Pink Princess serves up Pink Princess Tea Parties by Barbara Beery ($14.99, 6-up).


Pocket Guide to Games ($9.99) by Bart King explains how to play more than 100 games that don't use computers, boards or even game pieces. (All ages)

Paperback Series

Backyard Birds continues with Florida, Illinois, Texas and Virginia by Bill Fenimore ($9.99 each, all ages).


(IPG, dist.)

Take It to the Queen, A Tale of Hope ($17.95, paper $9.95) by Josephine Nobisso, illus. by Katalin Szegedi. After transgressing against the king, villagers seek help from the humble neighbor who became their queen. (6-up)


Best Bear ($16.95) by Emma Dodd. A boy and his teddy get ready for bed. (2-4)

The Christmas Angels ($16.95) by Claire Freedman, illus. by Gail Yerrill, counts down the days to Christmas with angel blessings. (3-7)

The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm ($16.95) by Paul Bright, illus. by Jane Chapman. Three young bears seek refuge in their parents' bed during a storm. (3-7)

Little Puppy Lost ($16.95) by Linda Jennings, illus. by Alison Edgson. Separated from his siblings, a puppy must find his way home in the snow. (4-7)

Reuben and the Balloon ($16.95) by Merle Good, illus. by P. Buckley Moss. An Amish boy takes his first hot-air balloon ride. (4-8)


Lost in the Snow ($3.99) by Holly Webb, illus. by Sophy Williams. Can a girl convince her mother to adopt a cat that no one seems to want? (6-10)

Paperback Series

Animal Rescue launches with Charlie, the Home-Alone Kitten and Honey, the Unwanted Puppy by Tina Nolan, illus. by Sharon Rentta ($3.99 each, 6-10). Dirty Bertie debuts with Burp! and Worms! by Alan Macdonald, created and illus. by David Roberts ($3.99 each, 6-10). And Pony Camp Diaries starts up with Megan and Mischief and Poppy and Prince by Kelly McKain ($3.99 each, 8-10).


Jack London’s Dog ($17.95) by Dirk Wales, illus. by Barry Moser, imagines what might have happened to the dog that was the model for Buck in Call of the Wild. (9-14)


The Winter Book ($25) by Rotraut Susanne Berner compiles stories, poetry, songs and pictures celebrating winter. (All ages)

The Sleeping Porch ($18.95) by Ian Wallace. Brando has an adventure after falling asleep on his porch. (4-7)

Abuelos ($18.95) by Pat Mora, trans. by Elena Iribarren, illus. by Amelia Lau Carling. Two children new to a New Mexican community experience a local midwinter tradition. (4-7)

Oloyou ($18.95) by Teresa Cárdenas, trans. by Elisa Amado, illus. by Margarita Sada, retells this Yoruba myth. (4-7)

The Secret Legacy ($19.95) by Rigoberta Menchú with Dante Liano, trans. by David Unger. A girl's grandfather selects her to tend to his special cornfield. (4-up)

Shin-Chi's Canoe ($18.95) by Nicola Campbell, illus. by Kim LaFave, is a sequel to Shi-shi-etko. (4-7)

My Ocean ($17.95) by Enrique Pérez Díaz, trans. by Trudy Balch, centers on a Cuban boy whose grandparents move to the U.S. (9-12)

Off to War: Voices of Soldiers' Children ($17.95) by Deborah Ellis presents interviews with youngsters whose parents are soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq. (9-up)

Ellen's Book of Life ($17.95) by Joan Givner. Aided by a letter her adopted mother left before she died, Ellen seeks her birth mother. (10-13)

The Shepherd's Granddaughter ($17.95) by Anne Laurel Carter. Amani's family homestead near Hebron is threatened by encroaching Jewish settlements. (14-up)

The Saver ($16.95) by Edeet Ravel. After her mother dies suddenly, a teen quits school and must look after herself. (14-up)


Groundwork Guides issues Cities by John Lorinc and Slavery Today by Kevin Bales and Becky Cornell ($18.95 each, paper $10, 14-up).



The Miracle Girls ($9.99) by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt. First in a new series, this book follows four girls negotiating high school drama. (12-up)

Paperback Series

The Fruit of My Lipstick by Shelley Adina joins All About Us ($9.99, 12-up).


(B&T, dist.)

The Handstand Kids Mexican Cookbook ($28) by Yvette Garfield, illus. by Kim DeRose. This cooking kit explores Mexican cuisine and comes with an oven mitt packaged in a tortilla bag. (3-12)


Mary Engelbreit's Nursery Tales: A Treasury of Children's Classics ($19.99) by Mary Engelbreit, presents 12 classic stories with new art. (All ages)

Sputter, Sputter, Sput! ($16.99) by Babs Bell, illus. by Bob Staake. What happens when a car runs out of gas? (2-5)

Come Back, Cat ($16.99) by Joan Nodset, illus. by Steven Kellogg. This cat story, first published 35 years ago, returns with full-color art by the original illustrator. (3-6)

Bedtime at the Swamp ($16.99) by Kristyn Crow, illus. by Macky Pamintuan. This bedtime story is set in a swamp where a monster is rumored to live. (3-6)

Splat the Cat and Love, Splat ($16.99 each) by Rob Scotton, are stories about this feline on his first day of school; and on Valentine's Day. (3-7)

Hug a Bug ($16.99) by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Dan Andreasen, demonstrates the power of a loving hug. (3-8)

A Very Marley Christmas ($17.99) by John Grogan, illus. by Richard Cowdrey. This holiday tale is a follow-up to Bad Dog, Marley! (3-8)

This Is the Feast ($16.99) by Diane Z. Shore, illus. by Megan Lloyd, focuses on the first Thanksgiving. (3-8)

Sam the Snowman ($16.99) by Susan Winget. A small snowman must bring snow to the children and animals of Countryville. (3-8)

Betsy B. Little ($17.99) by Anne McEvoy, illus. by Jacqueline Rogers. A gawky giraffe attempts to become a graceful ballerina. (4-7)

