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The Bastard of Colonia (The Song of the Francs #1)

T.J.S. Hayes. FJL Press. $24 paper (552p), ISBN 978-1-77772-400-9


Set at the end of the seventh century, the novel recounts the early years of Charles Martel.

Boy Rides the Arpeggio

Merrill Patton. Xlibris. $11.99 paper (142p), ISBN 978-1-6641-0290-3; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6641-0289-7


In 1960s Sydney, nine-year-old Luke navigates a world of adults and discrimination. As he finds hope for his future in an unlikely mentor, his world is about to change.

Code Name: Arc Angel; The Demise of the Devil

Bruce Jarvis. iUniverse. $18.95 paper (292p), ISBN 978-1-5320-0003-4; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5320-0002-7


An American citizen and father is recruited as a World War II spy. He must attempt to stop a cycle of dark events before more innocent civilians die at the hands of a megalomaniac devil.

The Face of God

Brian Ray Brewer. GoldTouch Press. $12.99 paper (252p), ISBN 978-1-955347-87-7


A commercially successful but dissipated pop artist rediscovers himself and his art through a contract to sculpt the face of God.

Family Illness

Evan Wechman. Austin Macauley Publishers. $25.95 hardcover (190p), ISBN 978-1-64750-347-5; $11.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-64750-348-2


This realistic fictional work details how the life of Steve Goldberg is turned upside down by obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The Girl on the Carpathia—A Novel of the Titanic

Eileen Enwright Hodgetts. Emerge Publishing. $14.48 paper (363p), ISBN 978-0-578-90320-0; $9.99 e-book, ASIN B094WYG8GT

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

In the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, Kate Royston is a witness to history as the RMS Carpathia responds to the Titanic’s desperate SOS.

I Met Her Before

Chandra Moyer. Every Child Whole Press. $10.99 paper (236p), ISBN 978-0-9882404-5-2; $6.99 e-book, ASIN B08Z5X7NF3


Marcia lives a contented life, unaware of the hidden trauma until a tragedy derails her awakening memories of sexual abuse. Then she embarks on a journey to find the truth.

The Lighthouse

Christopher Parker. Beacon Press Limited. $12 paper (360p), ISBN 978-0-9951495-0-2; $5.99 e-book, ASIN B09B5DZJH8


A young woman journeys far from home to discover where she truly belongs.

Love & Loss in the Time of Covid: A Story for Our Time

Phil Dourado. Steelhouse Publishing. $12.25 paper (222p), ISBN 979-8-4560-5022-9; $6.80 e-book, ASIN B09CQDBTDZ


Matthew decides to stay in bed until people outside stop dying. But then the ghost of his best friend pops up and whispers guidance in his ear, sending him on a quest to make meaning out of grief and find out where the loved dead go.

More Wise Words to Ponder: A Selection of Great Thoughts Through Quotes and Verses

Eric Wei. Partridge Publishing Singapore. $11.70 paper (92p), ISBN 978-1-5437-6269-3; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5437-6270-9


This book, a sequel to the earlier volume, is dedicated to all quote lovers. It is a collection of wise and witty sayings through quotes and verses.

Murphy’s Last Law: If Child Abuse Can Happen, Child Abuse Will Happen

Peter Hodson. Austin Macauley Publishers. $23.95 hardcover (154p), ISBN 978-1-3984-1158-6; $10.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-5289-9371-5


English siblings orphaned by a bomb are transported to Australia. Also, part-Aboriginal siblings are forcibly removed from their mother. All endure hardship and privation. The boys join the army and become firm friends.

No Names to Be Given

Julia Brewer Daily. Admission Press. $16.99 paper (334p), ISBN 978-0-9984261-7-4; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9984261-6-7

Amazon,, IndieBound

In 1966, three women meet in a maternity home in New Orleans to relinquish their babies for adoption. Years later, their secrets are exposed... all the way to the White House.

Oh Daddy Chronicles

Barry Robbins. Barry Robbins. $12.99 paper (224p), ISBN 979-8-51751-043-3; $4.99 e-book, ASIN B09B2C131F


A political satire made up of 46 skit-like episodes that follow the craziness of Trump’s presidency.

