3-6)

Finding Home ($15.95) by Sandra Markle, illus. by Alan Marks. A mother koala and her joey must find a new home after a bushfire. (4-7)

Trout Are Made of Trees ($15.95, paper $6.95) by April Pulley Sayre, illus. by Kate Endle. Two children and their fathers learn how plants and animals are connected in the food web. (4-7)

Catching the Sun ($16.95) by Coleen Paratore, illus. by Peter Catalanotto. Will a family tradition change when Dylan's new sibling arrives? (5-8)

Not So Tall for Six ($14.95) by Dianna Hutts Aston, illus. by Frank Dormer. Though small in stature, Kylie Bell stands up to the class bully. (5-8)

Running Shoes ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Frederick Lipp, illus. by Jason Gaillard. A pair of running shoes changes the life of a Cambodian girl. (5-8)

Teeth ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Sneed B. Collard III, illus. by Phyllis Saroff, explores the functions and structures of animals' teeth. (5-8)

Wings ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Sneed B. Collard III, illus. by Robin Brickman, examines the diversity and mechanics of animals' wings. (5-8)

The Butter Man ($14.95) by Elizabeth Alalou and Ali Alalou, illus. by Julie Klear Essakali. Nora's father tells how his father once traveled over the mountain to find work to provide for his family. (6-9)

Our California ($17.95, paper $7.95) by Pam Muñoz Ryan, illus. by Rafael López, is a re-illustrated, redesigned edition of this celebration of the Golden State. (6-9)

Priscilla and the Hollyhocks ($15.95) by Anne Broyles, illus. by Anna Alter. A girl who was born a slave is eventually freed and adopted by a loving family. (7-10)

A Very Improbable Story ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Edward Einhorn, illus. by Adam Gustavson. In this tale about probability, a boy awakens to find a talking cat on his head. (7-10)

Children of the U.S.A. ($23.95) by Maya Ajmera, Yvonne Wakim Dennis, Arlene Hirschfelder and Cynthia Pon. Text and photos showcase American children from many backgrounds. (8-11)

Margaret Chase Smith: A Woman for President ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Lynn Plourde, illus. by David McPhail, is a biography of the first woman to run for President on a major party ticket. (8-11)

What's the Big Idea? Four Centuries of Innovation in Boston ($18.95, paper $9.95) by Stephen Krensky highlights this city's historical places, people and events. (8-11)

Life on Earth—and Beyond: An Astrobiologist's Quest ($19.95, paper $11.95) by Pamela Turner chronicles the work of NASA scientist Christopher McKay. (9-12)

Secrets of the Cirque Medrano ($15.95) by Elaine Scott. In Paris, Brigitte befriends a circus performer who poses for Picasso. (11-14)


(IPG, dist.)

African Crafts: Fun Things to Make and Do from West Africa ($12.95) by Lynne Garner is a guide to making clothing, pottery, music and more. (8-12)


Lighthouses for Kids: History, Science, and Lore with 21 Activities ($14.95) by Katherine House illuminates the history of lighthouses. (9-12)

Stomp Rockets, Catapults, and Kaleidoscopes: 30+ Amazing Science Projects You Can Build for Less than $1 ($16.95) by Curt Gabrielson explains how to create various gadgets. (9-up)


(PGW, dist.)

The Storyteller's Candle/La velita de los cuentos ($16.95) by Lucía González, illus. by Lulu Delacre. During the Great Depression, New York City's first Puerto Rican librarian introduces the public library to immigrants. (6-up).


Paperback Series

Amaze offers How a Seed Grows into a Sunflower, How a Tadpole Grows into a Frog and How Your Body Works by David Stewart ($8.95 each, 5-8). Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers—Space Science issues 12 volumes, including Comets and The Moon by Melanie Chrismer and Earth and Saturn by Christine Taylor-Butler ($6.95 each, 6-7). World of Wonder releases Dinosaurs, Ocean Life and Rain Forest Animals by David Stewart ($9.95 each, 6-9). Six titles by Mike Venezia join Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents ($7.95 each, 8-9). Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists welcomes Faith Ringgold and Horace Pippin by Venezia ($6.95 each, 8-9). From Sea to Shining Sea, Second Series includes 10 books, among them California by Teresa Kennedy and Massachusetts by Joan Leotta ($7.95 each, 8-10). A True Book—American History has 12 additions, including The Bill of Rights and Explorers of North America by Christine Taylor-Butler and Ellis Island and The National Anthem by Elaine Landau ($6.95 each, 8-10). A True Book—Space introduces 12 books by Landau, among them Beyond Pluto and Venus ($6.95 each, 8-10). And Shockwave adds 10 titles, including Mysterious Places by Sue Adasiewicz, The Spoils of War by Karen Latchana Kenney and The DNA Gave It Away! by Yvonne Morrison ($6.95 each, 8-up).



