A Christmas Treasury ($19.99) rounds up holiday stories and carols. (5-up)


Disney's My Friends Tigger & Pooh offers Think, Think, Think! and Where's Buster? ($6.99 each, 2-5).

Paperback Series

New Sesame Street titles are I Want to Be President by Michaela Muntean, Zoe's Day with Daddy by Sarah Albee and P.J. Shaw, The Storybook ABCs by Meg McLaughlin and Elmo's Christmas Countdown, adapted by McLaughlin, all illus. by Tom Brannon; and Grover's 10 Terrific Ways to Help Our Wonderful World by Anna Ross, illus. by Tom Leigh ($3.50 each, 2-up); and Elmo's ABC Book with Fun Sound by Albee, illus. by Brannon ($4.99, 3-up). Power Rangers return in All Fired Up! by Slade Stone; and Stone's Mantor Menace and Fangs and Fury, illus. by Scott Neely ($3.50 each, 3-6). Disney's My Friends Tigger & Pooh gains The Case of the Sticky Sticks by Bonnie Brooke and Calling All Piglets by Lisa Marsoli, illus. by Art Mawhinney ($4.99 each, 4-6). And Precious Girls Club debuts with A Little Bit of Faith and A Little Bit of Kindness by Cindy Kenney ($4.99 each, 4-8).


Body: A 3-D and Interactive Exploration ($19.95) by Susan Ring, illus. by Michele Graham, takes a 3-D look at the human body. (7-up)

The Story of Christmas ($19.95), illus. by John Walker. Bible verses accompany 3-D art. (7-up)

Big Cats ($19.95) by Donna Bowman, illus. by Christina Wald, paper engineering by Jim Diaz, compiles facts about lions, tigers and other cats. (8-up)

Sharks ($19.95) by Martin Kasso, illus. by Matt Jeffirs, with paper engineering by Rodger Smith, is an interactive book about these creatures. (8-up)

Snakes ($19.95) by L.K. Scott, illus. by Jeff Mangiat, paper engineering by Rodger Smith. Flaps and pop-ups reveal information about snakes. (8-up)

Wolves ($19.95) by Robyn Hood Black, illus. by Colin Howard, presents a history of this species with flaps and pop-ups. (8-up)


New A Book About Us! titles are Our Family Christmas Album, illus. by Tom Newsom, designed by Emily Vooys ($12.95, all ages); and Me and My BFF! by Lisa Perrett; and Our Night Before Christmas, illus. by Tom Newsom ($12.95 each, 7-up). My Life, illus. by Amanda Haley; and My Family Vacation, illus. by Stacy Peterson, join A Book About Me! ($12.95 each, 7-up).


Skeleton Shake ($9.95), illus. by Liz Conrad, reveals silly Halloween dances. (All ages)

Hush-a-Bye Counting: A Bedtime Book ($14.95) by Kris Aro McLeod, illus. by Virginia Allyn, travels to lands filled with mermaids and dragons. (2-up)

Gracie's Gallery: The Amazing Scribbling of My Younger Sibling ($14.95), illus. by Kelly Houle. Readers use the book's “magic” mirror to find hidden images. (3-up)

I Love You All Year Round ($10.95) by Shella Shubuck, illus. by Alicia Padrón, is a pop-up book portraying the love between a mother and child. (3-up)

Mask Parade: Forest Animals ($12.95) by Stephanie Trelogan, illus. by Katharine Armstrong, includes six press-out masks and Mylar mirrors. (3-up)


New Touch & Feel Books are All Aboard Noah's Ark and Bible Stories by Olivia Price, illus. by Melanie Mitchell ($12.95 each, all ages); Ghoulish Gang, illus. by Jill McDonald ($8.95, all ages); and My First Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, illus. by Tom Newsom ($9.95, all ages). And new Mini Merry Books are Gingerbread Joy, Reindeer Run, Snowman Surprise and Special Star, all illus. by Julia Woolf ($4.95 each, all ages).


My First Hike ($7.95) by Catherine Maria Woolf. This board book tells about a child's hike with his grandfather. (1-4)

All Around Me I See ($7.95) by Laya Steinberg, illus. by Cris Arbo. A dreaming girl takes to the air to view the natural beauty that surrounds her. (1-4)

Over in the Jungle ($7.95) by Marianne Berkes, illus. by Jeanette Canyon, is a counting board book featuring rain forest animals. (1-4)

Inside All ($16.95, paper $8.95) by Margaret Mason, illus. by Holly Welch, is a journey from the outmost reaches of the universe to a sleepy child at bedtime. (3-8)

Over in the Arctic ($16.95, paper $8.95) by Marianne Berkes, illus. by Jill Dubin. This counting tale offers a take on “Over in the Meadow.” (3-8)