Queen of Halloween ($16.99) by Mary Engelbreit. Dressed as a fairy queen, Ann Estelle trick-or-treats in town. (4-8)

When I Was King ($16.99) by Linda Ashman, illus. by David McPhail, is about an older brother adjusting to a new sibling. (4-8)

Winnie's Midnight Dragon ($16.99) by Valerie Thomas, illus. by Korky Paul, is a follow-up to Winnie the Witch. (4-8)

A Penguin Story ($17.99) by Antoinette Portis. In a black-and-white world, penguins search for color. (4-8)

When Santa Lost His Ho! Ho! Ho! ($14.99) by Laura Rader. Santa loses his laugh in this companion to Santa's New Suit. (4-8)

The Lump of Coal ($12.99) by Lemony Snicket, illus. by Brett Helquist. Will the title character get the holiday miracle he deserves? (4-up)

Auntie Tiger ($17.99) by Laurence Yep, illus. by Insu Lee, offers a Chinese version of “Little Red Riding Hood.” (5-8)

The Greatest Story Never Told: The Babe and Jackie ($17.99) by Ray Negron, illus. by Laura Seeley. Based on a true event, this tells how a dying Babe Ruth took children to see Jackie Robinson play baseball. (5-9)

Christmas Cookies: Bite-Size Holiday Lessons ($12.99) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illus. by Jane Dyer, is a follow-up to Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons. (5-10)

Johnny Appleseed: The Legend and the Truth ($16.99) by Jane Yolen, illus. by Jim Burke, tells the true story of this folklore hero. (6-9)

Bringing the Boy Home ($15.99) by N.A. Nelson. Two boys from an Amazon tribe prepare to embark on vision quests. (8-12)

Mr. Gum and the Gingerbread Billionaire ($9.99) by Andy Stanton, illus. by Chad Dezern, is a follow-up to You're a Bad Man, Mr. Gum! (8-12)

The Porcupine Year ($15.99) by Louise Erdrich completes the trilogy that started with The Birchbark House and The Game of Silence. (8-12)

Coraline Graphic Novel ($18.99) by Neil Gaiman, illus. by P. Craig Russell, is a graphic novel adaptation of Gaiman's novel. (8-up)

Ghost Files: The Haunting Truth ($19.99) by The Ghost Society is a guide to making contact with the beyond. (10-up)

The Graveyard Book ($17.99) by Neil Gaiman, illus. by Dave McKean, follows a boy raised by ghosts, werewolves and other graveyard creatures. (10-up)

The Illustrated Wee Free Men ($24.99) by Terry Pratchett, illus. by Stephen Player, brings back this 2006 tale of an aspiring witch, with full-color art and foldouts. (10-up)

Waggit's Tale ($16.99) by Peter Howe, illus. by Omar Rayyan. A young lost dog survives with a group of mutts in a city park. (10-up)

Vampires and Other Monstrous Creatures ($12.99) by Julius Pemberton-Smythe is a guide to creatures of the night. (10-up)

Nation ($16.99) by Terry Pratchett. Two youngsters and a handful of gods are the sole survivors of a powerful tsunami. (12-up)


New My First I Can Read titles are Little Critter: This Is My Town and To the Rescue! by Mercer Mayer ($16.99 each, paper $3.99, 3-5); and Chicken Said, “Cluck!” by Judyann Ackerman Grant, illus. by Sue Truesdell ($16.99, 3-5). I Can Read adds The Berenstain Bears' Sleepover by Jan and Mike Berenstain and Fancy Nancy Sees Stars by Jane O'Connor, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser ($16.99 each, paper $3.99, 4-8); and How to Drive Your Sister Crazy by Diane Z. Shore, illus. by Laura Rankin ($16.99, 4-8). Let's Get Fancy Together! is a new Fancy Nancy tale by O'Connor, illus. by Glasser ($17.99, 4-7). And Roscoe Riley Rules adds Never Swim in Applesauce by Katherine Applegate, illus. by Brian Biggs ($14.99, 7-10).

Underwhere gains Flyboy of Underwhere by Bruce Hale, illus. by Shane Hillman ($15.99, 8-12), The Floods return in The Witch Friend by Colin Thompson, illus. by Crab Scrambly ($15.99, 8-12). Joining Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy is The Great Powers Outage by William Boniface ($16.99, 8-12). Laurence Yep's Golden Mountain Chronicles offers Dragon Road ($16.99, 10-13). Nightmare Academy continues with Monster Madness by Dean Lorey ($10.99, 10-up). Warriors: Power of Three adds Eclipse and Long Shadows by Erin Hunter ($16.99 each, 10-up). Darkest Powers releases The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong ($17.99, 12-up). And Envy by Anna Godbersen joins The Luxe ($17.99, 14-up).


Doo-Wop Pop ($16.99) by Roni Schotter, illus. by Bryan Collier. A janitor helps five shy children discover a love of music. (4-8)

Ida B. Wells: Let the Truth Be Told ($16.99) by Walter Dean Myers, illus. by Bonnie Christensen, is a picture book biography of this activist, suffragette, educator and journalist. (5-9)


How to Talk to Girls ($9.99) by Alec Greven presents advice from the nine-year-old author. (All ages)

Emily's Christmas Gifts ($16.99) by Cindy Post Senning and Peggy Post, illus. by Steve Björkman, reveals that the best presents are those of kindness and consideration. (4-7)

Helen Keller: The World in Her Heart ($16.99) by Lesa Cline-Ransome, illus. by James Ransome, relays the story of this courageous woman's life. (5-9)

The Human Body ($19.99) by Seymour Simon is an examination of the body that uses digital imaging technology and is published in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution. (5-9)

Tell the World ($16.99, paper $7.99) by WritersCorps. This poetry collection, by homeless and at-risk teenagers, is a sequel to Paint Me Like I Am. (12-up)


Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science adds Clouds by Anne Rockwell, illus. by Frané Lessac ($16.99, paper $5.99, 3-6).