Baby Board Books adds Wee Willy Winkie, This Little Piggy, Hey Diddle Diddle and I'm a Little Teapot ($4.99 each, up to 2). New Whirligigs are Duck and Dive, Head Over Heels, Rock and Roll and Hide and Seek ($7.99 each, 1-3). And Classic Books with Holes introduces The Ants Go Marching, Cows in the Kitchen, One Elephant Went Out to Play and Dry Bones ($5.99 each, paper $6.99, 2-6).



Into the Hollow Earth by Anson Montgomery launches The Golden Path trilogy. ($9.99, 10-up).

Paperback Series

Dragonlarks continues with Ghost Island and The Fairy Princess Kidnap by Shannon Gilligan, illus. by Keith Newton ($7.99 each, 5-8). New Classics are Search for the Mountain Gorillas by Jim Wallace and Moon Quest by Anson Montgomery ($6.99 each, 9-12). And Fabulous Terrible debuts with two novels by Sophie Talbot ($8.99 each, 12-up).


(IPG, dist.)


New Caillou Board Books are Caillou, Let's Go to the Beach and Caillou, Let's Go to the Park, illus. by Pierre Brignaud ($7.95 each, 2-up). And Hand in Hand issues Caillou, Potty Time by Joceline Sanschagrin, illus. by Brignaud ($5.95, 2-up).

Paperback Series

Abracadabra adds Caillou and the Big Slide by Jeannine Beaulieu and Claude Lapierre and Caillou Sends a Letter by Joceline Sanschagrin and Lapierre ($4.95 each, 3-5). And Big Dipper continues with Caillou Day Care by Christine L'Heureux and Gisèle Légaré and Caillou at Grandma and Grandpa's by Sanschagrin, illus. by Pierre Brignaud ($3.95 each, 3-5).


Wave ($15.99) by Suzy Lee is a wordless tale depicting a girl's day at the beach. (All ages)

Hide-and-and Seek Dinosaurs! by Betty Ann Schwartz and Hide-and-Seek Big Trucks and Diggers ($6.99 each) feature die-cut, slide-out images. (up to 3)

Such a Silly Baby ($15.99) by Steffanie and Richard Lorig, illus. by Amanda Shepherd, introduces a baby's animal pals. (up to 4)

Stuff on My Cat Presents: Cats A to Z ($6.99) by Mario Garza is an alphabet board book. (up to 4)

Matisse Dance for Joy ($6.99) by Susan Goldman Rubin is a board book featuring the artist's work. (up to 4)

Giant Pop-Out Bugs and Giant Pop-Out Pets ($10.95 each) encourage children to guess what hides behind each flap. (2-4)

Only in Dreams ($12.95) by Paul Frank Industries. Julius offers a tour through the world of dreams. (2-5)

T Is for Tugboat: Navigating the Seas from A to Z ($15.99) is a seafaring alphabet book featuring photos. (3-8)

Fiona the Flower Girl ($15.99) by Carley Roney and the editors of The Knot. This tale about a flower girl includes a necklace and guide for parents. (3-9)

The Castaway Pirates: A Pop-Up Tale of Bad Luck, Sharp Teeth, and Stinky Toes ($19.99), story and pop-ups by Ray Marshall, illus. by Wilson Swain. Can five pirates avoid being eaten by a shark when their ship springs a leak? (3-up)

Little Hoot ($12.99) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illus. by Jen Corace. An owl wants to go to bed at a reasonable hour in this companion to Little Pea. (3-up)

Lonesome Puppy ($17.99) by Yoshitomo Nara. No one notices a large puppy until he meets a determined girl. (3-up)

Manfish: The Story of Jacques Cousteau ($16.99) by Jennifer Berne, illus. by Éric Puybaret, is a biography of this oceanographer. (4-7)

Grandma Calls Me Beautiful ($16.99) by Barbara Joosse, illus. by Barbara Lavallee, is a companion to Mama, Do You Love Me? (4-8)

The World's Greatest Poems ($16.99) by J. Patrick Lewis, illus. by Keith Graves, features poems about superlatives. (5-9)

