Fall 2008 Mass Market Titles


Legacy: An Anna Strong, Vampire Novel (Sept., $7.99) by Jeanne C. Stein brings back bounty-hunter turned vampire Anna Strong in her fourth urban fantasy.

Wanderlust (Sept., $7.99) by Ann Aguirre offers the sequel to Grimspace.

Key to Redemption (Oct., $7.99) by Talia Gryphon. Gillian Key returns in her paranormal romantic fantasy series.

Kris Longknife: Intrepid (Nov., $7.99) by Mike Shepherd. The heroine of this military sf series comes back to life in her sixth adventure.

The Crown (Dec., $7.99) by Deborah Chester presents the second book in this romantic fantasy.

Airs of Night and Sea (Jan., $TBA) by Toby Bishop concludes this trilogy about winged horses.

Reprints: Eulalia! (Sept., $7.99) by Brian Jacques; Dragonhaven (Oct., $7.99) by Robin McKinley; Reader and Raelynx (Oct., $7.99) by Sharon Shinn; Cauldron (Nov., $7.99) by Jack McDevitt; Captain’s Fury: Book Four of the Codex Alera (Nov., $7.99) by Jim Butcher; The Unnatural Inquirer: A Novel of the Nightside (Jan., $TBA) by Simon R. Green; Night Rising: Vampire Babylon, Book I (Feb., $TBA) by Chris Marie Green.


The Edge of Desire (Sept., $7.99) by Stephanie Laurens concludes the Bastion Club series. 750,000 first printing.

Seduction of a Proper Gentleman (Sept., $7.99) by Victoria Alexander. A longtime bachelor may finally have his chance at love. 550,000 first printing.

Tempted By the Night (Sept., $6.99) by Elizabeth Boyle. A Lady who loves a rakish Earl wishes to reveal his truly noble nature. 220,000 first printing.

Mr. Cavendish, I Presume (Oct., $7.99) by Julia Quinn. Betrothed to a future Duke from childhood, Amelia finds herself falling in love with his cousin. 850,000 first printing.

It Happened One Night (Oct., $7.99) by Stephanie Laurens et al. Four couples discover love at a roadside inn. 300,000 first printing.

The Rogue Hunter (Oct., $7.99) by Lynsay Sands. Samantha falls in love with a man she thinks is a rock star but is, in fact, a vampire hunter. 200,000 first printing.

A Seduction at Christmas (Nov., $7.99) by Cathy Maxwell. Dominic, Duke of Holburn, joins forces with beautiful Fiona to find the fiend who seeks their deaths. 300,000 first printing.

All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire (Nov., $6.99) by Kerrelyn Sparks. Vampire Ian MacPhie seeks true love with another vampire until his eyes fall upon Toni Duncan. 125,000 first printing.

When the Duke Returns (Dec., $7.99) by Eloisa James. Married by proxy at the age of 12, a now grown Lady becomes a temptress to capture his love.

To Sin with a Stranger (Dec., $6.99) by Kathryn Caskie. Seven brothers and sisters of a wild and wealthy Scottish clan find themselves forced by their father to become respectable married members of society. 125,000 first printing.

Tempt the Devil (Jan., $6.99) by Anna Campbell. Julian, Earl of Erith, discovers a secret that could destroy a beautiful and powerful woman.

Devil of the Highlands (Feb., $7.99) by Lynsay Sands. Evelinde determines to marry a Scottish laird with a dark reputation to escape her cruel stepmother. 200,000 first printing.

Reprints: Sweet Revenge (Sept., $7.99) by Diane Mott Davidson, 400,000 first printing; Keeping Faith (Sept., $7.99) by Jodi Picoult, 550,000 first printing; Everlasting (Dec., $7.99) by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, 800,000 first printing; Where the Heart Leads (Jan., $7.99) by Stephanie Laurens, 425,000 first printing; Glitter Baby (Feb., $7.99) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, 450,000 first printing.

Anchor Books

Reprints: Killer Heat (Dec., $7.99) by Linda Fairstein; City of the Sun (Feb., $7.99) by David Levien.


Bound by the Light (Sept., $6.99) by Anna Windsor. Merilee and Jake suppress their desire as they try to find two friends who have disappeared in the supernatural underbelly of Manhattan.

Forgotten (Sept., $6.99) by Allison Brennan provides a tale of suspense.

Night Fall (Oct., $6.99) by Cherry Adair begins a trilogy featuring three sexy T-FLAC operatives who use their paranormal powers to combat evil.

Playing Dead (Oct., $6.99) by Allison Brennan. An innocent man on death row, a daughter scarred by a father’s betrayal and a killer come together in this conclusion to the Prison Break series.

Reprints: Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary III (Oct., $6.99) by Jeff Foxworthy; A Lick of Frost (Nov., $7.99) by Laurell K. Hamilton; The Venetian Betrayal (Dec., $9.99) by Steve Berry; All Through the Night (Dec., $7.99) by Suzane Brockmann; Shadow Music (Jan., $7.99) by Julie Garwood.


Traitor’s Kiss/Lover’s Kiss (Nov., $6.99) by Mary Blayney offers two books in one in the historical romance following the adventures of the Penniston family.

