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We can tell. In this, our third PW Select, the quality of editorial is going up, and more serious authors are choosing self-publishing. In these pages you will find a compelling biographical novel about Leadbelly; a gripping tale about domestic terrorism; a strong first novel about the radicalization of an Arab-American; a collection of letters between Thomas Jefferson his women friends; and a first-person chronicle narrated by a shih tzu; and more. The production qualities are also improving, as committed authors and service providers help the business evolve.

Biography & Autobiography
Cottage [Twelve]: A Story of Two Paths Toward One Heart.
Mike Biggs. Wasteland Creative. $14.99 paper (173p), ISBN 9780976147923 (via Amazon)
A story of two siblings, one healthy and one disabled, and the surprising discoveries made through new eyes and a transformed heart.

A Lifetime of Small Adventures: Stories of Adventure, Misadventure and Lessons Learned Along the Way.
Bill Birnbaum. Douglas Mountain Publishing. $14.95 paper (208p), ISBN 9781932632002
Senior citizen Bill Birnbaum relates his stories of adventure, misadventure, and lessons learned. His writing is humorous and reader-friendly.

The Best Worst Thing: A Memoir.
Kristen K. Brown. Balboa Press. $22.95 paper (276p), ISBN 9781452533100, B&, Balboa Press
This bittersweet memoir chronicles Kristen’s new life as a young widowed mom. From surf camp to a tattoo parlor, ghost run-ins to Hollywood, Kristen takes us with her on her amazing journey through grief.

Collison: When Reality and Illusion Collide.
Ron Bruguiere. AuthorHouse. $15.99 paper (280p), ISBN 9781456725259
A seriocomical look at life during the 1960s and ’70s; experience the final days of theater’s Golden Age and its new beginnings—Hair and Company.

Tally Ho! Friend or Foe: There’s Something About a Fighter Pilot.
James Mitchel Denard Jr. Vantage. $19.95, paper (91p), ISBN 978-0-533-16354-0
From the author’s accessible overview of the development of these sleek fighters, to his vivid description of some of his 149 combat missions as a fighter pilot, this volume pays homage to the aircraft itself and serves as a lasting record of an era.

Empowered to Uproot the Seed of Abuse: Power over Child Sexual Abuse.
Karen D. Doughty. ACW Press. $14.95 paper (153p), ISBN 9781934668351
Sexual abuse plants destructive seeds in its victims: fear, distrust, false guilt and shame to name a few. Karen Doughty provides hope and strength to uproot those seeds.

We Survived the Horrors of World War II.
Anna Gres. Vantage, $15.95 paper (208p), ISBN 978-0-533-16369-4
The story of one strong-willed woman, the youngest of six children in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II. This admirably detailed tale incorporates recollections of many family members, providing a significant window on this very brutal period in world history for future generations.

Grip: A Memoir of Fierce Attractions.
Nina Hamberg. Route One Press. $12.50 paper (288p), ISBN 9780982754702
Toughest woman in karate school drawn to men like her father—ones with sad stories, no money, and volatile tempers—until she can be vulnerable to love.

A Song of the Vine: A Reflection on Life.
Emerson Klees. Cameo Press. $16.95 paper (128p), ISBN 9781891046070
North Country Books, (315 ) 735-4877
This book contains reflections, observations, and biographical sketches to assist young adults and adults in making career decisions. The setting is the Finger Lakes Region.

The Accidental Anarchist: From the Diaries of Jacob Marateck.
Bryna Kranzler. Crosswalk Press. $18 paper (338p), ISBN 9780984556304
By the age of 25, Jacob Marateck had been sentenced to death three times in early 1900s Russia—and lived to tell about it.

The Pathology of My Life.
Stuart C. Lauchlan. Vantage. $11.95 paper, ISBN 978-0-533-16331-1
From a childhood in rural Scotland, amid some of the most significant global events in recent world history, the author followed his dream to practice medicine. His career brought him to Canada and later the United States, detailed in this entertaining look back at a life well-lived.

Cosmic Conspiracy: Psychic to the Rich and Famous.
Patricia McLaine. CreateSpace. $18.98 paper (418p), ISBN 9781453754597 & Amazon
This is a memoir of the author’s life as a psychic in the world of the paranormal where she helped thousands of people, including various celebrities.

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