Cook It in a Cup! Quick Meals and Treats Kids Can Cook in Silicone Cups ($16.99) by Julia Myall, photos by Greg Lowe, is a cookbook packaged with six baking cups. (6-14)

Even More Children's Miscellany: Smart, Silly, and Strange Information That's Essential to Know ($12.99) by Guy Macdonald, illus. by Nikki Catlow, rounds up bizarre facts. (6-up)

Animals Robert Scott Saw and Animals Christopher Columbus Saw ($16.99 each) by Sandra Markle spotlight creatures these explorers encountered. (7-10)

Swinging for the Fences: Hank Aaron and Me ($15.99) by Mike Leonetti, illus. by David Kim, describes a fictional encounter between Aaron and a fan. (7-12)

Paleo Bugs: Survival of the Creepiest ($15.99) by Timothy Bradley is a companion to Paleo Sharks. (8-12)

L Is for Lollygag: Quirky Words for a Clever Tongue ($12.99) offers a linguistic lexicon. (8-12)

Show and Tell: Exploring the Fine Art of Children's Book Illustration ($24.99) by Dilys Evans focuses on the work of 12 contemporary illustrators. (13-up)


Classic Illustrated Editions continues with Animal Stories, compiled by Cooper Edens ($19.95, all ages). Finger Puppet Books adds Little Cow and Little Mouse ($6.95 each, up to 3). The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Decks by Lynn Brunelle issues Early Reading! ($9.99, 3-5), Science! ($9.99, 5-7), Geography and the 50 States! ($9.99, 7-9), Math! ($9.99, 9-11) and Vocabulary & Wordplay! ($9.99, 11-13). New Bilingual Classics are Snow White/Blancanieves, adapted by Miquel Desclot, illus. by Ignasi Blanch, and The Pied Piper/El flautista de Hamelín, adapted by Jaume Cela, illus. by Cristina Losantos ($14.95 each, paper $6.95, 4-8). And Ivy and Bean return in Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter by Annie Barrows, illus. by Sophie Blackall ($14.99, 6-10).


Doodle All Year ($16.95) by Taro Gomi is a companion to Scribbles, Doodles and Squiggles. (All ages)

Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls: How to Start a Band, Write Songs, Record an Album, and Rock Out ($14.95) by The Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls belts out advice for aspiring musicians. (8-up)

How to Raise Your Parents: A Teen Girl's Survival Guide ($12.99) by Sarah O'Leary Burningham, illus. by Bella Pilar, offers tips for dealing with parents. (13-up)

It's a Money Thing: A Girl's Guide to Managing Money ($12.99) by the Women's Foundation of California, illus. by Susan Estelle Kwas, presents exercises to help readers learn to lead financially independent lives. (13-up)

Paperback Series

Keeker and the Sneaky Pony adds Keeker and the Not-So-Sleepy Hollow by Hadley Higginson, illus. by Lisa Perrett ($3.99, 5-8).


(Consortium, dist.)

Dance, Nana, Dance/Baila, Nana, Baila ($20.95) by Joe Hayes, illus. by Mauricio Trenard Sayago, collects 13 stories from Cuba. (8-12)

The Smell of Old Lady Perfume ($15.95) by Claudia Guadalupe Martinez. To Chela, the scent of her grandmother's perfume is the smell of loss. (10-15).


Mother's Song: A Lullaby ($17), adapted by Ellin Greene, illus. by Elizabeth Sayles, is an adaptation of a traditional English lullaby. (up to 3)

Our Library ($16) by Eve Bunting, illus. by Maggie Smith. When they learn their library may close forever, Raccoon and his friends rush to save it. (3-6)

No Hugs Till Saturday ($16) by Julie Downing. A frustrated toddler realizes how slowly time passes after he declares a ban on hugging. (3-6)

The Boy Who Wouldn't Swim ($16) by Deb Lucke. What will it take to get Eric to go in the water? (4-8)

This Is Your Life Cycle ($16) by Heather Lynn Miller, illus. by Michael Chesworth, spoofs the TV show and presents scientific facts about insect life. (4-8)

Buffalo Music ($16) by Tracey Fern, illus. by Lauren Castillo, tells how a pioneer woman helped save the buffalo. (4-8)

Frederick Finch, Loudmouth ($16) by Tess Weaver, illus. by Debbie Tilley. Frederick never wins anything at the fair, until he learns to be himself. (4-8)