Murder Packs a Suitcase (Nov., $6.99) by Cynthia Baxter begins a new series that introduces a widow and budding travel writer who becomes an amateur sleuth.

Perfect Circle (Dec., $6.99) by Carlos J. Cortes. When a geologist discovers a mysterious object in the rainforests of the Congo, he fears that dangerous ecological events will follow.

Reprints: No Time for Goodbye (Sept., $6.99) by Linwood Barclay; A Whole New Light (Sept., $7.50) by Sandra Brown; Personal Demon (Oct., $6.99) by Kelley Armstrong; Rebel Island (Oct., $6.99) by Rick Riordan; The Darkest Evening of the Year (Nov., $7.99) by Dean Koontz; Blood Dreams (Dec., $7.50) by Kay Hooper; Light of the Moon (Jan., $TBA) by Luanne Rice; The Purrfect Murder (Feb., $TBA) by Rita Mae Brown.

Bantam Discovery

Swim to Me (Sept., $5.99) by Betsy Carter. A young woman reinvents herself as a swimming star in a novel about following your dreams.

Thank Your For All Things (Oct., $5.99) by Sandra Kring. A single mother rediscovers her life through the eyes of her eleven-year-old twins.

The Pre-Nup (Dec., $5.99) by Beth Kendrick. Three best friends turn to each other for support and legal advice when their relationships turn sour.


Shadows in the Mist (Sept., $7.99) by Brian Moreland. Death and demonic forces are linked to a mysterious Nazi relic entombed beneath a WWII German battlefield.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (Nov., $9.99) by Grant Blackwood begins a new series based on Clancy’s Ghost Recon videogame series.

Suite 606 (Nov., TBA) by J.D. Robb et al. This anthology introduces new paranormal romance novellas.

Unravel Me (Dec., $7.99) by Christie Ridgway offers a new knitting romance.

Trident Force (Dec., $6.99) by Mike Schaill. This new series features an operation team led by former Navy SEAL Mike Chambers.

Reprints: Book of the Dead (Sept., $9.99) by Patricia Cornwell; Critical (Sept., $9.99) by Robin Cook; Dark of the Moon (Oct., $9.99) by John Sandford; Now and Then: A Spenser Novel (Oct., $9.99) by Robert Parker; The Chase (Nov., $9.99) by Clive Cussler; The Killing Ground (Nov., $9.99) by Jack Higgins; T Is for Trespass (Dec., $7.99) by Sue Grafton; Black Notice (Jan., $9.99) by Patricia Cornwell; Dark Watch (Feb., $9.99) by Clive Cussler and Jack DuBrul.

Berkley Prime Crime

Stamped Out: A Stamping Sisters Mystery (Sept., $6.99) by Terri Thayer begins a new series with April Buchert and the Stamping Sisters who stamp cards and stamp out murder.

Wicked Weaves: A Renaissance Faire Mystery (Sept., $6.99) by Joyce and Jim Lavene. This new series features Renaissance craft apprentice and sleuth Jessie Morton.

The Diva Runs Out of Thyme: A Domestic Diva Mystery (Oct., $6.99) by Krista Davis introduces domestic divas Sophie Winston and Natasha Smith, the Martha Stewart of the South.

Casket Case: A Callie Parish Mystery (Oct., $6.99) by Fran Rizer. Bubbles meets the cast of “Six Feet Under” in this undertaker’s mystery series.

Fatal Fixer-Upper: A Do-It-Yourself Mystery (Nov., $TBA) by Jennie Bentley. This new series mixes mystery with home renovation and design.

Eggs in Purgatory: A Cackleberry Club Mystery (Dec., $TBA) by Laura Childs. Three forty-plus women star in this new series with recipes and craft tips.

Angel’s Advocate (Dec., $TBA) by Mary Stanton offers a new series featuring Brianna Winston Beaufort, a young lawyer whose clients seek justice from a higher court.

Reprints: The Girl with Braided Hair (Sept., $7.99) by Margaret Coel; An Ice Cold Grave (Oct., $7.99) by Charlaine Harris; All Shots (Nov., $7.99) by Susan Conant; Blind Rage (Dec., $TBA) by Terri Persons; The Queen’s Gambut: A Leonardo da Vinci Mystery (Jan., $TBA) by Diane A.S. Stuckart.

Berkley Sensation

Mercury’s War (Sept., $7.99) by Lora Leigh. The Breeds return.

Aphrodisiac (Sept., $7.99) by Allyson Roy introduces a new thriller featuring sex therapist Saylor Oz.

Mysteria Lane (Oct., $7.99) by MaryJanice Davidson et al. The Desperate Housewives meet The X-File” in this sexy follow-up to Mysteria.

Power Play (Oct., $7.99) by Deirdre Martin. This romance uses hockey for its background.

Ready and Willing (Nov., $TBA) by Elizabeth Bevarly. This second book in a romance trilogy is set the week before the Kentucky Derby.

The Rogue and The Rival (Nov., $7.99) by Maya Rodale offers the second title in the Negligent Chaperone series.

What a Pirate Desires (Dec., $7.99) by Michelle Beattie. A heroine poses as a pirate and a pirate becomes a hero.

