Paperchase Staff Laid Off
Despite reports that Borders planned more nonbook items, the retailer has laid off all store-based Paperchase merchandisers and managers. The mass layoffs were revealed by staff and laid-off workers on a Live Journal blog called Work at Borders.

Guild, Wiley Trade Charges
The Authors Guild and John Wiley are engaged in a fight over whether the publisher’s new contract terms being offered to Bloomberg authors reduces the amount of money they will receive from the sale of their books. The Guild contends that a switch to a net receipts model from a more traditional royalty rate based on list price will cut payments by as much as 50%. Wiley contends most authors will receive more money. Wiley acquired the Bloomberg titles in March.

Davidar Leaves Penguin Canada
David Davidar has resigned as president of Penguin Canada, effective immediately, and will return to India to write and engage in other projects. Nicole Winstanley, who was named publisher of Penguin Group Canada last fall, will remain in that role when she returns from maternity leave, with Penguin USA CEO David Shanks taking on overall responsibility for the company. A search is on for a replacement

In a subsequent statement, Penguin Canada announced that Davidar is the target of sexual harassment charges brought by former rights and contracts director Lisa Rundle.

Canada Results Down
The number of books sold in stores tracked by BookNet Canada was down 2.8%, and dollar value was down by 1.1% in the first quarter. YA was the hardest hit category with units sold falling 11.7% and sales dropping 16.5%. Nonfiction books fell 4.1%: fiction was the only bright spot; units sold were up 5% and sales up 8.9%.

iPhone, iBooks Upgrade
At the launch of the new iPhone 4, Apple said five million e-books have been downloaded from the iBookstore since the iPad was launched in April. The iPhone now supports Apple’s iBook format and the iBook Store.