Big Words for Little People ($16.99) by Jamie Lee Curtis, illus. by Laura Cornell. A family uses big words to communicate with the larger world. (4-8)

Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken ($17.99) by Kate DiCamillo, illus. by Harry Bliss. A chicken leaves the nest in search of adventure. (4-8)

The Blacker the Berry ($16.99) by Joyce Carol Thomas, illus. by Floyd Cooper. Poems and pictures celebrate the many shades of black skin. (4-8)

Hate That Cat ($15.99) by Sharon Creech is a sequel to Love That Dog. (8-12)

The Leanin' Dog ($15.99) by K.A. Nuzum. After her mother's death, a girl finds hope and friendship in a dog. (8-12)

How to (Un)cage a Girl ($15.99) by Francesca Lia Block offers poems celebrating girls and women. (14-up)


Daylight Runner ($16.99) by Oisín McGann. A teen's search for his father uncovers city secrets and puts him on the run from an undercover police organization. (14-up)


Avatars continues with Kingdom of Twilight by Tui Sutherland ($16.99, 12-up). And Knight and Rogue issues Rogue's Home by Hilari Bell ($17.99, 12-up).


Tickety Tock ($17.99) by Jason Robert Brown, illus. by Mary GrandPré. A boy who is always told to go faster and faster one day sees a clock's hands moving backwards. (4-8)

Mascot to the Rescue! ($15.99) by Peter David, illus. by Colleen Doran. A boy who feels connected to a superhero sets out to find the comic's creator. (8-12)

13 ($15.99) by Jason Robert Brown and Dan Elish. Based on the authors' musical, this novel follow an NYC teen's life in Indiana. (10-up)

Forbidden Tales: Sword ($16.99) by Da Chen is a retelling of a story the author was told as a child while in a forbidden bookstore in Communist China. (10-up)

Freeze Frame ($16.99) by Heidi Ayarbe. A teen accidentally shoots his best friend. (12-up)


If You Give... serves up If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff, illus. by Felicia Bond ($16.99, 3-7). And RuneWarriors begins with a title of the same name by Jim Jennewein and Tom S. Parker ($16.99, 8-12).


Cat & Mouse ($16.99) by Ian Schoenherr ($16.99). A cat and mouse play together nicely—and not so nicely. (2-4)

Old Bear ($17.99) by Kevin Henkes. An old bear feels young at heart. (2-7)

Cat Nights ($16.99) by Jane Manning. After a young witch turns into a cat for the first time, will she decide to remain one? (3-6)

The Little Yellow Leaf ($16.99) by Carin Berger. A leaf is determined not to let go of its tree. (3-8)

The Cardboard Piano ($17.99) by Lynne Rae Perkins. A younger version of Debbie (from Perkins's Criss Cross) returns in this picture book about friendship. (4-7)

The Pet Dragon: A Story About Adventure, Friendship, and Chinese Characters ($16.99) by Christoph Niemann. This story about a girl's search for her pet dragon introduces basic Chinese characters. (4-8)

Halloween Night ($16.99) by Marjorie Dennis Murray, illus. by Brandon Dorman. Creatures prepare for a Halloween party. (5-9)

Boycott Blues: How Rosa Parks Inspired a Nation ($16.99) by Andrea Davis Pinkney, illus. by Brian Pinkney, tells of the Montgomery bus boycott. (5-8)

Be Glad Your Nose Is on Your Face: And Other Poems: Some of the Best of Jack Prelutsky ($22.99) by Jack Prelutsky, illus. by Brandon Dorman, is packaged with a CD featuring Prelutsky reading his poems. (7-11)

Tracking Daddy Down ($16.99) by Marybeth Kelsey. What if Billie's father turns out to be the bank robber he's rumored to be? (8-12)

The Lucky Ones ($16.99) by Stephanie Greene. Two privileged sisters' lives change one summer in this coming-of-age story. (10-14)

Dear Julia ($16.99) by Amy Bronwen Zemser. A teenage girl pursues her dream of becoming a chef. (12-up)

Freefall ($16.99) by Anna Levine. Set in 2006 as the Second Lebanon War breaks out, a young soldier must decide if she is ready to face combat. (12-up)


I Can Read offers It's Christmas! by Jack Prelutsky, illus. by Marylin Hafner ($16.99, 4-8). Amelia Bedelia returns in Amelia Bedelia Talks Turkey by Herman Parish, illus. by Lynn Sweat ($16.99, 5-9). And The Last Apprentice presents Wrath of the Bloodeye by Joseph Delaney, illus. by Patrick Arrasmith ($17.99, 10-up).


Tonight You Are My Baby: Mary's Christmas Gift ($16.99) by Jeannine Norris, illus. by Tim Ladwig. Mary lovingly addresses the newborn baby Jesus. (3-6)



They Came from Upstairs: Junior Novel ($4.99) by Susan Korman is a novelization of this film about aliens versus kids. (8-12)

Paperback Series

The Berenstain Bears are back in The Berenstain Bears' Valentine Party by Jan and Mike Berenstain, illus. by Mike Berenstain ($6.99, 2-6). Transformers Animated releases Bumblebee Versus Meltdown by Aaron Rosenberg ($3.99, 3-7). And Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa issues The Gang's All Here! by Annie Auerback and Walk on the Wild Side ($3.99, 4-7); Lost in Africa ($4.99, 7-10); and Junior Novel by J.E. Bright ($4.99, 8-10).



Fisher-Price presents I Love My Family!: A Snuggle-Time Book by Alexis Barad, illus. by Kirsten Berger; and Baby's First Christmas: Learning About Colors by Lauren Gaede, illus. by Lyn Fletcher ($4.99 each, up to 3); and Rainforest Choo Choo: Discovering Sounds by Jasmine Elist, illus. by Sue Hendra; and Touch & Feel Adventure: Discovering Colors & Textures by Barad, illus. by Josie Yee ($6.99 each, up to 3). The Berenstain Bears star in The Berenstain Bears' Really Big Pet Show by Jan and Mike Berenstain ($8.99, paper $3.99, 3-7). And Mary Engelbreit's Classic Library welcomes The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, illus. by Engelbreit ($9.99, 8-12).

