Rebecca Gablé, the bestselling author of historical fiction, returned to Germany’s fiction bestseller list in April at #1 with The Foreign Queen, the second in her new Otto the Great Series. Gablé’s numerous books have yet to be translated into English, save for a short title based on the board game Settlers of Catan. The second slot on the fiction list was occupied by Fatal Pursuit—British author Martin Walker’s ninth installment in his Inspector Bruno series, which is published in the U.S. by Knopf.

In Holland, Nicci French’s seventh thriller in the Frieda Klein series, Sunday Morning Coming Down, was #1 on the combined bestseller list. At #2 was a graphic memoir by popular Dutch children’s author Francine Oomen. Entitled Oomen Flows Over, the book takes a humorous, sympathetic look at the challenge of facing menopause. Susan Vermeer’s The Paradise was #3. The book carries on the series by the late bestselling writer Paul Goeken, who died in 2011 and wrote under a pseudonym.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli led the bestseller list in Italy at the end of April. The book made headlines after raising $1.9 million through a pair of crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It offers 100 stories of “extraordinary women” intended to provide real-life role models for young women. The authors, who run the education company Timbuktu Labs out of Los Angeles, are distributing the book direct to consumers in the U.S.


Fiction Nonfiction
1 Die fremde königin
The Foreign Queen
Rebecca Gablé
Bastei Lübbe
Heilen mit der kraft der natur
Healing with the Power of Nature
Andreas Michalsen
2 Grand prix
Fatal Pursuit
Martin Walker
Penguin Bloom
Cameron Bloom & Bradley Trevor Greive
3 Selfies
The Scarred Woman
Jussi Adler-Olsen
Hillbilly elegie
Hillbilly Elegy
J.D. Vance

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Combined Fiction and Nonfiction
1 Storie della buonanotte per bambine ribelli
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Francesca Cavallo, Elena Favilli
4 Tredici
Thirteen Reasons Why
Jay Asher
2 L’ultimo faraone
Wilbur Smith
5 I Love Tokyo
La Pina & Federico Giunta
Vallardi A.
3 Una mamma per nemica
A Mother for an Enemy
Matteo Pelusi, Valentino Bisegna
6 Sete
The Thirst
Jo Nesbø

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The Netherlands

Combined Fiction and Nonfiction
1 Zondagochtend breekt aan
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Nicci French
Ambo l Anthos
4 Selfies
The Scarred Woman
Jussi Adler-Olsen
2 Oomen stroomt over
Oomen Flows Over
Francine Oomen
Nijgh & Van Ditmar
5 Melancholie van de onrust
Melancholy of the Unrest
Joke J. Hermsen
3 Het paradijs
The Paradise
Suzanne Vermeer
A.W. Bruna Uitgevers
6 Singing in the brain
Singing in the Brain
Erik Scherder
Uitgeverij Athenaeum

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