I've waited more than 10 years for Katherine Neville's The Fire [Ballantine, Oct. 14]. I've sold hundreds of copies of The Eight (a must-read for anyone who has somehow missed it) in anticipation of its arrival. I am thrilled to say that The Fire has exceeded every one of my expectations. These books defy the restriction of genre classifications and transport you into another book world all together. The Fire begins 12 years after The Eight ends, blending together most of our favorite characters, their offspring and an array of delightful new players as well. Solarin and Cat's daughter, Alexandra, is the pivotal piece in this round of “the game.” This roller-coaster ride through history melds chess, food, theology and mythology with ease. I highly recommend pouring yourself a glass of Tempranillo and settling in for a great ride. And if you haven't yet read The Eight, grab a copy and join in my love affair with “the Game.”