From a lavishly illustrated volume on a Chicago architect, an exposé of D.B. Cooper, and a Ouija board–controlled family sojourn to Kabul, in nonfiction, to novels based in early Hollywood, the Depression-era Corn Belt, and a segregated rural community in Maryland, plus plenty of self-help books—about yoga, baking bread, moving households, training dogs, and an exploration of the lives of wolves: this installment of PW Select has something for everyone, and again shows the enormous breadth of stories people have—and are able—to tell.


Zook: A Look at R. Harold Zook’s Unique Architecture.

Berry Green. Ampersand. $19.95 trade paperback (152p), ISBN 978-0-9818126-8-7


.com; Amazon; Ingram;

The work of R. Harold Zook is recognized as historically significant, particularly in Hinsdale, Ill., where he lived for 26 years.

Biography & Autobiography

Jerry Wolman: The World’s Richest Man.

Joseph Bockol and Richard Bockol. American Literary Press. $25.95 hardcover (222p), ISBN 978-1-934696-45-3

The remarkable true story of one man’s meteoric rise and fall, and the thousands of lives he touched throughout his larger-than-life journey.

I Did What I Had to Do!

James E. Diamond. Vantage Press. $14.95 paper (330p), ISBN 978-0-533-16325-0

B&T; Ingram

A compelling account of the author and his wife’s time in Chad as Peace Corps volunteers in the 1970s.

Odd Road to Kabul: A Memoir.

Patricia Diaz. Lulu. $28.30 hardcover (286p), ISBN 978-0-557-94810-9

A Ouija board takes control of a dysfunctional family and leads it on a perilous road to Kabul, Afghanistan, to build an international church, against the backdrop of the ’60s.

Sixty Slices of Life on Wry: The Private Life of a Public Broadcaster.

Fred Flaxman. Story Book Publishers. $16 paper (252p), ISBN 978-1-891513-01-5

(828) 645-8580

This humorous memoir by a public radio veteran and journalist demonstrates that you can learn about life from your dog, that the “teen disease” can be cured, and that there are better ways “to make babies.”

Lust for Justice: The Radical Life & Law of J. Tony Serra.

Paulette Frankl. Lightning Rod. $19.95 trade paperback (306p), ISBN 978-0-615-38683-6; Amazon

The first authorized biography of J. Tony Serra, a renowned counterculture lawyer who represented Huey Newton in the 1960s; he is also the older brother of the American sculptor Richard Serra. Foreword by Gerry Spence.

The Greater Generation.

Phil Holt. Vantage Press. $13.95 paper (145p), ISBN 978-0-533-15734-1

B&T; Ingram

A memoir of a group of young boys from Malden, Mass., and the story of a generation of American youth who succeeded in ways they could never have expected and embodied the American Dream they fought so hard to protect.

Two Years of Eternity: One Missionary’s Experience.

Scott R. Hoyt. Vantage Press. $15.95 paper (300p), ISBN 978-0-533-16357-1

B&T; Ingram

Hoyt describes his transition from “normal teen life” in Southern California to becoming a Mormon missionary on the streets of Peru.

Kaleidoscope: Shapes and Colors of Childhood.

Bill Kraft. $23.95 hardcover (162p), ISBN 978-0-615-37035-4


Celebrates the simple joys of growing up in the rural Midwest of the 1940s and ’50s and discovering the larger world.

Bad Girl Gone Mom: A Girl Born Without a Vagina.

K.C. Lauer. Xlibris. $29.99 hardcover (287p), ISBN 978-1-4568-2339-9

K.C. struggles with sexual development dysfunction, hearing loss, and depression, and also battles with her family and her faith.

Wolfer: A Memoir.

Carter Niemeyer. BottleFly Press. $17.99 paper (374p), ISBN 978-0-615-40948-1


Niemeyer spent a career in the business of government predator control—and brought wolves back to the American West.

I Remember.

Ed Palasz. Vantage Press. $13.95 paper (308p), ISBN 978-0-533-15675-7

B&T; Ingram

Orphaned by the 1918 influenza epidemic, the author rode freight trains, panhandled, and went into the Merchant Marine before meeting the woman who became his wife for over 50 years.

The Red-headed, Freckle-faced, Barefoot Boy: An Autobiography.

Clarence M. Rincker. Vantage Press. $25 paper (435p), ISBN 978-0-533-16314-4

B&T; Ingram

Rincker’s life story, from the dust storms and grasshopper hordes of the Great Depression through WWII to earning his master’s degree.

UNTE: Life in the Soviet Union as Seen Through the Eyes of a Child and a Teenager.

Antonette Sabonaitis, trans. by Gerald C. Tamkutonis. Vantage Press. $14.95 paper (278p), ISBN 978-0-533-16337-3

B&T; Ingram

Life in the Baltic countries under Soviet occupation during WWII.

Before the Journey Became Home.

