The Lonely Polygamist (Norton, May) is the best book I've read all year. Author Brady Udall has finessed the dynamics of polygamist relationships into a fantastic story, creating a timeless tale of a family that's just ever-so-slightly different. You become totally familiar with each character's plight as they navigate the difficulties of marriage and kids—yet you're in a unique landscape in which a family has one husband (Golden), four wives, and a slew of children. What I found most enjoyable was the way in which Udall avoids letting that detail of Golden's relationship distract. You immediately accept each family member while being swept up in the author's distinctive and compelling narrative. It's a wonderful ride filled with humor, sadness, frustration, and joy—one of those books about which you envy others for not having started, knowing what a treat they're in for. I'll be pushing this on co-workers and hand-selling it like crazy.