Dan Brown’s Inferno is still the bestselling book in the country, but after its strong first week, print sales have slowed substantially. It was the same story in 2009, when The Lost Symbol was published, though its first-week print unit sales of 1.1 million dwarfs Inferno’s 367,545. It’s safe to assume a big chunk of the difference can be attributed to e-books; after all, a Kindle cost $299 and the iPad didn’t exist when Symbol hit the shelves.

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Curtis Sittenfeld’s new novel, Sisterland (Random), is just out. The bestselling author runs down her 10 favorite children’s books for us.

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The most-read review on publishersweekly.com last week was You Are Now Less Dumb (Gotham) by David McRaney.


A day in the life of a children’s bookstore: it ain’t all storytime and Goodnight Moon.

What? You don’t know about transclusion?


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It may be summer, but things aren’t slowing down. PW senior writer Andrew Albanese reports from ALA 2013 in Chicago, discusses B&N’s tough fiscal year, and gives the inside scoop on his new e-book, The Battle of $9.99: How Apple, Amazon, and the Big Six Publishers Changed the E-book Business Overnight.

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Genetically modified food plays a central role in Jon McGoran's new thriller, Drift (Forge). He discusses how he struck on the idea, and the trick of balancing story and message.

ESPN’s Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry has one of the better job titles we’ve seen in a while. We talk to him about his new book, Fantasy Life (Riverhead) and the culture of fantasy sports.


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