Zents Sowunmi. CreateSpace. $14 paper (207p), ISBN 978-0-615-30262-1


A detailed childhood account of the fears, hopes, and anxieties of a Nigerian immigrant to the U.S.

Looks Easy Enough: A Joyful Memoir of Overcoming Disease, Divorce, and Disaster.

Scott Stevenson. $18 paper (451p), ISBN 978-0-9842810-0-8


A love letter to the author’s wife, this memoir of overcoming adversity with a smile was a winner of Readers Favorite and Pinnacle Achievement awards.

From the Andes to the Rocky Mountains: A Father, Mother and Son’s Story.

Carlos A. Suarez. Vantage. $11.95 paper (127p), ISBN 978-0-533-16245-9

B&T; Ingram

The compelling narrative of the emigration of the author and his family from Colombia to the U.S. in search of a better life.

The Snitch, Houdini and Me.

Johnny Virgil. JVE. $12.95 paper (250p), ISBN 978-0-615-38693-5


A humorous first-person memoir about growing up in American suburbia during the ’60s and ’70s.

Body, Mind & Spirit

Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health.

Debra Greene, Ph.D. MetaComm Media. $18.95 paper (307p), ISBN 978-0-615-26933-7

A practical “new home health guide for the 21st century.”

The Way of Forgiveness.

D. Patrick Miller. Fearless Books. $12.95 paper (120p), ISBN 978-0-9822799-0-8


A revision of Miller’s earlier work, which was praised by Wally Lamb.

Oneness Am.

Philip Nash. SameHand. $12.21 paper (188p), ISBN 978-0-615-29793-4

Ingram; Amazon

This illustrated blend of reconstructed spiritual sayings unifies the five major faiths.

Cranio-What? A CranioSacral Therapy Primer.

James Nemec. First Edition. $12.95 paper (62p), ISBN 978-0-9792805-7-3

Designed for patients of this nonintrusive, light-touch healing art.

The Little Book of Gratitude Quotes.

Edited by Kathleen Welton. Little Quote Books. $9.99 paper (150p), ISBN 9780578065861


A collection of 365 quotations that encourage kindness and gratitude.

Business & Economics

Deciphering the Latino Consumer: A Guide for Employers, Professionals, Retailers, and Business Travelers.

Lori Madden. SLS Publications. $19.95 paper (106p), ISBN 978-1-4515-6602-4


How to improve working relationships between Anglos and Latinos and enhance business opportunities with Hispanics in the U.S. and abroad.

Greet! Eat! Tweet! 52 Business Etiquette Postings to Avoid Pitfalls and Boost Your Career.

Barbara Pachter. CreateSpace. $13.95 paper (160p), ISBN 978-1-4536-0034-4


An etiquette guide to help businesspeople avoid career-damaging mistakes.

The Employee Rights Handbook: Effective Strategies to Protect Your Job.

Steven Mitchell Sack. Legal Strategies Publications. $39.95 hardcover (640p), ISBN 978-0-9636306-7-4


How to get properly hired, protect yourself on the job, and fight back if you are unfairly or illegally fired.

Find Your Perfect Job: The Inside Guide for Young Professionals.

Scott Smith. Career Strategies Media. $12.95 paper (136p), ISBN 978-0-9843938-0-0

(215) 989-9291

A successful business executive and attorney shares insider secrets on landing a dream job.

Big Wave Surfing: Extreme Technology Development, Management, Marketing, & Investment.

Kenneth J. Thurber. Beaver’s Pond Press. $29.95 hardcover (408p), ISBN 978-1-59298-380-3

Ingram; B&T;; Borders

Insights necessary to surviving in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape.


Cooking on the Line: From Food Lover to Professional Line Cook.

Wayne Cohen. Larousse Churchill. $14.95 paper (258p), ISBN 978-1-4537-7819-7


A cook’s-eye-view of the intensity of cooking at award-winning restaurants.

How to Bake Bread: The Five Families of Bread.

Michael Kalanty. Red Seal Books. $27.95 paper (525p), ISBN 978-0-615-23129-7


A professional baker offers tips on making great bread.


The Price: A One-Act Play.

Leon Newton. Innovopublishing. $9.99 paper (55p), ISBN 978-1-936076-40-6


An arrogant millionaire who does not believe in God thinks his paperwork is mixed up.


Keys to the CASTLE: Mentor in a Book: College Admissions Secrets & Tips.

Kamala Appel. $29.97 paper (126p), ISBN 978-1-4538-2103-9


“College Admissions Secrets & Tips to Look Exceptional” to admissions officers.

America the Melting Pot/Now the Chamber Pot.

Mary I. Arnold. 48-hour printing. $10 paper (150p), ISBN 978-1-4507-3427-1

A call to action to avoid “one-world government.”

Family & Relationships

What Really Works: Blending the Seven Fs for the Life You Imagine.