Reprints: The Courtesan’s Daughter (Oct., $7.99) by Claudia Dain; Bond of Fire: A Novel of Texas Vampires (Oct., $7.99) by Diane Whiteside; Mona Lisa Awakening (Nov., $6.99) by Sunny; Captive Dreams (Dec., $7.99) by Angela Knight and Diane Whiteside.


Necropath (Oct., $7.99) by Eric Brown. A telepath detective deals with murder and cover-ups in deep space; the first book in a trilogy. 40,000 first printing.

Elfslayer (Oct., $7.99) by Nathan Long offers the 10th book in the Gotrek & Felix series.

Mechanism (Dec., $7.99) by Graham McNeill. In the ninth book in the Horus Heresy series, the revolt of Mars against the Imperium of Man leads to disastrous consequences. 50,000 first printing.

Time of Legends: Melekith (Jan., $7.99) by Gav Thorpe offers up a dark tale of elves in the world of warjammer. 35,000 first printing.


Last Night’s Kiss (Sept., $6.99) by Shirley Hailstock. When a supermodel takes a break in a small Montana town, love beckons.

Lies Lovers Tell (Oct., $6.99) by Zuri Day. A savvy businesswoman plays seductive games with a mysterious billionaire.

Down on My Knees (Dec., $6.99) by Victor McGlothin. Despite her vow of celibacy, a good girl really wants to be bad.

All the Way (Dec., $6.99) by Kimberley White. A nightclub manager witnesses a murder, carjacks a handsome reporter and goes on the lam.

No One But You (Dec., $6.99) by Maureen Smith. Investigating a case of abduction, an FBI agent is teamed with another agent—with whom she shared a reckless night of passion.

Reprints: Wifey (Oct., $6.99) by Kiki Swinson; Nothing but Trouble (Oct., $6.99) by Bettye Griffin; The Nick of Time (Nov., $6.99) by San Culberson; The Other Side of the Game (Nov., $6.99) by Anita Doreen Diggs; I’m Still Wifey (Jan., $6.99) by Kiki Swinson.


Imaginary Friends (Sept., $7.99), edited by John Marco and Martin H. Greenberg, tells 13 stories of imaginary friends.

Better Off Undead (Oct., $7.99), edited by Marco H. Greenberg and Daniel M. Hoyt, presents 18 stories about the many forms the undead can assume.

Witch High (Nov., $7.99), edited by Denise Little. These 14 tales are set in the high school every young witch or warlock wants to attend.

Reprints: Moon in the Mirror: A Tess Noncoire Adventure (Sept., $7.99) by P.R. Frost; Reap the Wild Wind: Stratification #1 (Sept., $7.99) by Julie E. Czerneda; Reserved for the Cat: An Elemental Masters Novel (Oct., $7.99) by Mercedes Lackey; The Collected Short Fiction of C.J. Cherryh (Oct., $8.99) by C.J. Cherryh; The High King’s Tomb: Book Three of Green Rider (Nov., $7.99) by Kristen Britain; The Vacant Throne (Jan., $7.99) by Joshua Palmatier.


Loose and Easy (Sept., $6.99) by Tara Janzen. When a beautiful PI works to save her father’s life, she endangers her own.

The Lost Tomb (Oct., $6.99) by David Gibbins. An archeologist and his team discover a controversial religious treasure.

Defenseless (Oct., $6.99) by Celeste Marsella. Four young female attorneys conceal that they’ve witnessed a crime thereby endangering their careers—and lives.

Destiny Kills (Nov., $6.99) by Keri Arthur begins a new series in which a young woman wakes up on a beach next to a body with no idea who she is.

The Darkest Touch (Nov., $6.99) by Jaci Burton. The discovery of a mysterious black diamond threatens the future of humankind.

Reprints: Bloodfever (Sept., $7.50) by Karen Marie Moning; Absent Friends (Sept., $6.99) by S.J. Rozan; Amazing Grace (Oct., $7.99) by Danielle Steel; Drop Shot (Nov., $7.99) by Harlen Coben; Lord John and the Private Matter (Nov., $7.99) by Diana Gabaldon; The Appeal (Dec., $7.99) by John Grisham; Shopaholic & Baby (Dec., $7.99) by Sophie Kinsella; Confessions of a Shopaholic (movie tie-in edition) (Jan., $7.99) by Sophie Kinsella; Broken Music (Jan., $TBA) by Sting; The Manny (Jan., $TBA) by Holly Peterson; Honor Thyself (Feb., $TBA) by Danielle Steel.

Del Rey

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows (Sept., $7.99) by Michel Reaves. This second of three connected novels tells of a Jedi survivor.

Mutant Chronicles (Sept., $6.99) by Matt Forbeck is the novelization of the fall release of the SF/military/horror film.

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights III: Patterns of the Force (Nov., $7.99) by Michael Reaves concludes the trilogy.

Succubus Takes Manhattan (Dec., $6.99) by Nina Harper. Though she has everything, Lily really wants to wake up with something more than a pile of ashes.

Command and Conquer (Dec., $7.99) by Ballantine. Two factions fight for control of a deadly alien material.

