What does it mean to be wild versus human and doesn't each of us possess both qualities? Inspired by a true story about a young boy in Moscow who lived with feral dogs for two years, novelist Eva Hornung has created a literary masterpiece—Dog Boy (Viking, Mar.)—that explores the limits of humanity through a transformational adventure. The title character is four-year-old Ramochka, who is abandoned by his family and adopted by the female canine pack leader, Mamochka. What follows is a human-to-beast metamorphosis that blends fantasy, fable, and stark realism in a visceral, sensory-explicit narrative. If you've never thought of running with a pack of wild dogs, you will after experiencing Hornung's riveting narrative. She never disappoints with predictable plot lines or sentimentality. Instead, she surprises at every turn with a gripping, ultra-realistic page-turner that leads us to ponder our existence and humanity. A beastly great read!