Paul Batz and Tim Schmidt. Beaver’s Pond Press. $20 hardcover (184p), ISBN 978-1-59298-360-5

Ingram, B&T;; Borders

The Seven Fs represent the key elements that bring satisfaction to life: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future. How can people achieve success in all of these areas?


Beaufort 1849: A Novel of Antebellum South Carolina.

Karen Lynn Allen. Cabbages and Kings Press. $13.95 paper (306p), ISBN 978-0-9671784-1-7

After years abroad, Jasper Wainwright tries to persuade the planters of Beaufort, S.C., to change their economy to avert the coming war.

In Theda Bara’s Tent.

Diana Altman. Tapley Cove Press. $15 paper (339p), ISBN 978-0-615-34327-3


An orphan carves a place for himself in the early years of the American film industry.

Musings of a Mystery Sibling.

Marian Armstrong. iUniverse. $15.95 paper (220p), ISBN 978-1-4502-3418-4

The premature death of a book editor’s brother prompts her to test his theories on life.

Altamont Augie.

Richard Barager. Interloper Press. $15.95 paper (308p), ISBN 978-0-9830661-0-1


A novel of the late 1960s about the meaning of national honor and a free society’s choice between nihilism and tradition.

Roll Over, Hitler!

Daniel Bruce Brown. Inkwater Press. $25.95 paper (397p), ISBN 978-1-59299-465-6


America’s first Jewish president and a disarmament plan that could end life on Earth—perhaps from laughter, in this comic apocalyptic farce.

Finding the Way Home.

Sarah Byrd. WestBow Press. $19.95 paper (268p), ISBN 978-1-4497-0350-9


Suzanne Morgan has lost herself, Peter Morgan has lost his way, but grief has brought them together.

State of Mind.

Sven Michael Davison. Bedouin Press. $25.95 hardcover (389p), ISBN 978-0-9666149-2-3

In the future, people marry their minds with computer chips, and innocent people are committing murder.

The Serpentine Curve.

Charles Domina. Vantage Press. $14.95 paper (238p), ISBN 978-0-533-16217-8

B&T; Ingram

A 30-something Manhattan geneticist returns to England to help her former professor at Cambridge with research. Her fateful decision will lead her on a life-altering odyssey.

Asylum Lake.

R.A. Evans. Chapbook Press. $15 paper (205p), ISBN 978-1-936243-10-5

A small town’s dark secrets can be found at the bottom of Asylum Lake.

Gaia’s Emissary.

Suzanne Fensin. Magical Aspirations Press. $17.95 paper (245p), ISBN 978-0-9828851-0-9

Ancient spiritual wisdom, Earth stewardship, environmentalism, and personal development are embraced in an attempt to save the planet.


Denton Gay. Booklocker. $14.95 paper (190p), ISBN 978-1-60910-555-6

A sensible and ambitious dog named Dorothy rises from obscurity to power in the U.S. in this political satire.

Hitter of the Year.

Milton D. Ghivizzani. Colosseum Publishing. $7.99 paper (313p), ISBN 978-0-9753975-1-0; Amazon

An underworld mystery starring attorney/sleuth Joe Bari, who made his debut in Ghivizzani’s Employee of the Year.

Killing Them Softly: An Erotic Tale of Murder.

Roy Glenn. Escapism Entertainment. $14.95 paper (252p), ISBN 978-0-9827316-1-1

Three people become sexually involved and plan a murder for money.

Dina’s Lost Tribe: A Novel.

Brigitte Goldstein. iUniverse. $32.95 hardcover (412p), ISBN 978-1-4502-5108-2

An American historian’s search for the mythical place of her birth at the time of her parents’ flight from Nazi persecution leads her to a mountaintop utopia and the passionate world of a medieval Jewess.

For the Love of Art.

Janet Goodfriend. Painted Wood Press. $16 paper (274p), ISBN 978-1-4528-5601-8

A mother’s getaway on Martha’s Vineyard is the setting for an art heist puzzle.

My Friend Michale: A True Story about the Real Jaws.

Kenneth W. Grimshaw. CreateSpace. $12.95 paper (103p), ISBN 978-1-4537-1639-7


A Montauk pilot tells the story of a killer shark—from the point of view of the shark.

Montauk Tango: From the Ashes of 9/11 to the Frying Pan.

Lewis Gross. iUniverse. $24.99 hardcover (285p), ISBN 978-1-4502-1645-6

A fictional account of the true story of how a family starts a restaurant on Long Island after fleeing the devastation in their downtown New York neighborhood after 9/11.

Vengeance Is My Trump.

Wm. J. Iwaschuk. Vantage Press. $13.95 paper (289p), ISBN 978-0-533-16279-6

B&T; Ingram

An action-packed thriller about a protagonist with the Midas touch.

Train of Consequences.

