Soy miembro de la iglesia (I Am a Church Member) by Thom S. Rainer

B&H Español (Oct. 2013)

Best-selling author and ministry leader Thom Rainer addresses what is expected of those who join a body of believers, from attitude to responsibilities of membership.

Cuando tu adolescente se convierte en un extraño (The Stranger in Your House) by Gregory L. Jantz with Ann McMurray

Portavoz (Sept. 2013)

With Dr. Jantz’s help, parents can stop worrying about the turbulence of adolescence and take action. Offers parents resources, reflection questions, and guidance from a Christian perspective.

La belleza de una esposa (The Beautiful Wife) by Sandy Ralya

Portavoz (Sept. 2013)

The book answers serious questions women have about their roles as wives. From romance and money to beauty, communication, and sex, Sandy challenges women to see God’s plan for their marriages.

Lecturas devocionales para una madre conforme al corazón de Dios (A Mom After God’s Own Heart Devotional) by Elizabeth George

Portavoz (Nov. 2013)

These upbeat and to-the-point offerings give moms daily direction and confidence for the amazing privilege of loving and raising children.

Evangelio 2014 (The Gospel 2014) by Father Jose A. Martinez-Puche

Edibesa (Sept. 2013)

A simple guide to Catholic life through daily prayer, which includes the Daily Gospels of the Mass, order of prayer, a liturgical calendar, information on each day’s saints, and a compilation of prayers.

La razón de mi esperanza (The Reason for My Hope) by Billy Graham

Grupo Nelson (Dec. 2013)

Who would refuse rescue? The answer is sometimes surprising because there are actually people who refuse to be saved, even if they are in a hopeless situation.

Saldrás de esta (You’ll Get Through This) by Max Lucado

Grupo Nelson (Sept. 2013)

In this book, pastor and New York Times bestselling author, Lucado offers sweet assurance that God doesn’t promise that getting through trials will be quick or painless.

Eternidad (Eternity) by Randy Alcorn

Influence Resources (Aug. 2013)

Drawing from Jesus’ classic story of the Rich Man and Lazarus, Alcorn fleshes out the story of two men and two destinies, and takes the reader into two shockingly different spiritual dimensions.

La mujer al estilo de Jesús (The Jesus Hearted Woman) by Jodi Detrick

Influence Resources (Sept. 2013)

When it comes to leadership, Detrick believes this: if you have the heart, you can learn the skills. A guide to help women develop essential qualities for dynamic and delightful leadership.

Pentecostés: Esta historia es nuestra historia (Pentecost: This story is our story) by Robert P. Menzies

Gospel Publishing House (Oct. 2013)

Outlines the basic fundamentals and origins of the Pentecostal movement and provides a comprehensive look at Pentecostal Christianity.

60 Cosas que Dios Dijo sobre Sexo (60 Things God Said about Sex) by Lester Sumrall

Whitaker House (Apr.2014)

The Bible candidly deals with sex—more so than many modern sex manuals!—and 60 Things God Said about Sex shows you that the best way to have sex is God’s way.

Derribando Fortalezas (Pulling Down Strongholds) by Derek Prince

Whitaker House (Sept. 2013)

Legendary teacher Derek Prince maintains that battling Satan is part of being a Christian; he teaches readers to tap into the power of God through 6 specific spiritual weapons.

Cómo Sanar a los enfermos (How to Heal the Sick) by Charles and Frances Hunter

Whitaker House (Sept. 2013)

The Hunters share how to pray for the sick through biblically-based prayer and the laying on of hands, maintaining that the Holy Spirit within each believer is ready to heal.

Éxodo (Exodus) by Michael Pearl

Influence Resources (Sept. 2013)

The story of how God led His people, the Israelites, out of Egypt to the Promised Land

El Principio (The Beginning) by Michael Pearl

Influence Resources (Sept. 2013)

The stories in the Old Testament from the fall of man to the Tower of Babel

Oren por mí: La vida y visión espiritual del papa Francisco (Pray for Me: The Life and Spiritual Vision of Pope Francisco) by Robert Robert Mpyniham

Planeta (Nov. 2013)

Journalist Moyunhan has catalogued speeches and homilies of Pope Francisco from when he was the Argentinian cardinal Jorge Mario Bergolio.

Juan Pablo II ¡Santo! (John Paul II, Saint!)

Planeta (Nov. 2013) by Alazraki and Slawomir

Mrs. Alazraki and Mr. Slawomir combine their knowledge of Vatican and journalistic talents to offer one of the most moving and humane portraits of Karol Wojtyla, the Pope that became a saint.

Del abismo a la luz (Nowhere but Up) by Pattie Mallette

Unilit (2013)

With raw honesty, she spills the truth about a lifetime of moments that were punctuated by pain yet permeated with grace—and the journey that’s brought her to where she is today.

