Little Hands Love ($7.95), photos by Anthony Nex. Small hands are shown engaging in various activities. (All ages)

1-2-3 Count with Me! ($7.95) by Heather Rosas is a counting book that features flaps and a pop-up ending. (All ages)

Red Riding Hood's Rainbow ($8.95) by Heather Rosas. Red Riding Hood encounters animals that represent the colors of the rainbow in this die-cut board book with foil and pop-up pinwheel. (All ages)

The Easter Bunnies Helpers ($6.95), illus. by Sanja Rescek, is a counting book about bunnies making Easter preparations. (All ages)

Peter Cottontail's Busy Day ($5.95), illus. by Jacqueline East, follows Peter's Easter activities. (All ages)

One Sneaky Sheep: The Sheep Who Didn't Want to Get Sheared ($9.95), illus. by Janet Samuel. Nigel the sheep hides during shearing time and discovers the downside of having a big, fluffy coat. (All ages)

My First The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ($8.95) by L. Frank Baum, illus. by Nick Price, is an abridged edition featuring sparkly accents and touch-and-feel areas. (All ages)

My First Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ($8.95) by Lewis Carroll, illus. by Jason Alexander, is an abridged adaptation with tactile and foil elements. (All ages)

My Little Beauty Shop ($6.95), illus. by Kirsten Richards, is a board book about a girl who likes to play pretend. (18 mos.-up)

How to Be a Princess ($6.95), illus. by Fernando Luiz is a board book that follows a princess through her day. (18 mos.-up)

Choose to Reuse ($7.95), illus. by Miriam Latimer, is a die-cut touch-and-feel book exploring how one child's trash can be another's treasure. (2-up)

Monster Trucks ($9.95) by Janna Matthies, illus. by Gene Barretta. Giant trucks spend a busy day at work in this book with flaps. (2-up)

G Is for Goat's Groovy Galoshes ($12.95) by Shawn Bjorklund is an ABC book with interactive elements. (3-up)

Two Little Ballerinas ($9.95), illus. by Maria Maddocks. Two little ballerinas dream of taking center stage; includes a sound chip with music from Swan Lake. (3-up)

Five Little Easter Eggs ($5.95), illus. by Louise Gardner. Pop-up surprises are hidden underneath Easter egg flaps. (3-up)

Babies Love the Little Things ($7.95), illus. by Fernando Luiz, is a touch-and-feel book starring baby animals that delight in the details that make their parents special. (ages 3-up)


My Sparkling Springtime Friends offers Little Duck, Little Bunny, Little Chick and Little Lamb, all illus. by Liz Conrad ($3.95 each, all ages). My Shiny Little Truck Books presents The Bulldozer, The Digger, The Concrete Mixer and The Dump Truck, all illus. by Paul Dronsfield ($3.95 each, all ages). And Amazing Animal Discovery Books adds Dinosaurs, Big Cats and Sharks ($5.95 each, 3-up).


In the Trees, Honeybees! ($16.95, paper $8.95) by Lori Mortensen, illus. by Cris Arbo, provides an inside-the-hive view of honeybees. (4-10)

There's a Babirusa in My Bathtub: Fact and Fancy About Curious Creatures ($16.95, paper $8.95) by Marianne Berkes, illus. by Jeanette Canyon, offers rhymes and information about rainforest animals. (7-12)

Earth Heroes: Champions of the Wilderness ($11.95) by Bruce and Carol Malnor, illus. by Anisa Claire Hovemann, launches a series about the careers of great environmentalists. (10-14)


Hippo in a Tutu: Dancing in Disney Animation ($30) by Mindy Aloff examines the roles that dance and choreography play in Disney animated films. (All ages)

The Little Mermaid: From the Deep Blue Sea to the Great White Way ($40) by Michael Lassell chronicles the creation of this Broadway musical. (All ages)

The Disney Sketchbook 1928-2008 ($40) features drawings and sketches created by Disney animators over the decades. (All ages)

The G-Force Dossier ($22.95) presents technical illustrations and explanations of the gadgetry created by the guinea pig agents in this forthcoming film. (All ages)

Disney's Neglected Prince: The Art of Disney's Knights in Shining Armor (and Loincloths) ($19.95) showcases Disney film heroes—The Little Mermaid 's Prince Eric, Tarzan and others. (12-up)


Just Like Bossy Bear ($14.99) by David Horvath is a follow-up to Bossy Bear. (2-5)

How to Potty Train Your Monster ($12.99) by Kelly DiPucchio, illus. by Mike Moon, is a potty-training guide featuring monsters. (2-5)

Tugga-Tugga-Tugboat ($6.99) by Kevin Lewis, illus. by Daniel Kirk. This board book introduces tugboats, tankers and other vessels. (2-5)

Spoon ($15.99) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illus. by Scott Magoon. A formerly happy Spoon is envious of Fork, Knife and Chopsticks. (2-6)

Food Hates You, Too and Other Poems ($15.99) by Robert Weinstock serves up poems about food. (3-7)

