I Dream of an Elephant ($13.95) by Ami Rubinger. Friendly elephants introduce colors and rhyming. (2—5)


Over at the Castle ($15.95) by Boni Ashburn, illus. by Kelly Murphy. Set to the song “Over in the Meadow,” this tale reveals what castle workers do each day. (3—6)

Because I Am Your Daddy ($15.95) by Sherry North, illus. by Marcellus Hall. This companion to Because You Are My Baby pays tribute to fathers and the lengths they go for their children. (3—8)

Just Like Mama ($15.95) by Lesléa Newman, illus. by Julia Gorton, celebrates the love between a mother and daughter. (3—8)

Bear in the Air ($15.95) by Susan Meyers, illus. by Amy Bates. A lost teddy travels by air and sea to find his way home. (4—8)

Ballroom Bonanza: A Hidden Pictures ABC Book ($16.95) by Stephen Harris and Nina Rycroft, illus. by Rycroft, is an alphabet book spotlighting styles of dance. (4—8)

Dear Primo: A Letter to My Cousin ($15.95) by Duncan Tonatiuh. Cousins in America and Mexico write to each other about how their lives are different yet similar. (4—8)

The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza ($15.95) by Laura Numeroff, illus. by Lynn Munsinger, is a sequel to The Jellybeans and the Big Dance. (4—8)

My Friend Maya Loves to Dance ($16.95) by Cheryl Willis Hudson, illus. by Eric Velasquez, centers on two young dancers. (4—8)

My Friends the Flowers ($16.95) by William Lach, illus. by Doug Kennedy. A bee visits flowers from around the world. (4—8)

Orange Peel's Pocket ($16.95) by Rose Lewis, illus. by Grace Zong. A girl makes discoveries about her Chinese heritage. (4—8)

The Taming of Lola: A Shrew Story ($15.95) by Ellen Weiss, illus. by Jerry Smath, pits a demanding girl against her mean cousin. (4—8)

Mama, Is It Summer Yet? ($17.95) by Nikki McClure. Cut-paper art reveals the changing seasons. (4—up)

Oops! ($17.95) by Jean-Luc Fromental, illus. by Joëlle Jolivet. The family from 365 Penguins takes a hectic trip though Paris on the way to the airport. (4—up)

The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale ($18.95) by Steven Guarnaccia. This retelling gives a nod to the work of three well-known architects. (4—up)

Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story ($19.95) by S.D. Nelson introduces this Oglala-Lakota medicine man. (8—12)

Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age ($18.95) by Cheryl Bardoe, in association with the Field Museum of Chicago, focuses on these beasts. (8—12)


Sally's Great BalloonAdventure by Stephen Huneck joins other Sally titles ($16.95, 4—8). And Can You Find It? adds America: Search and Discover More Than 150 Details in 20 Works of Art by Linda Falken, in association with the Metropolitan Museum of Art ($16.95, 4—up).


How I, Nicky Flynn, Finally Get a Life (and a Dog) ($16.95) by Art Corriveau. A friendship with a former seeing-eye dog helps a boy adjust to life changes. (8—12)

Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies ($12.95) by Andrea Beaty. Twins save their summer camp from an invasion of alien rabbits. (8—12)

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda ($12.95) by Tom Angleberger. A boy whose classmates think he's clueless dispenses advice via an origami finger puppet. (8—12)

The Fizzy Whiz Kid ($16.95) by Maiya Williams. New to Hollywood, Mitch wants to become a normal kid again after starring in a soda commercial. (8—12)

Meanwhile: Pick Any Path. 3,856 Story Possibilities ($15.95) by Jason Shiga is an interactive graphic novel that uses tabs to follow various story lines. (8—up)

The Popularity Papers ($15.95) by Amy Ignatow. Two fifth graders try to crack the code of popularity. (9—13)

Anxious Hearts ($16.95) by Tucker Shaw is a tale of unrequited love based on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem “Evangeline.” (12—up)


The Sisters Grimm continues with The Inside Story by Michael Buckley ($15.95, 8—12).

Paperback Series

For Girls Only welcomes The Ultimate Guide to Being a Girl! by Sylvaine Jaoui, illus. by Manu Boisteau ($10.95, 12—up).


Counting Birds ($14.50) by Alice Melvin. This rhyming counting book is set in the springtime. (4—8)

Peter Blake's ABC ($13.50) by Peter Blake is an alphabet book by this British pop artist. (4—8)

How to Survive Modern Art ($19.95) by Susie Hodge offers an introduction to modern art. (4—8)


Will You Still Love Me? ($15.99) by Carol Roth, illus. by Daniel Howarth. Animal mothers—and one human one—reassure their young ones that love has no limits. (2—5)

Danny Is Done with Diapers: A Potty ABC ($16.99) by Rebecca O'Connell, illus. by Amanda Gulliver, is an alphabetic introduction to potty training. (2—5)

This Tree Counts! ($16.99) by Alison Formento, illus. by Sarah Snow. A tree growing behind a school whispers ideas to young tree lovers. (4—7)

Crash Bang Donkey! ($16.99) by Jill Newton. Things are quiet on Peaceful Farm—until Donkey shows up. (4—8)

Small Florence, Piggy Pop Star! ($16.99) by Claire Alexander. Will a piglet with pop-star aspirations get to sing in a TV competition? (4—8)

Miss Fox's Class Earns a Field Trip ($16.99) by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Anne Kennedy. In their third adventure, Miss Fox's students are determined to earn money for their class trip. (6—8)

Twinkle, Star of the Week ($16.99) by Joan Holub, illus. by Paul Nicholls. Each bright star in Ms. Sun's class can't wait to be a superstar. (6—8)

Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off ($14.99) by Jacqueline Jules, illus. by Miguel Benítez. A boy learns how to use his new super-speed ability to help others. (6—8)

First Rain ($16.99) by Charlotte Herman, illus. by Kathryn Mitter. Abby misses her grandmother after she and her parents move to Israel. (6—9)

Lucky Beans ($16.99) by Becky Birtha, illus. by Nicole Tadgell. In this story, set during the Great Depression, a boy sets out to win a bean-counting contest for his family. (7—11)


The Buddy Files debuts with The Case of the Lost Boy, The Case of the Mixed-up Mutts, and The Case of the Missing Family by Dori Hillestad Butler, illus. by Jeremy Tugeau ($14.99 each, 6—8). And The Boxcar Children Mysteries adds The Spy in the Bleachers and The Amazing Mystery Show, characters created by Gertrude Chandler Warner ($14.99 each, paper $4.99, 7—10).

Paperback Series

The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels offers The Amusement Park Mystery, The Pizza Mystery, and The Castle Mystery, characters created by Gertrude Chandler Warner ($6.99 each, 7—10).


(IPG/Trafalgar Square, dist.)