Illustrating Disney: Imagineering and the Fine Art of Disney Illustration ($35) by Peggy Van Pelt and Tom Gilleon explores how fine art principles factored into the creation of Disney theme parks. (All ages)

The Little Mermaid on Broadway: From the Deep Blue Sea to the Great White Way ($40) by Michael Lassell traces the Little Mermaid's evolution from story to film to stage musical. (All ages)

Disney's Dogs ($19.95), illus. by Tamara Khalaf, collects art featuring canine Disney characters. (All ages)

With Love, from Disney ($5.99) spotlights iconic kisses from Disney animated films. (All ages)

The Alchemy of Animation: Making an Animation Film in the Modern Age ($19.95) by Don Hahn. This Disney feature animation producer offers a tour of the world of animation. (10-up)

Walt Disney Animations Studios: The Archive Series—Story ($50) showcases story artwork from Disney animated films. (All ages)


The Whistle on the Train ($18.99) by Margaret McNamara, illus. by Richard Egielski. This pop-up book offers a spin on “The Wheels on the Bus.” (2-5)

“I'm Not Santa!” ($14.99) by Jonathan Allen. Baby Hare mistakes Baby Owl for Santa. (2-5)

Are You Grumpy, Santa? ($6.99) by Gregg Spiridellis, illus. by Evan Spiridellis. Cranky Santa is reminded of what Christmas is really about. (2-6)

Yoko Writes Her Name ($15.99) by Rosemary Wells. Yoko learns to write her name in English and teaches her classmates how to write their names in Japanese. (3-6)

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime ($15.99) by Bob Shea. A feisty dino faces bedtime. (3-6)

The Little Bit Scary People ($16.99) by Emily Jenkins, illus. by Alexandra Boiger. Imagination and empathy help a girl conquer her fears. (3-6)

The Little Matador ($15.99) by Julian Hector. The youngest in a long line of bullfighters would rather draw a bull than fight one. (3-7)

Madam President ($16.99) by Lane Smith. A girl imagines what her day would be like if she were president. (4-8)

I See Santa Everywhere ($12.99) by Glenn McCoy. A paranoid boy thinks he sees Santa around every corner. (4-7)

Glamsters ($16.99) by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, illus. by Jackie Urbanovic. A hamster who's had no luck getting adopted decides to get a makeover. (4-7)

Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln ($16.99) by Doreen Rappaport, illus. by Kadir Nelson. This picture book biography traces Lincoln's path to the Presidency and beyond. (4-8)

Hansel and Gretel ($16.99) by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Jen Corace, retells this classic fairy tale. (4-8)

My Heart Glow: Alice Cogswell, Thomas Gallaudet and the Birth of American Sign Language ($15.99) by Emily Arnold McCully explains the origins of ASL. (6-9)

Mogo, the Third Warthog ($15.99) by Donna Jo Napoli, illus. by Lita Judge. A young warthog and his brothers venture out in the African savanna. (7-10)

Impetuous R., Secret Agent ($16.99) by Jane Leslie Conly, illus. by Bonnie Leick. The diner that is home to young roaches is in danger of being shut down. (8-12)

The Runaway Dolls ($16.99) by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, illus. by Brian Selznick, follows The Doll People and The Meanest Doll in the World. (8-12)

Hard Gold: The Colorado Gold Rush of 1859, A Tale of the Old West ($15.99) by Avi. Jesse joins a wagon train in search of gold to help his family farm in Iowa. (8-12)

The Dragon Heir ($17.99) by Cinda Williams Chima concludes the trilogy that began with The Warrior Heir and The Wizard Heir. (10-up)

Discordia: The Eleventh Dimension ($16.99) by Dena Salmon. A boy who feels out of place at his new school escapes into an addictive online game. (10-up)

Girl v. Boy ($15.99) by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout. A teen's teacher volunteers her to be an anonymous columnist for the school paper. (12-up)

The Juvie Three ($15.99) by Gordon Korman. Three juvenile delinquents live on their own in a halfway house. (12-up)

Deadly Little Secret: A Touch Novel ($15.99) by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Camelia's ordinary life changes when a mysterious boy starts attending her school. (12-up)

The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez ($17.99) by Alan Lawrence Sitomer. A first-generation Hispanic teen is torn between her dreams and her family. (13-up)

Stop Me if You've Heard This One Before ($16.99) by David Yoo. Albert finally gets the girl—until her ex is diagnosed with cancer. (13-up)


Elephant & Piggie return in Are You Ready to Play Outside? by Mo Willems ($8.99, 4-8). The Mistmantle Chronicles by M.I. McAllister continues with Urchin and the Raven War ($17.99, 8-12). Blood Tide by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson is a new Never Land Book ($9.99, 8-up). Artemis Fowl returns in The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer ($17.99, 10-up). Ridley Pearson's The Kingdom Keepers gains The Rise of Chernabog ($17.99, 10-up). And Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz is the latest Blue Bloods Novel ($15.99, 12-up).

