Debuting at #2 on the German fiction list in February was The Washington Decree by Jussi Adler-Olsen, a Danish writer who has found success in countries around the world. In the U.S., Penguin has published a number of his novels, including The Absent One in fall 2012 and, coming in May 2013, A Conspiracy of Faith.

Another international bestselling author, Ildefonso Falcones, landed at #1 on Spain’s fiction chart last month with his newest novel, The Barefoot Queen. Only one of Falconess’s books has been published stateside: in 2008, Penguin released Cathedral of the Sea, which PW called a “fascinating” and “rich portrait of medieval society” in its review (Mar. 24, 2008). On the nonfiction side in Spain, Antonio Muñoz Molina’s All That Was Solid debuted at #2 in his native country. The book is a call to revolt against the current economic and social downturn. Two of his books have been published in the U.S.: In Her Absence came out from Other Press in 2007 and A Manuscript of Ashes was released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2008.

The French nonfiction list was topped entirely by new titles, with Johnny Hallyday’s autobiography, In My Eyes, taking the #1 spot. Hallyday is a French singer but remains largely unknown outside of France and Quebec, thus earning the nickname “the biggest rock star you’ve never heard of.”

International Bestsellers: Germany

Fiction Nonfiction
1 Er ist wieder da
He’s Back
Timur Vermes
Ego. Das Spiel des Lebens
Ego: The Game of Life
Frank Schirrmacher
2 Das Washington Dekret
The Washington Decree
Jussi Adler-Olsen
Florian Illies
S. Fischer
3 Unterholz
Jörg Maurer
Fischer Scherz
Die Kunst des klaren Denkens
The Art of Thinking Clearly
Rolf Dobelli


Fiction Nonfiction
1 La reina descalza
The Barefoot Queen
Ildefonso Falcones
La infancia de Jesús
Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives
Pope Benedict XVI
2 El maestro del Prado
The Master of the Prado
Javier Sierra
Todo lo que era sólido
All That Was Solid
Antonio Muñoz Molina
Seix Barral
3 Cincuenta sombras de Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey
E.L. James
No sé dónde está el límite
I Don’t Know Where the Limit is, But I Know Where It Isn’t
Josef Ajram


Fiction Nonfiction
1 Un sentiment plus fort que la peur
Stronger Than Fear
Marc Levy
Robert Laffont
Dans mes yeux
In My Eyes
Johnny Hallyday, Amanda Sthers
2 Fifty shades, vol. 3: Cinquante nuances plus claires
Fifty Shades Freed
E.L. James
Jours de pouvoir
Days of Power
Bruno Le Maire
3 Fifty shades, vol. 1: Cinquante nuances de Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey
E.L. James
La vérité sur le cholesterol
The Truth About Cholesterol
Philippe Even
Le Cherche Midi