10 Little Hermit Crabs ($15.99) by Lee Fox, illus. by Shane McG. At the beach, 10 crabs disappear one by one before they are reunited. (up to 5)

Mannie and the Long Brave Day ($16.99) by Martine Murray, illus. by Sally Rippin. Mannie, her elephant, and her doll embark on an adventure with a magic box. (2—5)

To the Top End ($15.99) by Roland Harvey explores Australia's habitats. (6—9)


Detachable Boy ($8.99) by Scot Gardner. A boy with detachable body parts sets out to rescue his kidnapped friend. (9—12)

Ironbark ($8.99) by Barry Jonsberg. A boy and his grandfather bond while living in the woods. (13—up)

My Candlelight Novel ($7.99) by Joanne Horniman. A young single mother enters into complex relationships when she starts college. (13—up)

Riding the Black Cockatoo ($9.99) by John Danalis. This tale based on a true story involves an aboriginal skull and a young man's cultural discovery. (13—up)

Paperback Series

Tashi is back in Tashi and the Golem by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg, illus. by Kim Gamble ($5.99, 5—7).



2010 Girl of the Year Books are Lanie and Lanie's Real Adventures by Jane Kurtz, illus. by Robert Papp ($12.95 each, paper $6.95, 8—up). And Historical Characters welcomes Secrets at Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery by Jacqueline Dembar Greene, Missing Grace: A Kit Mystery by Elizabeth McDavid Jones, and Puzzle of the Paper Daughter: A Julie Mystery by Kathryn Reiss, all illus. by Jean-Paul Tibbles ($10.95 each, paper $6.95, 9—up).

Paperback Series

New Historical Characters are Kit Play Scenes & Paper Dolls: Decorate Rooms and Act Out Scenes from Kit's Stories! by Erin Falligant, illus. by Susan McAliley, Susan Moore, and Renée Graef; and Julie Play Scenes & Paper Dolls: Decorate Rooms and Act Out Scenes from Julie's Stories! by Falligant, illus. by Graef and Robert Hunt ($12.95 each, 8—up).

And Advice & Activity Books adds Honey's Guide to Puzzle Fun: Crosswords, Word Games and Other Fun Puzzles by Carrie Anton, illus. by Casey Lukatz and Carolyn Gavin; Ginger's Spice of Life Crafts: Easy Crafts to Makeand Share and Sugar's Super Sweet Note Card Kit: Pretty Postcards to Send to Your Friends and Family by Anton, illus. by Lukatz ($7.95 each, 7—up); The Cutest Nature Book Ever! Your Guide to Crafting, Daydreaming, Writing, and Thinking in the Great Outdoors! by Carrie Anton, illus. by Jen Skelley; A Smart Girl's Guide to Style: How to Have Fun with Fashion, Shop Smart, and Let Your Personal Style Shine Through by Sharon Cindrich, illus. by Shannon Laskey; and A Smart Girl's Guide to Parties: Going to Them, Throwing Them, and What to Do When Not Invited by Apryl Lundsten, illus. by Angela Martini ($9.95 each, 8—up); Just Dad and Me: The Fill-in, Tear-out, Fold-up Book of Fun for Girls and Their Dads by Erin Falligant, illus. by Stacy Peterson ($10.95, 8—up); and Oodles of Horses: A Collection of Posters, Doodles, Cards, Stencils, Crafts, Stickers, Frames—and Lots More—for Girls and Oodles of Polka Dots: A Collection of Posters, Doodles, Cards, Stencils, Crafts, Stickers, Frames—and Lots More—for Girls by Trula Magruder ($12.95 each, 8—up).


(Ingram, dist.)

Alternative ABCs ($14.95) by Dave Parmley and Eric Ruffling. In this contemporary alphabet book, P is for punk and S is for skateboard. (2—up)


(IPG/Trafalgar Square, dist.)

Old Dog ($14.99) by Jeanne Willis, illus. by Tony Ross. An old dog shows his grandpups he can still learn new tricks. (up to 5)


The Quiet Woman and the Noisy Dog ($8.99) by Sue Eves, illus. by Ailie Busby, is an onomatopoeic tale starring two very different women and their pets. (up to 5)


(Lerner, dist.)

Bedtime Without Arthur ($16.95) by Jessica Meserve. The whole family helps search for Bella's missing teddy bear. (4—9)

Elmer and Rose ($16.95) by David McKee. When Elmer meets a pink elephant, he learns about being different and fitting in. (4—9)

I Want Two Birthdays ($16.95) by Tony Ross. A princess discovers that the more birthdays one has, the less special they become. (4—9)

When Lulu Went to the Zoo ($16.95) by Andy Ellis. What happens when a girl sneaks zoo animals into her house? (4—9)



AniMotion adds Trucks and Zoo Babies ($9.99 each, 2—4). Eyeball Animation offers Ten Little Kittens by Marian Harris, illus. by Jim Harris ($15.99, 5—up).


(Firefly, dist.)

Chicken, Pig, Cow and the Purple Problem ($19.95, paper $6.95) by Ruth Ohi. The gang from Chicken, Pig, Cow are on a quest to change Cow's spots. (2—5)

How Do You Read to a Rabbit? ($19.95, paper $8.95) by Andrea Wayne von Königslöw reveals the challenges of reading to animals. (2—5)

Munsch at Play ($24.95) by Irene Watts adapts eight of Munsch's stories for the stage. (7—10)

Animal Snoops ($21.95, paper $11.95) by Peter Christie tells how animals apply secret-agent skills. (9—up)

Kings and Carpenters ($25.95, paper $16.95) by Laura Coulter, illus. by Martha Newbigging, examines 100 jobs in Old Testament times. (9—12)

I.D. ($24.95, paper $12.95) by Kate Scowen, illus. by Peter Mitchell, compiles graphic narratives about individuals' identity-shaping experiences. (13—up)


50 Questions debuts with 50 Burning Questions by Tanya Lloyd Kyi, illus. by Ross Kinnaird ($21.95, paper $12.95, 9—up). And Single Voice, edited by Melanie Little, launches with three two-in-one flip books: Descent into Paradise and A Place to Live by Vincent Karle and Jean-Vincent Blondel, Nothing but Your Skin and The Pool Was Empty by Cathy Ytak and Gilles Abier, and Just Julie and I Am Not Emmanuelle by Nadia Xerri-L. and Carine Tardieu ($19.95 each, paper $9.95, 14—up).


Abuelo vivía solo/Grandpa Used to Live Alone ($16.95) by Amy Costales, illus. by Esperanza Gama. A girl and her mother move into Grandpa's home. (4—8)

No Time for Monsters/No hay tiempo para monstruos ($16.95) by Spelile Rivas, illus. by Valeria Cervantes. Roberto pretends to be afraid of imaginary monsters to avoid doing chores, until he discovers that helping out can be fun. (4—8)

The Party for Papá Luis/La fiesta para Papá Luis ($16.95) by Diane Gonzales Bertrand, illus. by Alejandro Galindo, is a cumulative tale about a birthday celebration. (4—8)


Kid Cyclone Fights the Devil and Other Stories/Kid Ciclón se enfrenta a el Diablo y otras historias ($10.95) by Xavier Garza are bilingual tales featuring characters from Mexican-American folklore. (8—12)

The F Factor ($12.95) by Diane Gonzales Bertrand. Dealing with social and academic pressures, two classmates break free of their respective reputations. (11—up)


Between God and Me: A Journey Through Proverbs ($14.95) by Vicki Courtney. This guide for girls offers advice based on lessons from Proverbs. (8-12)


