This month we’ve got big worries, a crisis of faith, and serious questions of survival. To submit a first line, email us.

And the Wall Came Down

D.F. Hart

“It was April 12, 1961, almost noon, and Manfred Amsel was a deeply worried man.”

Eve of Snows (Sundering the Gods, Book 1)

L. James Rice

“It will ease your worries to know you aren’t dead, but it shouldn’t.”

Birth Right: Galak’s Rising

Christina Goebel

“Mark Ward looked out of the window of his office in the mammoth Genetic Automation Laboratories’ New York Headquarters and wondered how long he would survive.”

Inktown: A Memoir

Robert Turley

“There are two things you will usually find plenty of in lower-income neighborhoods in America: churches and funeral homes; poor folks stay busy either worshiping God or going off to meet Him.”

The Troubled Seminarian

Neal Grey

“Never did that obscure Augustinian priest think that he would spark a revolution.”