Good news! Scotland Yard superintendent Richard Jury is back, in top-notch form, along with his comical supporting players—hypochondriacal Sgt. Alfred Wiggins and Melrose Plant, the friend who gave up his royal title. In The Black Cat (Viking, Apr.), Jury tracks a case involving a possible serial killer who murders a young woman behind the Black Cat pub. When Jury discovers that his nemesis, Harry Johnson, was at a nearby party the night of the murder, his obsession with the case—and Johnson—grows. Also back is Mungo, Johnson's dog, who's trying to solve his own case, which involves a catnapping. I was glad to once again see Grimes's sense of humor at play while I followed the myriad twists and turns. I loved the mystery itself, which keeps even Jury guessing to the end, and was delighted to see Wiggins playing a large part in the investigation and beginning to come into his own. This is Grimes's best book in years.