The Flash: Rebirth (Apr., $19.99) by Geoff Johns, illus. by Ethan Van Sciver. Barry Allen returns from the dead to reclaim his title as the fastest man alive.

Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn Deluxe Edition (Apr., $24.99) by Grant Morrison, illus. by Frank Quitely and Philip Tan. The Dynamic Duo faces an assemblage of villains called the Circus of Strange.


Other Lives (Apr., $24.99), written and illus. by Peter Bagge, explores how people's identities become confused through use of the Internet and role-playing games.

Greendale (June, $19.99) by Josh Dysart, illus. by Cliff Chiang, retells Neil Young's Greendale album.

Dark Rain: A Graphic Novel of Katrina (Aug., $24.99) by Matt Johnson, illus. by Simon Gane, intertwines the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with a bank heist.


Planetary, Vol. 4 (Mar., $24.99) by Warren Ellis, illus. by John Cassaday. Three superhuman archeologists uncover unknown paranormal secrets and histories.


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Red: A Haida Manga (Mar., $22.95) by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas combines a traditional Haida story with visual elements of Haida art, Western comics, and Asian manga.


Fruits Basket, Ultimate Edition (June, $14.99) by Natsuki Takaya gathers volumes nine and 10 of the world's #1 shojo manga.