Nuevo diccionario popular de la Biblia (New Popular Bible Dictionary) by Juan Rojas Mayo

Unilit (2013)

For those who need basic knowledge about the Bible; its teachings, the historical and geographical location of the events mentioned, etc.


Siete mil maneras de escuchar (Seven Thousand Ways to Listen) by Mark Nepo

Aguilar (Sept. 2013)

Mark Nepo’s works have moved and inspired millions. In his latest book, Nepo affirms that listening is one of the most mysterious, luminous, and challenging art forms on Earth.

Mark Zuckerberg en sus propias palabras (Mark Zuckerberg in His Own Words) by George Beahm

Aguilar (Oct. 2013)

Mark Zuckerberg en sus propias palabras is the most intimate and most authoritative look at the man behind Facebook’s once-a-generation success, the tech heir-apparent to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Soltera pero no sola (Single, But Far From Alone) by Claudia Cervantes

Aguilar (Nov.)

When beauty, talent, intelligence, and hard work are not enough to overcome obstacles and heartbreak, appreciating our independence, having a positive attitude and high self-esteem are vital to happiness.

La señora Simpson (Mrs. Simpson. Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor) by Charles Higham

Aguilar (Sept. 2013)

In 1988, author Charles Higham used secret files to reveal a darker side to the Dukes of Windsor’s fairytale relationship. This revised edition is a fascinating exposé of Wallis Simpson.

El largo camino hacia la libertad (Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela) by Nelson Mandela

Aguilar (Oct. 2013)

These are the riveting memoirs of one of the great moral and political figures of our time and one of the most powerful and inspiring stories of the 20th century.

David y Goliath (David & Goliath) by Malcolm Gladwell

Taurus (Sept. 2013)

In this book, Gladwell, uncovers hidden rules shaping the balance between the weak and the mighty to demonstrate how fundamentally we misunderstand the true meaning of advantages and disadvantages.

Hojas de Ruta (Roadmap of Life) by Jorge Bucay

Océano (Sept. 2013)

Now available in the U.S. This series is the thread of Ariadna, to guide readers along the path of personal growth and self-realization. The stages of this itinerary: Self-Dependence; Discovery; Tears; and Happiness.

Tiempo de caza (Hunting Season: Immigration and Murder in an All-American Town)by Mirta Ojito

Vintage Español (Feb. 2014)

Committed to objectivity and rooted in insightful research, Pulizer-prize winning reporter Mirta Ojito examines America’s immigration issue through the story of an undocumented Ecudorian immigrant who was stabbed to death in Long Island.

Amando a Pablo, odiando a Escobar (Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar) by Virginia Vallejo

Vintage Español (Sept. 2013)

The love story of the illicit affair between Pablo Escobar and Colombian journalist Virginia Vallejo, and a chronicle of horror that describes the evolution of one of the most dangerous criminal minds of our time.

Mi primera vida: conversaciones con Hugo Chávez (My First Life: Conversations with Hugo Chávez) by Ignacio Ramonet

Vintage Español (Dec. 2014)

A passionate retelling of Hugo Chávez’s life and achievements during his ten years as Venezuelan president told through four interviews with the political leader.


El juego de Ripper (Ripper: A Novel) by Isabel Allende

Vintage Español (Jan. 2013)

An atmospheric, fast-paced mystery involving a brilliant teenage sleuth named Amanda who must unmask a serial killer in San Francisco.

París, caballo de fuego (Paris, Horse of Fire) by Florencia Bonelli

Planeta (Sept. 2013)

Mrs. Bonellis stories are permanently on the top ten of the most sold novels in her natal Argentina. Her stories come from a world of passion and adventure that will not leave indifferent readers, as they revitalize their erotic life.

Los años de peregrinación del chico sin color (Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage) by Haruki Murakami

Tusquets (Oct. 2013)

The new novel of Mr. Murakami marks its return to the lyric realism of its early works. Emotional treason is the tread of the story of Tsukuru Tazaki, member of an apparently indestructible group of friends until he is inexplicable expelled after finishing university.

Angelópolis (Angelopolis) by Daniel Trussoni

Planeta (2013)

The destiny of humanity depends on the development ot the divine battle between the nephilim and the humans. Dangers are great and mistery and romance come along.

El héroe discrete (A Discreet Hero) by Mario Vargas Llosa

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

In this humorously melodramatic account, which takes place in the booming Peru of today, Piura and Lima become imagined territories inhabited by many of Vargas Llosa’s beloved characters.

Flores oscuras (The Darkness in Flowers) by Sergio Ramírez

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

Flores oscuras bares the mysteries of the human soul in twelve brightly colored and deeply shadowed stories, where each character battles their own personal conflicts, and hides deeply guarded secrets

Un comunista en calzoncillos (A Communist in His Underwear) by Claudia Piñeiro

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

In the summer of 1976 an observant and perceptive girl is leaving childhood behind. Her father, the center of her world, will one day demand proof of her loyalty.