The Search for Mukurob: A Thoughtful Journey into the Roots of Humankind

André Costa. André Costa. $14.99 paper (330p), ISBN 978-91-985131-6-5; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-91-985131-7-2

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Google Play, Kobo

An Irish Catholic priest, apparently questioning his faith, sets off for Africa to find out—among the people with the most ancient lineage—what went wrong with the human odyssey.

Secrets of a Dutch Baroness

Eirian J. Williams. KDP. $12.91 paper (154p), ISBN 979-8-5026-1839-7; $4.08 e-book, ASIN B098R5J5WS


A story of escape during the Spanish Civil War in 1936 and from the invading German army in 1940. Hunted across France and Spain, the Dutch baroness holds an atomic military secret code.

Senior Singles

Tony Jenkins. Austin Macauley Publishers. $27.95 hardcover (248p), ISBN 978-1-3984-0633-9; $14.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-3984-0632-2


After years of happy marriage, Tom is left alone, realizing he has to build a new life. He takes Spanish lessons, yoga, singles holidays, and crosses Route 66 with hilarious consequences.

A Span of Moments

Robert Beech. Kindle Digital Publishing. $12.95 paper (300p), ISBN 978-0-578-95936-8; $4.49 e-book, ASIN B09CF3FD37


A novel about saving an old Florida island from the clutches of a billionaire resort developer. Troubling dilemmas and the cast of characters drive the story line.

Tales Tall and True

Philip Rintoul. Austin Macauley Publishers. $9.95 paper (144p), ISBN 978-1-5289-8648-9; $4.50 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5289-8649-6


Each of the 10 short stories dwells on vignettes of life and how people cope and rise to their challenges.

Trailer Trash Havana

Junio Carols. AuthorHouse. $14.35 paper (134p), ISBN 978-1-7283-7925-8; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7283-7924-1


A story of the trials, tribulations, and ups and downs of the unusual misfits who live (or exist) in trailers.

The Winter Archivist

Stephen Morris. Austin Macauley Publishers. $12.95 paper (208p), ISBN 978-1-3984-2109-7; $4.50 e-book, ISBN 978-1-3984-2110-3


Catherine has inherited Ben’s archive from the Winter Institute. She rebuilds his life in search of the Hirschlich Art Collection’s provenance. The trail deceives her.

The Woman in the Sun Hat

Daniel Damiano. Fandango 4 Art House. $16.99 paper (440p), ISBN 978-0-578-85659-9; $6.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-578-89897-1

Amazon,, Kobo

Peggy Bubone’s life is turned upside down with the shocking arrest of her esteemed dermatologist husband, forcing her on a humorous yet harrowing journey of self-discovery.


Bells in the Night

Richard Betz. Outskirts Press. $17.95 paper (117p), ISBN 978-1-9772-4307-2

Betz spans the seasons from January to December and distances from New England to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Outer Banks of North Carolina in this collection.

Goodbye (Hello)

Ilyssa Goldsmith. Ilyssa Goldsmith. $13.99 paper (128p), ISBN 978-1-63972-361-4


A love letter to the stranger, the lover, and the beloved. It is a recovered poem written for the person met once, yet never met again.

Magic Mines: The Treasure of Love

Mandeep Lotta. URLink Print and Media. $7.99 paper (38p), ISBN 978-1-64753-640-4; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-64753-641-1


The poems contained in this book are meant to promote love and concern for one another.

Mettle & Flesh

Claire Turton. Austin Macauley Publishers. $6.95 paper (66p), ISBN 978-1-3984-2233-9; $4.50 e-book, ISBN 978-1-3984-2234-6


A collection of poetry spanning a range of topics told with a raw honesty and an overlay of dark humor, presented in three parts: “Contemplation,” “Lamentation,” and “Rumination.”

Out of Dreams Comes... the Artistic Edge: An Anthology of Original Poems, Thoughts, and Musings

JoAnne Ciscely Nanton. Vantage Press. $8.95 paper (84p), ISBN 978-0-533-14656-7


This poetry anthology recalls the complexity of solitude, the evils of social injustice, the poet’s sustaining religious inspiration, and her family’s emotional relationships.

