Enabling consumers to print photos and documents as and when they like, or need, through a mobile app that is automatically linked to the nearest photo kiosk is the premise of Hung Hing’s YumMePrint.

Launched in August 2018, YumMePrint is now available from 12 points—at karaoke lounges, confectionery shops, shopping malls, and children’s playrooms—in Hong Kong. During a three-week Sweet Valentine’s event, for instance, Stanley Plaza visitors were able to print (for free) photos taken amid various love-themed backdrops at the shopping mall and then attach a personalized voice message to their digital photo. At another event in April—about promoting HSBC’s PayMe service and Rugby Sevens tournament, of which the bank is the main sponsor—3-D backdrops and the appropriate costumes allowed bank clients to take photos, select their preferred border designs, and print them off.

For these two events (and another 23 that used YumMePrint), the Hung Hing team customized the kiosk and on-screen display, photo borders, and printing options. Each kiosk is optimized to print up to 700 photos, and the fine-tuned workflow is simple and user-friendly.

For event attendees, the whole process—including scanning the QR code on the event coupon; selecting the photo, photo border, voice recording, an payment method; and printing copies—takes less than one minute.

For event venue providers, agencies, and brand owners, this solution goes beyond offering a unique photo experience or launching a specific product; user behavior, consumer engagement, and data analytics all come into play. Statistics from the Sweet Valentine’s event, for instance, revealed that the peak YumMePrint usage was on February 13, which will help the event organizer with their promotional activities for the following year.

“The workings behind the premise are simple: We provide the hardware, design, and technical support, and you offer memorable experiences that your event attendees or visitors can bring home and share with their friends and families,” says Nicholas Yum, product development manager at Hung Hing. “YumMePrint is about creating convenience and meeting a growing demand for personalized photo printing, especially for the younger, tech-savvy generation.”