Paperback Series

Pony-Crazed Princess adds Ellie's Royal Jamboree by Diana Kimpton, illus. by Lizzie Finlay ($3.99, 6-9). And Fred & Anthony return in Fred & Anthony's Horrible, Hideous Back to School Thriller by Elise Primavera ($4.99, 7-11).


Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Plum Fantastic ($14.99, paper $4.99) by Whoopi Goldberg, illus. by Nancy Cato, begins a chapter-book series set at a ballet school in Harlem. (6-10)


Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland ($16.99) by Jon Scieszka, illus. by Mary Blair, is a retelling with Blair's concept art. (4-8)


Disney Bunnies offers Snuggle Bunnies ($10.99, up to 5), Good Morning, Thumper! ($6.99, 3-5) and Thumper Finds an Egg ($3.99, 3-5), all by Laura Driscoll, illus. by Lori Tyminski and Giorgio Vallorani. Baby Einstein by Julie Aigner-Clark, illus. by Nadeem Zaidi, welcomes Touch and Feel Neighborhood Animals and First Words Board Book ($6.99 each, 9 mos.-up). And joining Disney's Little Einsteins are Rocket's Surprise by Susan Ring ($5.99, 3-5); My First Picture Dictionary by Susan Amerikaner ($14.99, 3-5); and Learning Library ($6.99, 3-5).

Handy Manny is back in The New Kid by Marcy Kelman, illus. by Alan Batson; and Squeeze in a Pinch by Susan Amerikaner ($4.99 each, 3-5); and Manny's Toolbox by Kelman, illus. by Batson ($10.99, 3-5). Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gains Clubhouse Christmas ($6.99, 3-5), Daisy's Pet Project and Goofy Baby ($4.99 each, 3-5), all by Susan Amerikaner; and The Mystery of the Messy Clubhouse by Feldman ($10.99, 3-5). And Disney My Friends Tigger & Pooh presents Color Discovery by Thea Feldman; and Feldman's The Case of the Disappearing Acorns, illus. by Orlando de la Paz ($10.99 each, 3-5).

Disney Princess issues Cinderella's Fairy Tale Wedding by Lisa Ann Marsoli ($15.99, 3-7). Disney's Sleeping Beauty adds Sleeping Beauty Storybook and Charm ($12.99, 3-7).

New Cars titles by Catherine Daly are Ready, Set, Go! ($12.99, 3-7); and World of Cars ($15.99, 3-up). Disney Fairies return in Tinkering Tink by Elle Risco ($12.99, 3-7); Tinker Bell's Tea Party by Lara Bergen ($14.99, 5-up); and The Hidden World of Fairies by Tennant Redbank ($14.99, 6-up). Disney's Bolt offers Unlikely Friends ($14.99, 3-7). Disney Nature adds The Crimson Wing ($8.99, 6-8). And Bedtime Stories adds The Movie Storybook ($8.99, 10-up).


Disney Channel Rocks! A Companion to All Your Favorite Shows ($7.99) includes trivia, quizzes and photos. (8-12)

Paperback Series

Disney's Little Einsteins offers Quincy and the Dinosaurs and Butterfly Suits by Susan Ring; and The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle by Sheila Sweeny Higginson ($3.99 each, 3-5). Handy Manny stars in Piñata Party and A Very Handy Christmas by Susan Ring; Firehouse Tools by Marcy Kelman ($4.99, 3-5); and Tool for Sale, Tools for Toys and Oscar's House of Smoothies by Kelman, illus. by Alan Batson ($3.99 each, 3-5). Mickey Mouse Clubhouse adds Mickey's Halloween Treat by Thea Feldman ($3.99, 3-5). Toy Story and Beyond introduces Book and Magnetic Play Set ($14.99, 3-up). Bedtime Stories tie-ins are Stranger Than Fiction and The Castle ($3.99 each, 4-7); and The Junior Novel ($4.99, 8-12).

Disney High School Musical adds the graphic novel First Impressions ($9.99, 8-12); and Say What? A Wildcat Fill-In Story! ($4.99, 8-12). Tying into High School Musical 3 are Singing Sensations! and Center Stage! by Sarah Nathan ($3.99 each, 4-7); Poster Book ($6.99, 8-12); and Junior Novel by N.B. Grace ($4.99, 8-12). The Cheetah Girls 3 offers Junior Novel by Kirsten Thorpe ($4.99, 8-12); Poster Book ($6.99, 8-12); and Trivia and Quiz Book by Heidi Hurst ($7.99, 8-12). Camp Rock offers Play It Again, For the Record and Rock Royalty by Phoebe Appleton ($4.99 each, 8-12). Hannah Montana returns in True Blue, On the Road and Game of Hearts ($4.99 each, 8-12). High School Musical: Stories from East High offers Ringin' It In, Turn Up the Heat and In the Spotlight ($4.99 each, 8-12). Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow issues Bold New Horizons ($4.99, 8-12). New Wizards of Waverly Place titles are In Your Face and Spellbound ($4.99 each, 8-12). Kingdom Hearts debuts with The First Door and Darkness Within by Tomoco Kanemaki ($5.99 each, 9-12). National Treasure: A Gates Family Mystery continues with Uncharted and Westward Bound by Catherine Hapka ($7.99 each, 10-up). And Pirates of the Caribbean: Legends of the Brethren Court launches with The Caribbean and Asia ($4.99, 10-up).