Second Harvest

Don Agey. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (158p), ISBN 978-1-7960-6868-9; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7960-6884-9


Agey presents a stew of different styles of poetry: metric and free and whatever other styles that came to mind. There are also limericks and haiku.

A Spiritual Bridge

Mzia Kvirikashvili Lawrence. AuthorHouse. $24.43 paper (446p), ISBN 978-1-6655-8466-1; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6655-8467-8


A poetry collection translated from Georgian to English. The author wants her voice to join the desire of millions of people to renounce war as it destroys everything loved.

Standing Alone

Paul Jones. Trafford. $10.99 paper (80p), ISBN 978-1-6987-0650-4; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6987-0651-1


A book of spiritual poetry that presents faith-uplifting, eye-opening, and fun-to-read poems meant to inspire and touch the living soul.


The Alb

Luis Rousset. AuthorHouse. $13.99 paper (220p), ISBN 978-1-6655-0330-3; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6655-0328-0


An adventure thriller in which a New York detective is hired to track the disappearance of a mining magnate and priceless archaeological objects from an Inca tomb site in Peru.

Another Day in Milestoneville

Golden November. Golden November. $27.94 paper (563p), ISBN 979-8-4818-8334-2


The action-drama begins with flashbacks during the 1990s, when the characters are in their 20s. G attends training for his first job after college, recovering lost valuables for a company.

Cari Moses

Judith Tyler Hills. AuthorHouse. $31.64 paper (492p), ISBN 978-1-6655-8831-7; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6655-8832-4


When a grieving woman finds a baby, she takes her in, unaware that this will involve a serial killer, national authorities, and the breakdown of what she once knew.

The Characters of Milestoneville (Collector’s Edition)

Golden November. Golden November. $34.95 paper (822p), ISBN 979-8-4793-6028-2


When Flower Rose puts a missing book on the market, two book hunters, JBT and G, will stop at nothing to return it to its rightful owner.

Dark Was the Night: A Novella

Tania Lorena Rivera. Tania Lorena Rivera. $9.21 paper (236p), ISBN 979-8-4637-9484-0; $1.57 e-book, ASIN B09DFJLPNC

Amazon, Kobo

Lucie has a secret fear of the dark. During one terrifying Halloween night where three intruders enter her house, she discovers the terrible secret of her nyctophobia.

Flower Rose

Golden November. Golden November. $24 paper (319p), ISBN 979-8-4845-7812-2


Flower Rose is a no-nonsense, savvy woman. In 1992, Flower Rose was a senior attending Milestoneville University, and now it is time for her story.

A Mistaken Hostage

J.F. Foran. The Troy Book Makers. $13.99 paper (361p), ISBN 978-1-61468-650-7


An American woman is taken hostage by jihadists.


Marvin Dixon. Austin Macauley Publishers. $12.95 paper (216p), ISBN 978-1-5289-9436-1; $4.50 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5289-9437-8


A crime thriller featuring private investigator Justin Kell. Multiple story lines converge at the climax as lives are on the line.

Poets and Philosophers

Bill Thesken. Koloa Publishing. $11.99 paper (280p), ISBN 978-1-7372521-1-5; $1.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7372521-2-2

Amazon, Ingram

Poetamos Jackson and Simon Profit are hired as undercover detectives in Los Angeles to investigate police department drug stings that have gone awry.

Politically Corrected

Kurt M. DiClementi. The Good Shepherd Press. $25.73 paper (367p), ISBN 978-0-578-24996-4; $2.99 e-book, ASIN B09BW56G67


A military-political action story where nine Special Forces veterans battle corrupt intelligence agencies. They are deemed public enemies, but the public perceives them differently.



Michael D. Apperley. Austin Macauley Publishers. $27.95 hardcover (242p), ISBN 978-1-64536-968-4; $14.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-64536-967-7


Tom loses everything. He becomes allied with a group whose history of fighting those who would not serve in Heaven predates the First Crusade.

The House of the Wolf

Alison Baird. Alison Baird. $20.62 paper (454p), ISBN 978-0-9698031-6-4; $1.24 e-book, ASIN B0748T8ZZF


A young girl fears that her late father’s family are werewolves—and worse, that she may be one too.

Instinct or Learned?

