China is the focus country of this year's Global Market Forum, and the delegation is the largest that BEA has ever seen. More than 170 publishing companies will be present, representing all facets of the industry. Here’s a list of the exhibitors, all of which can be found in the Guest of Honor pavilion.

Anhui Press and Publication Bureau of Radio Film and Television

Anhui Science & Technology

Publishing House

Beijing Arts & Photography Publishing House

Beijing Children and Juvenile Publishing House

Beijing Dragon Ridge Culture Communication

Beijing Education Publishing House

Beijing Language and Culture University Press

Beijing Normal University Publishing Group

Beijing October Art & Literature Publishing House

Beijing Publishing Group

Beijing Radio, Film & Television Training Center

Beijing Tianbaozhongyi International Culture Media

Beijing UTOP

Changjiang Children’s Publishing Group

Changjiang Literature & Art Publishing House

Chemical Industry Press

Chengdu Electronic Science and Technology University Press

China Architecture & Building Press

China Children’s Press & Publication Group

China Communications Press

China Customs Press

China Industry & Commercial Associated Press

China Intercontinental Press

China International Book Trading

China International Publishing Group/Sinomedia

China Modern Economic Publishing House

China Pioneer Publishing & Technology

China Printing Museum

China Publishing and Media Holdings

China Publishing Group Corporation

China Religious Culture Publisher

China Renmin University Press

China Science and Technology Press

China Social Sciences Press

China South Publishing & Media Group

China Universal Press & Publication

China University of Petroleum Press

China Water & Power Press

China Yan Shi Press

China Youth Press

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Urban Development and Environment

Chinese Universe Publishing and Media

East China Normal University Press

Economic Science Press

The Ethnic Publishing House

Flower City Publishing House

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Publishing

Gansu Minzu Press

Geological Publishing House

Guangdong Education Publishing House

Guangdong People’s Publishing House

Guangxi Press and Publication Bureau of Radio Film and Television

Haitian Publishing House

Higher Education Press Limited Company

Huangshan Publishing House

Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, Architecture Branch

Hubei Education Press

Hubei Fine Arts Press

Hubei People’s Press

Hubei Science & Technology Press

Hunan Education Publishing House

Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House

Hunan Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House

Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House

Hunan Science and Technology Press

Inner Mongolia People’s Publishing House

Intellectual Property Publishing House

Jiangsu Juvenile Press

Jiangsu People Publishing

Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing

Jiangxi Education Publishing House

Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

Jiangxi Publication Group

Jiangxi Universities and Colleges Press

Jieli Publishing House

Jilin Audio & Visual Publishing House

Jilin Education Publishing House

Jilin Fine Arts Press

Jilin Literature and History Press

Jilin Northeast Asia Publishing & Media Group

Jilin People’s Publishing House

Jilin Photography Publishing House

Jilin Publishing Group

Jilin Science & Technology Publishing House

Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House, Shanghai Century Publishing

Kashi Uyghur Press

Language & Culture Press

Lushan Federation of Literary and Art Circles


MEBO Culture (Beijing)

Mei Lanfang Arts Research Institute of Shenyang Normal University

Nanjing SaoSaoKan Digital Technology

Nanjing University Press

National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Northern China Women and Children’s Publishing House

Northern United Publishing and Media Group

Party Building Books Publishing House

Peking University Press

The People’s Literature Magazine

People’s Oriental Publishing & Media

People’s Publishing House

Phoenix Digital Media

Phoenix Education Publishing

Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing

The Phoenix Publishing Media Group

Phoenix Science Press

Science Press

Posts and Telecom Press

Publishing House of Electronics Industry

Qingdao Publishing Group

Qinghai Ethnic Publishing House

Sanqin Publishing House

Shaanxi People’s Education Publishing House

Shaanxi People’s Publishing House

Shaanxi Xinhua Publishing & Media Group

Shandong Friendship Publishing House

Shandong Publishing Group

Shandong Xinxin Asset Management

Shanghai Century Publishing Group

Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press

Shanghai Insight Media

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press

Shanghai Normal University

Shanghai Press & Publishing Development Company

Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers

Sichuan Bashu Press

Sichuan Children’s Publishing House

Sichuan Cishu Press

Sichuan Education Press

Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House

Sichuan Literature & Art Publishing House

Sichuan People’s Publishing

Sichuan Press and Publication Bureau of Radio, Film, and Television

Sichuan Publishing House of Science and Technology

Sichuan Tiandi Press

Social Sciences Academic Press

Southern Publishing & Media

Southwest Jiaotong University Press, Chengdu

21st Century Publishing Group

Thread-Binding Books Publishing House

The Tibet Autonomous Region External Association

Time Literature and Art Publishing House

Time Publishing & Media

Tomorrow Publishing House

Tsinghua University Press Limited

United Sky (Beijing) New Media

Unity Press

Wuhan Publishing House

Xanadu Publishing

Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media

Xinjiang Education Publishing House

Xinjiang Electronic & Audio-Visual Publishing House

Xinjiang People’s Medical Publishing House

Xinjiang Science Press

Yanbian Education Press

Yanbian Press and Publication Bureau of Radio Film and Television

The Yellow River Publishing & Media Group

Yili People’s Press

Yilin Press

Yinchuan International Game Investment

Yinda Media Investment Group

Yun Xiang Jia Education Information

Yunnan Aurora Publishing House

Yunnan Education Publishing House

Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House

Yunnan People’s Publishing House

Yunnan Publishing Group

Yunnan Science & Technology Press

Zhejiang Publishing United Group

Zhejiang Science and Technology Publishing House

For a list of China-sponsored events at BEA, click here.