Chess! I Love It! I Love It! I Love It! ($15) by Jamie Gilson, illus. by Amy Wummer. After a chess club starts up, competition among second graders becomes fierce. (6-10)

Keeping Score ($16) by Linda Sue Park. An avid Dodgers fan growing up in 1950s Brooklyn learns that she can't control everything but can make a difference. (9-12)

All the Lovely Bad Ones ($16) by Mary Downing Hahn. Two troublemakers' pranks awaken ghosts in a Vermont inn. (9-12)

The Gold Rush Kid ($16) by Mary Waldorf. A boy, his family and dog struggle to survive in the wilderness during the Klondike gold rush. (9-12)

42 Miles ($16) by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, illus. by Elaine Clayton. To JoEllen, her mother's downtown apartment and her father's farm are worlds apart. (9-12)

She Touched the World: Laura Bridgman, Deaf-Blind Pioneer ($18) by Sally Hobart Alexander and Robert Alexander is a biography of this woman who learned to communicate, read and write. (9-12)

On Rough Seas ($16) by Nancy Hull tells of an English boy who signs on as galley boy aboard the Britannia during WWII. (10-14)

Storyteller ($16) by Edward Myers. This fantasy follows the adventures of a farm boy with a gift for storytelling. (10-14)

Trouble ($16) by Gary D. Schmidt. When his brother dies after being hit by a Cambodian boy's truck, Henry vows to make his family aware of their prejudices. (10-14)

Painting the Wild Frontier: The Art and Adventures of George Catlin ($20) by Susanna Reich focuses on Catlin's paintings and writings about native peoples. (10-14)


Sam returns in Sam Is Not a Loser by Thierry Robberecht, illus. by Philippe Goossens ($12, 3-6).


For Fun!: Sports adds Archery for Fun!, Camping for Fun!, Rock Climbing for Fun! and Running for Fun! by Jessica Deutsch, Dana Meachen Rau and Jana Voelke Studelska ($25.26 each, 8-10). We the People gains six titles by Michael Burgan, Jessica Gunderson, et. al., including Inventions of the 1700s and The Second Continental Congress ($26.60 each, 9-11). Joining Exploring Science are Food Webs: Interconnecting Food Chains, Igneous Rocks: From Fire to Stone, Metamorphic Rocks: Recycled Rock and Sedimentary Rocks: A Record of Earth's History by Susan Gray and Darlene Stille ($27.93 each, 10-12). And among the six additions to Global Connections by Sandy Donovan, Alexandra Lilly et al. are Teens in Ghana and Teens in the U.S.A. ($33.26 each, 10-12).

On the Job launches with 10 titles by Lisa Thompson, including Art in Action: Have You Got What It Takes to Be an Animator?, Hard Hat Area: Have You Got What It Takes to Be a Contractor? and Wild About Wildlife: Have You Got What It Takes to Be a Zookeeper? ($26.60 each, 10-12). Miguel de Cervantes: Novelist, Poet, and Playwright and Hillary Rodham Clinton: First Lady and Senator are among the six new Signature Lives titles by Michael Burgan, Robin Doak et al. ($34.60 each, 10-12). Snapshots in History continues with The Berlin Airlift: Breaking the Soviet Blockade, The Cultural Revolution: Years of Chaos in China, The Iran-Contra Affair: Political Scandal Uncovered and Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass: Igniting the Nazi War Against Jews by Michael Burgan, Stephanie Fitzgerald et. al. ($33.26 each, 10-12). And Write Your Own offers Write Your Own Autobiography, Write Your Own Folktale, Write Your Own Legend and Write Your Own Poetry by Natalie Rosinsky and Laura Purdie Salas ($33.26 each, 10-12).


My Little Easter Book ($5.99) by Julie Stiegemeyer, illus. by Dana Regan, is a board book answering questions about Holy Week. (2-up)

That's My Colt! (14.99) by Dandi Maley Mackall, illus. by Chris Ellison. Matthias's colt is taken from him, but plays a special role during Easter. (4-up)

I Will Not Be Afraid! (14.99) by Michelle Medlock Adams, illus. by Jeremy Tugeau, addresses common childhood fears. (4-up)

The Easter Day Surprise ($14.99) by Jane Fryar, illus. by Michelle Dorenkamp, covers the events of Good Friday through the joy of Easter Sunday. (5-up)

Paperback Series

The Arch series adds The Easter Gift, Jesus Shows His Glory, King Josiah and God's Book and The Widow's Offering ($1.99 each, 5-9).