Paperback Series in Spanish

Handy Manny reappears in Herramienta a la venta (Tools for Sale), Jugetes por herramientas (Tools for Toys) and La casa de las batidas de Oscar (Oscar's House of Smoothies) by Marcy Kelman, illus. by Alan Batson ($3.99 each, 3-5).


What's Your Red Rubber Ball? ($19.99) by Kevin Carroll encourages readers to identify the dream they want to chase. (10-up)


Animal Families ($12.99) is a photo-graphic exploration of animals' family relationships. (6-up)

Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia ($29.99) spotlights animals from aardvarks to zebras. (7-up)

Car Science ($17.99) by Richard Hammond explores physics, the carbon cycle, airflow and other topics. (7-up)

Sharks and Other Creatures of the Deep ($19.99) collects facts, games, recipes and quizzes. (7-up)

Jewish Holidays Cookbook ($19.99) by Jill Bloomfield describes Jewish traditions and offers recipes. (7-up)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Visual Guide ($19.99) is a guide to this CGI-animated film. (8-up)

High School Musical: The Essential Guide ($12.99) rounds up photos from and information about all three HSM movies. (8-up)

Dr. Frankenstein's Human Body Book ($24.99) by Richard Walker. Dr. Frankenstein reconstructs a human body from the skeleton out, in this exploration of human anatomy. (10-up)

Cosmic!: The Ultimate 3-D Guide to the Universe ($24.99) examines outer space via pop-ups, sounds, flaps and gatefolds. (10-up)

First People ($19.99) by David King discusses the history, culture and traditions of Native Americans. (10-up)

The Most Fantastic Atlas of the Whole Wide World by the Brainwaves ($19.99), illus. by Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling, is an atlas from the team behind How Nearly Everything Was Invented. (10-up)

Take Me Back ($24.99) explores world history, in the style of Pick Me Up and Do Not Open. (10-up)

The Children's Bible ($24.99) features original artwork with retellings of stories from the NIV Bible. (10-up)

Super Structures ($19.99) by Samone Bos offers a photographic study of architectural wonders. (10-up)


Peekaboo welcomes Christmas ($9.99, 1-3). DK Pop-Ups gains Counting Animals and Farm Animals ($6.99 each, 2-5). Sparkle & Shine Noah's Ark is a new Rhythm and Rhyme Book ($9.99, 2-up). New DK Readers are Family Vacation ($14.99, paper $3.99, 4-6); Journey of a Pioneer ($14.99, paper $3.99, 6-8); Amazing Animal Journeys and Greek Myths ($14.99 each, paper $3.99, 7-8); and Snow Dogs! Racers of the North ($14.99, paper $3.99, 8-9). Star Wars: The Clone Wars Readers introduces Watch Out for Jabba the Hutt! ($14.99, paper $3.99, 5-7) and Anakin in Action! ($14.99, paper $3.99, 6-8). Eyewitness Expert spies Knight and Shark ($29.99, 8-up). And Cool Stuff adds Cool Stuff Exploded by Chris Woodford ($24.99, 10-up).


Counting Seasons ($7.99). This board book ushers children through the seasons. (2-5)

Crumbs: Bakeshop in a Box ($19.99). This kit features cookie cutters, stencils, measuring cups and a recipe book. (4-6)

Fashion Friends ($8.99) is a kit that encourages kids to create their own style and fashion ideas. (4-7)



Precious Pals welcomes Busy Bunny ($5.99, 6-18 mos.) and Dancing Duck ($8.99, 6-18 mos.). And Clipboard Activity Kits adds Christmas ($6.99, 4-6).


The Nativity Story ($4.99) features twinkling stars and a sound chip that plays “Silent Night.” (2-5)

The Wheels on the Bus ($4.99) plays this familiar tune. (3-5)

Paperback Series

New Sticker Storybooks are Dinosaurs and Fairies ($4.99 each, 2-5). And Read-AlongStories presents Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood ($3.99 each, 2-5).


(PGW, dist.)

