La desaparición de Stephanie Mailer

(The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer)

Joël Dicker


ISBN 978-1-947783-79-9

In 1994, two young police officers in New York solve a case involving the murder of an entire family, but 20 years later, journalist Stephanie Mailer claims that they were wrong. Days later, she disappears.



Hillary Jordan


ISBN 978-84-16750-52-8

Two families in the jim crow South are united by the farmlands they share in the Mississippi Delta. Jordan’s novel is the basis of an Academy Award–nominated film.




Blanca Herp

Redbook Ediciones

ISBN 978-84-9917-445-7

This book provides a comprehensive look at so-called superfoods, including chia seeds, coconuts, goji berries, quinoa, spirulina, and stevia.

Terapias naturales contra el estrés y la ansiedad

(Natural Therapies to Counteract Stress and Anxiety)

Thalia Blair

Redbook Ediciones

ISBN 978-84-9917-466-2

Blair discusses the origins of anxiety and depression and offers information about safe and effective treatments.


Al final mueren los dos

(They Both Die at the End)

Adam Silvera


ISBN 978-84-96886-78-0

Soon after Rufus and Mateo learn that they have less than 24 hours to live, the New York City teenagers connect via the Last Friend app and decide to spend their final hours together.

Canción de invierno


Jae Jones S.


ISBN 978-84-17092-78-8

The beautiful, dangerous Goblin King rides abroad in search of a bride. Liesl has heard tales of him, but when he takes her sister, Liesl must save her.

Un hombre con sombrero

(A Man with a Hat)

Gustavo Roldán

Malpaso Editorial

ISBN 978-84-92902-05-7

Scary monsters and Santa Claus are but a few of the whimsical characters that the Man with a Hat encounters in this illustrated comic book.

El regreso del joven príncipe

(The Return of the Young Prince)

Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers


ISBN 978-607-527-422-5

In this sequel to The Little Prince, the prince is grown up and shares stories of self-discovery.

La tirita

(The Band-Aid)

Juan Berrio

Malpaso Editorial

ISBN 978-84-92902-16-3

Mundane occurrences and complex relationships are seen from the point of view of a child in this comic book.