Paperback Series

Biscuit reappears in Biscuit Visits the Doctor by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illus. by Rose Mary Berlin ($3.99, 2-6). Spider-Man is back in Battle Against Doc Ock ($3.99, 3-7); and Evil Comes in Pairs by Kate Egan and The Secret Life of Black Cat by Michael Teitelbaum ($4.99 each, 7-10). Mercer Mayer's Just a Day at the Pond is a new Little Critter title ($3.99, 3-7). Fancy Nancy continues with Fancy Nancy's Spring Fashion Parade! by Jane O'Connor, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser ($6.99, 4-8). Charming Ponies issues A Pony in Need, A Pony Legend and A Pony Named Sea Feather by Lois Szymanski ($4.99 each, 7-10). New Bella Sara books are Bella's Gift by Jennifer Fox, Emma's Story by Gene Hult, Fiery Fiona by Catherine Hapka, Jewel and the Lost Treasure by Szymanski, Nike and the Great Race by Annie Auerbach and Thunder and the Web of Doom by Orli Zuravicky ($4.99 each, 7-11). And Neopets adds seven titles by Vivian LaRue, including Ghoul Catchers: Battle for Neopia, More Puzzles and Games! and The Grey Faerie Chronicles: The Journey Home ($4.99 each, 8-12).


Getting the Girl: A Guide to Private Investigation, Surveillance, and Cookery ($16.99) by Susan Juby. A teen tries to uncover the person trying to sabotage his crush's reputation. (12-up)

A Voice of Her Own: Becoming Emily Dickinson ($16.99) by Barbara Dana is a first-person imagining of this poet's girlhood. (12-up)

The Big Game of Everything ($16.99) by Chris Lynch. A boy tries to contend with his loony family. (12-up)

Dirty Laundry ($16.99) by Daniel Ehrenhaft is a he said/she said romantic mystery set in a boarding school. (12-up)

The Explosionist ($17.99) by Jenny Davidson. Set in an alternate 1930s Scotland, this debut novel involves terrorism, murder and spiritualism. (12-up)

Jet Set ($16.99) by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman. An American scholarship student struggles at a posh boarding school. (12-up)

Kitty Kitty ($16.99) by Michele Jaffe is a sequel to Bad Kitty. (12-up)

Love and Peaches ($16.99) by Jodi Lynn Anderson completes the Peaches saga. (12-up)

Spirit ($16.99) by J.P. Hightman is a novel about Victorian ghost hunters and Salem witches. (12-up)

Switch ($16.99) by Carol Snow. Lightning strikes cause Claire to switch bodies with other girls. (12-up)

The Blonde of the Joke ($16.99) by Bennett Madison. Two teens—an ambitious blonde and a mousy brunette—become friends and partners-in-shoplifting. (14-up)

Guardian ($16.99) by Julius Lester. In the South in 1946, a white boy and his father witness the lynching of an innocent black man yet don't speak up. (14-up)

Jellicoe Road ($17.99) by Melina Marchetta. Taylor tries to put together the pieces of her past. (14-up)

Love Is Hell ($16.99) by Melissa Marr, Justine Larbalestier, Laurie Faria Stolarz, Scott Westerfeld and Gabrielle Zevin, collects five tales of love gone supernaturally wrong. (14-up)

Play Me ($16.99) by Laura Ruby. A “player” with a hit online show finally meets his match. (14-up)

Suicide Notes ($16.99) by Michael Thomas Ford follows a 15-year-old who awakens in the hospital with bandaged wrists and a memory of a drunken kiss with his friend's boyfriend. (14-up)


Confessions of Georgia Nicolson adds Stop in the Name of Pants! by Louise Rennison ($16.99, 12-up). And Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries releases Forever Princess ($16.99, 12-up).


Blood Runs Cold ($8.99) by Thomas Pendleton. Three teens flee a town infected by an ancient evil. (14-up)

Killer Cruise ($5.99) by Jennifer Shaw. Is someone out to kill Ashley during her birthday cruise? (14-up)

Mason ($8.99) by Thomas Pendleton. In this horror tale, an abused brother's powers rage out of control. (14-up)

Sleepless ($5.99) by Terri Clark. A killer begins to chase a teenager in her sleep. (14-up)

Snow in Love ($5.99) by Claire Ray is a romance set in the Alaska wilderness. (14-up)

Suite Dreams ($5.99) by Rachel Hawthorne is a winter romance from the author of The Boyfriend League. (14-up)

Paperback Series

Wicked Dead offers Prey and Skin by Stefan Petrucha and Thomas Pendleton ($7.99 each, 12-up). Upper Class adds Crash Test by Hobson Brown, Taylor Materne and Caroline Says ($8.99, 14-up). And Vamps releases a novel of the same name by Nancy Collins ($8.99, 14-up).



Magic Trixie and Magic Trixie Sleeps Over ($7.99 each) by Jill Thompson launch a new graphic novel series starring a girl witch. (8-12)

Paperback Series

New I Can Read Books are Marley & Me: Marley to the Rescue! and Meet Marley; My Little Pony: Winter Festival by Ruth Benjamin, illus. by Lyn Fletcher; Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: Air Penguin and Father and Son Save the Day by Gail Herman; Spider Man Versus the Vulture by Susan Hill; and Transformers Animated: The Decepticons Invade! by Olivia London, illus. by Carlo Lo Raso ($3.99 each, 4-8). Fairy Blossoms adds Marigold and the Missing Firefly by Suzanne Williams ($4.99, 7-10). Roscoe Riley Rules adds Never Swim in Applesauce by Katherine Applegate, illus. by Brian Biggs ($3.99, 7-10).And Mo's Mischief continues with Best Friends and Super Cool Uncle by Hongying Yang ($3.99 each, 7-10).