Flight of the Hummingbird ($16) by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas. A hummingbird attempts to put out a forest fire, in this South American fable. (All ages)


David Suzuki's Green Guide ($17.95) by David Suzuki and David Boyd offers environmental options related to home, travel, food and consumerism. (All ages)


The Dump Man's Treasures ($15.95) by Lynn Plourde, illus. by Mary Beth Owens. A community teaches a book-loving man how to read. (4-8)

Who's Been Here? A Tale in Tracks ($15.95) by Fran Hodgkins, illus. by Karel Hayes. On a winter walk, a dog discovers animal tracks in the snow. (4-8)

Spirit of the Snowpeople ($15.95) by Diane Keyes, illus. by Helen Stevens. In the far north, parents build magical snowpeople for their children. (5-up)


(IPG, dist.)


Sounds Funny Books rolls out Sounds Tough! Big Noisy Machines by Kevin Somers ($6.95, up to 3). And Cool Counting Books adds 123 California by Puck, illus. by Kevin Somers ($7.95, up to 3).


(IPG, dist.)


Living the Dream: Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus—The Unofficial Story ($14.95) by Susan Janic chronicles Cyrus's life and career. (9-12)



Noisy Touchy-Feely Board Books adds This Is My Duck by Felicity Brooks ($16.99, 6 mos.-up). Luxury Touchy-Feely Board Books gains 123 Touchy Feely Farmyard Tales by Fiona Watt ($15.99, 9 mos.-up). New Find-its Board Books are Find the Bird and Find the Piglet by Brooks ($6.99 each, 9 mos.-up). Bath Books offers Flip, Flap, Flop by Stella Baggott and Quack, Quack, Quack by Watt ($14.99 each, 9 mos.-up). Touchy-Feely Board Books continues with three titles by Watt ($7.99 each, 9 mos.-up). Talkabout Board Books offers Zoo by Brooks ($8.99, 1-up). Look and Say Board Books presents Baby Brother Look and Say and Baby Sister Look and Say by Jo Litchfield ($7.99 each, 2-up). And Hide-and-Seek Penguins by Watt joins Touchy-Feely Flap Books ($16.99, 2-up).

Busy Sounds Board Books issues Noisy Building Site by Felicity Brooks and Noisy Tractor by Heather Amery ($18.99, 2-up). Preschool Activities welcomes three titles by Fiona Watt ($12.99 each, 3-up). Picture Book Classics offers Black Beauty by Mary Seabag-Montefiore and Alan Marks; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Secret Garden and The Three Little Pigs by Susanna Davidson; and Sun and the Wind by Mairi MacKinnon and Francesca Di Chiara ($9.99 each, 3-up). Lift-out Colors Book by Brooks is new to Shapes and Colors Jigsaw Books ($12.99, 3-up). Picture Books gains Sunny Day by Anna Milbourne ($9.99, 3-up). Very First Dictionaries adds French and Spanish volumes by Brooks ($11.99 each, 3-up). And Wind-Up Books offers Wind-Up Train Book by Amery and Gillian Doherty ($29.99, 3-up).

Tie-a-Bow Book presents a title of the same name by Fiona Watt ($9.99, 4-up). Young Reading Gift Books with CD issues Black Beauty by Mary Seabag-Montefiore ($9.99, 5-up). There are six new Kid Kits ($12.99-$24.99 each, 5-up to 9-up). Beginners Nature releases Dangerous Animals by Rebecca Gilpin ($4.99, 5-up); and Rainforest by Lucy Bowman ($4.99, 6-up). Joining 1001 Things to Spot is 1001 Monster Things to Spot by Gillian Doherty ($9.99, 6-up). Animal Picture Atlas by Linda Edwards is new to Atlases ($12.99, 6-up). Beginners Social Studies offers China by Leonie Pratt ($4.99, 6-up). And Christmas Tunes by Anthony Marks is a new Music title ($18.99, 6-up).

My Scrapbook adds a title of the same name by Fiona Watt ($19.99, 6-up). Stories for Young Children adds Treasury of Animal Stories by Anna Milbourne ($16.99, 6-up). Young Reading Series 2 Gift Books adds three titles ($8.99 each, 7-up); and Young Reading Series 3 Gift Books—Famous Lives has two additions ($8.99 each, 8-up). See Inside Board Books gains See Inside Math by Alex Frith and Minna Lacey and See Inside Earth by Katie Daynes ($12.99 each, 7-up). And Gift Books for Older Readers adds Holocaust by Susanna Davidson ($8.99, 10-up).

Paperback Series

Chess Guides releases The Usborne Complete Book of Chess by Elizabeth Dalby ($12.99, 10-up).


