Translations of Swedish novelist David Lagercrantz’s latest Millennium novel, The Girl Who Lived Twice, were popular across Europe in late August, and the book landed at #2 in France, where it was bested only by Amélie Nothomb’s Thirst, a novel in which the Franco-Belgian superstar channels the thoughts of Jesus Christ hours before his crucifixion. In Sweden, The Girl Who Lived Twice was in the top spot, and in the Netherlands it was second on the combined list.

Germany saw Erebos 2 by Austrian author Ursula Pozansky at the top of its fiction list at the end of August. The novel, set in the world of e-sports, is the sequel to Erebos, which sold nearly a million copies and was published in English by Annick Press.

Naturalist Peter Wohlleben returned to the nonfiction lists last month with his latest exploration of ecology, The Secret Bond Between Humankind and Nature, which was #1 in Germany. Greystone Books publishes Wohlleben in English.