The Heart of Faerie Oracle (Mar., $25) by Brian and Wendy Froud empowers believers to connect with faeries by using 68 oracle cards and an accompanying instruction book. 75,000 first printing.


Silver Borne (Apr., $24.95) by Patricia Briggs. Mechanic and shape-shifter Mercy Thompson tries to keep a powerful Fae book out of the wrong hands.

Dead in the Family (May, $25.95) by Charlaine Harris. The 10th book in the series begins with Sookie's recovery after the torture she endured during the Faery War.

Death's Excellent Vacation (Aug., $24.95), edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner, compiles urban noir stories about holidays for the bloodsuckers and the demonic.


(dist. by Simon & Schuster)

Much Fall of Blood (May, $27) by Mercedes Lackey et al. continues the Heirs of Alexandra fantasy series with a sequel to The Shadow of the Lion and This Rough Magic.

Mission of Honor (July, $27) by David Weber revisits Honor Harrington; includes CD ROM. 125,000 first printing. Author tour.


Undead and Unfinished (July, $24.95) by MaryJanice Davidson. Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor does a deal with the devil to gain the ability to read the Book of the Dead.


Shadowrise: Vol. 3 of Shadowmarch (Mar., $27.95) by Tad Williams concerns royal twins struggling to regain their usurped throne and save their country.

Who Fears Death (June, $24.95) by Nnedi Okorafor presents postapocalyptic Africa and a magical woman who reshapes her world.


Bearers of the Black Staff (Aug., $27) by Terry Brooks. Great Wars' survivors living peaceably in a valley protected by magic face horrible difficulties when the magic begins to falter.


Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash (Mar., $25) by Aaron Allston finds Han and Leia on the run with three Jedi who appear insane.


The Left Hand of God (June, $25.95) by Paul Hoffman features a darkly gifted teenage boy at the center of a brutal holy war. 75,000 first printing.


Black Magic Sanction (Mar., $25.99) by Kim Harrison revisits bounty hunter and witch Rachel Morgan, who meets one of her own kind in a battle that will forever change her... if she survives. 250,000 first printing. 5-city author tour.


World of Warcraft: The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm (Aug., $26) by Christie Golden ties into the latest Warcraft game expansion, Cataclysm, in an exploration of key characters of the Warcraft universe. 100,000 first printing.


Recovering Apollo 8 and Other Stories (May, $24.95) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch gathers the author's stories that have won literary or reader's-choice awards.


The Sleeping Beauty (June, $24.95) by Mercedes Lackey. Unfortunately, Rosamund's decision to participate in her stepmother's risky incantation backfires and she falls into a deep, deep sleep.


Lover Mine (May, $25.95) by J.R. Ward. The 10th Black Dagger Brotherhood installment focuses on new vampire John Matthew, who is still haunted by his past and unsure of his future.


The Ambassador's Mission (May, $25.99) by Trudi Canavan picks up the story of Sonea and her son Lorkin and introduces a new character being trained to develop magical potential.

The Black Prism (Aug., $23.99) by Brent Weeks describes a world controlled by a single school of magic. Author tour.


(dist. by Trafalgar Square/IPG)

Retromancer (May, $24.95) by Robert Rankin recounts genius Hugo Rune's mission to rewrite history with the help of his faithful acolyte and companion Rizla.


The Dervish House (July, $26) by Ian McDonald melds Islamic mysticism with politics and terrorism in 2007 Istanbul.


Changes (Apr., $25.95) by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden must embrace his dark power to fight and save his child.

A Taint in the Blood: A Novel of the Shadowspawn (May, $25.95) by S.M. Stirling details a war against Homo luppens in which humans must rely on part-breeds.

Distant Thunders: Destroyermen (June, $24.95) by Taylor Anderson. The men of the destroyer Walker have found other humans, but will they prove to be allies or enemies?


Secret of the Dragon (Mar., $24.99) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The second book in the Dragonships series features Viking-like warriors questing to determine the fate of gods and mortals. 100,000 first printing.

A Mighty Fortress (Apr., $27.99) by David Weber is the latest novel in the series begun with Off Armageddon Reef. 125,000 first printing.

The Way of Kings (Aug., $27.99) by Brandon Sanderson presents the first volume in an epic fantasy saga. 200,000 first printing. Author tour.


Elminster Must Die (Aug., $25.95) by Ed Greenwood. Having foiled threats against the Realms, Elminster has enemies who know that the murder of the goddess of magic has stripped him of power.