Who's in the Garden? ($14.99) by Phyllis Gershator, illus. by Jill McDonald, is a peek-a-boo book set in a garden. (1—4)

Octopus Opposites ($16.99) by Stella Blackstone, illus. by Stephanie Bauer, introduces various creatures and opposites. (1—4)

The Sounds Around Town ($14.99) by Maria Carluccio reveals the sounds a baby hears during a day in the city. (2—4)

Skip Through the Seasons ($14.99) by Stella Blackstone, illus. by Maria Carluccio, offers a hide-and-seek look at the changing seasons. (2—6)

Up, Up, Up ($14.99) by Susan Reed, illus. by Rachel Oldfield, takes a balloon ride to the stars. (3—7)

We're Roaming Through the Rainforest ($16.99) by Laurie Krebs, illus. by Anne Wilson. Three children encounter exotic creatures on a trek through the rainforest. (4—10)

Kids' Garden ($19.99) by Whitney Cohen, illus. by Roberta Arenson, compiles cards outlining 40 activities and games. (8—up)


Bear at Work Fun Activities ($5.99) by Stella Blackstone, illus. by Debbie Harter. Bear introduces interactive activities. (4—8)

Journey Home from Grandpa's Fun Activities ($5.99), illus. by Sophie Fatus, rounds up transportation-themed activities inspired by The Journey Home from Grandpa's. (4—8)


Humpty Dumpty's Nursery Rhymes ($7.99), illus. by Roberta Pagnoni. This die-cut volume collects nursery rhymes. (2—5)

It's Easter Time ($6.99), illus. by Roberta Pagnoni, is a holiday board book. (2—5)

Muddle Ocean: A Magnetic Play Book ($10.99) by Ben Cort. Kids use magnetic sea creatures to complete underwater scenes. (3—7)

Jacob O'Reilly Wants a Pet ($14.99) by Lynne Rickards, illus. by Lee Wildish. What will Jacob do to get a pet? (4—7)

Outside-In: A Lift-the-Flaps Body Book ($14.99) by Claire Smallman shows how the body works. (4—8)

If You Love a Mermaid Tale: The Little Mermaid and The Magic Shell ($18.99), adapted by Saviour Pirotta and Alice Peebles, illus. by Susanna Lockheart, presents two mermaid stories. (5—up)

My Little Box of Gardening: Start-up Kit for Kids with Green Thumbs ($16.99) by Louise Rooney, illus. by Sophy Williams, packages the book Let's Start Gardening! with instructions for 10 projects. (6—up)

The Little Box of Dreams ($16.99) by Gaby Goldsack, illus. by Sophy Williams. Kids can remember their nocturnal adventures with dream-related items. (6—up)

Geometric Art ($11.99) by Dee Costello, illus. by Melvyn Evans. Instructions and a spiral art set help kids create geometric doodles. (6—up)

3D Optical Illusions ($11.99) by Dee Costello reveals optical illusions and how to create them. (6—up)

The Explorer's Guides: Pirate Ship and The Explorer's Guides: T-Rex ($9.99 each) are kits focusing on these subjects. (7—10)

Extreme Bugs: Creepy and Crawly, Mad and Bad! ($22.99) by Steve Parker includes photos, flaps, foldouts, and mini booklets. (8—up)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: “Open Me for Curiouser and Curiouser Surprises!” ($18.99) by Harriet Castor, illus. by Zdenko Basic, retells this classic. (8—up)


Look at Me issues Little Bunny, Little Puppy, Little Panda, and Little Tiger by Giovanni Cavieziel, illus. by L. Rigo ($7.99 each, 1—4). New Books on the Go! are Cuddly Chick, illus. by Fiona Hayes; and Cuddly Lamb, illus. by Jane Brett ($12.99 each, 1—4). Who's Hiding? adds At the Beach, On the Farm, In the Garden, and In the House by Christiane Gunzi ($5.99 each, 1—4). Hello Jungle and Wake Up, Farm! by Andrew Everitt-Stewart join Animal Flappers ($7.99 each, 2—4). Let's Count releases Noisy Kittens and Noisy Puppies by Gunzi ($5.99 each, 3—5). Little People Shape Books welcomes Airline Pilot and Train Engineer by Cavieziel, illus. by C. Mesturini ($10.99 each, 4—7). How It Works offers Car and Plane by Nicholas Harris, illus. by Tim Hutchinson ($12.99 each, 7—up). Barron's Diaries continues with Diary of a Castle Adventure: An Interactive Adventure Tale by Harris ($14.99, 7—up). And new Graphic Classics are The Merchant of Venice, retold by Fiona Macdonald, illus. by Penko Gelev, and The Last of the Mohicans, retold by Tom Ratliff, illus. by Li Sidong ($15.99 each, paper $8.99, 8—up).


Doodle Mania: Oodles of Fun Pictures to Finish! ($8.99) by Peter Coupe invites kids to finish 100 captioned cartoons. (7—up)

What's the Point of Being Green?: And Other Stuff About Our Planet ($12.99) by Jacqui Bailey discusses environmental issues and how to keep the Earth green. (11—14)

Paperback Series

The Fairies Tell Us adds The Fairies Tell Us About Compassion and The Fairies Tell Us About Sharing by Rosa Curto, illus. by Aleix Cabrera ($6.99 each, 3—7). Nature's Miracles introduces Once There Was a Caterpillar, Once There Was a Raindrop, Once There Was a Seed, and Once There Was a Tadpole by Judith Anderson, illus. by Mike Gordon ($5.99 each, 4—7). Art in Action issues Maja Pitamic's Art in Action 1 ($14.99, 5—8) and Art in Action 2 ($14.99, 9—12). And Let's Read! gains A New World/Un nouveau monde and A New World/Un nuevo mundo by Stephen Rabley, illus. by David Lopez; and Stranger in the Snow/L'étranger dans la neige and Stranger in the Snow/Un extraño en la nieve by Lynne Benton, illus. by Ollie Cuthbertson ($4.99 each, 8—up).



Disappearing Acts launches with six titles, including Katydids and Green Tree Frogs by Natalie Lunis ($16.96 each, 5—8). Four books join Football Heroes Making a Difference, among them Larry Fitzgerald and Tony Romo by Michael Sandler ($16.96 each, 6—11). And Scary Places adds Dark Labyrinths by Michael Goodman and Wretched Ruins by Steven Stern ($18.95 each, 9—13).


(Sterling, dist.)

My Little Baby ($9.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Elliot Kreloff, introduces animals and sounds. (up to 6 mos.)

Where's Your Nose? ($9.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Elliot Kreloff, focuses on parts of the body. (6—12 mos.)

Round Balls Round Balls ($9.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Elliot Kreloff, contains rhymes and interactive touch elements. (12—18 mos.)

Counting Duckies ($9.95) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Elliot Kreloff, offers an introduction to counting. (18 mos.—2 yrs.)

Lily's Potty and Pete's Potty ($9.95 each) by Karen Nagel, illus. by Betsy Snyder. Gatefolds reveal children learning to use the potty. (2—3)

What Color Is Your Apple? and What Shapes Do You See? ($9.95 each) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Elliot Kreloff, examine colors and shapes. (2—3)


(IPG, dist.)

