Have you ever had to leave work early so you could go home and finish the last chapter of the book you're reading? It happened to me recently: Katherine Howe's debut novel, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane (Voice, June), is a page-turning, delicious and devilishly delightful read. Howe's educational background and her personal connection to both the material and her protagonist, Connie, make the story thoroughly believable, but it's the interludes into the past that make it unique. The Physick Book is the type of book I love—a totally original work that defies description and takes control of your mind and your emotions. I'm already telling all of my customers they must read it. It's the one galley my entire staff has read, and we're now taking customers' names on a list so they can read it the minute it goes on sale. We can't wait to begin sharing this amazing book with our community.