This Is the Firefighter ($15.99) by Laura Godwin, illus. by Julian Hector, celebrates firefighters. (3-7)

How Many Cats? ($15.99) by Lauren Thompson, illus. by Robin Eley. Home alone, a feline invites the neighborhood cats over. (3-7)

Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo ($15.99) by Ayun Halliday, illus. by Dan Santat, focuses on animals that like to flaunt their derrières. (3-7)

Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem ($16.99) by Mac Barnett, illus. by Adam Rex. When Billy refuses to clean his room, his mother buys him an unorthodox pet. (3-7)

Magic Box ($15.99) by Katie Cleminson. Eva receives a special box on her birthday. (3-7)

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed ($16.99) by Mo Willems spotlights a naked mole rat that likes to wear clothes. (3-up)

Pennies for Elephants ($16.99) by Lita Judge. Based on a true 1914 story, this book tells how Boston kids raised money to purchase retired circus elephants for the zoo. (4-7)

The Negro Speaks of Rivers ($16.99) by Langston Hughes, illus. by E.B. Lewis, presents this Harlem Renaissance poem with watercolor illustrations. (4-8)

Orangutan Tongs: Poems to Tangle Your Tongue ($16.99) by Jon Agee offers tongue-twisting nonsense poetry. (4-8)

Sparrow Girl ($16.99) by Sara Pennypacker, illus. by Yoko Tanaka. A girl's compassion inspires an act of heroism during China's “Sparrow War.” (5-9)

Super Chicken Nugget Boy and the Furious Fry ($14.99, paper $4.99) by Josh Lewis, illus. by Douglas Holgate. Radioactive goo turns an average boy into a deep-fried superhero. (7-11)

Miles to Go ($24.95) by Miley Cyrus is an autobiography by this teen celebrity. (8-12)

Eleanor, Quiet No More: The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt ($16.99) by Doreen Rappaport, illus. by Gary Kelley. This biography includes excerpts from Roosevelt's writings. (8-up)

Heroes of the Valley ($19.99) by Jonathan Stroud. Raised hearing stories of past heroes, a boy seeks out glory and adventure. (10-up)

Discordia: The Eleventh Dimension ($16.99) by Dena K. Salmon. Two friends are transported to a perilous world that inspired an addictive online game. (10-up)

The Way of the Warrior ($16.99) by Chris Bradford. After ninja pirates attack his British vessel, Jack is rescued by Japan's greatest samurai. (10-up)

The Twilight Prisoner ($17.99) by Katherine Marsh is a sequel to The Night Tourist with elements of the Eros and Persephone myth. (10-up)

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Demigod Files ($12.95) by Rick Riordan. This guide to the series includes puzzles, games and short stories. (10-up)

Sophomore Undercover ($15.99) by Ben Esch. Will a school newspaper reporter scoop the biggest drug scandal in the history of high-school athletics? (12-up)

Bad Girls Don't Die ($15.99) by Katie Alender. A teen's family and house begin to change in frightening ways. (12-up)

Kiss of Life ($16.99) by Daniel Waters. There are two dead boys in Phoebe's life in this sequel to Generation Dead. (12-up)

Girlfriend Material ($15.99) by Melissa Kantor. Kate's breezy summer romance grows complicated. (12-up)

A Sweet Disorder ($16.99) by Jacqueline Kolosov. Facing engagement to an unpleasant lord, Miranda gets a chance at being Queen Elizabeth's seamstress. (12-up)

Carter Finally Gets It ($15.99) by Brent Crawford. A high-school freshman searches for sex, love and acceptance anywhere he can find it. (13-up)


Elephant & Piggie adds Watch Me Throw the Ball! and Elephants Cannot Dance! by Mo Willems ($8.99 each, 4-8). Sugar Plum Ballerinas continues with Toeshoe Trouble by Whoopi Goldberg, illus. by Maryn Roos ($14.99, paper $4.99, 6-up). Young Bond offers Hurricane Gold by Charlie Higson ($16.99, 10-up). Percy Jackson & the Olympians concludes with The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan ($17.99, 10-up). Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter is the latest Gallagher Girls title ($16.99, 11-up).


Fashion Kitty and the Unlikely Hero ($8.99) by Charise Mericle Harper follows Fashion Kitty and Fashion Kitty Versus the Fashion Queen. (8-12)

Jellaby in the City ($9.99) by Kean Soo. Jellaby's search for home continues in this sequel to Jellaby. (10-up)


Playhouse Disney Encyclopedia ($19.99) is a reference starring Playhouse Disney personalities. (3-5)


Baby Einstein adds Touch and Feel Wild Animals and I Belong ($6.99 each, 9 mos.-up); and Violet's House and Caterpillar's Springtime Day ($9.99 each, 9 mos.-up). Little Einsteins welcomes Rocket's Hiccups ($4.99, 3-5). Joining Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are Daisy's Garden Gift ($4.99, 3-5); and Hot Dog Math ($9.99, 3-6). Disney Fairies issues Story, Magnetic Play Set, and Activity Book ($14.99, 4-7). Hannah Montana returns in Rock On in 3-D ($7.99, 5-up); and In the Loop and Suzanne Harper's Swept Up ($12.99 each, 8-12). High School Musical presents Curtain's Up in 3-D ($7.99, 5-up). And High School Musical 3 offers Senior Yearbook ($12.99, 5-12).