Tom Jarvis. iUniverse. $14.95 paper (212p), ISBN 978-1-4502-6623-9


Two troubled teenagers run away to escape abuse and neglect, embarking on a journey that changes their lives.

The War Is Language 101: Short Works.

Nath Jones. Scribd. $4.99 paper (230p), ISBN 978-0-615-41188-0

Experimental flash fiction explores identity and authority as experienced by a female soldier in the wake of Abu Ghraib.

Progeny: The Children of the White Lions.

R.T. Kaelin. Terrene Press. $25.99 paper (672p), ISBN 978-0-615-42103-2

In the first volume of a fantasy series, brother and sister must deal with tragedy while discovering their lives are an illusion.

See Ya.

Cheryl Kerr. Chanter Press. $12 paper (233p), ISBN 978-0-615-27969-5

In 1996, a colonel’s death leaves his daughter and a chance visitor to solve a mystery that traces to 1944 and WWII.

War with Pigeons.

Tae Kim. A StoryTelling. $24.95 hardcover (394p), ISBN 978-0-9844359-3-7

A deceased friend’s request sends a young man on an odyssey of love, loss, and hope; hailed as “intriguing and fascinating” by Midwest Book Review.

A Despicable Profession: Book Two of the American Spy Trilogy.

John Knoerle. Blue Steel Press. $15 paper (310p), ISBN 978-0-9820903-0-5

In 1946, former spy Hal Schroeder is recruited by former OSS director Wild Bill Donovan for a mysterious mission to Berlin.

Tamara’s Child: A Novel.

B.K. Mayo. Fir Valley Press. $14.95 paper (407p), ISBN 978-0-9815884-7-6

B&T; Partners West; Amazon

A homeless pregnant teenager, struggling to make a new life for herself and her future child, is victimized by the people she turns to for help.


Peter McNeil. Level 44 Publications. $24.99 (470p), ISBN 978-0-615-40999-3

(704) 501-7085

A candid depiction of the rise and fall of postal employees in six interlocking narratives highlighting greed, job insecurity, betrayal, corporate ladder climbing, single parenthood, and romance.

Journey to Virginland: Epistle I.

Armen Melikian. Two Harbors Press. $23.95 hardcover (288p), ISBN 978-1-935097-51-8


Dog vs. God. In an iconoclastic story, Dog demolishes the foundations of Western civilization.

Encounters in Paris: A Collection of Short Stories.

Carolyn Moncel. CreateSpace. $17.99 paper (114p), ISBN 978-1-4538-9821-5


Ellery Roulet, a 35-year-old African-American executive living in Paris, faces betrayal, loss, mistakes, and regrets in this bittersweet collection of tales.

Rev. Bucky.

Joe Milton Murphy. Vantage Press. $13.95 paper (164p), ISBN 978-0-533-16332-8

B&T; Ingram

What happens when an unassuming church mouse turns “spokesrodent?” This allegorical tale offers a humorous look at the challenges our society faces today.

Duncan’s Diary: Birth of a Serial Killer.

Christopher C. Payne. $12.95 paper (280p), ISBN 978-0-9828119-3-1


Duncan is in the throes of a midlife crisis and searching for his own identity when he begins to secretly explore a world of torture and death.

The Gargoyle Prophecies, Part I: The Savior Rises.

Christopher C. Payne. $10.95 paper (220p), ISBN 978-0-9828119-6-2


Is Stefani truly the savior of an inhuman race or has her solitude and the trauma of her mother’s death finally affected her sanity?

Golden State.

David Prybil. iUniverse. $TBD hardcover (320p), ISBN 978-1-4502-7303-9


Set in California during the 2003 recall election that brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to power, Golden State follows four Sacramento locals who get swept into an anything-goes atmosphere.

Zaftan Entrepreneurs: Book 1 of the Zaftan Trilogy.

Hank Quense. CreateSpace. $17.99 paper (353p), ISBN 978-1-4563-4938-7

A unique First Contact story—part adventure and part corporate and political satire, spiced with comic relief.

Waterfall Dance.

Andrew Quinn. CreateSpace. $14.99 paper (254p), ISBN 978-1-4536-2947-5


Into the most sensational trial of the century comes one extraordinary witness. To prevail, an animal must change what it means to be human.

Your Weight and More.

Robert G. Rohland. Vantage Press. $10.95 paper (86p), ISBN 978-0-533-16319-9

B&T; Ingram

Eleven-year-old Billy Jack Baxter discovers a novelty scale in a general store that will tell him his “weight and more,” changing his life.

Deed So.

Katharine A. Russell. CreateSpace. $16.99 paper (438p), ISBN 978-1-4537-7503-5


A coming-of-age tale set in a small Southern town in 1962, before civil rights, assassination, war, and women’s rights touch the inhabitants.

The Making of a Nurse.