Magic Pony Carousel releases Crystal the Snow Pony by Poppy Shire, illus. by Ron Berg ($3.99, 7-10). Super Goofballs gains Battle of the Brain-Sucking Robots by Peter Hannan ($4.99, 7-11). My Weird School Daze releases Mr. Sunny Is Funny!, Mr. Granite Is from Another Planet! and Coach Hyatt Is a Riot! by Dan Gutman, illus. by Jim Paillot ($3.99 each, 7-10). And Terri Farley's Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island has three additions ($4.99 each, 10-up).


I'm Just Like My Mom; I'm Just Like My Dad /Me parezco tanto a mi mamá; Me parezco tanto a mi papá ($16.99) by Jorge Ramos, illus. by Akemi Gutierrez, is a bilingual flip book featuring fathers on one side and mothers on the other. (3-8)

Title in Spanish

¡Tu si puedes, Gabriela!: ¿Como puedo crecer fuerte y sana?(You Can Do It, Gabriela! How Can I Grow Up Healthy and Strong?) ($14.99) by Dra. Isabel with Eric Vasallo, illus. by Priscilla García Burris, is a follow-up to Le canción de Gabriela. (3-8).


My Family/ Mi familia adds Here, Kitty, Kitty!/¡Ven, gatita, ven! by Pat Mora, illus. by Maribel Suárez ($14.99, 3-6).


Mucumber McGee and the Lunch Lady's Liver ($16.99) by Patrick Loehr is a sequel to Mucumber McGee and the Half-Eaten Hot Dog. (3-8)

If You Were a Penguin ($17.99) by Florence Minor, illus. by Wendell Minor, teaches children about penguins by helping them imagine being one. (4-7)

Santa's Snow Kitten ($16.99) by Sue Stainton, illus. by Anne Mortimer, offers a follow-up to Santa's Snow Cat. (4-7)

The Nutcracker: A Pop-Up Book ($24.99) adapted by Patricia Fry, features seven pop-up spreads. (5-up)

Geek Chic: The Zoey Zone ($10.99) by Margie Palatini. In this illustrated novel, a geeky girl wants a makeover before starting sixth grade. (8-11)

The Hunt for the Seventh ($16.99) by Christine Morton-Shaw. Jim must find the seventh child before an ancient prophecy takes its toll. (10-up)


Araminta Spookie returns in Ghostsitters by Angie Sage, illus. by Jimmy Pickering ($8.99, 7-10).

Paperback Series

Vivian French's The Tiara Club releases Tiara Club at Pearl Palace: Princess Hannah and the Little Black Kitten ($3.99, 6-9) and The Tiara Club Winter Wonderland ($5.99, 6-9).


Paperback Series

Warriors: Tigerstar and Sasha launches with Into the Woods and Escape from the Forest by Erin Hunter, illus. by Don Hudson ($6.99 each, 8-12). Bad Kitty starts up with Catnipped by Michele Jaffe, illus. by Lince ($9.99, 13-up). And Vampire Kisses adds Blood Relatives, Vol. II by Ellen Schreiber, illus. by rem ($9.99, 12-up).


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)


Tim, Ted & the Pirates ($9.95) by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Russell Ayto. Story time at school turns into a swashbuckling adventure. (5-8)

Paperback Series

Mel Beeby Agent Angel by Annie Dalton issues Feeling the Vibes, Going for Gold and Living the Dream ($6.95 each, 9-12).


I Think, I Am! ($15.95) by Louise L. Hay with Kristina Tracy, illus. by Manuela Schwarz, emphasizes the power of positive affirmations. (3-7)


HeartChild ($16.95) by Terry Irvin, illus. by Dorothy Whisenhunt. Daniel gets a preview of his life on Earth, courtesy of the archangel Michael. (3-9)



Julia's Words ($12.99) by Judith Roth, illus. by Brooke Rothshank. When they meet at a campground, a hearing girl and a deaf girl become friends. (4-8)


(IPG, dist.)

Artie and Julie ($17.95) by Chih-Yuan Chen. When a lion goes out to hunt rabbits, he ends up playing with his prey. (3-5)


(Gibbs Smith, dist.)

Tim and Sally's Beach Adventure ($18.95) by Grady Thrasher, illus. by Elaine Hearn Rabon, follows the title characters and their dog while on family vacation. (4-8)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

The Blackest Hole in Space ($19.95) by Penny Little, illus. by Vincent Vigla. After blasting off into space in a homemade rocket, Charlie learns about the solar system. (5-8)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Paperback Series

Poppy and Max return in Poppy and Max and the Fashion Show by Sally Grindley, illus. by Lindsey Gardiner ($6.95, 5-7).


(SCB, dist.)


Being Born: The Doula’s Role ($9.95) by Jewel Hernandez, illus. by Rafa Mithuna. When a doula visits their home, children want to know why she is there. (All ages)


Holly's Red Boots ($16.95) by Fran-cesca Chessa. A girl and her cat search the house for her red boots—and anything red. (4-8)

Ping Pong Pig ($16.95) by Caroline Jayne Church. A pig is too busy trying to fly to do any work. (3-6)

Anansi's Party Time ($16.95) by Eric A. Kimmel, illus. by Janet Stevens. Anansi and Turtle both throw parties and play tricks on each other. (4-8)

Jack's House ($16.95) by Karen Magnuson Beil, illus. by Mike Wohnoutka. A skilled puppy does the building in this story. (4-8)

Zip, Zip... Homework ($16.95) by Nancy Poydar. Violet learns a lesson when she tells a lie about her homework. (4-8)

Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story ($16.95) by Loreen Leedy explains similes and how to include them in writing. (4-8)

