Some kids geek out over K-pop boy band videos. Others can spend hours watching professional gamers on YouTube. The ones who can’t get enough MasterChef Junior just might turn away from the screen long enough to pore over these forthcoming cookbooks for children and teens.

Bake It

DK, Oct. Ages 10–14.

Step-by-step instructional photos and beauty shots of finished products are set against complementary color backgrounds, emphasizing visual appeal as well as technique and taste. Aimed squarely at a readership that wants to concoct the sorts of baked treats featured in cooking shows and baking videos, the book offers advice on decorating and presenting 150 Instagram-worthy pastries.

The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs

America’s Test Kitchen. Sourcebooks Kids, Oct. Ages 8–12.

Like its predecessor, 2018’s The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs (which has sold 82,000 print copies, per NPD BookScan), this title is backed up by ATK’s trademark rigor. More than 4,000 kids tested recipes for simple treats, such as muffins, and more elegant fare, including a tahini-banana snack cake. The book’s glossary explains what it calls “bakespeak,” and illustrated guides demystify baking gear and methods.

Cooking Class: Global Feast

Deanna F. Cook. Storey, Nov. Ages 8–12.

An international cast of kids takes young readers on a culinary world tour. Recipes for ANZAC biscuits, from Australia and New Zealand, and mango lassi, from India, are enhanced by language flashcards and flag stickers. Cook’s previous children’s books include 2015’s Cooking Class (167,000 print copies, per BookScan) and Baking Class (69,000 print copies), both from Workman.

Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids

Pierre Lamielle. Familius, Sept. Ages 8–13.

A chef, illustrator, and Chopped Canada winner, Lamielle presents more than two dozen recipes attuned to young palates (pancakes, homemade ketchup) and maturing ones (soy lettuce wraps, schnitzel). With the help of colorful cartoon kids and creatures, the book introduces such concepts as balancing the five tastes, and offers detailed safety advice about, for instance, how to hold a knife properly—and how to treat a cut when you don’t.

Teen Chef Cooks

Eliana de Las Casas. Rodale, Sept. Ages 10–up.

In 2016, de Las Casas, a native of New Orleans, was named the Chopped teen grand champion. She’s wasted little time building her culinary career, using her competition winnings to start a spice company and performing cooking demos at farmers’ markets. Here she offers 80 recipes broken down by season, among them watermelon panzanella, inside-out apple pie, and Latin slaw.

The Ultimate Kids' Baking Book

Tiffany Dahle. Page Street, Nov. Ages 8–14.

Dahle, whose Peanut Blossom blog has 276,000 Pinterest followers, builds on 2018’s The Ultimate Kids’ Cookbook with a collection of baked treats designed around major childhood milestones—First Day of School Smart Cookies, Fall Break Snickerdoodles, and Snow Day Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

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