Sales for the 81 publishers that report their revenue to the Association of American Publishers fell 2.4%, to $10.6 billion, in 2008. Declines came in nine of the 14 (including other) segments tracked by the association. The decline in children's hardcover was not unexpected, given the huge sales of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007; publisher Scholastic reports its sales to the AAP. The decline in audiobooks was also due in part to big sales of Hallows the previous year. The 13% decline in the adult hardcover segment was the result of a 5.3% drop in gross sales plus a steep 10.8% increase in returns. Sales for the 13 e-book publishers that report to AAP jumped 68.4% in 2008, to $53.5 million, a figure that represents only about 0.5% of all sales reported.