One Is a Feast for Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale ($16.95) by Judy Cox, illus. by Jeffrey Ebbeler. Mouse makes a feast from Thanksgiving scraps. (4-8)

The Dog Who Saved Santa ($16.95) by True Kelley. On Christmas Eve, Santa's dog takes charge and tries to get him to do his job. (4-8)

Never Kick a Slipper at the Moon ($16.95) by Carl Sandburg, illus. by Rosanne Litzinger, illustrates this tale from Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories. (4-8)

Elephants of Africa ($16.95) by Gail Gibbons outlines the behavior and habitats of elephants. (4-8)

Corn ($16.95) by Gail Gibbons discusses the history, planting and harvesting of corn. (4-8)

The Tree ($16.95) by Karen Gray Ruelle, illus. by Deborah Durland DeSaix, chronicles the life of a Manhattan elm tree. (4-8)

Silent Letters Loud and Clear ($16.95) by Robin Pulver, illus. by Lynn Rowe Reed. A class is tired of silent letters, which make spelling tricky. (6-8)

Fun with Roman Numerals ($16.95) by David A. Adler, illus. by Edward Miller III, explains the meaning and use of Roman numerals. (6-10)

The Mysterious Guests: A Sukkot Story ($16.95) by Eric A. Kimmel, illus. by Katya Krenina. On this holiday, three guests leave a special blessing. (6-10)

Underwear: What We Wear Under There ($16.95) by Ruth Freeman Swain, illus. by John O'Brien, reveals what people wore as underwear in the past. (6-10)

The Valentine Cat ($16.95) by Ann Whitehead Nagda, illus. by Stephanie Roth. A feline gets into trouble during a class Valentine's Day party. (7-10)

Washington at Valley Forge ($24.95) by Russell Freedman tells the story of George Washington's army during the winter of 1777-78. (8-12)

A Dog on His Own ($16.95) by Mary Jane Auch introduces a dog who doesn't think he needs friends. (8-12)

Cemetery Street ($16.95) by Brenda Seabrooke. After her divorce, Courtney's mother moves the family from Vermont to Florida. (8-12)

Flight ($16.95) by Elizabeth Stow Ellison. Samantha is shocked to learn that her trouble-making brother can't read. (10-up)

Voices from Afar: Poems of Peace ($16.95) by Tony Johnston, illus. by Susan Guevara, portrays the effects of war on people. (10-up)

The Great Receiver ($16.95) by Elena Yates Eulo. Joey, his football team's chief water boy, gets a chance to play. (12-up)

Walkaway ($16.95) by Alden R. Carter. Physically and psychologically, Andy walks away from his dysfunctional family. (12-up)


Who Stole Uncle Sam? by Martha Freeman is a new Chicadee Court Mystery ($16.95, 8-12).


Five Little Firefighters ($14.95) by Tom Graham. Firefighters rush to put out a blaze and save a cat. (2-6)

Doctor Meow's Big Emergency ($14.95) by Sam Lloyd. The feline doctor helps mend Tom Cat's leg in this first title set in Whoops-a-Daisy World. (3-6)

Footprints in the Snow ($16.95) by Mei Matsuoka. Wolf sets out to change his species' bad reputation by writing a story about a nice wolf. (3-6)

Katie Loves the Kittens ($16.95) by John Himmelman. Katie doesn't understand why kittens are frightened by a barking dog. (3-8)

Big Brown Bat ($16.95) by Rick Chrustowski depicts the life cycle of bats. (4-8)

Double Trouble Groundhog Day ($16.95) by Bethany Roberts, illus. by Lorinda Bryan Cauley. Twin groundhogs scramble to perform the annual family task. (4-8)

In the Night Garden ($16.95) by Barbara Joosse, illus. by Elizabeth Sayles. Three girls' imaginations soar one night, as they imagine themselves as animals. (4-8)

Kings and Queens of the Bible ($16.95) by Mary Hoffman, illus. by Christina Balit, retells seven biblical stories. (4-8)

Ice Bears ($16.95) by Brenda Z. Guiberson, illus. by Ilya Spirin, focuses on Arctic polar bears. (5-8)

Lincoln and Douglass: An American Friendship ($16.95) by Nikki Giovanni, illus. by Bryan Collier, spotlights the friendship between Frederick Douglass and the U.S. president at the start of the Civil War. (5-up)

Corkscrew Counts: A Story About Multiplication ($16.95) by Donna Jo Napoli and Richard Tchen, illus. by Anna Currey. A pig and a parrot help with math in this companion to The Wishing Club. (6-9)

Greater Estimations ($16.95) by Bruce Goldstone. Photos illustrate this follow-up to Great Estimations. (7-10)

The Mammoth Academy ($16.95) by Neal Layton. Two young mammoths start school and stumble into a mystery. (7-10)

Maybelle Goes to Tea ($15.95) by Katie Speck, illus. by Paul Rátz de Tagyos. This young cockroach is back in the sequel to Maybelle in the Soup. (7-10)

The Worry Tree ($15.95) by Marianne Musgrove. Magical trinkets help a girl manage her worries. (7-10)

When I Grow Up: A Young Person's Guide to Interesting and Unusual Occupations ($16.95) by Jessica Loy highlights 14 professions, from chocolatier to game designer. (7-12)

Froonga Planet ($16.95) by Bryan Fields, illus. by Kevan Atteberry. Earth is in danger in this sequel to Lunchbox and the Aliens. (9-12)

Emmy and the Home for Troubled Girls ($17.95) by Lynne Jonell, illus. by Jonathan Bean, is a follow-up to Emmy and the Shrinking Rat. (9-up)

Aurelie: A Faerie Tale ($16.95) by Heather Tomlinson. Princess Aurelie mourns lost friendships as she tries to prevent a war. (12-up)

Detective Jermain: Volume 1 ($9.95) by Misako Rocks! begins a manga series about the 16-year-old daughter of two detectives. (12-up)

No Choirboy: Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row ($16.95) by Susan Kuklin presents interviews with teenage prison inmates. (14-up)


2nd-Grade Friends adds The Veteran's Day Visitor by Peter Catalanotto and Pamela Schembri, illus. by Catalanotto ($15.95, 7-10).