Disney's Dadnapped! The Junior Novel ($4.99) ties into this Disney Channel movie. (8-12)


Love Your World: How to Take Care of the Plants, the Animals, and the Planet ($8.99) by Annabel Karmel explains what toddlers can do to help the environment. (1-5)

I Can Eat a Rainbow ($7.99) by Annabel Karmel offers advice on healthy eating, from purple plums to red apples. (1-6)

The Creation Story ($5.99) is an illustrated version of this biblical tale. (5-7)

100% Me ($16.99, paper $9.99) by Michelle Hainer is a guide to puberty with sections for boys, girls and both. (6-10)

Evolution Revolution ($16.99) answers questions about evolution. (6-10)

Cook It Together ($12.99) by Annabel Karmel describes 10 common foods and ways to prepare them. (6-10)

Cookbook for Girls ($17.99) features more than 50 recipes. (6-10)

Wildlife Gardening ($15.99) is a guide to creating habitats that attract bugs, birds and butterflies. (6-10)

Made By Me ($14.99) compiles knitting, sewing and embroidery projects. (6-10)

Up! The Adventurer's Guide ($14.99) offers a behind-the-scenes look at this movie with information about Disney's digital technology, stills and other art. (6-10)

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: The Essential Guide ($14.99) ties into this film, offering photos, images and background information. (6-10)

G-Force: The Essential Guide ($14.99) includes behind-the-scenes information about and stills from this movie. (6-10)

Hannah Montana: The Essential Guide ($14.99) compiles info about this TV show. (6-14)

Body Science ($19.99) by Richard Hammond explains how the human body works. (7-12)

Why Pi? ($16.99) by Johnny Ball examines how people throughout the ages have used numbers. (7-12)

Voyage: Ocean ($24.99) focuses on underwater animals and plants. (8-11)

The Most Explosive Science Book in the Universe ($19.99). The Brainwaves take readers through this science guide. (8-12)

Transformers: The Movie Universe ($17.99) is a guide to this film. (8-17)

Wolverine: Inside the World of the Living Legend ($24.99) includes comic-book illustrations and movie stills. (8-17)

Animals Up Close ($19.99) gives insects, reptiles, mammals and birds a close photographic examination. (8-17)

Atlas of Ancient Worlds ($21.99). This guide to ancient cultures includes a CD. (9-13)

Slavery: Real People and Their Stories of Enslavement ($24.99) features photos, letters and personal histories. (12-up)


Baby Touch and Feel welcomes Colors and Shapes, Bedtime, Bathtime and Wild Animals ($5.99 each, 1-2). Playful Kitten joins Precious Pals ($5.99, 1-2). Noisy Peekaboo! adds Baa! Baa! and Vroom! Vroom! ($12.99 each, 1-3). Touchables releases Pretty, Prancing, Perfect Ponies ($8.99, 1-3). Sparkle and Shine issues Little Tractor and Friends ($12.99, 2-3). My First Numbers continues with Let's Get Counting!; and My First Things That Go offers Let's Get Moving! ($9.99 each, 2-5). New to My First Play Books are Animal Play and On the Move ($12.99 each, 2-5). There are six new John Deere titles ($3.99-$12.99 each, 2-5). DK Pop-Ups greets Noisy Animals, Wild Animals, Farm Animals and Counting Animals ($6.99 each, 3-5). And Animals Atlas is a new Amazing Pop-Up ($21.99, 5-8).

First Science Encyclopedia joins First Reference ($16.99, 6-10). New Eyewitness titles are Moon, Soldier, Human Body, Water, Jungle, Mummy, Battle, Titanic, Train, Evolution, Spy and Universe ($16.99 each, 8-12). And joining DK Biography are Laura Ingalls Wilder and Thomas Jefferson ($14.99 each, paper $5.99, 9-up).

Paperback Series

See How They Go! adds Fire Truck, Train, Diggers and Trucks ($3.99 each, 2-5). New Lego Duplo Storybooks are Farm and Rescue ($3.99 each, 2-5). And Sticker Encyclopedias welcomes Things That Go ($12.99, 3-up).


The Amazing Journey of Lucky the Lobster Buoy ($16.95) by Karel Hayes. Separated from its trap, Tim's lobster buoy returns home safely. (4-8)

Beau Beaver Goes to Town ($16.95) by Frances Bloxam, illus. by Jim Sollers. A young beaver tries to find the right place to build his lodge. (4-8)

The Legend of Burial Island: A Bean and Ab Mystery ($15.95) by David A. Crossman. Two teens solve a mystery on a Maine island. (10-14)


(IPG, dist.)


Cool Counting Books continues with 123 Chicago and 123 Texas by Puck, illus. by Kevin Somers ($8.95 each, up to 3).


