The unique categories of gift books and sidelines require titles with high production values that tap wider cultural trends while they’re hot. In 2015 the major development was coloring books for adults, which sold millions of copies and sent publishers of all types and sizes on quests to publish the next breakout coloring title.

Alongside the rising popularity of coloring books, activity-driven books and kits have constituted a large portion of the gift market, and their share has only grown bigger as coloring books continue to dominate the marketplace.

Publishers say that the coloring book phenomena illuminates a deeper, still-developing trend in gift books and sidelines: a growing interest in unplugging—experiencing life away from the screen.

“Offline living is very much part of what helped the coloring trend,” says Lisa Bach, associate director of independent special sales at Chronicle Books. “I think people are figuring a way to turn off and tune out.”

This wave of offline sentiment among buyers is reflected in the prevalence of upcoming gift titles focused on the kitchen and garden, DIY skills, traditional crafts, journaling, and exploring the outside world.

“That’s really becoming a topic of conversation: doing something unplugged. Getting off your computer or phone and doing something simple for yourself,” says Rage Kindelsperger, editorial director at Quarto.

As bookstores continue to use sidelines and gift items in their retail product mix, publishers are busy keeping tabs on current trends and working to anticipate new ones that could become the next big thing.

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