E. Glenn Tickner. Xlibris. $17.99 paper (266p), ISBN 978-1-6641-5125-3; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6641-5126-0


A psychiatrist discovers an unlikely surgery to remove a small part of a patient’s brain housing an evil personality, and he discovers the answer to the question of instinct or learned.

King Harold II: The Norman Conquest and What He Did Next; An English Study of the True Life and Nature of King Harold II

Peter Burke. AuthorHouse. $14.35 paper (138p), ISBN 978-1-6655-8634-4; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6655-8635-1


This novel follows a husband and wife’s journey to reveal the true nature of the last Saxon king, Harold Godwinson.

Nexus Point (Time Ranger #1)

K. Pimpinella. Friesen Press. $6.77 paper (300p), ISBN 978-1-5255-9547-9; $24.95 audio (10 hrs 13 mins), ASIN B097WKX7QH

Amazon,, Chapters, Friesen Press, Indigo, Kobo

In this SF time-travel novel, Time Rangers chase and apprehend Time Runners, who are wreaking havoc in history. But Commander Sawyer learns there is more going on than it seems.

Pale Beasts

John Thrasher. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (220p), ISBN 978-1-9845-4822-1; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-9845-4821-4


An urban fantasy set in New York City, this book follows a cast of humans used as pawns by mythic beasts in their ages-old conflict for dominance.


Barry M. Goldsmith. KDP. $24.99 paper (463p), ISBN 979-8-5457-0438-5


It’s 2038. Earth’s
climate can’t sustain life. Tyler Rand assembles Time Team Seven only to realize that the people who sent his team are trying to kill them.


David T. Bennett. Austin Macauley Publishers. $12.95 paper (196p), ISBN 978-1-398-42257-5; $4.50 e-book, ASIN B098YLH9X8


A band of “volunteer” misfits battle the elements, themselves, and the strange machines that have landed on Topside.


Halli Starling. Halli Starling Books. $9.99 paper (256p), ISBN 978-1-7373234-1-9; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7373234-0-2


In this novel of monsters, magic, and love, a vampire, a mage, and a hunter are pitted against a threat from another realm.

The Witches World in Ocean

Elijah Edwin. Evince Pub. $14 paper (514p), ISBN 979-8-4634-1905-7; $4.99 e-book, ASIN B09DG6WP3R

Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords

Lucifer and his agents descend to earth after rebelling against God. Eleven rise against Lucifer to create a new world that they control.


Funeral Circus

Warwick Wood. Austin Macauley Publishers. $18.95 paper (358p), ISBN 978-1-3984-1128-9; $4.50 e-book, ISBN 978-1-3984-1129-6


At the wake of an old friend, a woman dying from an incurable disease gets an unexpected opportunity to revisit her life—with unforeseen results.

A Match Made in Spain

Rochelle Merrill. Celie Bay Publications. $12.99 paper (369p), ISBN 978-1-953433-03-9; $4.99 e-book, ASIN B09B5HF5CT

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

A small-town ASL teacher is reluctantly captivated by the vintner determined to woo her. Can a match made on a tour of Spain be a fairy-tale second chance for this grumpy/sunshine pair?


Emily R. Bellas. KDP. $9.99 paper (214p), ISBN 979-8-5370-1270-2; $2.99 e-book, ASIN B099DJLN2R


Mia’s life is derailed when a rock band takes up residence at her bar. When the lead singer sets his sights on her, she must decide if she’s ready to destroy her carefully built walls.


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: From Disability to Possibility

Hanneke Boot. AuthorHouse. $30.26 paper (82p), ISBN 978-1-7283-9824-2; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7283-9823-5


Presented in diary format, this memoir shares the author’s challenges with a physical disability while fostering her talent for painting with her mouth.

Blind Passion: A True Story of Magnificent Love

Vincent I. Perry. Xlibris. $23.99 paper (506p), ISBN 978-1-6641-3146-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6641-3144-6


A middle-aged woman with three children and trapped in an unhappy marriage finds true love with a much younger blind man.

Capital De Facto: Inquiring into the General Theory of Capitalism

Arman Calbay. Calligraph. $27.95 hardcover (197p), ISBN 978-1-7375969-2-9; $14.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-7375969-0-5


A fundamentally fresh approach to economics and a new framework for the defense of capitalism and economic freedom.

