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PW Select October 2013: Shifting Sands

Brittany Geragotelis had every mark of the aspiring author: a will to write, six unpublished novels, and nine years’ worth of rejection letters.

PW Select October 2013: Seeing Is Believing

Here are a few eye-opening facts for anyone who has ever wanted to self-publish or who has actually jumped into the ring and self-published a book or two. Did you know that:

PW Select October 2013: Jim Carrey Rolls Out His First Children’s Book

Jim Carrey may be best known as a movie star and comedian, but to him, his most meaningful roles are that of father to Jane and grandfather to her son, Jackson. This month he adds “first-time author” to his resume when his children’s book, How Roland Rolls (Some Kind of Garden Media, $16.95) is published on September 24.

PW Select October 2013: Listings from Self-Publishers

A historical novel by Charles Van Doren and one of a series on harvesting rainwater for sustainable living; fiction about a novelist who becomes a bestseller with a fake self-help book; and a memoir about searching for lost treasure in a boat that sank in 1909 are among the titles booksellers, publishers, and agents are encouraged to take a look at in the following listings of self-published books.

PW Select October 2013: Colliding with Readers - Gail McHugh

It might seem like pitting readers against a main character could hurt an indie author’s book sales. Try telling that to Gail McHugh, who, after selling almost half a million copies of her debut self-published romance novel, Collide, has seen the recent follow-up, Pulse, top the list of Amazon bestsellers—all while driving readers crazy over the relationship choices made by the series’ heroine.

PW Select October 2013: Reviews