Coates Launches E-bookstore, Bilbary

Tim Coates, former head of Waterstone’s, has started a new venture,, a Web site that will sell e-books from publishers the world over. Coates hopes to begin a public beta test in six to eight weeks with titles from both U.S. and U.K. publishers. At present, he expects 400,000 e-books to be available at launch from both academic and trade houses, with three of the Big Six American trade publishers on board. Publishers can set their own prices and change them whenever they want. Publishers can also sell or rent e-books by chapter and lend them out for a limited period.

Hachette Releases Environmental Scorecard

Two years after formalizing its environmental program, Hachette Book Group has released its 2011 Environmental Progress Report. According to the report, Hachette has achieved its goal for at least 20% of its paper to be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified by 2012, two years early, saying 23% of its paper in 2011 was FSC certified. For recycled fiber, Hachette hopes to increase to 30% usage by 2012, with a majority to be postconsumer. By 2020, the goal is to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions linked to publishing operations by 20%. Emissions in 2010 were down 15% vs. the baseline first measured in 2008.

Amazon Launches Italian and Spanish Kindle

Amazon has launched Kindle stores in Italy and Spain, and has also released Italian-language and Spanish-language Kindles. The Italian Kindle store has more than 16,000 Italian-language Kindle books; the Spanish Kindle store boasts 22,000 Spanish-language books, including over 1,000 free classics in Spanish. On both the and Kindle stores, there are over 900,000 titles available, and the new Kindle is available for 99 euros from both outlets.

B&T Acquires Bridgeall Libraries

Baker & Taylor has acquired Bridgeall Libraries, a Glasgow, Scotland-based technology developer specializing in software that helps libraries manage their collections more efficiently. Known as Smartsm in the U.K. and CollectionHQ in the U.S., Bridgeall Libraries’ software helps libraries select, acquire, and manage print and digital content. B&T will work to introduce CollectionHQ/Smartsm to libraries in North America and internationally. Software development, customer support and sales will remain based in Glasgow.

ABA Launches Reader App

The American Booksellers Association came closer to its goal of providing a digital reading experience through indie bookstores with the December 1 launch of the IndieBound Reader. The app, which was developed by Bluefire Productions, is compatible with devices that use the Android operating system and can be downloaded at and on the Android Market. ABA plans to launch an app for iPhones and other IOS devices soon.