G. Scott. Vantage Press. $13.95 paper (271p), ISBN 978-0-533-16159-1

B&T; Ingram

Largely autobiographical, Scott’s debut follows Genell Lee, a woman born into a loving but impoverished family, who grows up to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

Climate Change and the Oceans.

John Slade. Woodgate International. $12.95 paper (238p), ISBN 978-1-893617-19-3

Extensive research into climate change and clean energy is woven into a fictional tale that attempts to give global warming a human face.

The Emancipation of Giles Corey.

Michael Sortomme. Singing Lake Press. $16.95 paper (358p), ISBN 978-0-9830517-5-6


A modern-day shaman works to redeem the soul of a man unjustly sentenced to death during the Salem witch trials.

The Rebel Princess.

Anne M. Strick. CreateSpace. $15.99 paper (388p), ISBN 978-1-4528-6497-6


The story of a film company on location in Mexico reveals the making of a film, from preproduction through wrap, enlivened by romance, sex, and a possible murder.

Intimate Strangers.

Anne M. Strick. CreateSpace. $15.99 paper (457p), ISBN 978-1-4537-7625-4


The story of a contested adoption.


Alfred Wellnitz. iUniverse. $14.79 paper (324p), ISBN 978-1-4502-3432-0


Hyperinflation shatters the U.S., and African-American insurgents battle a white supremacist government in this thriller.

Mission of Malice.

Renee Wetherill. $18.99 trade paper (309p), ISBN 978-1-4392-4393-0


A provocative tale of suspense, terrorism, and intrigue set on the dangerous Arizona/Mexican border.

Butterfly Rising.

Tanya Wright. CreateSpace. $15 paper (257p), ISBN 978-1-4536-5036-3


Lilah Belle (Lucasville’s loopiest singer) and Rose Johnson (the town’s seductress) take a road trip to meet the mythical, magical Lazarus of the Butterflies.

Martha’s Vine.

Sheree Zielke. Creeping Ivy Publishing House. $17.95 paper (584p), ISBN 978-0-9866437-0-5


The power grid has vanished, demanding new rules, violence, and unlikely heroes, such as Martha, a middle-aged woman with a deadly secret.

Health & Fitness

Food Facts at a Glance: A Quick Reference Guide for Choosing Wholesome, Nutritious Foods.

Ginger Grant. GG Publications. $12.95 paper (240p), ISBN 978-0-615-41174-3


Accessible tables and charts showing nutrition and food composition, and brief explanations of common food and nutrition terms.

Vital Yoga: A Sourcebook for Students and Teachers.

Meta Chaya Hirschl. Prajna Publishing. $35 paper (300p), ISBN 978-0-9823055-0-8

Poses for all ages and body types, off the mat practices, history and philosophy, breath practices, therapy, meditation, and a chai tea recipe.

Breast Cancer: Reduce Your Risk with Foods You Love.

Robert Pendergrast. Penstokes Press. $24 paper (184p), ISBN 978-0-9844769-0-9


Breast cancer prevention for women of all ages, with the unique perspective of a pediatrician specializing in adolescent health.


France Creates a New Nation: The United States of America at Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781.

Gilbert Di Lucia. Vantage Press. $25 paper (138p), ISBN 978-0-533-16396-0

B&T; Ingram

Historian Di Lucia tells a new version of Cornwallis’s famous defeat and surrender to George Washington at Yorktown based on meticulous research.

Juvenile Fiction

Bitsy’s Labyrinth.

Mary Andonian. Good Thief Press. $11.99 paper (198p), ISBN 978-0-9831075-0-7

Amazon;; Ingram

Thirteen-year-old Bitsy Johnson describes the summer her mom built a labyrinth on their farm, and the unexpected things that happened because of it.

The Adventures of Little Billy Barber: Billy’s First Flight Lesson.

Elaine R. Barber. Ampersand. $17.95 hardcover (36p), ISBN 978-1-4507-0620-9

Ampersandworks; Amazon;; Ingram

Billy Barber was only 11 when he made his first solo flight. As Capt. William A. Barber, he became one of the youngest commercial airline captains in the United States and a flying renaissance man who performed aerobatic stunts for 25 years.

The Scrapper.

Alex Marie Bess. KidPub Press. $13.95 paper (188p), ISBN 978-1-936184-85-9

Young Claralyn has wanted one thing all her life: to be a knight. There’s just one obstacle—no girls are allowed at Knight School.

The Tiny Tiger.

Janette Shipston Chan. Author House. $13.50 paper (20p), ISBN 978-1-4520-4106-3


A tiny tiger’s roar leads Tong and Jen-jen on a journey through a forest and over a mountain to become a family.

Fenella: A Fable of a Fairy Afraid to Fly.

Susannah Cord. Brown Books Publishing. $18.95 hardcover (48p), ISBN 978-1-934812-80-8

Amazon; Borders; www.FenellaTheFairy

A fairy tale in the tradition of Hans Christian Andersen about facing and embracing your worst fears.

