At this year’s London Book Fair, U.S. agents will feature works by H.S. Cross, Laila Lalami, Casey McQuiston, Richard Price, Riley Sager, and more. We will continue to update this list of rights on offer at the 2024 London Book Fair through the fair's opening on March 12. Submissions can be sent in using our Google form, or emailed to our editors here. (Please note, the listings are open to U.S. literary agencies only, with a limit of four titles per agency).

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Aevitas Creative Management


Kerry Cullen (Simon & Schuster, 2025). A queer, gothic body-horror ghost story about a publishing industry worker with intense harm OCD who goes home and falls into a life that still belongs to someone else.

Children of the Revolution

Zayd Ayers Dohrn (W. W. Norton). Dohrn researches children of revolutionaries to explore family, growing up and the inheritance of political ideology.


Cassandra Vieten (Simon Element, 2025). Vieten, a licensed clinical psychologist, argues that imagination is essential and provides a guide exploring the power of imagination.

The Naming Song

Jedediah Berry, (Tor, September 2024). An anti-totalitarian, post-apocalyptic fable.

Copps Literary Services

Dead Girls Walking

Sami Ellis, (Abrams Amulet, March). The daughter of a serial killer finds that his old hunting grounds has been turned into a summer camp that a copycat is stalking.

Helena Wiktoria

Katarzyna Witerscheim (Tapas Entertainment, webcomic). Taking place in 19th century Poland, Witerscheim spins a Bridgerton-esque love triangle.

The Third Rule of Time Travel

Philip Fracassi (Orbit, March 2025). A scientist must correct her mistake when her time traveling accidentally erases her daughter from existence.

Volatile Memory

Seth Haddon (, Spring 2025). In these novellas, a scavenger with a mask that contains the consciousness of a dead woman seek revenge on the woman's ex-husband.

Defiore and Company

Heartbreak is the National Anthem

Rob Sheffield (Dey Street, September 2024). An intimate look at the life and music of modern pop’s most legendary figure, Taylor Swift, from leading music journalist Rob Sheffield.

The Power of Women

Mihaela Noroc (Andrews McMeel, November 2024). From the creator of the social media phenomenon The Atlas of Beauty, comes this moving new collection showcasing the astonishing diversity of women around the world and her own powerful experiences of capturing their stories in more than 60 countries.

Lost Ark Dreaming

Suyi Davies Okungbowa (, May 2024). The brutally engineered class divisions of Snowpiercer meets Rivers Solomon’s The Deep in this high-octane post-climate disaster novella written by a Nommo Award-winning author.

The Boss of You

Jay Heinrichs (Crown, January 2025). Heinrichs's newest book will find a readership among the over half-million buyers of Thank You for Arguing—books that help readers find ways to motivate themselves to action. Agent is Brian DeFiore

Focused Artists

Bloom How You Must: A Black Woman’s Guide to Self-Care

Tara Pringle Jefferson, (Amistad, 2025). The Self Care Suite founder Jefferson puts Black women at the forefront of the wellness conversation.

In a League of Her Own: Celebrating Female Firsts in Sports

Bonnie-Jill Laflin (Rowman & Littlefield) shares the stories of women who accomplished great things in the world of sports with new interviews with and profiles.

Hill Nadell Literary Agency

Brown Boy

Omer Aziz (Scribner, April 2024). Aziz’s memoir of race, identity, family and class.

Mondo Tokyo

Patrick Macias (Sutherland House, March 2024). Macias explores the phenomenon of “Cool Japan" from the perspective of someone who was there.

The River View

Jamie Harrison (Counterpoint, August 2024). Sheriff Jules Clement returns in a new installment of the mystery series set in Blue Deer, Montana.

Thirteen Question Method

David Ulin, (Outpost19) Set in Los Angeles, this psychological thriller is inspired by classic noir.

InterLicense, Ltd.

■ The Beginner’s Guide to Karma

Lama Lhanang and Mordy Levine (New World Library, November 2024). Lhanang and Levine, practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, explore karma and the way it’s understood in the West.

The Intuition Bible

Happy Ali (New World Library, September 2024). TikTok personality Ali discusses intuition and ways to apply it to the reader’s life.

What is Stoicism?