Ralph's World Rocks! ($19.95) by Ralph Covert, illus. by Charise Mericle Harper. This volume presenting Covert's songs comes with a CD. (2-4)

The Scrambled States of AmericaTalent Show ($16.95) by Laurie Keller. The 50 states perform in this companion volume to The Scrambled States of America. (4-8)

Wild Boars Cook ($16.95) by Meg Rosoff, illus. by Sophie Blackall. The stars of Meet Wild Boars head for the kitchen. (2-7)

Ancient Egypt ($16.95) by Bruce Strachan. Three-dimensional illustrations showcase this civilization's customs and monuments. (5-8)

The Peace Bell ($16.95) by Margi Preus, illus. by Hideko Takahashi, is based on the post-WWII story of the American-Japanese Friendship Peace Bell. (5-8)

Abraham Lincoln Comes Home ($16.95) by Robert Burleigh, illus. by Wendell Minor. A boy witnesses the passing of Lincoln's funeral train. (6-10)

Milagros: Girl from Away ($17.95) by Meg Medina. A girl escapes her island's invasion by marauders, and ends up adrift in a rowboat in the Caribbean. (8-12)

Masterpiece ($16.95) by Elise Broach, illus. by Kelly Murphy. A beetle and a boy try to stage a heist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (8-13)

Larry and the Meaning of Life ($16.95) by Janet Tashjian is a follow-up to Vote for Larry and The Gospel According to Larry. (12-up)

Shift ($16.95) by Charlotte Agell. A teen flees his fascist society and searches for truth. (12-up)


Vera returns in Vera's Halloween by Vera Rosenberry ($16.95, 4-7). And Piper Reed is back in Piper Reed and the Great Gypsy by Kimberly Willis Holt ($14.95, 8-11).


Kitchen Dance ($16) by Maurie Manning. Two Hispanic children join in their parents' nighttime dance. (3-6)

Can Anybody Hear Me? ($16) by Jessica Meserve. A quiet boy learns to make himself heard among his large, boisterous family. (4-8)

Houdini the Amazing Caterpillar ($16) by Janet Pedersen. A classroom caterpillar performs special tricks. (4-8)

Those Darn Squirrels! ($16) by Adam Rubin, illus. by Daniel Salmieri. A man matches wits with the squirrels who have been raiding his birdfeeders. (4-8)

Walking to School ($16) by Eve Bunting, illus. by Michael Dooling. A Catholic girl in Belfast must endure jeers when she walks through a Protestant neighborhood. (4-8)

Mars and the Search for Life ($16) by Elaine Scott. NASA photos illustrate this chronicle of the history and exploration of Mars. (9-12)

I'll Pass for Your Comrade: Women Soldiers in the Civil War ($17) by Anita Silvey profiles women who served in the Union and Confederate armies. (10-14)

Imperfections ($16) by Lynda Durrant centers on a girl living in a Kentucky Shaker community in the 1860s. (10-14)

Out of the Shadows ($16) by Sarah Singleton. In 1586, a girl and a faerie child are both threatened with religious persecution. (12-up)

Does This Book Make Me Look Fat? ($16), ed. by Marissa Walsh. This anthology contains 14 essays and stories about body image and self-esteem by authors including Daniel Pinkwater, Sara Zarr and Ellen Hopkins. (12-up)


A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You ($9.95) by Joan Walsh Anglund is a 50th-anniversary edition of this title. (All ages)

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes ($16) by Mem Fox, illus. by Helen Oxenbury, portrays what babies everywhere have in common. (3-5)

The Doghouse ($12.95) by Jan Thomas is a companion to A Birthday for Cow and What Will Fat Cat Sit On? (3-5)

Boo, Bunny! ($16) by Kathryn O. Galbraith, illus. by Jeff Mack. Two shy bunnies become friends on Halloween. (3-7)

Monsters on Machines ($16) by Deb Lund, illus. by Robert Neubecker, introduces a monstrous construction crew building a house. (3-7)

Mystery Ride! ($16) by Scott Magoon. Siblings are desperate to avoid running errands with their parents. (3-7)

A Child's Day: An Alphabet of Play ($12.95) by Ida Pearle is an alphabet book featuring verbs. (3-7)

Christmas Farm ($17) by Mary Lyn Ray, illus. by Barry Root. This companion to Pumpkins: A Story for a Field celebrates a Christmas tree farm. (3-7)

Snow ($17) by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Lauren Stringer. A girl, her friend and grandmother enjoy a snowy day. (3-7)

Wangari's Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa ($17) by Jeanette Winter is a tale based on activist and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Wangari Maathai. (3-7)

The Snow Show ($17) by Carolyn Fisher. Chef Kelvin, Snow White and Jack Frost cook up a batch of snow. (5-10)

Frankenstein Takes the Cake ($16) by Adam Rex. Frankenstein wants dessert in this sequel to Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. (5-10)

Jack the Tripper ($16) by Gene Barretta. Who is the tripping terror at an elementary school? (5-8)

Baron von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident ($16) by George McClements. An evil genius accidentally captures his superhero nemesis. (5-8)

Jim Copp, Will You Tell Me a Story?: Three Uncommonly Clever Tales ($17.95) by Jim Copp, illus. by Lindsay duPont, collects three newly illustrated stories from the deceased performer, as well as a CD of his original recordings. (6-9)

My New Best Friend ($16) by Julie Bowe is a companion to My Last Best Friend. (7-10)

The Unnameables ($16) by Ellen Booraem. A strange creature disrupts life on an orderly, rigid island called Island. (10-up)

The Faerie Door ($17) by B.E. Maxwell. The Faerie Queen dispatches two children from different eras to thwart the Shadow Knight. (10-up)

Oddest of All ($16) by Bruce Coville compiles nine short stories. (12-up)

The Letter Writer ($17) by Ann Rinaldi. A girl who writes letters for her blind stepmother plays an unwitting role in Nat Turner's Rebellion. (12-up)

Flora's Dare: How a Girl of Spirit Gambles All to Expand Her Vocabulary, Confront a Bouncing Boy Terror, and Try to Save Califa from a Shaky Doom (Despite Being Confined to Her Room) ($17) by Ysabeau S. Wilce. A girl risks all to save her city and her best friend. (12-up)

Graceling ($17) by Kristin Cashore. A girl born with the skill of killing and forced to work for the king unexpectedly falls in love. (14-up)


Bloody Jack Adventures offers My Bonny Light Horseman: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, in Love and War by L.A. Meyer ($17, 12-up).