(IPG, dist.)


Jonas Brothers Forever: The Unofficial Story of Kevin, Joe & Nick ($14.95) by Susan Janic. This look at the lives of these musician siblings includes 150 photos. (9-16)



Baby Board Books introduces Baby's Very First Animals Book, Baby's Very First Colors Book, Baby's Very First Outdoors Book and Baby's Very First Toys Book by Stella Baggott ($6.99 each, newborn-up). Bedtime Board Books with Bedtime Rhymes offers Night-Night Stories by Sam Taplin ($12.99, newborn-up). Taplin's This Is My Dinosaur and This Is My Monster by Taplin, illus. by Masumi Furukawa, join Noisy Touchy-Feely Board Books ($16.99 each, 6 mos.-up). Bath Books welcomes Jolly Pirate Bath Book by Stella Baggott ($14.99, 9 mos.-up). New Luxury Touchy-Feely Board Books by Fiona Watt are ABC Touchy-Feely Board Book: Farmyard Tales; Jungle Touchy-Feely Board Book, illus. by Andy Elkerton; and Tractors Touchy-Feely Board Book, illus. by Sue King ($15.99 each, 9 mos.-up). Watt's That's Not My Truck is new to Touchy-Feely Board Books ($8.99, 9 mos.-up). And First Fairytales Look and Say adds Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty by Sam Taplin ($9.99, 2-up).

Flip Flap Board Books welcomes Flip Flap Airport and Flip Flap Farm by Katie Daynes ($14.99 each, 3-up). Picture Books greets Little Pony by Anna Milbourne, illus. by Alessandra Roberti ($9.99, 3-up). Joining Preschool Activities are Dinosaur Fun by Fiona Watt, illus. by Katie Lovell; and Watt's Easter Fun ($12.99 each, 3-up). Very First Words in Spanish releases a title of the same name by Jo Litchfield ($7.99, 3-up). Phonics Readers gains Phonics Stories for Young Readers: Combined Volume 2 by Phil Roxbee Cox ($14.99, 4-up). 50 Easter Things to Make and Do issues a title of the same name by Kate Knighton ($9.99, 6-up). 50 Fairy Things to Make and Do by Minna Lacey is a new Fairies title ($9.99, 6-up). Science Activities adds Volume 2: Combined Volume and Volume 3: Combined Volume by M. Unwin ($13.99 each, 6-up).

New First Reading titles are Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly by Kate Davies, illus. by Sarah Horne; and Thumbelina by Susanna Davidson ($6.99 each, 7-up). See Inside Board Books gains See Inside Space by Katie Daynes, illus. by Peter Allen; and See Under the Sea by Kate Davies ($12.99 each, 7-up). Discovery History welcomes Knights by Rachel Firth and Trains by Stephanie Turnbull ($8.99 each, 8-up). Discovery Nature offers Bugs by Rosie Dickins, Sharks by Jonathan Sheikh-Miller and Space by Eileen O'Brien ($8.99 each, 8-up). Hobby Guides releases Detective's Handbook by Anne Civardi, illus. by Colin King ($12.99, 8-up). Illustrated Stories adds Illustrated Animal Stories by Lesley Sims, illus. by Conrad Mason ($19.99, 8-up). There are seven new Kids Kits ($10.99-$19.99 each, 8-up to 10-up). Science Stories issues Story of Science by Anna Claybourne, illus. by Adam Larkin ($10.99, 8-up). And World History continues with World History: Combined Volume by A. Millard ($24.99, 8-up).

Paperback Series

First Hundred Words presents First Hundred Words in Chinese by Heather Amery ($6.99, 2-up); and Amery's First Hundred Words Coloring Book ($5.99, 5-up). Activity Books welcomes Cowboy Things to Make and Do by Emily Bone, illus. by Erica Harrison ($6.99, 6-up). Trees by Lisa Gillespie joins Beginners Nature Series ($4.99, 6-up). What's Happening? releases Why Should I Keep Fit? by Sue Meredith ($6.99, 8-up). And new Historical House titles are Andie's Moon and Polly's March by Linda Newbery, Cecily's Portrait and Lizzie's Wish by Adèle Geras and Josie Under Fire and Mary Ann & Miss Mozart by Ann Turnbull ($5.99 each, 10-up).


My Goldfish ($15) by Barroux celebrates a goldfish with extraordinary talents. (3-7)

The Story of Queen Esther ($17.50) by Jenny Koralek, illus. by Grizelda Holderness, retells the story of the queen who saved her people and is celebrated during Purim. (4-8)

Swimming Sal ($17) by Carol Molski, illus. by Mary Newell DePalma. A Portuguese Water Dog joins the YMCA swim team to win a medal. (4-8)

Gonzalo Grabs the Good Life ($18) by Janice Levy, illus. by Bill Slavin. Sick of farm life, a rooster seeks out adventure. (5-9)

Persephone ($18) by Sally Pomme Clayton, illus. by Virginia Lee, is a retelling of the Greek myth. (7-10)

Alice's Shooting Star ($12) by Tim Kennemore follows Alice's Birthday Pig and Alice's World Record.