Reprints: Heroes: Saving Charlie (Sept., $7.99) by Aury Wallington; Dragon Harper (Oct., $7.99) by Anne McCaffrey; Firstborn (Nov., $7.99) by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter; Star Wars: Death Star (Jan., $7.99) by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry.


Immortals: The Redeeming (Sept., $7.99) by Jennifer Ashley. Tain, the brother of the mighty Immortal warriors, finds love with a half-demon woman. 400,000 first printing.

King of Sword and Sky (Oct., $7.99) by C.L. Wilson. Rain and Elly return to the Fading Lands to save the dying Tairen. 500,000 first printing.

Immortals: The Crossing (Oct., $7.99) by Joy Nash. Celtic demigod Mac Lir meets a captivating woman who has the power to destroy all he holds dear. 400,000 first printing.

Immortals: The Haunting (Nov., $7.99) by Robin T. Popp. A dreamwalker and a nymph share sexy liaisons at night while by day they fight an evil power. 400,000 first printing.

The Frailty of Flesh (Nov., $7.99) by Sandra Ruttan. When a young boy is murdered, Constables Nolan, Hart and Tain must work together as members of the boy’s family begin to disappear.

Queen of Song and Souls (Jan., $7.99) by C.L. Wilson. Rain and Elly must use Elly’s magic to save their world from destruction. 500,000 first printing.

Reprint: Single White Vampire (Dec., $7.99) by Lynsay Sands.


Dark Rain (Oct., $7.99) by Tony Richards. In a small New England town the descendants of the Salem witches live and rule.

Galactic Corps (Nov., $7.99) by Ian Douglas. The Interstellar Marines encounter a vicious foe; the second book of the Inheritance trilogy.

Royal Exile (Jan., $7.99) by Fiona McIntosh. The Australian fantasist returns with this new novel.

Reprint: The Outlaw Demon Wails (Dec., $7.99) by Kim Harrison. 300,000 first printing.


Border Lass (Sept., $6.99) by Amanda Scott. This historical romance is set in medieval Scotland.

Insatiable Desire (Sept., $6.99) by Rita Heron. This paranormal romance begins the Demonborn trilogy.

The Scarlet Spy (Oct., $6.99) by Andrea Pickens. A beautiful orphan turned spy infiltrates a ring of corrupt officials in this historical romance.

No Escape (Oct., $6.99) by Shannon Butcher is the final novel in Butcher’s Navy SEAL series.

To Seduce a Sinner (Nov., $6.99) by Elizabeth Hoyt introduces the second historical romance in the Legend of the Four Soldiers series.

Demon’s Hunger (Dec., $6.99) by Eve Silver follows Demon’s Kiss.

Recipe for Gossip (Dec., $6.99) by Sherrill Bodine offers a heart-tugging tale in a funny, sexy, contemporary setting.

The First Seduction (Jan., $6.99) by Stephanie Rowe begins a new trilogy, The Order of the Blade, introducing a band of warriors on a mission to save the world.

Seeing Red (Feb., $6.99) by Susan Crandall. A young woman can’t escape her horrific past in this story of romantic suspense.


The Eagle and the Cross (Sept., $6.99) by R.J. Pineiro tells of the brutal days leading up to the battle of Stalingrad.

Reprints: The Looters (Sept., $7.99) by Harold Robbins and Junius Podrug; Evil Inc. (Oct., $7.99) by Glenn Kaplan; Zanna’s Gift (Nov., $5.99) by Orson Scott Card; Dance with the Dragon (Dec., $7.99) by David Hagberg; Blasphemy (Jan., $9.99) by Douglas Preston.

Gold Eagle books

The Ties That Bind (Oct., $6.99) by Cliff Ryder. New agent Jason Siku tracks reports of a new Russian sub capable of reigniting the Cold War.

The Finish Line (Jan., $6.99) by Cliff Ryder. New Room 59 operative David Southerland must locate a sexy thief with stolen global security secrets.

Grand Central

Letters to Penthouse XXXII­—Kinky Naughty Games (Sept., $6.99) by Penthouse Magazine is the latest volume or erotic letters from the Forum section of the magazine.

Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand (Feb., $6.99) by Carrie Vaughn offers a new novel in the Kitty and the Midnight series.

Reprints: Robert Ludlum’s The Arctic Event (Sept., $7.99) by James H. Cobb; Trunk Music (Oct., $7.99) by Michael Connelly; The Crush (Nov., $7.99) by Sandra Brown; A Week From Sunday (Nov., $6.99) by Dorothy Garlock; Scream For Me (Jan., $6.99) by Karen Rose; Lethally Blond (Feb., $7.99) by Kate White.


Christmas Wedding (Oct., $5.99) by Carole Mortimer et al. offers three tales of love in this anthology.

Christmas Getaway (Nov., $5.99) by Anne Stuart et al. Three friends take cover with men sexy enough to enwrap.

Winter Heat (Jan., $5.99) by Vicki Lewis Thompson et al. Three pairs of Weekend Pass Ski Resort winners find luxury and love.

Harper Paperbacks

The Archangel Project (Oct., $7.99) by C.S. Graham. A man and woman race to stop the U.S. military from using the ultimate assault weapon: The Armageddon Plan. 350,000 first printing.

