This month, Michelle Argyle of Melissa Williams Design reimagines the cover of The RiverCliffe Legacy by Dee Ernst.

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Since it’s difficult to know the genre from the first cover, I decided to humanize the new version by adding a woman. It is now geared more toward female readers.

While the picture of the yellow house is perfect for this book, I felt the watercolor treatment made it look too amateurish. We kept the house, but left it untreated, lending a more serious tone to the cover as a whole.

Be careful when adding two images together. Adding a person to the foreground meant I needed to blur the house in the background just a tad to create depth. I kept the leaves in focus since they are by the woman.

Making the title larger than on the original helps draw focus to the correct place. The cover is now more of a book cover than a piece of art with a title.

Original Cover