To the Editor:

For the record: the Publishers Weekly article on BEA Picks [“Galleys to Grab at BEA,” April 28] was, for this longtime bookseller, infuriating in its inaccuracies. Asked to discuss galleys I was looking forward to receiving, I supposed this to be the point of the piece and enthused about many. Most were omitted and instead I was quoted—no, misquoted. The misquotes were outrageous—phrases taken so completely out of context and turned so adroitly that their meaning was changed utterly. The result was an irresponsible and inaccurate piece of journalism—surprising in a publication with such a long history in the book industry, an industry in which we all take pride in the way we disseminate information about books and authors. I've spent a lifetime supporting books by authors I admire, honor and respect, and resent being misquoted about any of them. Sincerely,

Betsy Burton,

The King's English Bookshop

Salt Lake City, Utah

Editor's Response:

We regret that we appeared to misrepresent Burton's comments. In full, her comments did include many more remarks, including positive ones, than we were able to fit into the piece. We are looking into changing the format of the Galleys to Grab feature so as to avoid this kind of inadvertent misrepresentation in the future.