Dead Is the New Black ($7.95) by Marlene Perez. Daisy is determined to learn why the most popular cheerleader in school looks “dead.” (12-up)

Savvy Girl ($7.95) by Lynn Messina centers on a high-school girl who becomes an intern at a fashion magazine. (14-up)


The Van ($12.95, paper $3.95) by Holly Keller. Is there enough room in Sam's van for everyone and everything they want to take to the beach? (4-6)

Dot and Bob ($12.95, paper $3.95) by David McPhail. Dot and her dog help plant a tree. (4-6)

Snow Surprise ($12.95, paper $3.95) by Lisa Campbell Ernst. A snowy day brings fun surprises. (5-7)

Soccer Song ($12.95, paper $3.95) by Patricia Reilly Giff, illus. by Blanche Sims. Jill knows how to use her head when she plays soccer. (5-7)


The Most Dinosaur Fun Ever! ($14.95) by Bernard Most is a boxed set of four dinosaur books, two sticker sheets and a growth chart. (3-7)


Little Panda ($12.95) by Renata Liwska. Mother Panda reassures Little Panda after his nap is disturbed. (3-6)

The Princess Gown ($16) by Linda Leopold Strauss, illus. by Malene Reynolds Laugesen. What does Hannah do when she discovers a smudge on the princess's gown? (4-8)

How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly? ($16) by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, illus. by Jenkins, reveals how various creatures capture the same prey. (4-8)

Soup for Breakfast ($16) by Calef Brown. Poems and pictures tackle subjects that range from nose hair to donuts. (4-8)

Bats at the Library ($16) by Brian Lies is a follow-up to Bats at the Beach. (4-8)

Bone Soup ($16) by Cambria Evans. A hungry skeleton concocts a Halloween meal. (4-8)

Chee-lin: A Giraffe's Journey ($17) by James Rumford traces a giraffe's voyage from Africa to Bengal to China. (6-10)

Dodsworth in Paris ($15) by Tim Egan. The star of Dodsworth in New York visits the City of Lights. (6-10)

A Brand-New Day with Mouse and Mole ($15) by Herbert Yee is the third adventure starring this duo.

A Bear Called Paddington: 50th Anniversary Edition ($18) by Michael Bond, illus. by Peggy Fortnum. This edition features full-color art by the original illustrator. (9-12)

Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris ($16) by R.L. LaFevers, illus. by Yoko Tanaka, is a sequel to Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos. (9-12)

Next to Mexico ($16) by Jennifer Nails chronicles the ups and downs of starting sixth grade. (9-12)

The Raucous Royals: Test Your Royal Wits: Crack Codes, Solve Mysteries, and Deduce Which Royal Rumors Are True ($17) by Carlyn Beccia reveals how truths can become twisted over time, using a hybrid graphic novel/tabloid format. (9-12)

Bodies from the Ice: Melting Glaciers and the Rediscovery of the Past ($17) by James Deem examines how glaciers uncover ancient secrets. (9-12)

T4 ($14) by Ann Clare LeZotte is a novel about a deaf girl's experience with the Nazi program that exterminated disabled people. (10-14)

The Devil on Trial: Witches, Anarchists, Atheists, Communists, and Terrorists in America's Courtrooms ($22) by Phillip Marguiles and Maxine Rosaler examines five historic trials, from the Salem witch trials to that of Zacarias Moussaoui. (12-up)

Encyclopedia of the End: Mysterious Death in Fact, Fancy, Folklore, and More ($20) by Deborah Noyes explores all aspects of death, from assassination and rigor mortis to reincarnation. (12-up)

Reaching Out ($16) by Francisco Jiménez is a sequel to Breaking Through. (12-up)

Ruby's Imagine ($16) by Kim Antieau is a coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of Hurricane Katrina. (12-up)

Hero-Type ($16) by Barry Lyga. A teen figures out what it means to be a hero, whether at home or at war. (12-up)

Vibes ($16) by Amy Kathleen Ryan. A teen who can read minds begins to doubt whether she can understand people at all. (12-up)


Gossie & Friends offers Merry Christmas, Ollie! by Olivier Dunrea ($12.95, 3-6). New Curious George titles are Happy Halloween, Curious George by H.A. Rey ($7.99, 3-6); and Curious George's Dictionary ($12.95, 4-6). George and Martha reappear in George and Martha: The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends, Collector's Ed. by James Marshall ($25, 4-8). The Knights' Tales continues with The Adventures of Givret the Short by Gerald Morris, illus. by Aaron Renier ($15, 6-10). The Sisters Eight starts up with Annie's Adventures and Durinda's Dangers by Lauren Baratz-Logsted with Jackie Logsted and Greg Logsted, illus. by Lisa K. Weber ($15, paper $4.99, 6-10). And Scientists in the Field issues Science Warriors: The Battle Against Invasive Species by Sneed B. Collard III ($17, 10-14).


The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body ($35) by David Macaulay. The author of The Way Things Work examines the human body. (10-up)


(PGW, dist.)


SmartFun offers Yoga Exercises for Teens: Developing a Calmer Mind and a Stronger Body by Helen Purperhart ($19.95, paper $14.95, 13-18).