Paperback Series

Tadpoles presents two titles by Penny Dolan: At the End of the Garden, illus. by Martin Impey; and Little Troll, illus. by Lisa Smith; four books by Sue Graves, including Bad Luck, Lucy!, illus. by Lisa Williams and Ben and the Big Balloon, illus. by Helen Jackson; two titles by Margaret Nash: My Big, New Bed, illus. by Beccy Blake; and Sammy's Secret, illus. by Anni Axworthy; and Five Teddy Bears by Anne Adeney, illus. by Cathy Shimmen; I'm Taller Than You! by A.H. Benjamin, illus. by O'Kif; Leo's New Pet by Mick Gowar, illus. by Richard Morgan; My Auntie Susan by Shelia May Bird, illus. by Daniel Postgate; Pirate Pete by Lynne Benton, illus. by Neil Chapman; Runny Honey by Jane Clarke, illus. by Tomislav Zlatic; and Sam's Sunflower by Jillian Powell, illus. by Johanna Boccardo ($6.95 each, hardcover $21.27, 5-7).

Everybody Feels... issues Everybody Feels Scared, Everybody Feels Angry, Everybody Feels Sad and Everybody Feels Happy by Jane Bingham, illus. by Helen Turner ($6.95 each, 5-7). Down on the Farm releases eight volumes, including Ducks and Goats by Sally Morgan and Cows and Sheep by Ray Hannah ($6.95 each, 5-7). It's Fun to Learn About Baby Animals offers six books by Bobbie Kalman including Baby Birds and Baby Deer ($6.95 each, hardcover $21.27, 5-8). Launching Looking at Earth are Earth's Oceans, Earth and the Sun and Introducing Landforms by Kelley MacAulay and Kalman and Volcanoes on Earth by Molly Aloian and Kalman ($7.95 each, hardcover $26.60, 5-8). Let's Start! Science offers five books about the senses by Sally Hewitt ($6.95 each, 5-8). And Sports Starters serves up Spike It Volleyball, Pass It Lacrosse, Slap Shot Hockey and High Flying Martial Arts by John Crossingham and Kalman ($6.95 each, hardcover $25.27, 5-9).

Joining Hands-on History are Aztecs, The Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Vikings by Fiona Macdonald ($8.95 each, 5-10). Spotlight on My Country presents Spotlight on China, Spotlight on Peru, Spotlight on Australia and Spotlight on India by Robin Johnson and Kalman ($7.95 each, hardcover $26.20, 6-9). Slim Goodbody's Lighten Up! releases eight books, including A Million Moves: Keeping Fit and Snack Attack: Unhealthy Treats by Slim Goodbody ($8.95 each, hardcover $26.60, 7-12). And 10 titles join Stories of Great People, including Cleopatra's Coin and Martin Luther King Jr.'s Microphone by Gerry Bailey and Karen Foster and Mother Teresa's Alms Bowl by Anita Ganeri, all illus. by Leighton Noyes and Karen Radford ($9.95 each, hardcover $29.27, 7-12).

Launching Crabtree Contact are Alien Abduction, Vampire Castle and Zombies on the Loose by Anne Rooney; Monster Crocs and Shark Attack by Tom Jackson; and Motocross by Ben Johnson ($8.95 each, hardcover $26.60, 8-12); and Lost at Sea by Frances Ridley; NASCAR Blast by David Clayton; Bone Detectives, Crime Lab Technician and Forensic Evidence: Prints by John Townsend; and Forensic Evidence: Hairs and Fibers by Darlene Stiller ($8.95 each, hardcover $26.60, 9-14). NASCAR starts up with six titles including Famous NASCAR Tracks by Jim Gigliotti and Stock Car Secrets by Jim Francis ($8.95 each, hardcover $26.60, 8-13). The Olympic Sports includes eight titles by Jason Page including Basketball, Soccer, and Other Ball Games and Gymnastic Events ($8.95 each, hardcover $26.60, 8-13). Energy Revolution releases Geothermal Energy: Using Earth's Furnace by Carrie Gleason, Ocean, Tidal, and Wave Energy: Power from the Sea by Lynn Peppas, How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Amanda Bishop and Building a Green Community by Ellen Rodger ($8.95 each, hardcover $26.60, 8-13). And Exploring Our Solar System offers four books by David Jefferis including The Sun: Our Local Star and Mars: Distant Red Planet ($8.95 each, hardcover $26.60, 9-12).