Deborah Coonts’s Lucky O’Toole is a quick-witted, hardworking gal in a Vegas club with a knack for finding dead bodies. In her third caper, So Damn Lucky (Forge, Feb.), the first chapter ends with a magician dying as he attempts an old Harry Houdini trick. To complicate matters, the corpse disappears en route to the hospital. Lucky has to track down the body, fight off two guys vying for her attention, maintain her failing relationship with her boyfriend, deal with everybody learning she’s the Big Boss’s daughter (Vegas royalty, therefore), and figure out why Area 51 keeps coming up in her search for the missing magic man. Coonts’s Vegas is filled with bright lights and behind-the-scenes madness, and—in this adventure—she takes us to the tunnels that run below the city. Lucky’s latest lark brims with the over-the-top ridiculousness that I love about Vegas. Fans of the series will fall in love all over again, and new readers will look forward to her next escapade.