Tom Feegel didn't know a movement was about to be born when his seven-year-old son asked him why lots of parents have bumper stickers touting their kids, but kids didn't put stickers on their parents' car saying, "I'm a proud kid of a green parent." The question struck him as a good one, and Feegel went on the hunt for a program for kids to help their parents get green, only to discover that "there was no comprehensive program that existed for young people to take the leadership role in their family."

Through the help of environmental organizations and others, he connected with 300 different young people who had done something to green their homes or communities, and asked them to help edit a book: Green My Parents. The guide—complete with contract to sign—walks kids through the entire process of greening their households by looking at energy, water, food, waste, and other categories. All this comes with a tangible goal to save the family $100, which Feegel hopes "helps teach financial literacy in a way that doesn't feel like homework." The book was published on Earth Day, and Feegel, now CEO/founder of Green My Parents, says the response has been overwhelming.

So far, the organization—which maintains an active youth editorial board—has heard from 20,000 kids who have saved their households $100. They are hard at work on their next project, Green My Schools, a team-approach guide aiming to recruit 10,000 schools to save $25,000 each, which will be out next year.