Conquer Disease with Food

Yoo Sik Oh. Insight Vessel. $5.99 paper (104p), ISBN 979-8-47352052-1; $3.33 e-book, ASIN B09FQDMVBF

Amazon, Google Play, Kobo

After contracting acute pneumonia and watching his daughter suffer from severe atopy, the author built a secret recipe over 15 years to help her.


Liam McCarthy. Liam McCarthy. $7.05 paper (454p), ISBN 978-1-64753-498-1


This book chronicles the monumental struggles of an innocent priest falsely accused of molesting two young sisters, a victim of an anonymous complaint that was accepted as true by his bishop.

Crossing the Bridges: From Lvov Across the Steppes of Asia to London’s Doodlebugs; One Woman’s Wartime Odyssey

Eva Cristina Hoffman Jedruch. Austin Macauley Publishers. $45.95 hardcover (296p), ISBN 978-1-5289-8561-1; $32.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-5289-8560-4


In August 1939, Maks Hoffman is taken prisoner by the Russians and executed. His wife, Zofia, is deported to Kazakhstan for forced labor. Their baby daughter, Eva, is left behind.

Different Essays: (They’re Certainly Different)

Charles Pinwill. Balboa Press. $33.99 paper (542p), ISBN 978-1-9822-9008-5; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-9822-9009-2


Pinwill has things to say about national accounting and policy, though whether it’s politics, economics, history, theology, or money, his writing all comes from somewhere different.

Discerning the Gold in Human Experience: Leadership Faith and Organizations

Christine Anderson. AuthorHouse. $14.34 paper (114p), ISBN 978-1-6655-8498-2; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6655-8499-9


Anderson, a religious sister in the 21st century, shares a passionate account of her life as an educator and international organizational consultant in many countries of the world.

Dynamics Allegiance Development: The Steppingstones of Reason

Michael Watson. Xlibris. $23.99 paper (522p), ISBN 978-1-6641-0345-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6641-0344-3


The first volume of a series, this book covers topics from nature to technology, war to ancient society, Mother Earth to Mother Nature, God’s reasoning, and more.

The Evolution Inside of Deaths

Shawn Twyne. Page Publishing. $19.95 paper (281p), ISBN 978-1-6624-5077-8

Amazon,, Google Play

This book is a self-help spiritual book of allegorical, esoteric poetic missives to help people understand their purpose and existence in this world.

Facing 2030: Coping with Climate Change

Peter J. Dwyer. Balboa Press. $15.95 paper (40p), ISBN 978-1-5043-2097-9; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5043-2098-6


In seven chapters, Dwyer looks at climate change in all perspectives to explore how solutions can be developed to combat it.

God and Humanity: The Revelation of Sovereignty

Max-Henri Lavi. Max-Henri Lavi. $14.99 paper (326p), ISBN 978-2-9701496-0-6; $9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-2-9701496-1-3


Lavi tells the story of the world, revealing what he believes to be the meaning of life and the presence of God in nature, in history, and in hearts.

Hangin’ Tough: Boxing Fan, Big-Fight Analyst, Tactician & Historian

Jawed Akrim. AuthorHouse. $27.32 paper (258p), ISBN 978-1-6655-8505-7; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6655-8506-4


Take a walk on the wilder side of boxing history with this collection of essays and stories.

Hard-Boiled Egg Index

Kudzai Joseph Gumunyu. Great Writers Media. $10 paper (156p), ISBN 978-1-955809-89-4


Though saddening, the story is told in a humorous way, detailing how Kudzai had to adjust to the effects of economic meltdown.

How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt Post-Covid-19

Setrag Khoshafian. Gatekeeper Press. $34.99 hardcover (200p), ISBN 978-1-6629-1203-0; $24.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-6629-1204-7


Humanity is amid a digital revolution with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The book covers digital transformation—from culture to best practices with actionable recommendations.

Ignite the Hunger in You: How to Develop Your Greatness and Ignite Humanity

Les Brown and J.B. Owen. Jbo Global. $30 paper (356p), ISBN 978-1-7923-4176-2

Amazon,, Kobo

Brown and Owen have come together with 35 phenomenal authors to present a book filled with inspiration, encouragement, and transformation.