Tillmon County Fire ($9) by Pamela Ehrenberg explores, in multiple voices, how an act of arson affects teens in a small town. (14-up)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Paperback Series

Three Stories in One adds Animal Tales by Michael Morpurgo ($9.95, 5-8).


(FSG, dist.)

Feeling Sad ($16.95) by Sarah Verroken. A frog encourages a depressed duck to take heart. (3-6)

Boing Boing ($12.95) by Anne Peltola. A girl's paintings send a ball on a series of adventures and bring it back home again. (3-6)

Big Wolf and Little Wolf ($16.95) by Nadine Brun-Cosme, illus. by Olivier Tallec. Big Wolf is just beginning to care for Little Wolf when the smaller animal disappears. (3-7)


My Brother Bert ($16.95) by Ted Hughes, illus. by Tracey Campbell Pearson is an illustrated version of Hughes's classic poem about a girl who unleashes her brother's massive collection of pets. (3-6)

Dog Biscuit ($16) by Helen Cooper. After eating a dog biscuit, Bridget dreams of romping with canines. (4-8)

The Hat That Wore Clara B. ($16.95) by Melanie Turner-Denstaedt, illus. by Frank Morrison, reveals the special bond between a girl and her hat-wearing grandmother. (4-8)

Paula Bunyan ($16.95) by Phyllis Root, illus. by Kevin O'Malley, is the tale of Paul Bunyan's sister, who was as tall as a pine tree. (4-8)

Guttersnipe ($16.95) by Jane Cutler, illus. by Emily Arnold McCully, centers on a poor Jewish immigrant boy in the early 20th century. (5-8)

Diogenes ($16.95) by M.D. Usher, illus. by Michael Chesworth, tells of a dog who wants to become his own master. (5-up)

Bettina Valentino and the Picasso Club ($15.95) by Niki Daly. An art-loving fifth grader comes to the defense of her unconventional, controversial art teacher. (7-10)

How Oliver Olson Changed the World ($16) by Claudia Mills, illus. by Heather Maione. How can Oliver change the world if his parents won't let him do anything on his own? (7-10)

Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire ($16.95) by Brenda A. Ferber. At summer camp, Jemma wonders if it's possible to make new friends and keep the old. (8-12)

Franny Parker ($16) by Hannah Roberts McKinnon. Franny befriends the boy next door, whose family harbors painful secrets. (10-up)

Leaving Glorytown: One Boy's Struggle Under Castro ($17.95) by Eduardo F. Calcines is a memoir about coming of age in Communist Cuba. (10-up)

Deep in the Heart of High School ($16.95) by Veronica Goldbach. Uprooted from her hometown after her parents divorce, Vanna adjusts to a new high school. (12-up)

Jack Tumor ($17.95) by Anthony McGowan. A tumor growing in Hector's brain names itself Jack and takes control of the boy's life. (12-up)

Peril on the Sea ($16.95) by Michael Cadnum. In 1588, Sherwin and Katharine are unlikely shipmates on a vessel bound for a clash with the Spanish Armada. (12-up)

See No Evil ($16.95) by Jamila Gavin. While searching for her missing tutor, a London girl makes a surprising discovery about her family. (12-up)

Funny How Things Change ($16.95) by Melissa Wyatt. As a teen considers moving to the city with his girlfriend, an artist makes him question his future. (14-up)

Skunk Girl ($16.95) by Sheba Karim. A Pakistani-American teen contends with the rules set by her strict Muslim parents. (14-up)


Motor adds Super Stock Rookie by Will Weaver ($14.95, 12-up).


That's Papa's Way ($16.95) by Kate Banks, illus. by Lauren Castillo. When Papa takes his daughter out for a day of worm hunting and fishing, he does things his way. (4-8)

Monkeys and the Universe ($14.95) by Kate Banks, illus. by Tomek Bogacki. Max and Pete visit the observatory in this sequel to Monkeys and Dog Days. (6-8)

Smoke ($16.95) by Mavis Jukes. Colt encounters danger when he sets off to find his missing cat. (8-12)

I Heard God Talking to Me: William Edmondson and His Stone Carvings ($17.95) by Elizabeth Spires is a portrait of this son of former slaves who became a gifted sculptor. (10-up)


Math Attack! ($16.95) by Joan Horton, illus. by Kyrsten Brooker. Numbers take over the town in this tale about a girl trying to learn multiplication tables. (5-9)

Clarence Cochran, a Human Boy ($16) by William Loizeaux, illus. by Anne Wilsdorf. A cockroach that turns into a tiny boy saves his fellow roaches from extermination. (7-10)

Georgia Rises: A Day in the Life of Georgia O'Keeffe ($16.95) by Kathryn Lasky, illus. by Ora Eitan, reveals how the natural world influenced O'Keeffe's art. (8-up)

Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice ($19.95) by Phillip Hoose centers on this civil rights activist who refused to give her seat to a white woman in the segregated South. (10-up)