The Fart Fairy ($15.95) by Bobbie Hinman, illus. by Mark Wayne Adams. This story about an everyday occurrence includes an audio CD. (4—7)


(Workman, dist.)


Get Ready for School adds Get Ready for Kindergarten: Math and Science ($17.95, 3—5) and Get Ready for First Grade: Math and Science ($17.95, 5—7) by Elizabeth Van Doren. And Child's Introduction releases A Child's Introduction to the World: Geography, Cultures, and People—From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China by Heather Alexander, illus. by Meredith Hamilton ($19.95, 9—12).


Bedtime for Mommy ($16.99) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illus. by LeUyen Pham. A girl puts her parents to bed. (3—5)

Too Purpley! ($11.99) by Jean Reidy, illus. by Genevieve Leloup. A young fashionista refuses to wear a single outfit in her closet. (3—5)

The Mud Fairy ($16.99) by Amy Young. Does a muddy fairy in the swamp stand a chance of earning her wings? (3—6)

The Butt Book ($16.99) by Artie Bennett, illus. by Mike Lester, pays tribute to backsides. (5—7)

Princesses Are Not Perfect ($16.99) by Kate Lum, illus. by Sue Hellard, introduces princesses with their own special talents. (5—8)

Animal Tales: Angus MacMouse Brings Down the House by Linda Phillips Teitel and The Pup Who Cried Wolf by Chris Kurtz, both illus. by Guy Francis ($15.99 each, paper $5.99). A soprano becomes famous when a mouse scares her into singing a high note; and a Chihuahua longs to join a wolf pack. (7—10)

A Whole Nother Story ($16.99) by Dr. Cuthbert Soup is a novel about a family, their psychic dog, and a sock puppet on the run. (8—12)

The Timekeeper's Moon ($16.99) by Joni Sensel is a follow-up to The Farwalker's Quest. (8—12)

Kid vs. Squid ($16.99) by Greg van Eekhout. A boy embarks on an adventure after a girl steals an artifact from his uncle's museum. (8—12)

Pickle Impossible ($15.99) by Eli Stutz is a tale featuring a jar of pickles, an unlikely friendship, and magical coincidences. (8—12)

My Invisible Sister ($15.99) by Sara Pinto and Beatrice Colin. Frank's plan to persuade his family not to move again involves his invisible sister. (8—12)

Calamity Jack ($19.99, paper $14.99) by Shannon and Dean Hale, illus. by Nathan Hale. This graphic novel is a sequel to Rapunzel's Revenge. (10—up)

The Wide-Awake Princess ($16.99) by E.D. Baker. When her sister pricks her finger and everyone in the castle falls asleep, a princess must save the day. (10—14)

Captivate ($16.99) by Carrie Jones is a sequel to Need. (12—up)

Magic Under Glass ($16.99) by Jaclyn Dolamore. In this romantic fantasy, a girl races against time to break a curse. (12—up)

Anastasia's Secret ($16.99) by Susanne Dunlap. The fate of a Russian princess rests in the hands of a guard who is her secret love. (12—up)

The Returners ($16.99) by Gemma Malley. A boy having nightmares about concentration camps learns he is reincarnated and destined to recall past atrocities. (12—up)

Princess of Glass ($16.99) by Jessica Day George is a companion to Princess of the Midnight Ball. (12—up)

Little Blog on the Prairie ($16.99) by Catherine Davitt Bell. A girl attending a camp where everyone lives like 1890s pioneers manages to e-mail her friends. (12—up)

The Mark ($16.99) by Jen Nadol. A girl with the ability to identify those who are marked to die attempts to change their fates. (14—up)

Deception ($16.99, paper $9.99) by Lee Nichols. In this first book in a trilogy, a girl learns she can communicate with ghosts after the disappearance of her parents (14—up)


Mythic Miss-Adventures issues Pandora Gets Heart by Carolyn Hennesy ($14.99, 8—12).


GirlForce: Shine ($12.99) by Nikki Goldstein compiles DIY tips on makeup, nutrition, and exercise. (10—14)

Bro-Jitsu: The Martial Art of Sibling Smackdown ($12.99) by Daniel Wilson, illus. by Les McClaine, is a guide to tormenting a brother or sister. (12—up)

Paperback Series

The Waking offers Spirits of the Noh by Thomas Randall ($8.99, 12—up).


(Chronicle, dist.)

Who Is Sleeping? Who Is Awake? Flip-a-Face ($9.99) by SAMi. Die-cut pages reveal animals awake and asleep. (1—4)

Butterfly Birthday ($16.99) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Mark Jones, is a seasonal title following Snow Party, Mermaid Dance, and By the Light of the Harvest Moon. (3—7)

Emily and Alex: Naughty and Nice and Plain and Fancy ($9.99 each) by Barroux. Twins introduce opposites. (3—up)

Bear in Underwear ($12.99) by Todd Doodler is the tale of a bear with a backpack filled with underwear. (4—up)

Passover: Celebrating Now, Remembering Then ($17.99) by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Karla Gudeon, celebrates Passover past and present. (4—up)

Stella Is a Star ($17.99) by Bernadette Peters, illus. by Liz Murphy. This story of a dog who learns to be herself comes with a CD. (4—up)

Extraordinary Pets ($15.99) by Barroux focuses on pets and their owners. (5—up)

Super Hero Food Doodles ($12.99) by Deborah Zemke. This doodle book stars food characters with a message about nutrition. (8—11)


DwellStudio adds DwellStudio Bibs to Go ($12.99, up to 3); Eat and Go ($6.99 each, 2—5); and Touch & Feel Town ($8.99, 2—5). Rian Sias's Go Greenie! debuts with Are You Eating Something Red? ($7.99, up to 5); and Are You Eating Something Green? ($9.99, 1—5). And The Simms Taback Baby Gift Store adds Count: 4, 5, 6, Mommies and Babies, and Zoom ($4.99 each, 1—4).


Ants in Your Pants ($12.99) by Yukiko Kido is a coloring and sticker book. (4—8)


(Sterling, dist.)

Meeow and the Pots and Pans ($12.95) by Sebastien Braun is the third adventure starring this cat. (2—4)

Tap Tap Bang Bang ($16.95) by Emma Garcia. Tools work together to make a go-cart. (2—4)

The Ugly Duckling ($16.95) by Sebastien Braun retells this tale. (2—5)

The Fox and the Hen ($16.95) by Éric Battut. Farm animals hatch a plan to rescue a chicken's egg from a fox. (3—5)

What's the Matter, Bunny Blue? ($14.95) by Nicola Smee. A bunny searches for his grandmother. (3—6)

Far Away Across the Sea ($12.95) by Toon Tellegen, illus. by Jessica Ahlberg, compiles stories about friendship, memory, dancing, and cake. (5—up)


What About Bear? ($16.95) by Suzanne Bloom. Bear and Goose from A Splendid Friend, Indeed and Treasure are back. (2—5)

When Jack Goes Out ($13.95) by Pat Schories is a wordless follow-up to Jack and the Night Visitors. (2—6)

A Beach Tail ($17.95) by Karen Lynn Williams, illus. by Floyd Cooper. Lost at the beach, a boy finds his way back to his father. (3—7)

Windows with Birds ($16.95) by Karen Ritz. A cat discovers positive aspects of his new home in the city. (5—7)