It Takes a Village

Kevin Pereau. TranscendIT Health. $29.95 paper (256p), ISBN 978-0-692-03756-0; $19.95 e-book, ISBN 978-0-578-98572-5


Health care never stops innovating. Find out how people can connect with everything they need to get and stay healthy. All that’s needed is a smartphone.

The Lifespan Movement

Nayana Williams. Nayana Williams. $21.99 paper (281p), ISBN 978-0-578-99050-7; $9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-0879-0673-7


An account of one woman’s personal progression to finding purpose, happiness, and financial freedom.

Lion Shaped Mountain: A Fable as Told Through the Eyes of Wild Chimpanzees

Andrew R. Halloran. Elgin Press. $25.99 hardcover (164p), ISBN 978-1-7366498-0-0; $9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7366498-1-7


In a remote corner of West Africa, in a place that only the locals know about, the world of a young chimpanzee is changed forever by forces beyond his control.

Our Condo on Wheels: Story of a Couple RVing

Diane Lenamon. AuthorHouse. $13.99 paper (126p), ISBN 978-1-7283-6035-5


RVing is quite a lifestyle in so many ways. A person must truly love the person they’re traveling with. There are a lot of ins and outs to learning, but so much fun.

Passing Through: Exploring the Envelope, Part One

Manny Sousa. Xulon Press. $25.49 paper (366p), ISBN 978-1-5456-8182-4


Sousa’s commissioning as a Navy ensign and designation as a naval aviator in 1956 led him to fly the first carrier-based aircraft capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

Provoke Not Your Children: How to Escape the Emotional Trap of a Narcissistic Mother

Carol E. Provo. Austin Macauley Publishers. $11.95 paper (180p), ISBN 978-1-64575-619-4; $4.50 e-book, ISBN 978-1-64575-620-0


A self-help book that gives the reader a peek into the personality-disordered mind of abusers, manipulators, and narcissists.

September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story

Dean Rotbart. TJFR Press. $42.95 hardcover (328p), ISBN 978-1-7344841-8-2; $34.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-7344841-7-5

An inspirational account of how the staff of the Wall Street Journal rallied on Sept. 11, 2001, after the paper’s headquarters was destroyed by fallout from the World Trade Center’s collapse.

Soldier On! Forging Ahead Despite the Odds

Nate Griffin. Xlibris. $16.99 paper (140p), ISBN 978-1-6641-4824-6; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6641-4823-9


Suit up like a soldier and develop the mental toughness to deal with whatever life brings the reader’s way. Good or bad, learn to soldier on.

The Sound Post in the Violin

John E. McLennan. Balboa Press. $8.99 paper (94p), ISBN 978-1-5043-2132-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5043-2133-4


McLennan, a veteran researcher of violin acoustics, dispels the mystery surrounding the sound post of the violin.

Stoves & Suitcases: Searching for Home in the World’s Kitchens

Cynthia D. Bertelsen. Turquoise Moon Press. $19.95 paper (386p), ISBN 978-1-7345579-2-3; $11.95 e-book, ASIN B09GG5WQYK

Amazon, Ingram

Bertelsen’s reflective memoir tells an age-old tale of leaving home to find home, brimming with overseas travel adventures and culinary discoveries. Contains more than 100 recipes.

The Success Trail: Learn to Win with a Marathon Runner’s Mindset

Jack Perconte. Second Base Publishing. $11.95 paper (233p), ISBN 978-0-9981709-4-7; $7.99 e-book, ASIN B096G7V1QY


A motivational self-help book that shows readers how to strive for their dreams with a step-by-step plan to adjust their mental outlook and dig deep when times seem most dire.

Tales from the Kingdom of Tonga

‘Ilisapesi S. Weir, E. Lute S. Aleamotu’a, and Alekisanita U. Sisifa. URLink Print and Media. $9.99 paper (252p), ISBN 978-1-64753-449-3; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-64753-450-9


The lives of Mafi
Helu Sisifa and Sione Finau Sisifa (1910–1970) in the context of time, geography, and history in the kingdom of Tonga.