Dale Brown’s Dreamland: Revolution (Nov., $7.99) by Dale Brown. The Dreamland Team fights to prevent another war and utter catastrophe. 300,000 first printing.

Reprints: The Last Days of Krypton (Sept., $7.99) by Kevin J. Anderson, 200,000 first printing; A Killer’s Kiss (Oct., $7.99) by William Lashner, 100,000 first printing; Making Money (Oct., $7.99) by Terry Pratchett, 150,000 first printing; Foul Play (Nov., $7.99) by Janet Evanovich, 800,000 first printing; Marley & Me (Nov., $7.99) by John Grogan, 1,000,000 first printing; The Dark Tide (Feb., $7.99) by Andrew Gross, 250,000 first printing; Another Thing to Fall (Feb., $7.99) by Laura Lippman, 200,000 first printing.


Sweet Trouble (Sept., $6.99) by Susan Mallery. A young woman who has made mistakes tries to reconcile with the father of her son.

The Wedding Challenge (Sept., $6.99) by Candace Camp. Lady Calandra’s overprotective brother has frightened away any suitable suitors—except one.

To Catch a Thief (Sept., $6.99) by Christina Skye. A Navy SEAL and a beautiful art conservator track a ruthless criminal with terrorist ties.

The Rustler (Oct., $7.99) by Linda Lael Miller. An angel carries a dark secret.

Lucky Charm (Oct., $7.99) by Carly Phillips. Can Gabrielle outsmart the Corwin curse and show Derek that her love can be his lucky charm?

The Pirate Bride (Nov., $7.99) by Shannon Drake. The dangerous pirate Red Robert is, in fact, a beautiful woman masquerading as a man.

Mischief Becomes Her (Nov., $6.99) by Kasey Michaels. A homicide detective working to solve a murder is drawn to the sexy woman who is the victim’s daughter.

Dangerous Prey (Dec., $6.99) by Lindsay McKenna. A helicopter pilot who thrives on risk finds her heart in danger in a way she’d never expected.

The Warlord’s Bride (Jan., $6.99) by Margaret Moore. Offered in marriage to a powerful Welsh lord, Lady Roslyn fears the worst.

Logan’s Return (Feb., $7.99) by Linda Lael Miller. Attorney by trade but cowboy by birth, Logan Creed is about to be corralled by a beautiful rancher.


Dark Light (Sept., $7.99) by Jayne Castle offers up a sexy paranormal adventure.

Freezing Point (Oct., $7.99) by Karen Dionne. An environmental disaster in Antarctica threatens the whole of humanity in this eco-thriller.

River Runs Red (Oct., $6.99) by Jeffrey J. Mariotte. While a supernatural war rages, three teens return to the caves of their Texas town to confront their pasts.

Tall Dark and Texan (Nov., $7.99) by Jodi Thomas continues the Whispering Mountain series.

The Pagan Stone: The Sign of Seven Trilogy (Dec., $7.99) concludes the series.

Reprints: The Shooters (Jan., $TBA) by W.E. B. Griffin; The Ghost War (Feb., $TBA) by Alex Berenson; Sizzle and Burn (Feb., $TBA) by Jayne Ann Krentz.


Antiques Maul: A Trash ‘n’ Treasures Mystery (Sept., $6.99) by Barbara Allan. A body is found at an antiques mall then Brandy’s son disappears, sending Brandy and her diva mom on a hunt for the boy and the killer.

Reprints: Ultra Violet (Sept., $6.99) by Nancy Bush; Original Love (Sept., $6.99) by J.J. Murray; Killer Knots (Nov., $6.99) by Nancy J. Cohen; Wash and Die (Dec., $6.99) by Barbara Colley; The Man Who Loved Jane Austen (Jan., $6.99) by Sally Smith O’Rourke; Poisoned Tarts (Jan., $6.99) by G.A. McKevett; Carrot Cake Murder (Feb., $6.99) by Joanne Fluke; The Bloody Tower (Feb., $6.99) by Carola Dunn.

Kimani Press

For All We Know (Sept., $6.99) by Sandra Kitt. Trying to help a runaway teen, Michaela Landry is drawn to the lost pastor who has dedicated himself to helping others.

Suite Temptation (Sept., $5.99) by Anita Bunkley. Andre Preaux negotiates for the heart of the woman who kissed him goodbye to conquer the business world.

What Matters Most (Oct., $6.99) by Gwynne Forster. Dr. Jack Ferguson’s prominent family expects him to choose a wealthy wife but he has his eye on on lovely Melanie.

Second Chance, Baby (Oct., $5.99) by A.C. Arthur is book 3 in The Braddocks: Secret Son saga.

Seducing the Matchmaker (Nov., $5.99) by Elaine Overton. Matchmaker Neolle Brown falls for her client, a renowned architect.

The Player’s Proposal (Nov., $5.99) by Angie Daniels. Jaden Beaumont will stop at nothing to find out why Danica Danforth left him and what game she’s playing.

Seduced by Moonlight (Dec., $6.99) by Janice Sims. A former football player uses every seductive move to win the woman he wants.

Then There Was Love (Jan., $6.99) by Celeste O. Norfleet. Trey Evans has no interest in becoming Mamma Lou’s next matchmaking “victim”—until he sees what she has in mind.