Sometimes We Were Brave ($16.95) by Pat Brisson, illus. by France Brassard. A boy adjusts to life while his mother, a navy sailor, is at sea. (5—7)

Tucker Took It! ($16.95) by Bruce VanPatter. Tucker the goat is blamed when things go missing on the farm. (5—7)

Whose Shoes?: A Shoe for Every Job ($16.95) by Stephen R. Swinburne. Photos focus on the right footwear for various jobs. (5—7)

Pika: Life in the Rocks ($18.95) by Tannis Bill, photos by Jim Jacobson, examines the lifestyle of this small rodent. (5—7)

Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature ($17.95) by Sarah C. Campbell, photos by Sarah C. Campbell and Richard P. Campbell, explores this number sequence's appearance in nature. (5—11)

My Shoes and I ($16.95) by René Colato Laínez, illus. by Fabricio Vanden Broeck, tells of a boy and the shoes he'll wear on his journey from El Salvador to the U.S. (7—9)

Fly Free! ($17.95) by Roseanne Thong, illus. by Eujin Kim Neilan. A girl in a Vietnamese village sets in motion a chain of good deeds. (7—9)

Big Night for Salamanders ($17.95) by Sarah Marwil Lamstein, illus. by Carol Benioff. A boy helps his beloved salamanders. (8—12)

Bugs and Bugsicles: Insects in the Winter ($17.95, paper $11.95) by Amy S. Hansen, illus. by Robert C. Kray. What do insects do to survive winter? (8—12)

An Egret's Day ($17.95) by Jane Yolen, photos by Jason Stemple. Poems and photos explore the daily life of a Great Egret. (9—11)

Planet Hunter: Geoff Marcy and the Search for Other Earths ($17.95) by Vicki Oransky Wittenstein profiles this planet-discovering astronomer. (10—14)


Birmingham Sunday ($17.95) by Larry Dane Brimner. Photos chronicle the 1963 bomb blast that killed four girls in a Birmingham, Ala., church. (10—up)

Captain Mac: The Life of Donald Baxter MacMillan, Arctic Explorer ($17.95) by Mary Morton Cowan is a biography of this 20th-century explorer. (10—up)


The Reinvention of Edison Thomas ($17.95) by Jacqueline Houtman. A science geek can invent devices that do anything—except solve his bully problem. (8—up)

Wiff and Dirty George: The Z.E.B.R.A. Incident ($17.95) by Stephen R. Swinburne. Two boys in 1960s England must stop a dastardly plot. (9—11)

Warriors in the Crossfire ($17.95) by Nancy Bo Flood is the story of two cousins caught between Japanese and American forces on Saipan during WWII. (10—14)

City of Cannibals ($18.95) by Ricki Thompson. In 1536, Dell defies her father and sets off for London. (13—17)


Where Is My Sock? ($16.95) by Marijke ten Cate. After taking a bath, a boy searches for his lost clothes. (2—6)

Elephant Soup ($17.95) by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert. A mouse needs help capturing an elephant to make his favorite recipe. (2—6)

The Tree House ($17.95) by Marije Tolman and Ronald Tolman. In this wordless tale, creatures enjoy a magical tree house. (2—up)


Weekend Mischief ($17.95) by Rob Jackson, illus. by Mark Beech. Poems describe a boy's weekend antics. (7—9)

Reading, Rhyming, and 'Rithmetic ($17.95) by Dave Crawley, illus. by Liz Callen, compiles poems about a zany day at school. (7—9)


Paperback Series

Tales of the Borderlands adds The King Commands by Meg Burden ($8.95, 12—up).


Into the Wild and It's Vacation Time ($8.99 each) by Lerryn Korda. In these stories, friends' imaginations fuel adventures. (1—3)

Everybody Was a Baby Once and Other Poems ($15.99) by Allan Ahlberg, illus. by Bruce Ingman. The creators of The Runaway Diner offer 19 poems featuring babies. (2—up)

All Around the Seasons ($11.99) by Barney Saltzberg celebrates childhood activities throughout a year. (2—5)

I'm the Best ($14.99) by Lucy Cousins. A boastful dog gets his comeuppance in this tale about friendship. (2—5)

The Very Best Mother Goose Book Tower ($9.99) by Iona Opie, illus. by Rosemary Wells, presents four miniature board books. (2—5)

What Color Is Caesar? ($16.99) by Maxine Kumin, illus. by Alison Friend, follows a dog's quest for self—definition. (2—5)

Hello, Puppy! ($12.99) by Jane Cowen-Fletcher is the tale of a child who gets a new puppy. (2—6)

The Best Cat ($15.99) by Valeri Gorbachev centers on a beloved family pet. (3—5)

The Dollhouse Fairy ($16.99) by Jane Ray. What happens when a girl finds an injured, untidy fairy in her doll house? (3—7)

Did My Mother Do That? ($15.99) by Sharon Holt, illus. by Brian Lovelock, introduces mothers and babies of various species. (3—up)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears ($14.99) by Emma Chichester Clark retells this classic. (3—up)

Guess How Much I Love You All Year Round ($16.99) by Sam McBratney, illus. by Anita Jeram. Four stories follow the Nutbrown Hares through the seasons. (3—up)

Noah's Garden: When Someone You Love Is in the Hospital ($15.99) by Mo Johnson, illus. by Annabelle Josse. A boy waits for his newborn sister to be well enough to see him. (3—up)

Polly's Pink Pajamas ($14.99) by Vivian French, illus. by Sue Heap. A pajamas-loving girl scrambles to find the right party outfit. (3—up)

Aunt Mary's Rose ($16.99) by Douglas Wood, illus. by LeUyen Pham. A treasured rosebush links generations of a family. (4—7)

Dad and Pop: An Ode to Fathers and Stepfathers ($15.99) by Kelly Bennett, illus. by Paul Meisel. A father and stepfather have an important thing in common. (4—7)

Let's Save the Animals ($12.99) by Frances Barry spotlights endangered animals and ways to help them. (4—7)

Waiting Out the Storm ($15.99) by JoAnn Early Macken, illus. by Susan Gaber. Safe indoors, a mother and child discuss what the animals will do during a storm. (4—7)

Creak! Said the Bed ($15.99) by Phyllis Root, illus. by Regan Dunnick, is a tale involving a stormy night, a snoring dad, and a houseful of restless sleepers. (4—8)

Cloud Tea Monkeys ($15.99) by Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham, illus. by Juan Wijngaard, is a tale inspired by a legend about tea-picking monkeys. (4—up)

Herbert: The True Story of a Brave Sea Dog ($15.99) by Robyn Belton. A boy never loses hope when his dog vanishes at sea. (4—up)

Bag in the Wind ($17.99) by Ted Kooser, illus. by Barry Root. This poet follows a plastic bag's journey from a landfill into people's lives. (5—8)

Insect Detective ($16.99) by Steve Voake, illus. by Charlotte Voake, explores the insect world. (5—8)

Yucky Worms ($16.99) by Vivian French, illus. by Jessica Ahlberg, examines the life of the earthworm. (5—8)

Goal! ($16.99) by Mina Javaherbin, illus. by A.G. Ford, is the story of young soccer players in South Africa. (6—10)