The Ultimate Profit Playbook: A Simplified, Step-by-Step Guide to Picking Winners in the Stock Market

Karl Kaufman. Bullhorn Books. $34.95 hardcover (60p), ISBN 978-1-955230-00-1; $29.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-955230-01-8

Amazon,, Google Play

An interactive workbook teaching the step-by-step process needed to evaluate a stock.

Tour da’ Maui

CruiserBob. Xlibris. $62.49 paper (150p), ISBN 978-1-7960-1702-1; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7960-1701-4


Bob Kiger worked to develop the world’s first downhill bike tour. Along the way, he experienced a unique adventure, which is documented here.

Under the Gaze of God: Perspectives on Spiritual Development

G. David Williams. Xlibris. $21.72 paper (344p), ISBN 978-1-6641-1344-2; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6641-1364-0


This book embarks on a journey of spiritual growth, hopefully leading to a greater understanding of the way in which God engages with the heart and draws readers into unity with him.

The Visionary Brand

Bryan Smeltzer. LiquidMind Press. $24.99 hardcover (205p), ISBN 978-1-7371881-0-0; $5.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7371881-1-7

Amazon,, Ingram

A guide to dominating an industry through a common vision, breakaway products, fostering a soulful culture, and a passionate loyalty to foundational principles.

Words That Make the Heart Sing

Sandra Matheson. URLink Print and Media. $7.99 paper (154p), ISBN 978-1-64753-701-2


This book provides a solid ground and great hope for living a life with promise through spiritual instruction.

Your Power to Change

Kyle C. Becker. Prosperity Now Life Coaching. $17.99 paper (330p), ISBN 978-1-7374732-0-6; $7.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7374732-1-3


Becker argues that readers have all the power they’ll ever need to become the person they want to become and live the life they want to live. This book helps discover it and develop it.


The Adventures of Abby and Friend

Connor Owens. Gatekeeper Press. $15.99 paper (218p), ISBN 978-1-6629-1113-2; $4.99 e-book, ASIN B096GSS39Q

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Google Play

A book for fans of protagonists finding their confidence, epic battles, and powerful friendships. Abby has her world upheaved one night when a monster crashes into her bedroom.

The Ancient Manuscript of a Toxic Wizard Family

Daisan the Coward. Great Writers Media. $9.99 paper (140p), ISBN 978-1-955809-79-5


Blessed with eternal life, wizard powers, and an ungodly dose of familial tension, the main character is forced to grapple with the long-term moral ramifications.

Dread Watch

Jared Agard. Chicken Scratch Books. $12.99 paper (266p), ISBN 978-1-953743-06-0; $4.99 e-book, ASIN B098KNLPB8

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Books-a-Million,, Kobo

When eighth grader Caleb finds an old watch at an abandoned railroad museum, he’s sure its magic will make his fears vanish. But he’s walking right into the Dreadmonger’s trap.

Fallon’s Digi-Bet: New World Alphabet for the Digital Age

Barbara-Ann Gale. Austin Macauley Publishers. $21.95 hardcover (98p), ISBN 978-1-64575-205-9; $8.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-64575-204-2


Fallon learns her ABCs for the digital age, which is all about computer technology. Her parents assist her in the pursuit of computer literacy that goes beyond point and click.


E.A. Shields. Writers Republic. $14.99 paper (330p), ISBN 978-1-63728-458-2, Amazon,,

Young Cinnamon is traumatically mute after her parents are killed during a rainstorm. Now she communicates by selecting different shoes to wear.

Friendship’s Gallop

Ross Davis. Ross Davis. $6.99 paper (76p), ISBN 978-1-0878-9806-3; $1.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-0878-9810-0

Amazon,, Kobo

A homesteader’s son and a Lakota boy become steadfast friends, yet they are forced to choose sides amid the cavalry’s attempt to purge the Native American boy’s tribe from the U.S. frontier.

The Gorilla K.I.N.G Learns Valuable Lessons

Telmeka S. Allen, illus. by Waqas Ahmed. Xlibris. $18.99 paper (48p), ISBN 978-1-6641-5209-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6641-5208-3


K.I.N.G. is being selfish and wants what everyone else has. He learns the hard way it is not nice to take from others. He also learns the true meaning of being K.I.N.G.