Between Brothers (Feb., $6.99) by Adrianne Byrd. Suddenly Alyssa Jansen finds herself being courted by the man she’s long wanted—and his brother.

Reprints: Beyond Desire (Sept., $6.99) by Gwynne Forster; Temptation (Oct., $6.99) by Donna Hill; Secret Desire (Nov., $6.99) by Gwynne Forster; I Promise (Dec., $6.99) by Adrianne Byrd.


8 Sandpiper Way (Sept., $7.99) by Debbie Macomber. In Cedar Grove, Pastor Dave Flemming finds himself at the center of a scandal.

Torn (Sept., $6.99) by Chris Jordan. A woman and the ex-FBI agent she’s hired to find her son face a cult that holds the community hostage.

Angel’s Pain (Oct., $7.99) by Maggie Shayne. Briar needs two things: blood to sustain her immortal life and vengeance to give that life meaning.

Deadly Night (Oct., $7.99) by Heather Graham. When the Flynn brothers inherited a New Orleans, they inherited its ghosts as well.

Cold Pursuit (Nov., $7.99) by Carla Neggers. A secret Service agent searches for the stepdaughter of a prominent ambassador who has just been killed.

A Virgin River Christmas (Nov., $6.99) by Robyn Carr. A young widow returns to Virgin River who find the man who gave her husband a brief reprieve before death finally took him.

Deadly Gift (Dec., $7.99) by Heather Graham. While she nurses an ailing millionaire, Caer Donahue becomes enmeshed in mysteries from the past.

Welcome to Serenity (Dec., $6.99) by Sherryl Woods. Christmas transforms a season of loss for two unhappy people into a time of hope and love.

Heart of Courage (Jan., $7.99) by Kat Martin. A crusader for social change finds her greatest challenge when her brother is accused of murdering prostitutes.

Fireside (Feb., $7.99) by Susan Wiggs. A freewheeling baseball player and a former Manhattan “princess” work to help his frightened, hurting son.


Crosscut: An Evan Delaney (Sept., $7.99) by Meg Gardiner continues this series with its forth novel.

Written in Blood: A Forensic Handwriting Mystery (Sept., $6.99) by Shelia Lowe offers the second book featuring Claudia Rose.

Death in the Daytime: A Soap Opera Mystery (Oct., $6.99) by Eileen Davidson begins a new series set in the soap opera world and written by the actress who has starred on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Criminal Minds: Fishing School (Nov., $6.99) by Max Allen Collins ties in with the CBS crime drama set around an elite team of FBI profilers.

Shot Girl: An Annie Seymour Mystery (Nov., $6.99) by Karen E. Olson features New Haven police reporter Annie Seymour.

Reprint: Murder, She Wrote: Panning for Murder (Sept., $6.99) by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain; Why Mermaids Sing: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery (Oct., $6.99) by C.S. Harris; As the World Churns: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery (Jan., $6.99) by Tamar Myers.


Midnight’s Daughter (Oct., $7.99) by Karen Chance begins a new urban fantasy spin-off series set in the world of Chance’s Cassie Palmer novels.

Reprints: Tremor: A John Taft Novel (Sept., $7.99) by Craig Dirgo; Death Song (Nov., $7.99) by Michael McGarrity.


Shadow’s Edge (Nov., $7.99) by Brent Weeks. In this sequel to The Way of Shadows, Kylar must make choices between old loyalties and his new life.

The Accidental Sorcerer (Jan., $7.99) by K.E. Mills spins a tale of a ne’er—do-well sorcerer and his great ambitions.

Witches Incorporated (Feb., $TBA) by K.E. Mills is the sequel to The Accidental Sorcerer.

Reprints: Debatable Space (Sept., $7.99) by Phillip Palmer.


The Dead Place (Sept., $5.99) by Rebecca Drake. A serial killer stalks coeds in a small college town.

Sidewinders (Sept., $5.99) by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone begins a new series featuring a pair of not-quite-over-the-hill drifters who are on the right side of the law—except when they’re not.

Night Kills (Oct., $6.99) by John Lutz. Former NYPD detective Frank Quinn hunts a horrific killer who shoots young women and defiles their bodies leaving only the torsos behind.

Nowhere to Hide (Oct., $6.99) by R. Patrick Gates. A young boy is about to find out that the monster of his dreams is real.

Mom Said Kill (Oct., $6.99) by Burt Barer tells the true story of a woman who convinced a group of teens to murder her boss.

Running Time (Nov., $6.99) by T.J. MacGregor. In this second novel in a new series, a woman and her lover deal with a daring rescue mission.

Sidewinder II: Massacre at Whiskey Flats (Nov., $6.99) by J.A. Johnstone. Bo and Scratch, two unlikely heroes, have been hired to wear badges—the one job they’ve never tried.

Perfect Victim (Dec., $6.99) by Jay Bonansinga brings back FBI profiler in his fourth mystery.

Final Breath (Jan., $6.99) by Kevin O’Brien. A maniacal killer stalks a TV reporter to make her his next chosen victim.

Pocket Books

The Book of Scandal (Sept., $6.99) by Julia London begins a trilogy based on a document written by Princess Caroline in 1806 about the scandals surrounding the Prince of Wales.