Under Siege! Three Children at the Civil War Battle for Vicksburg ($17.95) by Andrea Warren views this historic battle through the perspective of three children. (10-up)


The Tushy Book ($14.99) by Fran Manushkin, illus. by Tracy Dockray, focuses on human and animal tushies. (2-5)

Mighty Casey ($16.95) by James Preller, illus. by Matthew Cordell, plays homage to the poem “Casey at the Bat.” (4-8)

Peep! A Book About Taking a Leap ($12.99) by Maria van Lieshout. Out for a walk with his mother and sisters, a chick freezes when it's time to hop off a steep curb. (4-8)

Ava Tree and the Wishes Three ($14.99) by Jeanne Betancourt. Will Ava's wish to undo the saddest thing in her life come true? (6-9)

Fairy School Dropout ($12.99) by Meredith Badger. This debut book in the Fairy School series introduces a reluctant young fairy and her human friend. (7-9)

The Little Secret ($16.99) by Kate Saunders. A girl knows she must escape a terrifying, tiny world or be trapped there forever. (8-11)

Top of the Order ($16.99) by John Coy. Four friends deal with the new female member of their baseball team. (8-12)

Wild Blue: The Story of a Mustang Appaloosa and Little Prince: The Story of a Shetland Pony ($12.99 each) by Annie Wedekind launch the Breyer Horse Portrait Collection series. (9-up)

Killer Pizza ($14.99) by Greg Taylor. The owner of the pizza place where Toby works runs a monster-killing operation—and wants the boy's help. (10-14)

Stonecutter ($14.99) by John Kuramoto, illus. by Jon J Muth, adapts a Chinese folktale about a stonecutter searching for meaning in life. (10-up)

The Heights ($16.99) by Brian James. This reimagining of Wuthering Heights is told from the alternating perspectives of a teenage girl and boy. (12-up)


Dodger and Me continues with Dodger for President by Jordan Sonnenblick ($16.99, 8-12).


The Skateboarding Field Manual ($29.95, paper $19.95) by Ryan Stutt is an illustrated guide to skateboarding techniques. (12-up)


Yum! Yum! ($9.95) by Joanne Fitzgerald is a board book collection of nursery rhymes about food. (3-5)

Naomi's Tree ($19.95) by Joy Kogawa, illus. by Ruth Ohi. A cherry tree awaits the return of a Japanese family from Canada interned during WWII. (5-9)

Robert Munsch: Larger Than Life ($19.95, paper $11.95) by Frank B. Edwards recounts the life of this Canadian author. (7-9)

Focus on Flies ($18.95) by Norma Dixon compiles info about two-winged insects. (8-11)



Fight for Justice ($7.95) by Lori Saigeon. When his twin sister is attacked by bullies, Justice takes matters into his own hands. (8-up)

The Broken Thread ($12.95) by Linda Smith. Alina changes the future by fixing a thread in a tapestry. (13-up)

Shadow Boxing ($14.95) by Sherie Posesorski. Alice finds a way to cope with the death of her mother. (15-up)

Paperback Series

Disaster Strikes adds Graveyard of the Sea by Penny Draper ($8.95, 9-up). And The Spy Who Wasn't There continues with Chaos in China by Cora Taylor ($8.95, 9-up).


Paperback Series

Determine Your Destiny issues Petrified World by Pitor Brynzcka ($14.95, 8-up).



Dog Tracks ($14.95) by Ruby Slipperjack. Abby struggles to adjust to her new life on Bear Creek Reserve. (14-up)


Paperback Series

New Junior Jetsetters Guides are Amsterdam, Chicago, Lisbon and Paris by Slawko Waschuk and Pedro Marcelino ($15.95 each, 9-up).


A Royal Little Pest ($17.95) by Anita Reynolds, illus. by Karen Roy. A prince who enjoys irritating his older siblings changes his ways. (14-up)


Pounce de Leon ($18.95) by Tim Wynne-Jones, illus. by Alfredo Tapia. A mischievous cat seeks the fountain of youth for his aging owner. (4-6)

Long Powwow Nights ($23.95) by David Bouchard, illus. by Leonard Paul, music by Buffy Sainte-Marie. A mother uses the powwow ritual to demonstrate the importance of culture and identity. (8-up)


Archipelago ($12.95) by David Ward. After the loss of his father, a boy plunges 14,000 years back in time. (8-11)

Greener Grass ($12.95) by Caroline Pignat. During desperate times in the 19th century, a family is forced to leave their Irish homeland. (12-up)

Tripping ($12.95) by Heather Waldorf. Rainey discovers that her estranged mother is alive and living on the route of the girl's school road trip. (12-up)



Wild Talent: A Novel of the Supernatural ($15.95) by Eileen Kernaghan. A Scottish teen believes that she has unintentionally killed her cousin. (14-up)


(IPG, dist.)

I Need My Monster ($16.95) by Amanda Noll, illus. by Howard McWilliam. When the monster under Ethan's bed takes off, none of the substitute monsters measures up. (4-8)


(IPG, dist.)

