Page Turner

Pageboy, actor Elliot Page’s memoir of coming out as queer and trans while navigating Holywood life, is the #8 book in the country. He expressed his goals for the book in an Instagram post: “We are all pressured to become a narrow version of ourselves, encouraged to fit rather than blossom,” he wrote. “I never thought I’d have the strength to write my story. I hope that by sharing my journey it can help demonstrate that we all—queer, trans and anyone who supports the basic human dignity to live authentically—will not be silenced.”

Leap of Faith

In All the Sinners Bleed, #18 on our hardcover fiction list, S.A. Cosby tackles religion, the only of “the four pillars of Southern fiction”—race, class, religion, and sex—he hadn’t yet explored in his work. “I wanted to talk about the way religion is used as a cudgel and a comfort in the South, how it divides and brings people together,” he said in a prepub interview with PW. “And also how it can be used for really, really dark, nefarious purposes.” Our starred review deemed the book a “superb thriller”: “Cosby elegantly layers his narrative over Virginia’s racial history, giving the proceedings uncommon emotional depth. This is easily the author’s strongest work to date.” First-week print unit sales reflect his growing readership.

Circle of Life

Lisa See grew up in Los Angeles and began her career as an author with the 1995 family history On Gold Mountain, published during her 13-year stint as PW’s West Coast correspondent. She’s since published 11 novels, including her latest, Lady Tan’s Circle of Women, #7 on our hardcover fiction list. “Tan Yunxian, a historical doctor from 15th-century China, finds her calling at odds with other traditional duties of marriage and motherhood,” according to our review. “See’s fans will find much to enjoy.” The book was #1 in her hometown this week; 37% of print unit sales were on the West Coast.


Kristin Harmel
#9 Hardcover Fiction
“The friendship between two American expats in WWII Paris leads to life-altering events in the powerful latest from Harmel,” per our starred review. She “brings the novel’s historical moments to life through deep research and enriching historical facts, and she conveys an acute sense of her characters’ emotions as they face tragedy upon tragedy. This is Harmel’s best to date.”

Annabel Monaghan
#12 Trade Paperback
Monaghan, who made her adult fiction debut with 2022’s Nora Goes Off Script, “reunites first loves in this masterful romance,” according to our starred review. The author “nails the second-chance romance trope, allowing the love between her leads to rekindle slowly as they forge a satisfying path to forgiveness.”