Tempt Me with Darkness (Sept., $6.99) by Shayla Black. An immortal warrior must unite with a beautiful descendant of the witch who cursed him.

CSI: Miami: Right to Die (Sept., $7.99) by Jeff Mariotte. A drug buy gone bad kills an innocent bystander; tie-in to the TV series.

Kiss of a Dark Moon (Oct., $6.99) by Sharie Kohler. A lycan huntress must settle an old score before losing her heart to the one thing she vowed to destroy.

Show No Mercy (Oct., $6.99) by Cindy Gerard begins a trilogy of romantic suspense novels featuring operatives of Black Ops, Inc.

My Immortal Promise (Nov., $6.99) by Jen Holling tells of a blood witch whose powers attract an elusive man.

Snowy Night with a Stranger (Nov., $6.99) by Jane Feather et al. offers an anthology of Christmas holiday stories set in the Regency era.

Mortal Danger (Dec., $7.99) by Ann Rule focuses on victims of violent crimes who had no idea they were in danger.

Talk of the Town (Dec., $7.99) by Karen Hawkins. A woman returns to her hometown to discover family secrets and new love.

Her Last Chance (Jan., $6.99) by Michele Albert is the fourth tale in the Avalon series.

Delia’s Heart (Jan., $7.99) by V.C. Andrews. A young girl comes to the U.S. from Mexico to live with her wealthy aunt; the second book in a trilogy.

Primal Needs (Jan., $6.99) by Susan Sizemore tells of a dangerous werewolf, the female vampire he loves and the danger that threatens both.

Reprints: Protect and Defend (Sept., $9.99) by Vince Flynn; Ghost (Sept., $7.99) by Robert Harris; Third Degree (Oct., $9.99) by Greg Iles; Duma Key (Nov., $9.99) by Stephen King; When She Was Bad (Dec., $7.99) by Jonathan Nasaw; Hand of Evil (Dec., $7.99) by J.A. Jance; The Stranger Beside Me (Jan., $7.99) by Ann Rule


Magic to the Bone (Nov., $6.99) by Devon Monk. This new urban fantasy series is set in a dark, sexy and magical world.

The Black Ship: A Novel of Crosspointe (Nov., $7.99) by Diana Pharoah Francis continues the series that began with The Cipher.

Reprints: The Sunrise Lands: A Novel of the Change (Sept., $7.99) by S.M. Stirling; Daughter of the Hounds (Sept., $7.99) by Caitlin R. Kiernan; Priestess of Avalon (Oct., $7.99) by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L. Paxson; Bloodring (Nov., $6.99) by Faith Hunter; The Last Battle (Nov., $7.99) by Chris Bunch; Opening Atlantis (Dec., $7.99) by Harry Turtledove; Child of a Dead God: A Novel of the Noble Dead (Jan., $7.99) by Barb and J.C. Hendee; Into the Storm: Destroyermen, Book I (Feb., $TBA) by Taylor Anderson.

Second Story Press

Headline: Murder (Sept., $11.95) by April Lindgren. Lindgren, a former political reporter, sets her story in the halls of power with a female journalist as sleuth.


The Pocket Ken Wilber (Nov., $6.95) by Ken Wilber collects inspirational writings.

The Pocket Chogyam Trungpa (Nov., $6.95) by Chogyam Trunpa offers short teachings from an influential Buddhist.


Crossfire: A High Risk Novel (Sept., $7.99) by JoAnn Ross. This second novel in a romance trilogy features three former Special Ops heroes.

The Unit: Seek and Destroy (Sept., $7.99) by Patrick Andrews is the first tie-in novel to the CBS-TV series about a covert team of U.S. Special Forces and their wives.

Up In Smoke: A Novel of the Silver Dragons (Oct., $7.99) by Katie MacAlister continues this series, a spin-off of MacAlister’s Aisling Grey, Guardian novels.

The Decadent Duke (Nov., $7.99) by Virginia Henley offers a sensual Regency romance.

Reprints: Beverly Hills Dead (Sept., $9.99) by Stuart Woods; The Company She Keeps (Oct., $7.99) by Georgia Durante; Bleeding Kansas (Nov., $9.99) by Sara Paretsky; Santa Fe Dead (Dec., $9.99) by Stuart Woods; Betrayal (Jan., $9.99) by John Lescroart; L.A. Outlaws (Feb., $9.99) by T. Jefferson Parker.

Signet Eclipse

Always Look Twice (Sept., $6.99) by Geralyn Dawson is the third suspenseful contemporary romance featuring the Callahan brothers.

Prey (Sept., $6.99) by Melina Morel. Werewolves and vampires in Manhattan are the stars of this second paranormal romance.

Night Falls Darkly: A Novel of the Shadow Guard (Oct., $6.99) by Kim Lenox. An angel comes to Victorian England to collect the soul of Jack the Ripper; the first title in a new series.

Red Fire: A Novel of the Gods of Midnight (Oct., $6.99) by Deirdre Knight. This new paranormal romance series features ancient Spartan warriors.

Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home (Nov., $6.99) by Michele Bardsley takes a sexy and funny look at single parents turned vampires.