Paperback Series

Kid Crafts adds Woodcarving by Everett Ellenwood ($14.95, 9-12).


(PGW, dist.)

My First Prayers ($16.95) by Jeremy Brooks, illus. by Laure Fournier, collects 15 prayers from around the world. (up to 6)

Mommy, Mommy, What's in Your Tummy? ($15.95) by Sarah Simpson-Enock, illus. by Linzi West, is a lift-the-flap book for children awaiting a new sibling. (2-5)

What Is This? ($15.95) by Antje Damm. Objects transform into other shapes. (2-5)

The No-No Bird ($16.95) by Andrew Fusek Peters and Polly Peters, illus. by Jim Coplestone, introduces a bird whose favorite word is “no.” (2-5

Stories from the Billabong ($19.95) by James Vance Marshall, illus. by Francis Firebrace, compiles 10 Australian tales. (5-8)

ABC UK ($16.95) by James Dunn, illus. by Helen Bate, is an alphabet book celebrating the U.K. (5-8)

What Mr Darwin Saw ($17.95) by Mick Manning and Brita Granström discusses the life and work of Charles Darwin. (6-9)

Tail-End Charlie ($16.95) by Mick Manning and Brita Granström is based on the experiences of Manning's father, an RAF air gunner during WWII. (6-9)

Amazons! Women Warriors of the World ($19.95) by Sally Pomme Clayton, illus. by Sophie Herxheimer, pays tribute to strong women from various cultures. (7-10)

Angel Boy ($15.95, paper $7.95) by Bernard Ashley. A boy who runs away from his home in Ghana is kidnapped by a gang of street kids. (8-12)

Dan and the Mudman ($15.95, paper $7.95) by Jonny Zucker. A Jewish boy travels back in time to confront an anti-Semitic bully. (9-10)

Ghostscape ($15.95, paper $7.95) by Joe Layburn. A lonely Muslim girl resolves problems at home and school by traveling back in time to the London Blitz. (9-11)

From Somalia with Love ($15.95, paper $7.95) by Na'ima B. Robert. The return of her long-lost father complicates a Muslim girl's life. (9-11)

The Young Inferno ($19.95) by John Agard, illus. by Satoshi Kitamura, is a graphic novel reworking of Dante's Inferno. (11-13)


Midnight Feast Magic ($15.95) by Rosalind Peters compiles recipes, games and activities for sleepovers. (8-12)

The Sniper ($15.95) by James Riordan is a novel based on the true story of a young female sniper during WWII. (10-13)



Best Behavior adds Hands Are Not for Hitting/Las manos no son para pegar by Martine Agassi, illus. by Marieka Heinlen ($7.95 board, paper $11.95); and Words Are Not for Hurting/Las palabras no son para lastimar by Elizabeth Verdick, illus. by Heinlen ($7.95 board, paper $11.95). And ParentSmart/KidHappy gains Ready to Play! A Tale of Toys and Friends, and Barely Any Bickering by Stacey Kaye, illus. by Elizabeth Dulemba ($12.99, 3-6).


Good-Bye Bully Machine ($6.99) by Debbie Fox and Allan Beane, illus. by Fox, discusses bullying and what kids can do to stop it. (8-up)

Paperback Series

Middle School Confidential issues Real Friends vs. the Other Kind by Annie Fox ($9.99, 11-14). And Service Learning for Kids Workbooks presents A Kids' Guideto Climate Change & Global Warming: How to Take Action by Cathryn Berger Kaye (6.95, 11-up).



Sand to Stone: And Back Again ($9.95) by Nancy Bo Flood, photos by Tony Kuyper, focuses on the life cycle of sandstone in the Southwest desert. (4-up)


Handy Stories to Read and Sign ($19.95) by Donna Jo Napoli and Doreen DeLuca, illus. by Maureen Klusza, presents five stories in both English and American Sign Language. (3-8)


Paperback Series

Here and Now debuts with Michelle Obama: Biography FunBook ($3.99, 6-14); Barack Obama, America's 44th President ($9.99, hardcover $29.99, 7-14); The Obama Family—Life in the White House ($8.99, 7-14); and Barack Obama: Biography FunBook ($3.99, 7-14), all by Carole Marsh. It's Your World by Marsh introduces 16 books, among them Africa, China, India and Middle East ($6.99 each, 7-14). Real Kids, Real Places Mysteries by Marsh adds The Wild Water Mystery of Niagara Falls and The Secrets Galore Mystery at Williamsburg ($7.99 each, 7-14). And Marsh's Around the World in 80 Mysteries issues The Rip-Roaring Mystery on the African Safari ($7.99, 7-14).


Discovering Art: Dogs, Cats and Kids ($4.95 each) by John Harris and Catherine Lorenz are board books that introduce art through rhyme and images of works from the Getty Museum. (6 mos.-3 yrs.).


