In its first-quarter filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Books-A-Million broke out sales by segment for the first time. Books and magazines accounted for just over 82% in the first quarter ended May 2, slightly less than in the comparable period of 2008. Sales of books and magazines were flat in the period at about $97 million. BAM, which had total revenue of $118.2 million, performed better in the first quarter compared to its larger rivals, Barnes & Noble and Borders, as BAM doesn’t sell music, which dragged down results at B&N and Borders.

BAM also breaks out sales through its stores and its Web site. BAM’s e-commerce arm typically generates modest sales, and in the first quarter, online sales fell 12%, to $5.5 million.

Books-A-Million Sales by Segment (First Quarter)

Segment 2009 2008
Books and magazines 82.2% 83.7%
General merchandise 7.7 7.1
Café 4.4 4.6
Other 5.7 4.6