Dinosaurs on the Move: Movable Paper Figures to Cut, Color, and Assemble.

Cathy Diez-Luckie. Figures in Motion. $14.95 paper (48p), ISBN 978-0-9818566-1-2

NBN; Ingram; Borders,

Make movable dinosaur action figures with this creative learning tool, featuring 10 easy-to-assemble favorites in colored and ready-to-color versions; includes dinosaur facts.

The Angel Children.

Linda Emmanuel. The Wintermantel Group. $11.99 paper (120p), ISBN 978-0-9767418-1-7

This fictional fantasy reveals how to use energy to get whatever you want—just be careful what you wish for.

This Star Shall Abide.

Sylvia Engdahl. Ad Stellae Books. $10.95 paper (252p), ISBN 978-0-615-34834-6


Now back in print (first published by Atheneum), this is an award-winning science fiction novel about a young rebel fighting a repressive society.

Ten Finger Prints in the Butter.

Margaret Konieczny. $10.95 hardcover (40p), ISBN 978-0-9828886-0-5

Margie counts the fingerprints as they appear in the butter in this counting book with a suspenseful theme.

Happy Jazzfest.

Cornell P. Landry, illus. by Sean Gautreaux. Ampersand. $16.95 hardcover (36p), ISBN 978-1-4507-0618-6

Ampersandworks; Amazon;; Ingram

A rhythmic salute to all events at the annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

The Happy Hearts.

Marlana Liburdi. Happy Heart Int’l. $8.50 hardcover (16p), ISBN 978-0-615-34485-0

Every day, like clockwork, the magic telephone rings in the Happy Hearts home with important news about a child in need.

Manny McMoose and His Chubby Caboose:

A Parable About Kids’ Struggles with Life’s Adversity.

Kevin McMahon. Vantage Press. $8.95 paper (28p), ISBN 978-0-533-16352-6

B&T; Ingram

An endearing tale told in verse about one child’s efforts to thwart bullying and address his own obesity.

Stranger Danger! Play and Stay Safe Splatter and Friends.

Melissa Perry Moraja. $24 hardcover (32p), ISBN 978-0-9842394-4-3


In this rhyming story, Razzle teaches Josh four stranger danger safety rules.

Jake and the Fly.

Melissa Perry Moraja. $9.95 paper (86p), ISBN 978-0-9842394-2-9


Find out if Jake rids his home of invading pesky flies, and if he’s able to rescue his dad from the flies’ beady stares.

Goodnight Tigers.

Amanda Morgan and Jessica McDaniel, illus. by Sean Gautreaux. Ampersand. $17.95 hardcover (32p), ISBN 978-1-4507-0621-6

Goodnight Tigers is a captivating bedtime story that provides an introduction to Louisiana State University.

The Adventures of Yat and Dat: What’s Cookin’?

Nancy Parker, illus. by Nancy Parker. Ampersand. $17.95 hardcover (32p), ISBN 978-1-4507-0619-3

Ampersandworks; Amazon; Ingram;

Yat and Dat are lovable birds who are tired of eating seeds and scraps. Culinary masterpieces are everywhere, so one day they decide to make their own using specialties found in some of the greatest restaurants in New Orleans.

Portia’s Incredible Journey.

Emma L. Price. ELP Books. $9.95 paper (144p), ISBN 978-0-9841650-0-1; Amazon

Young readers follow Portia from one disaster to another as the likable character gains wisdom and strength.

The Expeditioner’s Club, Volume 1: Rio Roosevelt.

Kate Moira Ryan. Word Clay. $10.80 paper (123p), ISBN 978-1-60481-807-9


As the child of two expeditioners, 10-year-old Timothy Elliott is thrilled when he learns he has the ability to time travel. But when he winds up with Theodore Roosevelt in the Amazon, he’s not sure he has what it takes to be an expeditioner.

Year of the Beloved Animal: Story of the Chinese Zodiac Animals.

Noriko Senshu. Studio Cherry Publishing. $15.45 paper (34p), ISBN 978-0-9793360-3-4

A version relating Chinese zodiac animals, focusing on the cat.

Goodnight Houston.

Jennifer and Kyle Solak, illus. by Paul Dolan. Ampersand. $17.95 hardcover (36p), ISBN 978-1-4507-0623-0

Ampersandworks; Amazon; Ingram;

Goodnight Houston takes families on a bedtime tour of the many points of interest that make Houston unique.


Mary Beth Touzet and Reneé Hemel, illus. by Amy Lee Story. Ampersand. $17.95 hardcover (32p), ISBN 978-1-4507-0617-9

Ampersandworks; Amazon; Ingram;

Fleurdelicious explores the city of New Orleans, where she finds images of the fleur-de-lis all over town. Readers are invited to count the number of fleur-de-lis on each spread.


When Cancer Hits Home: Cancer Treatment and Prevention Options.