Heart in the Pocket ($16.50) by Laurence Bourguignon, illus. by Valérie d'Heur. A timid kangaroo explores the world beyond his mother's pocket. (3-7)

Nanuk Flies Home ($16) by Christa Holtei, illus. by Astrid Vohwinkel. After being captured by humans, a polar bear and his mother are airlifted home. (6-9)

Tenth Avenue Cowboy ($17) by Linda Oatman High, illus. by Bill Farnsworth. In 1910, a boy discovers New York City's Tenth Avenue Cowboys, who ride along the railroad tracks to warn of arriving trains. (7-10)

Alice's World Record ($12) by Tim Kennemore, illus. by Mike Spoor, is a follow-up to Alice's Birthday Pig. (7-10)

A River of Words ($17) by Jen Bryant, illus. by Melissa Sweet, is a picture book biography of William Carlos Williams. (7-up)


Something to Sing About ($8.50) by C.C. Payne. A girl's fear of bees preoccupies her until a series of events changes her life. (9-12)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Snowflake Friends: A Magnetic Playbook ($14.95) by Melissa Four is an interactive board book introducing counting, colors and shapes. (2-5)


A Lark in the Ark ($9.95) by Peter Bently, illus. by Lynne Chapman. Noah discovers each animal's favorite hiding place on the ark. (2-5)

More Favorite Animal Tales ($11.95) by Jill Tomlinson, illus. by Paul Howard. Three stories reveal the fun and challenges of growing up. (3-7)


The Wishing Tree ($15.95) by Mary Redman, illus. by Christina Rodriguez. Amanda writes wishes on yellow ribbon and ties them to a tree when her father deploys. (4-10)


(FSG, dist.)

Gus Is a Tree ($14.95) by Claire Babin, illus. by Olivier Tallac. Gus dreams he is a tree in this companion to Gus Is a Fish. (3-6)

Mao and Me ($19.95) by Chen Jiang Hong is an illustrated memoir of the author's childhood during China's Cultural Revolution. (6-10)

Real Ninja: Over 20 True Stories of Japan's Secret Assassins ($15.95) by Stephen Turnbull, illus. by James Field, reveals ninja history and exploits. (8-up)

Arab Science and Invention in the Golden Age ($19.95) by Anne Blanchard, illus. by Emmanuel Cerisier, chronicles the achievements of the Arab empire from the eighth to the 15th centuries. (8-up)


Dog Day ($16.95) by Sarah Hayes, illus. by Hannah Broadway. A canine teacher offers his class lessons in barking, wagging, scratching and sniffing. (3-6)

Nobody Here But Me ($16.95) by Judith Viorst, illus. by Christine Davenier. How can a boy get his preoccupied family to pay attention to him? (3-6)

Addis Berner Bear Forgets ($16.95) by Joel Stewart. After arriving in the big city, a bear rediscovers what really matters to him: music. (3-6)

The Christmas Bears ($16.95) by Chris Conover. Cubs watch as their father loads his sleigh with toys to deliver on Christmas. (3-6)

The Robot and the Bluebird ($16.95) by David Lucas. A broken robot rescues a bluebird trying to fly south for the winter. (4-up)

Starlight Goes to Town ($16.95) by Harry Allard, illus. by George Booth. A Tennessee hen aspires to be the first chicken runway model in Milan. (5-up)

Marveltown ($16.95) by Bruce McCall. Kids save the day when engineers create robots that threaten the town. (5-8)

Manjiro ($16.95) by Emily Arnold McCully relates the true story of a shipwrecked Japanese teen who was adopted by an American whaling captain. (6-up)

Third Grade Baby ($15) by Jenny Meyerhoff, illus. by Jill Weber. Is a third-grader who loses her first baby tooth too old for a visit from the tooth fairy? (7-10)

The Cabinet of Wonders ($16.95) by Marie Rutkoski. A girl attempts to retrieve her father's enchanted eyes, in this first book of the Kronos Chronicles. (10-up)

In Defiance of Hitler ($19.95) by Carla Killough McClafferty tells the story of Varian Fry, an American journalist who helped European refugees escape the Nazis. (10-up)

Little Audrey ($16) by Ruth White. This novel, based on the author's childhood, follows a family's difficulties in a Virginia coal camp. (10-up)

A Mystery for Thoreau ($16) by Kin Platt. In 1846 Massachusetts, Henry David Thoreau helps a teen solve a murder. (12-up)

Emperors of the Ice: A True Story of Friendship and Survival in the Antarctic 1910—1913 ($19.95) by Richard Farr recounts the true story of a young man's voyage to Antarctica on the 1910 Terra Nova expedition. (12-up)

Swiss Mist ($16.95) by Randy Powell follows a boy from fifth grade, when his parents divorce, through 10th grade, when he's searching for the meaning of life. (12-up)

Everything Beautiful in the World ($16.95) by Lisa Levchuk. A teen whose mother has cancer becomes romantically involved with her art teacher. (14-up)

Forever Changes ($16.95) by Brendan Halpin. A mathematically gifted high-school senior with cystic fibrosis reflects on the unfairness of life. (14-up)

Title in Spanish

El mar, la tormenta y el manglar (The Sea, the Storm and the Mangrove Tangle) by Lynne Cherry ($16.95, 6-up).