The Night Fairy ($16.99) by Laura Amy Schlitz, illus. by Angela Barrett. What happens when an injured fairy can no longer fly? (7—11)

Henry Aaron's Dream ($16.99) by Matt Tavares centers on this baseball hero. (8—10)

The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon ($15.99) by David Almond, illus. by Polly Dunbar. A boy with a long ladder sets out to see if the moon is just a hole in the sky. (8—12)

I Fooled You: Ten Stories of Tricks, Jokes, and Switcheroos ($16.99), collected and edited by Johanna Hurwitz, rounds up stories from 10 middle-grade authors. (9—12)

Chasing Orion ($17.99) by Kathryn Lasky. Siblings are drawn into a web of lies when a teen with polio enters their lives. (10—up)

Free? Stories About Human Rights ($17.99), edited by Amnesty International, compiles stories on such themes as asylum, law, education, and faith. (10—up)

Take Me with You ($14.99) by Carolyn Marsden. Hopes of adoption test the friendship of two girls in post-WWII Italy. (10—up)

Vampireology: The True History of the Fallen ($19.99) by Archer Brookes, edited by Nick Holt, follows the story of three vampire bloodlines. (10—up)

The Agency: A Spy in the House ($16.99) by Y.S. Lee launches a mystery series set in Victorian London. (12—up)

Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs ($15.99) by Ron Koertge is a sequel to Shakespeare Bats Cleanup. (12—up)

Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots ($16.99) by Abby McDonald. Can a boy-crazy girl survive the wilds of Canada? (14—up)

Finnikin of the Rock ($18.99) by Melina Marchetta. In this fantasy, Finnikin and a mysterious girl try to rescue their cursed homeland. (14—up)

The Secret to Lying ($17.99) by Todd Mitchell. A teenage boy's self-reinvention spins out of control. (14—up)


The Patterson Puppies adds The Patterson Puppies and the Midnight Monster Party by Leslie Patricelli ($14.99, 2—5). Maisy First Science Books issues Maisy's Book of Things That Go by Lucy Cousins ($12.99, 3—up). Cousins's Maisy Goes on Vacation joins Maisy First Experience Books ($12.99, 3—up). Brand New Readers offers Three Little Bears Play All Day by David Martin, illus. by Akemi Gutierrez ($14.99, paper $5.99, 4—8); and Summer Fun! Box ($12.99, 4—up). Andy Shane returns in Andy Shane, Hero at Last by Jennifer Richard Jacobson, illus. by Abby Carter ($14.99, 5—8). Stink stars in Solar System Superhero by Megan McDonald, illus. by Peter H. Reynolds ($12.99, 5—8). Encyclopedia Mythologica continues with Gods and Heroes by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda ($29.99, 5—up). Flanimals continues with Flanimals Pop-Up by Ricky Gervais ($19.99, 5—up). Emily Windsnap is back in Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret by Liz Kessler, illus. by Sarah Gibb ($15.99, 8—12). The Softwire adds Awakening on Orbis 4 by PJ Haarsma ($16.99, 12—up). And Triskellion welcomes The Gathering by Will Peterson ($16.99, 13—up).


31 Ways to Change the World ($8.99) by We Are What We Do outlines actions that can make a difference. (8—12)

Paperback Series

Joining Read, Listen, & Wonder are Caterpillar, Caterpillar by Vivian French, illus. by Charlotte Voake, and Sea Horse: The Shyest Fish in the Sea by Chris Butterworth, illus. by John Lawrence ($8.99 each, book and CD; peggable book and CD $9.99, 5—8). Judy Moody reappears in Judy Moody's Way Wacky Uber Awesome Book of More Fun Stuff to Do by Megan McDonald, illus. by Peter H. Reynolds ($5.99, 6—9). Scream Street releases Flesh of the Zombie and Heart of the Mummy by Tommy Donbavand ($5.99 each, 8—up). And Vermonia offers Call of the Winged Panther by YOYO ($9.99, 8—up).


The General ($16.99) by Janet Charters, illus. by Michael Foreman, is a 50th-anniversary edition of this story about a reformed, once-ruthless general. (All ages)

Mr. Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo ($15.99) by Kevin Waldron. Will a zookeeper notice all that has gone wrong? (All ages)

The Pirate Cruncher ($15.99) by Jonny Duddle. A motley crew sets off to find an island of gold. (3—up)

The Django ($16.99) by Levi Pinfold is a fictional story inspired by the life of jazz musician Jean “Django” Reinhardt. (5—up)

How the World Works: A Hands-on Guide to Our Amazing Planet ($17.99) by Christiane Dorion, illus. by Beverley Young, presents facts about the Earth. (7—11)


Petit Collage introduces I Like Bugs and I Like Fruit by Lorena Siminovich ($6.99 each, 1—3).


(Sterling, dist.)

Planet Animal: Snow and Ice and Under the Sea ($19.95 each) by Anita Ganeri introduce animals of the Arctic and Antarctic, and sea creatures. (5—up)

Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island ($19.95) by Dereen Taylor, illus. by Carlos Fonseca. This retelling includes games, flaps, and pull-out booklets. (8—up)

The Mammal Book ($22.95) by Barbara Taylor showcases large and small mammals. (8—up)

Wallace and Gromit: Grand Adventures & Glorious Inventions: The Scrapbook of an Inventor and His Dog ($24.95) by Penny Worms presents Wallace's invention journal. (8—up)

First Guitar Tutor ($9.95) by Terry Burrows is a guide for beginning guitarists. (10—up)


Teddy Bear Counting ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Barbara Barbieri McGrath. Bears introduce numbers, colors, and shapes. (3—6)

What Will You Be, Sara Mee? ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Kate Aver Avraham, illus. by Anne Sibley O'Brien. Family and friends celebrate a Korean-American girl's first birthday. (3—6)

Hip-Pocket Papa ($15.95) by Sandra Markle, illus. by Alan Marks. A hip-pocket frog cares for his young. (4—7)

Meet the Howlers! ($16.95, paper $7.95) by April Pulley Sayre, illus. by Woody Miller, spotlights the howler monkey. (4—7)

Our Grandparents: A Global Album ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Maya Ajmera, Sheila Kinkade, and Cynthia Pon. Photographs celebrate the grandparent-grandchild bond. (4—7)

Rufus and Friends: School Days ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Iza Trapani. Rufus and pals spend a day reading, writing, counting, and making mischief. (4—7)

Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! ($17.95, paper $7.95) by April Pulley Sayre, illus. by Annie Patterson, is a newly illustrated version of this story about a turtle's struggle to survive. (5—8)

Ocean Soup ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Stephen R. Swinburne, illus. by Mary Peterson, focuses on 10 creatures living in Atlantic and Pacific tide pools. (6—9)

Our Texas ($17.95, paper $8.95) by Jackie Mims Hopkins, illus. by Craig J. Spearing, explores the Lone Star State's historical figures and sites. (6—9)

Older Than the Stars ($15.95) by Karen Fox, illus. by Nancy Davis, examines how humans are connected to the beginning of the universe. (7—10)

Pythagoras and the Ratios ($16.95, paper $7.95) by Julie Ellis, illus. by Phyllis Hornung Peacock. Pythagoras discovers that harmonized musical notes have a mathematical relationship. (7—10)

The Circulatory Story ($17.95, paper $7.95) by Mary K. Corcoran, illus. by Jef Czekaj, explains the human circulatory system. (8—11)

Nest, Nook & Cranny ($15.95) by Susan Blackaby, illus. by Jamie Hogan. Poems explore animal homes. (9—12)

The Robin Makes a Laughing Sound: A Birder's Journal ($11.95) by Sallie Wolf, designed by Micah Bornstein. Poetry and art reveal birds in this journal-style guidebook. (9—12)

Every Bone Tells a Story: Hominin Discoveries, Deductions, and Debates ($18.95) by Jill Rubalcaba and Peter Robertshaw chronicles the unearthing of four hominins. (10—13)

Kyle's Island ($16.95) by Sally Derby. Kyle learns about loss when his grandmother dies, her cottage is sold, and his father moves out. (10—13)


(IPG, dist.)