NASCAR 1-2-3s ($15.99) by Paul DuBois and Jennifer Swender, illus. by Aaron Zenz, is a counting book for young NASCAR fans. (4-up)

Every Kid Needs a Water Balloon Launcher ($19.99) by Richard and Candice Elton is a guide to playing with water balloons. (6-up)


Pink Princess Cookbooks adds Green Princess Cookbook: Sweets and Treats to Save the Planet ($14.99, 6-up); and Spa Princess Cookbook ($16.99, 6-up), both by Barbara Beery.


Pocketdoodles for Kids ($10.99) by Bill Zimmerman, illus. by Tom Bloom, is a pocket guide to doodling and coloring outside the lines. (6-up)

Paperback Series

New Pocket Guides are The Pocket Guide to Brilliance, The Pocket Guide to Boy Stuff and The Pocket Guide to Girl Stuff by Bart King ($9.99 each, 8-14).


Rabbit School ($14.95) by Albert Sixtus, trans. by Roland Freischlad, illus. by Fritz Koch-Gotha, translates this German tale about two bunnies on their way to school. (4-up)

Catie Copley's Great Escape ($17.95) by Deborah Kovacs, illus. by Jared Williams. Catie, a dog living in a Boston hotel, journeys to Quebec to visit a fellow canine. Also available in French. (5-up)

Anne and the Chestnut Tree ($17.95) by Irene Cohen-Janca, trans. by Carl Scarbrough, illus. by Maurizio Quarello. A tree outside Anne Frank's window relates the story of her life. (9-up)

Genius of Common Sense: Jane Jacobs and the Story ofThe Death and Life of Great American Cities ($17.95) by Glenna Lang and Marjory Wunsch focuses on this author/activist and her commitment to inner-city neighborhoods. (10-up)


Sorry! ($16.95) by Norbert Landa, illus. by Tim Warnes. After Rabbit and Bear find a strange object in the woods, an argument strains their friendship. (2-6)

Me and My Mom! ($16.95) by Alison Ritchie, illus. by Alison Edgson. A young bear shares a day of fun and adventure with his mother. (2-7)

One Rainy Day ($16.95) by M. Christina Butler, illus. by Tina Macnaughton. Little Hedgehog's umbrella proves its value in unexpected ways. (3-7)

Little Bear's Big Sweater ($16.95) by David Bedford, illus. by Caroline Pedler. When Big Bear reluctantly hands down his favorite sweater, Little Bear soils it. (3-7)

When We're Together ($16.95) by Claire Freedman, illus. by Jane Chapman, celebrates the simple pleasures of time spent with family and friends. (3-7)

Time for Bed, Little One ($16.95) by Caroline Pitcher, illus. by Tina Macnaughton. Up past his bedtime, Little Fox discovers that other animals are too sleepy or busy to play. (3-7)

A Friend Like You ($16.95) by Julia Hubery, illus. by Caroline Pedler. On a journey into the mountains, Panda teaches Monkey to appreciate the beauty around them. (4-7)

Sylvia and Bird ($16.95) by Catherine Rayner. A lonely dragon finds a true friend. (4-7)

Tom's Tree ($16.95) by Gillian Shields, illus. by Gemma Raynor. Tom plants a seed and imagines it growing into a giant tree with a tree house. (4-7)



See My State adds C Is for Colorado and N Is for New York ($12.95 each, 3-8). And new Native American Art Activity Books by Nan McNutt are The Spindle Whorl, illus. by Susan Point and Roger Fernandes; and The Twined Basket, illus. by Justin T.W. Youso and Kim J. Kaino ($16.95 each, paper $9.95, 8-12).



The War Canoe ($9.95) by Jamie Bryson pays tribute to small-town life and cultural traditions in Alaska. (12-up)


It's Useful to Have a Duck ($10) by Isol is a board book centering on a boy and his rubber duck. (up to 3)

Mother Goose ($9.95). Various artists illustrate this board-book collection of rhymes. (up to 3)

My Little Round House ($18.95) by Bolormaa Baasansuren, adapted by Helen Mixter, recounts the first year in the life of a Mongolian child. (2-5)

Tulip and Lupin Forever ($18.95) by Mireille Levert, trans. by Elisa Amado. After the death of her companion, a fairy finds a new friend. (4-7)

Sopa de frijoles/Bean Soup ($18.95) by Jorge Argueta, illus. by Rafael Yockteng, presents a poem about making bean soup. (4-7)

My Great Big Mamma ($18.95) by Olivier Ka, trans. by Helen Mixter, illus. by Luc Melanson. A boy is outraged when his mother goes on a diet. (4-7)

Wanting Mor ($17.95) by Rukhsana Khan. A girl in Afghanistan copes with her demanding stepmother and a father who succumbs to drink and drugs. (10-14)

Children of War: Voices of Iraqi Refugees ($15.95) by Deborah Ellis contains interviews with young Iraqis living in Jordan or North America. (12-up)

earthgirl ($17.95) by Jennifer Cowan chronicles a teen's evolving ecological consciousness. (14-up)


Democracy by James Laxer is a new Groundwood Guide ($18.95, paper $10, 14-up).