Patrick Maguire. Coastal Carolina Publishing. $16.95 paper (264p), ISBN 978-0-615-39111-3


A guide for common cancers.

Invitation to Wonder: A Journey Through the Seasons.

Elizabeth Ayres. Veriditas Books. $19.95 paper (282p), ISBN 978-0-9845178-4-8

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In a hectic, uncertain world, these elegantly written, life-affirming reflections on nature’s beauty, wisdom, and mystery aim to provide a comforting respite.


Varitan’s Illustrated Greek Myths.

Yonah Ignacio Varitan. Orphiflamme Press. $34.95 hardcover (120p), ISBN 978-0-9828812-0-0

A retelling of the Greek myths for our time—part science, part prose poem, part moral-social treatise.


Old Daisy and Young Jack Living Together.

Lee Weir Carlson. Vantage Press. $10.95 paper (78p), ISBN 978-0-533-16330-4

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A heartwarming tale of how the author and his wife chose to bring a rambunctious black Labrador puppy into their family just as their 14-year-old German shorthaired pointer was entering her last years.

Unaccountable Congress: It Doesn’t Add Up.

Joseph J. DioGuardi. $12 paper (160p), ISBN 978-0-89526-521-0


Against the background of America’s economic crisis, a former congressman (and CPA) from New York State reveals the fiscal unsustainability of the U.S. government and outlines the necessary steps to charting a new course.

Moving Gracefully: A Guide to Relocating Yourself and Your Family.

Carol Miller Fradkin. CreateSpace. $17.95 paper (336p), ISBN 978-1-4528-9932-9

A comprehensive guide that walks the reader through the entire relocation process, from making the decision to move through getting adjusted to new surroundings.

Marketing and Publishing a Manuscript.

Janet Horton. Columbia County PC. $21.95 paper (62p), ISBN 978-0-9844536-0-3

A single source for learning about the publishing process and the people involved.

Because, It’s Just Good Manners!

Janet Horton. Columbia County PC. $17.95 paper (52p), ISBN 978-1-936634-99-6

A reminder of the simple things we have forgotten—good manners and common courtesies.

Coach Solomon’s Playbook: 25 Character-Building Principles.

John L. Manning. Mannart. $12.99 paper (168p), ISBN 978-0-9832946-0-3


A coach instructs young athletes in character-building principles to help them succeed in sports and life.

The Big “C”: A Weapon of Death.

Nina Norstrom. Vantage Press. $14.95 paper (148p), ISBN 978-0-533-16003-7

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In this mother’s account of her daughter’s battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, readers are introduced to a strong and resilient young woman who was only 16 at the time of her diagnosis.

Famous Personalities Honored on Stamps: Links to Medicine.

Marc A. Shampo, Robert A. Kyle, and Werner Heidel. Vantage Press. $22.95 paper (262p), ISBN 978-0-533-16361-8

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A collection that interweaves the world of postage stamps with vignettes celebrating those who’ve excelled in a wide variety of professions who have also contributed to medicine, from Che Guevara to Agatha Christie.

Positively Ninety: Interviews with Lively Nonagenarians.

Connie Springer. $37.50 paper (110p), ISBN 978-0-9712744-2-6

Springer interviews and photographs 28 spirited nonagenarians to present a hopeful and dynamic view of aging.

A Penny Always Has Two Sides: A Memoir of Growing Up in Wartime Germany.

Steffie Steinke. Inkwater Press. $21.95 paper (306p), ISBN 978-1-59299-481-6

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The author’s life as a child in Germany during WWII.

Untold: The New Orleans Ninth Ward You Never Knew.

Lynette Norris Wilkinson. Write Creations. $13.99 paper (118p), ISBN 978-0-9706292-1-0

Riveting true stories of 16 Katrina survivors from the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

Things My Teacher Did Tell Me.

Charles R. Womack. Vantage Press. $18.95 paper (367p), ISBN 978-0-533-16312-0

B&T; Ingram

A contemporary almanac of northeast Florida, this book makes the case for celebrating Jacksonville as one of America’s greatest cities.


Memories for the Future: A History of Palm Beach’s Royal Poinciana Playhouse.

Thomas C. Clarie. Back Channel Press. $39.95 paper (428p), ISBN 978-1-934582-24-4


A history of the stunning world-famous Royal Poinciana Playhouse in Palm Beach, Fla., includes 340 photos, 21 in color.


Poems of Passion

Norma H. Conroy. Vantage Press. $10 paper (74p), ISBN 978-0-533-16301-4

B&T; Ingram

The author offers readers poems of love, work, current events, family, and friendship.

Poetry Political (with Tongue in Cheek).

Maack Twain. Vantage Press. $8.95 paper (69p), ISBN 978-0-533-16297-0

B&T; Ingram

In the great tradition of American humorists, Twain uses poetry and short verse to skewer today’s politics, pundits, and pontificators.