Peroratas (Rattling On)by Fernando Vallejo

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

Peroratas summarizes Vallejo’s ideology: his loves and animosities, his concept of life and doctrines, gathered in two maxims: life is hell so don’t breed, and animals are also our neighbors.

El amigo andalúz (The Andalucian Friend) by Alexander Soderberg

Suma (Sept. 2013)

In El amigo andaluz Soderberg masterfully combines the best of Tarantino with the prose of Jens Lapidus and the mental subtlety of Patricia Highsmith.

Mar de mañana (Morning Sea) by Margaret Mazzantini

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

Farid and his mother try to escape Libya by boat. Unfortunately, the Mediterranean does not fulfill its promise of a new life for the refugees. Instead, it becomes their prison.

Rayuela: Edición conmemorativa 50 aniversario (Hopscotch: 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition) by Julio Cortázar

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

A turn of events prompts Horacio to return to Argentina, where he works on a variety of odd jobs. Published in 1963, Hopscotch changed the history of literature forever.

La naturaleza de las lágrimas (The Chemistry of Tears) by Peter Carey

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

After her lover’s death, curator Catherine Gehrig is tasked with repairing a 19th Century mechanical bird that hides some diaries. Through them, she confronts the mysteries of creation.

La mentira sagrada (The Sacred Lie) by Luis Miguel Rocha

Suma (Sept. 2013)

Three of the Five Knights who safeguard scrolls refuting Christ’s crucifixion are dead, one is missing. A trusted Vatican reporter tries to uncover the killer before it is too late.

Amor bajo el espino blanco (Under the Hawthorn Tree) by Ai Mi

Suma (Oct. 2013)

Jingqiu is sent to the countryside to be “reeducated”. There, she meets the son of a high-ranking officer and falls in love. But fate cuts short their forbidden romance.

La firma de todas las cosas (The Signature of All Things) by Elizabeth Gilbert

Suma (Nov. 2013)

Spanning much of the 18th and 19th centuries, the novel follows the extraordinary Whittaker family led by the enterprising Henry—a poor-born Englishman who becomes the richest man in Philadelphia.

Maravilloso desastre (Beautiful Disaster) by Jamie McGuire

Suma (Sept. 2013)

Abby has reformed when bad-boy Travis Maddox proposes a bet: If he loses, he’ll be abstinent for a month. If she loses, she must live with him for a month.

Las reputaciones (Tenuous Standings) by Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

The author’s most intimate work to date: a powerful reflection on the failings of public and private judgment, and the irreversible encounters that alter what we judge as unshakable truths.

Sorprendida (Eyes Wide Open: The Blackstone Affair Part 3) by Raine Miller

Suma (Oct. 2013)

Ethan and Brynne are still adjusting when demons from the past threaten to destroy their bond. Will they yield or fight to win the ultimate prize of a life together?

El rey de los espinos (The King of Hawthorn) by Marcelo Figueras

Suma (Nov. 2013)

When extravagantly dressed men attend the funeral of a comic book writer, 15 year-old Milo knows they are the dead author’s heroes brought to the 21st Century for a purpose.

El secreto de Eva (Eve’s Secret)by Guillermo Ferrara

Suma (Sept. 2013)

Evangelina Calvet’s extensive studies on spiritually advanced early civilizations threaten to upend the existing order, and members of an occult group set out to silence her.

Haz el amor y no la cama (Make Love. Forget About Making the Bed) by Federico Traeger

Suma (Sept. 2013)

A change in seat assignment puts Iván next to the most successful author of self-improvement books. A ghostwriter by profession, Iván will do everything in his power to seduce her.

Cuentos Completos: Roald Dahl (Roald Dahl. Complete: Short Stories) by Roald Dahl

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

The devilish plot twists of one of the most renowned and influential English writers of his time, gleefully remind us of what might lurk beneath the surface of the ordinary.

Las genealogías (The Family Tree) by Margo Glantz

Alfaguara (Nov. 2013)

In Las genealogías Gantz incorporates of a new element that gives the book a surprising and fascinating depth, and a warm sense of intimacy: memory.

Lo que no tiene nombre (That Which Has No Name) by Piedad Bonett

Alfaguara (Oct. 2013)

In this book, dedicated to the life and death of her son Daniel, Piedad Bonnett establishes a dialogue that reaches beyond this life.

¿Te acuerdas Julia? (Do You Remember, Julia?)by Guillermo Samperio

Alfaguara (Sept. 2013)

Hernán Lara Zavala said, “[Samperio] has succeeded in paving a road that had only been glimpsed at by writers such as Efrén Hernández, Julio Torri and Juan José Arreola.”