The Paper Boomerang Book: Build Them, Throw Them, and Get Them to Return Every Time ($12.95) by Mark Latno tells how to build paper boomerangs and how they work. (9—up)

Kinetic Contraptions: Build a Hovercraft, Airboat, and More with a Hobby Motor ($16.95) by Curt Gabrielson is a guide to making these machines using household items. (12—up)

Paperback Series

For Kids adds Theodore Roosevelt for Kids: His Life and Times, 21 Activities by Kerrie Logan Hollihan, and America's Black Founders: Revolutionary Heroes & Early Leaders with 21 Activities by Nancy Sanders ($16.95 each, 9—up).


(IPG, dist.)

Simeon's Story: An Eyewitness Account of the Kidnapping of Emmett Till ($22.95) by Simeon Wright with Herb Boyd. In this memoir, Wright shares the story of his cousin's kidnapping and murder. (12—up)


Let Me Help!/¡Quiero ayudar! ($16.95) by Alma Flor Ada, illus. by Angela Domínguez. A pet parrot tries to help his human family prepare for Cinco de Mayo. (4—8)


Paperback Series

Rookie Toddler—My Body Books issues Brush, Brush, Brush! and I Go Potty! ($6.95 each, 18 mos.—3 yrs.). Rookie Toddler—First Concepts introduces Can You Find Colors?, 5 Busy Ducklings, Hide-and-Peek, and Do You See Shapes? ($6.95 each, 18 mos.—3 yrs.). Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors & Scientists welcomes Benjamin Franklin, Lise Meitner, Louis Alvarez, and Rachel Carson by Mike Venezia ($6.95 each, 8—9). A True Book—Ancient Civilizations adds six titles, including Ancient China by Mel Friedman and The Aztec Empire by Sunita Apte ($6.95 each, 8—10). And A True Book—Space has six additions, among them Constellations by F.S. Kim and The Solar System by Howard Trammel ($6.95 each, 8—10).


Noo-Noos ($8.99) by Carol Thompson reveals why babies like their own special “noo-noos.” (up to 2)


My New Baby offers Waiting for Baby, My New Baby, You and Me!, and Look at Me!, illus. by Rachel Fuller ($4.99 each, up to 3). Helping Hands presents Clean It!, Cook It!, Grow It!, and Fix It! by Georgie Birkett ($5.99 each, 2—5). And First Time greets Baby-Sitter, Sleepover, Nursery, and Big Day Out by Jess Stockham ($5.99 each, 2—5).


I Told You So! ($7.99) by Sarah Arnold. Ella tries to warn Nursey about the odd characters appearing in Tom's pram. (3—8)

Paperback Series

Tales with a Twist adds Dingo Dog and the Billabong Storm by Andrew Fusek Peters, illus. by Anna Wadham ($8.99, 4—7).


(IPG, dist.)


Little Dipper introduces Caillou: A Day at the Farm and Caillou: A Special Guest by Joceline Sanschagrin, illus. by Pierre Brignaud ($5.95 each, 2—up).

Paperback Series

New Big Dipper titles are Caillou: A New Family by Christine L'Heureux and Caillou: The Wolf by Joceline Sanschagrin, both illus. by Pierre Brignaud ($3.95 each, 3—5). Clubhouse issues Caillou: Training Wheels and Caillou: The Captain by Sarah Margaret Johanson, illus. by Eric Sevigny ($3.95 each, 3—up). And Playtime welcomes Caillou: My Day Care Friends and Caillou: Where's Gilbert? by Johanson, illus. by Sevigny ($4.95 each, 3—up).


High Five with Julius ($8.99) by Paul Frank Industries. This touch-and-feel board book celebrates children's everyday achievements. (up to 3)

In My Flower and In My Meadow ($8.99 each) by Sara Gillingham, illus. by Lorena Siminovich. These board books, which follow In My Nest and In My Pond, have die-cut pages and attached finger puppets. (up to 3)

I Can Do It Too and You Can Do It Too ($9.99 each) by Karen Baicker, illus. by Ken Wilson-Max. A girl discovers all that she can do; and passes her new skills on to her younger brother. (2—4)

Bears! Bears! Bears! ($14.99) by Bob Barner introduces facts about bears. (4—8)

Chicken Scratches: Poultry Poetry and Rooster Rhymes ($14.99) by George Shannon and Lynn Brunelle, illus. by Scott Menchin, rounds up poems about barnyard fowl. (4—8)

One Too Many: A Seek & Find Counting Book ($16.99) by Gianna Marino is a counting tale starring animals. (4—8)

Sylvia Long's Thumbelina ($17.99) by Sylvia Long offers this Hans Christian Andersen classic with new art. (4—8)

Tortilla Sun ($16.99) by Jennifer Cervantes. A girl spending the summer in a New Mexico village discovers long-buried secrets. (8—12)

Sock Monkey and Friends Kit: 9 Different Fun-to-Make Sock Creature Projects ($17.99) by Samantha Fisher and Cary Lane includes instructions and materials. (8—up)

Best Friends Scratchers: Surprises, Secrets, and More on 40 Interactive Cards! by Erin Golden and Magic Scratchers by Danny Orleans, both illus. by Yancey Labat ($9.95 each), contain 40 scratchable cards. (8—up)

Noonie's Masterpiece ($18.99) by Lisa Railsback, illus. by Sarajo Frieden. In this illustrated novel, an aspiring artist discovers the value of relationships. (9—12)

Sparky: The Life and Art of Charles Schulz ($16.99) by Beverly Gherman profiles this cartoonist. (9—up)

Space Between Trees ($17.99) by Katie Williams. An outsider's life changes when her murdered classmate's body is found in the woods. (14—up)


New Finger Puppet Books are Little Crab and Little Fish by Image Books ($6.99 each, up to 3). Giant Pop-Out welcomes Food and Ocean ($10.99 each, 2—4). The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Decks adds Trucks, Trains, & More by Molly Smith ($9.99, 3—5); and Ocean Science by Christine Economos ($9.99, 5—7). MoMA Modern Kids presents MoMA Modern Play Family ($12.99, 3—up); MoMA Modern Play House ($19.99, 3—up); MoMA Lacing Shapes ($14.99, 3—up), and MoMA String-Along Books ($18.99, 3—up). And Planet Color by Todd Parr offers Todd Parr Lacing Cards ($14.99, 3—up).