Tall, Dark, and Kilted (Nov., $6.99) by Allie Mackay. A Scottish ghost is cursed to roam the earth for eternity; the third in this series.

Lady Be Bad (Sept., $TBA) by Candice Hern continues the Merry Widows Trilogy.


Taming the Playboy (Oct., $4.99) by Marie Ferrarella. When a doctor rescues a pastry chef from a brutal car accident, he finds that she’s the true treat.

A Bravo Christmas Reunion (Dec., $4.99) by Christine Rimmer. Heyley runs from her boss and lover when she discovers she’s pregnant.

The McKettrick Way (Dec., $4.99) by Linda Lael Miller. When Meg is reunited with her high school sweetheart, they both soon learn that pride still manages to interfere with love.

Sourcebook Casablanca

Warrior: The Cat Star Chronicles (Oct., $6.99) by Cheryl Brooks. A witch with healing powers is asked to heal a slave nearly beaten to death by his owner; the second in the Cat Star Chronicles series.

Line of Scrimmage (Sept., $6.99) by Marie Sullivan Force. A football star will do anything to win his almost ex-wife back but her fiancé will do anything to stop him.

The Lady Flees Her Lord (Oct., $6.99) by Michele Ann Young. Men and women in the Regency period grapple with timeless issues: fashions in beauty, children, physical and psychological abuse and the aftermath of the trauma of war.

Hex Appeal (Nov., $6.99) by Linda Wisdom. Witch Jazz and her gorgeous vampire cop are back for a new adventure.

Reprints: Midsummer Moon; Prince of Midnight; Seize the Fire (Oct., $7.99 each), all by Laura Kinsale.

Star Trek

Star Trek: Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru (Sept., $7.99) by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels observes the start of the Romulan War, the incident that sparked the founding of the Federation.

Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of the Night (Oct., $7.99) by David Mack begins a trilogy uniting characters from every corner of the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek: Errand of Fury: Book 3: Sacrifices of War (Jan., $7.99) by Kevin Ryan. With war imminent, Capt. Kirk places his hope in the people of Organia—avowed pacifists.


Beyond Magic (Sept., $6.99) by Susan Kearney et al. collects three paranormal romance tales.

Fallen (Oct. $6.99) by Claire Delacroix. As danger and intrigue surround them, a man and a woman must work together to save the world.

Red (Nov., $6.99) by Jordan Summers. Gina Santiago, part of an elite tactical team, goes after the worst criminal yet.

Cursed (Dec., $6.99) by Jamie Leigh Hansen. When an ancient enemy awakes only Alex and Alizabeth’s combined supernatural gifts can save them.

Magic’s Design (Jan., $6.99) by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. A magic wielder and a healer discover that the source of their powers is unity.

Night’s Rose (Feb., $6.99) by Annaliese Evans. Evans presents her own spin on the Sleeping Beauty tale.

Reprints: Category 7 (Sept., $7.99) by Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson; Confessor (Sept., $7.99) by Terry Goodkind; Blood Line (Sept., $7.99) by F. Paul Wilson; Cold Plague (Nov., $7.99) by Daniel Kalla; The Ancient (Dec., $7.99) by R.A. Salvatore; The Boundless Deep (Jan., $6.99) by Kate Brallier; Halo: Contact Harvest (Feb., $7.99) by Joseph Staten.


Reprints: Stone Cold (Sept., $9.99) by David Baldacci, 1,500,000 first printing; Double Cross (Oct., $9.99) by James Patterson, 1,750,000 first printing; Hollywood Crows (Nov., $7.99) by Joseph Wambaugh, 350,000 first printing; The 6th Target (Dec., $9.99) by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro, 1,750,000 first printing; The Final Warning (Feb., $7.99) by James Patterson, 1,000,000 first printing.


Cold Hearted (Sept., $6.99) by Beverly Barton. In a heart-stopping cat and mouse game, a detective stalks a beautiful but deadly serial killer.

The Price of Desire (Sept., $6.99) by Jo Goodman offers a wicked tale of delicious desire.

The Highlander (Sept., $6.99) by Heather Grothaus. In 11th century Scotland, the love of a man and woman may bring two clans together—or rip them apart.

Collateral Damage (Oct., $6.99) by Fern Michaels. Which is more important to the Sisterhood: a huge paycheck or a presidential pardon and the chance to emerge from the shadows?

Night’s Master (Oct., $6.99) by Amanda Ashley. This sequel to Night’s Touch brings back sexy vampires and lush romance.

Silver Bells (Nov., $7.99) by Fern Michaels et al. The season brightens with four tales of Christmas romance.

Dead Ringer (Nov., $6.99) by Mary Burton. This tale of romantic suspense follows a serial killer obsessed with a TV anchorwoman.

Something More (Dec., $7.99) by Janet Dailey. A man who’s given up and a woman who won’t let go vie for a treasure.

Highland Sinner (Dec., $6.99) by Hannah Howell. A rogue knight and a woman gifted with second sight must find a murderous enemy.

Final Justice (Jan., $7.99) by Fern Michaels. The Sisterhood plan to pull off their most important job yet.

Wicked Game (Feb., $7.99) by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush. The discovery of a body begins a series of freak accidents that may signal the presence of a vicious serial killer.