Last Night ($15.95) by Hyewon Yum. In this wordless tale, a girl sent to her room for refusing to eat dinner dreams about an adventure with her bear. (3-6)

Adèle & Simon in America ($16.95) by Barbara McClintock. The pair travels from Boston to San Francisco in this follow-up to Adèle & Simon. (4-8)

Yoon and the Jade Bracelet ($16.95) by Helen Recorvits, illus. by Gabi Swiatkowska. In this follow-up to My Name Is Yoon, the girl receives a special gift. (4-8)

Monkeys and Dog Days ($14.95) by Kate Banks, illus. by Tomek Bogacki. Two monkey brothers get a new dog in the first book in a new series for early readers. (6-8)

Minn and Jake's Almost Terrible Summer ($15) by Janet S. Wong, illus. by Geneviève Côté, is a sequel to Minn and Jake. (7-10)

Holes ($18) by Louis Sachar. This 10th anniversary edition includes new introductory content and Sachar's Newbery acceptance speech. (10-up)

Sea Cows, Shamans, and Scurvy: Alaska's First Naturalist: Georg Wilhelm Steller ($18.95) by Ann Arnold follows Steller's 1741 expedition across eastern Russia, in an attempt to reach America. (10-up)

The Possibilities of Sainthood ($16.95) by Donna Freitas. A teen prays to patron saints while petitioning the Vatican to make her a saint. (12-up)

Headlong ($16.95) by Kathe Koja. When Lily befriends a new girl at her private school, she discovers a new level of friendship and commitment. (14-up)


There Was a Wee Woman ($16.95) by Erica Silverman, illus. by Roseanne Litzinger. A miniature family finds a new home in a dollhouse. (3-6)

The House of Joyful Living ($16.95) by Roni Schotter, illus. by Terry Widener. Can a girl share her parents and her wonderful life with a new sibling? (4-8)

Too Much Flapdoodle! ($16.95) by Amy MacDonald, illus. by Cat Bowman Smith, follows No More Nasty and No More Nice. (8-12)

A Life in the Wild: George Schaller's Struggle to Save the Last Great Beasts ($21.95) by Pamela S. Turner is a biography of this biologist and naturalist. (10-up)


It's Time to Sleep, My Love ($16.95) by Eric Metaxas, illus. by Nancy Tillman, is a lullaby celebrating the natural world and family. (All ages)

Splash!: A Little Book About Bouncing Back ($12.95) by Maria van Lieshout follows a seal with the case of the blues, from the creator of Bloom! (All ages)

The Happiness Tree: Celebrating the Gifts of Trees We Treasure ($14.95) by Andrea Alban Gosline, illus. by Lisa Burnett Bossi. Life's gifts, including peace, love and courage, are revealed through trees. (3-up)

Lincoln Shot: A President's Life Remembered ($24.95) by Barry Denenberg, illus. by Christopher Bing. Featuring a newspaper format, this volume pays tribute to Abraham Lincoln. (9-up)

The Bone Magician ($14.95) by F.E. Higgins is a companion novel to The Black Book of Secrets. (10-14)

Brooklyn Bridge ($17.95) by Karen Hesse. In 1903 Brooklyn, the son of Russian immigrants adjusts to his family's changing life. (10-14)

Dangerous Times: The First Nathan Fox Mission ($16.95) by L. Brittney. An actor in the same company as Shakespeare is recruited to be a spy. (10-14)

The Lost Island of Tamarind ($17.95) by Nadia Aguiar. When their parents are washed overboard, three siblings sail to a fantastical island. (10-14)

Steinbeck's Ghost ($17.95) by Lewis Buzbee. A boy sees John Steinbeck's characters spring to life around him. (10-14)

Ghost Medicine ($17.95) by Andrew Smith. The lives of a 17-year-old and his friends cross in dangerous ways one summer. (12-up)


Fairy School by Meredith Badger takes flight with Fairy School Drop-Out ($9.95, 7-10).

Paperback Series

Breyer Wind Dancers offers If Wishes Were Horses, Horse Happy, On with the Horse and Horses' Night Out by Sibley Miller, illus. by Tara Larsen Chang ($6.95 each, 6-up). Zac Power debuts with Poison Island, Deep Waters, Mind Games and Frozen Fear by H.I. Larry, illus. by Ash Oswald ($3.99 each, 7-up). And Go Girl! welcomes The New Girl by Rowan McAuley, Basketball Blues by Thalia Kalkipsakis and Field Trip Trouble and Back to School by Meredith Badger, all illus. by Ash Oswald ($3.99 each, 7-up).