Great Uncle Bertie’s Garden

Dennis Roe. AuthorHouse. $14.34 paper (108p), ISBN 978-1-6655-8471-5; $4.31 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6655-8472-2


Bertie the blackbird teaches young birds as he tells stories about how life changes over years, in different seasons and even day-to-day.

I Have Big Dreams: Rianna Dreams of Competing in the Olympics

Rianna Facey and Tywanna Gardner. AuthorHouse. $16.99 paper (28p), ISBN 978-1-5462-5892-6; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5462-5891-9


Rianna believes that she can do anything if she practices long enough. She has big goals and dreams. Her biggest dream is to compete on an Olympic team for gymnastics.

It’s a Dog, Dog, Dog, Crum World

Daniel R. Pard. AuthorHouse. $13.99 paper (218p), ISBN 978-1-6655-0908-4; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-6655-0907-7


This book follows ELT the superdog on his latest adventure. Humans in the town of Spring Valley are turning into dogs, and there is only one man behind the caper: Walter E. Crum.

A Journey of Tastes

Hasina Knox, illus. by Ayesha Shaikh. Lulu. $10.97 paper (37p), ISBN 979-8-4792-1825-5; $2.97 e-book, ISBN 978-1-008-92088-0


This rhyming and repetitive storybook is for ages 3–7 years old. Four children go on a journey to the seven continents in seven days.

The Magician’s Web

Maidie Reeve. Austin Macauley Publishers. $11.95 paper (180p), ISBN 978-1-5289-9932-8; $4.50 e-book, ASIN B0997V722S


Two children undertake a quest to find seven gemstones needed to reactivate a magic talisman and release a magician imprisoned by an evil web.

Please Don’t Tell Cooper that Jack Is a Rabbit

Michelle Lander Feinberg, illus. by Anna Mosca. SDP Publishing. $19.99 hardcover (32p), ISBN 978-1-73672042-4; $12.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-7361990-3-9


Cooper and his best friend, a rabbit named Jack, rejoice in silly escapades together and learn that having differences is the best part of friendship.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear

Joan Keir Burnett. Austin Macauley Publishers. $21.95 hardcover (26p), ISBN 978-1-3984-1614-7; $8.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-3984-1613-0


A picture book for young children written in rhyme; an early introduction to the amazing polar bear and the environment under threat through climate change.

Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers

Once Upon a Dance, illus. by Ethan Roffler. Once Upon a Dance. $19.99 hardcover (34p), ISBN 978-1-7368750-6-3; $7.48 paper, ISBN 978-1-7365899-2-2

Amazon, Ingram

Annoyed with her sister, Naomi storms from the castle. She forgets her anger when she discovers a unicorn in need of rescue. Ballerina Konora joins each page with movement suggestions.

Sherbert M. Holmes: The Case of the Catnip Thief

Jeff Crise, Amanda M.G. Busch, and Josh Crise, illus. by Jeff Crise. SMH-4B Entertainment. $11.99 paper (243p), ISBN 978-1-7377446-3-4; $6.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-7377446-0-3

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo, Overdrive, Scribd

Detective Sherbert M. Holmes (an orange-and-white cat) and older sister Dr. Pipper (a travel-size calico cat) search for the missing catnip in their quest to catch the thief.

Tennis for Little Humans: Technique, Scoring and Tactics

Venetia Thompson, illus. by Devika Dalal and Steve Adams. Great Writers Media. $13.76 paper (56p), ISBN 978-1-955809-87-0


The book provides a lighthearted introduction to tennis for children.

Yves, or the Man Who Wasn’t

L.N. Mayer. Oslo & Bangs Publishing. $11.99 paper (279p), ISBN 978-2-9569463-4-2; $2.99 e-book, ISBN 978-2-9569463-5-9


In this sequel to Tell, or the Adventures in Themiddle, 13-year-old William Teller struggles to reclaim his rightful place as king in an imaginary world.


P.J. Anderson. Austin Macauley Publishers. $13.95 paper (236p), ISBN 978-1-5289-1990-6; $4.50 e-book, ISBN 978-1-3984-2787-7


A teenage brother and sister and members of a secret military unit face life-changing decisions and discover new purpose after an alien spacecraft crashes off the coast of Queensland.