Last January, in our spring announcements issue, we debuted the fruits of our new title collection method, a portal hosted by Above the Treeline's Edelweiss system through which publishers entered their own titles according to our specifications, and from which PW editors chose notable and representative titles and wrote essays on their top 10 books to watch in 19 categories.

This is our second run at this method, and we are happy to report that nearly 2,000 more titles were submitted this time (8,303 to be exact) from more than 1,000 publishers and imprints. We specifically invited children's book publishers and imprints to submit titles as well, although children's books do not appear as a category in this print issue, but will appear in our July 18 issue.

Readers are encouraged to visit the full aggregation of title information at (including children's titles), where they can browse the titles submitted by using a variety of helpful filters—by publisher, imprint, subject category, publication date, and format. The site, chock-full of information on each book (full description, author bios, marketing plans, on-sale dates, etc.) is set to go live Monday, June 27.

The following pages contain our editors' picks of the notable books of the fall 2011 season by category, 900 titles in all across the 19 categories. ranging from art, business, and cookbooks to fiction, memoir, lifestyle, poetry, sports, and more. We hope that this selection gives booksellers, librarians, and media a good snapshot of what the fall season holds in store.

Click the links below to read the essays, top 10s and listings in each category:

Art & Architecture

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Fiction: Literary

Fiction: Mystery & Thriller


Comics & Graphic Novels


Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

Literary Essays & Criticism





Performing Arts



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