Simple Steps Toward a Healthier Earth ($12.99) by Molly Smith, illus. by Tad Carpenter, is an activity book developed with the Natural Resources Defense Council. (All ages)

Paperback Series

Classic Illustrated Editions releases Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, compiled by Cooper Edens ($14.99, all ages). And The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks adds Weird Junior Edition by David Borgenicht and Justin Heimberg ($10.99, 8—up).


Mali Under the Night Sky: A Lao Story of Home ($17.95) by Youme Landowne is the true story of a Laotian family forced to flee civil war. (5—8)

Saltypie: A Choctaw Journey from Darkness Into Light ($17.95) by Tim Tingle, illus. by Karen Clarkson. A family's word for trouble and pain becomes its symbol of hope. (7—10)


A Perfect Season for Dreaming/Un tiempo perfecto para soñar ($8.95) by Benjamin Alire Sáenz, illus. by Esau Andrade Valencia. Octavio Rivera shares his dreams with his granddaughter. (5—10)

Juan Verdades: The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie/El hombre que no sabía mentir ($8.95), retold by Joe Hayes, illus. by Joseph Daniel Fiedler. A girl and a rancher conspire to trick Juan Verdades into telling a lie. (6—10)

Dance, Nana, Dance/Baila, Nana, Baila ($12.95) by Joe Hayes, illus. by Mauricio Trenard Sayago, retells Cuban stories. (8—14)


Hear Me Read Bible Stories ($14.99) by Mary Manz Simon collects Bible stories. (2—up)

God Loves You ($12.99, mini paperback $2.49) by Carol Rubow, illus. by Laura Freeman, answers questions about God. (4—up)

Amazing Tales and Strange Stories from the Bible ($14.99) by Christopher Doyle, illus. by Toni Goffe, rounds up illustrated biblical tales. (4—up)


The Middle School Survival Manual ($8.99) by Katrina Cassel includes tips, real-life stories, and activities. (11—up)

Paperback Series

New Arch Books are The Resurrection, Jesus Heals the Centurion's Servant, Daniel and the Lions, and Fruit of the Spirit ($2.49 each, 5—9).

Paperback Series in Spanish

Serie Tesoros bíblicos (Children's Bible Stories) by Cecilia Fernández introduces El buen samaritano (The Good Samaritan), Jesús y los niños (Jesus Blesses the Children), Jonás y el pez (Jonah and the Fish), El nacimiento de Moisés (The Birth of Moses), Jesús y Zaqueo (Jesus and Zacchaeus), and Jesús alimenta a los 5000 (Jesus Feeds the 5000) ($2.49 each, 2—6).



My World
by Bobbie Kalman launches with 32 books, including I Can Count, Who Am I?, I Have Feelings, What Do I See?, My Healthy Body, This Is My Family, What Are My Jobs?, These Are My Friends, and What Do I Need?($13.95 each, paper $5.95, 5-7); and Helpers in My Community, My School Community,and Where Do Animals Live? ($15.95 each, paper $6.95, 5-7). Meet My Neighbor adds four titles by Joanna Harvey, including Meet my Neighbor, the Dentist and Meet My Neighbor, the Paramedic ($21.27 each, paper $6.95, 5-8). Six books by Kalman join It’s Fun to Learn About Baby Animals ($21.27 each, paper $6.95, 5-8). My Path to Math has eight additions, including Lines, Segments, Rays, and Angles by Claire Piddock and Probability by Marina Cohen ($21.27 each, paper $6.95, 5-8). And Celebrations in My World welcomes eight volumes, among them Columbus Day by Molly Aloian and New Year’s Day by Lynn Peppas ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 5-8).

Sports Starters issues four titles by Paul Challen, including Flip It Gymnastics and Swing It Golf ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 5-8). Get into Character offers six titles by Catherine Gourlay, among them A Family Matter: Plays About Family Changes and What’s the Difference? Plays About Tolerance ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 8-11). The five new How to Improve at... books include How to Improve at Drawing and How to Improve at Playing Guitar by Dan Green ($29.27 each, paper $9.95, 8-11). Energy Revolution adds four titles, among them Hydroelectric Power: Power from Moving Water by Marguerite Rodger and Is There a Future for Fossil Fuels? by Ellen Rodger ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 8-11). And Lands, Peoples, and Cultures releases six titles, including Iran the Culture by Joanne Richter and Iraq the Land by April Fast ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 8-11).

Learn About Urban Life debuts with Life in a Commercial City by Trudee Romanek, Life in an Industrial City and Life in a Suburban City by Lizann Flatt, and Life in a Residential City by Hélène Boudreau ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 8-11). Everybody Digs Soil releases four titles, including Different Kinds of Soil by Molly Aloian and Micro Life in Soil by Natalie Hyde ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 8-11). Among six Mysteries Revealed books are Animal Mysteries Revealed by James Bow and History Mysteries Revealed by Natalie Hyde ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 10-13). And Protecting Our Planet has six volumes, including Catastrophic Weather by Sarah Levete and Energy in Crisis by Catherine Chambers ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 10-13).

Rivers Around the World issues eight books, including The Amazon: River in a Rain Forest by Molly Aloian, The Mississippi River: America’s Mighty River by Robin Johnson, and The Tigris and Euphrates: Rivers of the Fertile Crescent by Gary G. Miller ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 10-13). Investigating Human Migration & Settlement presents six titles, among them Changing Planet: What Is the Environmental Impact of Human Migration and Settlement? by Sally Morgan and Pushes & Pulls: Why Do People Migrate? by Robert Walker ($29.27 each, paper $9.95, 10-13). Six titles make up A Class of Their Own, including Animals by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone and Bacteria by Judy Wearing ($29.97 each, paper $9.95, 10-13). And Crabtree Contact offers 12 volumes, among them Top 10 Biggest and Hi Tech World: Code Breakers by Ben Hubbard, and Desert Survival Guide and Space Survival Guide by Ruth Owen ($26.60 each, paper $8.95, 10-13).

Paperback Series in French

Sans Limites (Without Limits) releases Le Baseball (Baseball in Action) by Sarah Dann and John Crossingham and Le Chearleading(Cheerleading in Action) by Crossingham and Bonna Rouse ($9.95 each, 5-11). And Petit Monde Vivant (Small Living World) issues four titles, among them Les Hippocampes (The Life Cycle of a Sea Horse by Bobbie Kalman and Les Singes (Endangered Monkeys) by Molly Aloian and Kalman ($9.95 each, 5-11 to 7-13).



Big Outdoors debuts with Amazon River, Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, Mount Everest, Northern Lights, and Victoria Falls by Valerie Bodden ($16.95 each, 5—up). Now That's Fast! starts up with Bullet Trains, Indy Cars, Jets, Motorcycles, Speedboats, and Stock Cars by Kate Riggs ($16.95 each, 5—up). Launching Food for Life are Deserts, Mountains, Oceans, Rainforests, Prairies, and Arctic Tundra by Riggs ($16.95 each, 5—up). And Amazing Animals adds eight titles by Bodden, including Crocodiles, Penguins, and Sharks ($16.95 each, 5—up).

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