Ken Follett’s international bestseller World Without End has taken the top spot on the German fiction list; it’s followed by Wetlands, a steamy autobiographical first novel by a young female former TV host. On the nonfiction list a new and controversial title, Why Do You Kill, Zaid, appears at #9. The book, written by a former conservative parliament member, accuses the Christian West of being as cruel as Muslim terrorists.

In France readers have flocked to Anna Gavalda’s 600-page novel The Consoler, at #1 on the list, while American novelist Harlan Coben’s crime thriller The Woods is at #3. In nonfiction, the French public’s continuing fascination with president Nicolas Sarkozy continues with This Will End Badly at #1, a critique by a conservative former minister of culture of Sarkozy’s presidential style.

Spanish readers embraced American and English titles up and down the list. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is at #1; Follett’s World Without End at #3; Philip Roth’s Exit Ghost is at #6; and Martin Amis’s House of Meetings is at #8. The nonfiction list features Rhonda Byrne’s self-help bestseller, The Secret, at #1; at #2 is The Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan, the Dr. Phil of the canine world.

International Bestsellers

Fiction Nonfiction
For week ending March 23, used by arrangement with Buchreport.
1 World Without EndKen Follett Lubbe I Am Off for a Little WhileHape Kerkeling Malik
2 WetlandsCharlotte Roche DuMont Viva PoloniaSteffen Moller Scherz
3 Amateur PlayVolker Klupfel Piper Who Am I, and How ManyRichard Precht Goldmann

Fiction Nonfiction
For week ending March 23, used by arrangement with Livres Hebdo/Ipsos.
1 The ConsolerAnna Gavalda Dilettante This Will End BadlyFrancois Leotard Grasset
2 The Girl with the DragonStieg Larsson Actes Sud The French Divorce: The People Against the ElitesFrancois de Closets Fayard
3 The WoodsHarlan Cohen Belfond The World According to MonsantoMarie-Monique Robin La DeCouverte

Fiction Nonfiction
For week ending March 23, used by arrangement with El Cultural.
1 Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsJ.K. Rowling Salamandra The SecretRhonda Byrne Urano
2 The Boy in the Striped PajamasJohn Boyne Salamandra The Dog WhispererCesar Milan Aguilar
3 World Without EndKen Follett Plaza & Janes A Body for All the LifeTxumari Alfaro Ediciones B