Call Me Aram ($16.95, paper $10.95) by Marsh Forchuk Skyrpuch, illus. by Muriel Wood. Orphans escaping the Armenian genocide in Turkey are sent to a farm in Canada.


Nature Babies adds Baby Polar Bears by Aubrey Lang, photos by Wayne Lynch ($15.95, 5-7).


The Nine Lives of Travis Keating ($11.95) by Jill McLean. A boy in Newfoundland copes with his mother's death by caring for feral cats. (9-12)

Northern Exposures ($11.95) by Eric Waltes. A boy unexpectedly wins a photography contest and travels to take pictures of polar bears. (9-12)

Libertad ($11.95) by Alma Fullerton. Two brothers in Guatemala City plan to find their father in America. (10-13)

Lunch with Lenin and Other Stories ($14.95) by Deborah Ellis is a collection of 10 short stories about teens whose lives have been affected by drugs. (14-up)


Passchendaele: Canada's Triumph and Tragedy on the Fields of Flanders ($19.95) by Norman Leach covers this historical battle. (12-up)


Longhorns and Outlaws ($8.95) by Linda Aksomitis follows 12-year-old Lucas on a cattle drive at the turn of the 20th century. (9-12)

Power Plays ($10.95) by Maureen Ulrich. Jessie moves to a new city and joins the girls' hockey team. (12-up)


Paperback Series

Determine Your Destiny adds Petrified World by Pitor Brynzcka ($14.95, 10-14)


An Aboriginal Carol ($22.95) by David Bouchard, illus. by Moses Beaver, trans. by Susan Aglukark, reworks an old Canadian carol in English and Inukiuk and includes a CD. (8-up)

Fireside Al's Treasure of Christmas Stories ($14.95) by Alan Mailand, illus. by Alan Daniel, offers 10 stories and a CD of readings. (8-up)

Drum Calls Softly ($23.95) by David Bouchard and Shelley Willier, illus. by Jim Poitras. Written in English and Cree, this book follows the traditional Round Dance. (9-12)


How to Make a Wave ($11.95) by Lisa Hurst-Archer. Lisa, left scarred by a traffic accident, gets help from her art teacher. (12-up)

Book of Michael ($11.95) by Lesley Choyce. In this novel, Michael is released from prison after being wrongly convicted for the murder of his girlfriend. (14-up)



Mystery of the Mad Science Teacher ($10.95) by Marty Chan. Two friends try to catch the school kleptomaniac. (7-12)

Breathing Soccer ($10.95) by Debbie Spring is about a girl torn between her love of soccer and her health issues. (9-13)

Cheating Fate ($12.95) by Audrey Pfitzenmaier. Four friends survive a snowmobile accident but don't seem to escape unscathed. (13-up)


(IPG, dist.)

Kid Crafts: Leather Craft ($14.95) by Linda Sue Eastman presents instructions for making a wallet and other leather items. (9-12)

Doc Fizzix Mousetrap Racers ($14.95) by Alden Balmer is a guide to constructing mousetrap-powered vehicles. (12-up)


(PGW, dist.)

Fussy Freya ($16.95) by Katherine Quarmby, illus. by Piet Grobler. Freya's grandparents set out to change her fussy eating habits. (3-7)

Eddie's Kitchen ($16.95) by Sarah Garland. On his grandfather's birthday, Eddie helps his mother host a party. (3-7)

Mrs. Muffly's Monster ($16.95) by Sarah Dyer. Is Mrs. Muffly keeping a huge monster in her house on the hill? (4-8)

Measuring Angels ($16.95) by Lesley Ely, illus. by Polly Dunbar. A class gardening project fosters cooperation and friendship. (4-8)

We Are All Born Free ($19.95), in association with Amnesty International. Various artists illustrate the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights. (6-up)



Best Behavior adds Diapers Are Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick, illus. by Marieka Heinlen ($7.95, up to 3). Toddler Tools offers Bye-Bye Time, Clean-Up Time, Listening Time and Nap Time by Verdick, illus. by Heinlen ($7.95 each, 1-3). ParentSmart/KidHappy gains Ready for Bed! A Tale of Cleaning Up, Tucking In, and Hardly Any Complaining and Ready for the Day! by Stacey Kaye, illus. by Elizabeth Dulmeba ($12.95 each, 3-6). And Ready to Rock Kids continues with Vol. 3 Activity Book and Music CD by Dr. Mac and Friends ($16.95, 4-9).


The Step-Tween Survival Guide: How to Deal with Life in a Stepfamily ($9.95) by Lisa Cohn and Debbie Glasser aims to help step-tweens identify and express their feelings. (9-12)

Paperback Series

Middle School Confidential adds Be Confident in Who You Are by Annie Fox ($9.95, 10-14). And A Kid's Guide to Protecting & Caring for Animals by Cathryn Berger Kaye is a new Kid's Guide ($6.95, 11-up).