From Poverty 2 Publicity.

J. Will Da Invincible. Vantage Press. $7.95 paper (35p), ISBN 978-0-533-15078-6

B&T; Ingram

Poems with a vibrant hip-hop beat deal with issues of poverty, injustice, and love.


mADD man.

Brian J. Robinson. Abstract Publications. $16.99 paper (232p), ISBN 978-0-557-34122-1

Amazon; Revolution Books (New York, N.Y.)

A call for change in the educational system, specifically for gifted children with alternative brain chemistries who are stigmatized with such labels as ADHD.


Fearful to Fearless: Biblical Truths to Inspire You to Live a Life Free of Fear and to Worship God.

Jeff Kusner. Koozzz. $15.99 paper (420p), ISBN 978-0-615-40232-1

Fearful to Fearless brings together almost 400 passages of scripture to help us to not be afraid and to look to Christ for strength and comfort.

Theology 101 in Bite-Size Pieces: A Bird’s Eye View of the Riches of Divine Grace.

Judy Azar LeBlanc. Westbow Press, $11.95 paper (104p), ISBN 978-1-4497-0706-4


A fresh look at the nature of God’s power and the power of grace.

Letters to the Lord: Learning to Live in My World of Wars.

Don Reeves. Booksurge. $13.99 paper (165p), ISBN 978-1-4392-4557-6


A retired USAF chaplain, Reeves plunges the reader into new frontiers of thought on the “mindlessness” of modern war.

Destined to Live, Despite Me: Biblical Truths for Suicide Survivors.

Yolanda Shanks. $14.99 paper (144p), ISBN 978-0-578-05468-1

Destined to Live speaks to suicide attempts in terms of spiritual direction.


Double Bubble Universe in a New TOE.

Katya Walter. Kairos Center. $14.95 paper (160p), ISBN 978-1-884178-00-9


Current information about quantum physics that spans the thinking styles of both scientists and “spiritists.”


The Power of Resilience.

Dr. Julia Baldwin. Vantage Press. $27.95 paper (146p), ISBN 978-0-533-16355-7

B&T; Ingram

The author and 10 successful women leaders all share how they have dealt with crisis in their lives and turned what could have been a life-changing negative into a cornerstone of their success.

Secrets of a Working Dog: Unleash Your Potential & Create Success.

Ellen and Patrick Galvin and Bella the Boxer. Joseph Rudolph Publishers. $19.95 paper (192p), ISBN 978-0-9828680-3-4


Straightforward advice on how to balance the responsibilities and challenges of modern life and still have fun.

Premonitions of a Young Man, Unscathed.

Terron J. Cook. $21.95 (218p), ISBN 978-0-557-55083-8; Amazon

The story of a young man fighting to overcome his tumultuous past and help others to avoid the same pitfalls.

Soaring Above Co-Addiction:

Helping Your Loved One Get Clean, While Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

Lisa Espich. Twin Feather Publishing. $14.95 paper (176p), ISBN 978-0-615-35975-5

In this memoir-style self-help book, the author shares her experience of overcoming co-addiction by utilizing such tools as affirmations and visualization.

My Parents Get Windows 7.

Louise Latremouille. KLMK Enterprises. $19.95 paper (164p), ISBN 978-0-9732728-7-1

This book is like having the most patient geek in the family sit down and teach you computer basics one-on-one.

The Art of Successful Relationships: The Prince or the Predator.

Georgina Ramirez. Vantage Press. $9.95 paper (93p), ISBN 978-0-533-16171-3

B&T; Ingram

A guide to identifying the predators and bullies in one’s life, developing the “strong spiritual and moral core” to defeat these negative influences, and finding the power to lead.

Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World.

Janet Smith Warfield. Word Sculptures. $15.95 paper (208p), ISBN 978-0-9778324-7-7

Shift uses words to look at meaning, perception, emotions, actions.

Social Science

Dystopia: What’s to Be Done?

Garry Potter. CreateSpace. $29.95 paper (380p), ISBN 978-1-4538-2256-2


An analysis of the most serious of the interrelated and interacting multiple crises facing humanity and a proposal for radical systemic change.

True Crime

Bombing Harvey.

John Birges Jr. and Nina J. Arnold. Vantage Press. $16.95 paper (208p), ISBN 978-0-533-16380-9

B&T; Ingram

Part memoir and part novel based on the true events surrounding the extortion and bombing plot that brought down a Lake Tahoe casino in 1980.

D.B. Cooper Case Exposed

George C. Nuttall. Vantage Press. $18.95 paper (284p), ISBN 978-0-533-16390-8

B&T; Ingram

In November 1971, Dan “D.B.” Cooper parachuted out of a passenger jet that he had hijacked with $200,000 in cash. The author, a former CHP officer, examines all available evidence and discovers an astonishing case filled with poor police work, missing documents, lies, and coverups.