Tanner Campbell and Kai Whiting (New World Library, November 2024). An easy-to-understand introduction to Stoic thought.

Written in the Stars

Kate Rose (New World Library, September 2024). Rose provides an astrological guide to finding and understanding love and partnerships.

Jane Rotrosen Agency

The Boyfriend

Frieda McFadden (Sourcebooks/Poisoned Peen Press, October 2024). Bestselling author McFadden’s latest about online dating, obsession, and the things done for love.

Look on the Bright Side

Kristin Higgins (Berkley, May 2024). A funny, romantic novel about a young doctor with a rocky career who spends er summer fake dating and falling in love.

The Lost Story

Meg Shaffer (Ballantine, July 2024). Two adults must go back to the mysterious world they disappeared to as teenagers for six months.

One Big Happy Family

Jamie Day (St. Martin’s, July 2024). From the author of The Block Party comes a work of suspense centering around a family reunion that could kill them all.

Janklow & Nesbit Associates

The Great Library of Tomorrow

Rosalia Aguilar Solace (Blackstone, Nov. 2024). A fantasy novel about heroes from multiple worlds uniting to defend the Great Library of Tomorrow from a long forgotten evil.

Lazarus Man

Richard Price (FSG, Nov. 2024). From the bestselling author of Lush Life and, most recently, The Whites, this story story follows a five-story apartment building East Harlem, 2008 and how the surrounding neighborhood descends into chaos as the city’s rescue services and media outlets respond.

Rooms for Vanishing

Stuart Nadler (Dutton, spring 2025). Each narrator of Nadler’s epic believes themselves to be the sole survivor of their family, but mysterious happenings could change that.

The Shadow Mother

Kelsey Cox (Minotaur, Summer 2025). A black-tie Sweet Sixteen birthday party becomes a locked-room mystery in Cox’s latest.

Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency


H.S. Cross (Europa, fall 2025). From the author of Wilberforce and Grievous, Cross’s latest is a love story between Marion, who’s fled an abusive husband and WWI war vet Jamie, who’s dealing with shell shock.

A Feather and a Fork

Crystal Wahpepah (Rodale, fall 2025). This cookbook from Indigenous-American Wahpepah takes intertribal indigenous foodways to an international audience bringing a message of community building and food sovereignty.

The Haunting of Moscow House

Olesya Salnikova Gilmore (Berkley, Sept. 2024). From the author of The Witch and the Tsar, Gilmore journeys to post-revolutionary Russia, where two sisters race to uncover their family’s long-buried secrets in this gothic horror.


Antonia Murphy (S&S Australia, spring 2025). A darkly comedic memoir about Murphy’s experience opening and running an ethical escort agency in New Zealand, where sex work is fully decriminalized.

KT Literary

The Pairing

Casey McQuiston (St. Martin’s, Aug. 2024). In this romantic comedy from the author of Red, White & Royal Blue, two bisexual exes challenge each other to a hookup competition to prove they're over each other.


Sophie Burnham (DAW, Oct. 2024). Burnham presents an alternate North America where the Roman Empire never fell, where the murder of the Imperial Historian reveals an empire on the edge of revolution.

These Deathless Shores

P.H. Low (Orbit, July, 2024). A queer, Malaysian-inspired retelling of Peter Pan, focusing on Captain Hook from a Locus- and Rhysling-nominated writer and poet.

Daughter of the Merciful Deep

Leslye Penelope (Orbit, June 2024). The author of The Monsters We Defy is back with a tale of a woman’s journey into a submerged world of gods and myth to save her home, shining a light on the drowned Black towns of the American South.

Larry Weissman Literary

Becoming Earth: How Our Planet Came to Life

Ferris Jabr (Random House, June 2024). Becoming Earth shows how life not only evolved on earth in relation to the planet, but how the planet evolved in relation to life, arguing that Earth is, in a very real sense, alive, with breath, metabolism, a regulated temperature, and balanced chemistry.

The Weight of Nature: How a Changing Climate Changes Our Brains

Clayton Page Aldern (Dutton, April 2024). A paradigm-shifting, deeply researched book, from award-winning journalist and trained neuroscientist Clayton Page Aldern synthesizing the emerging neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics of climate change and brain health.

Ice Mile

Chris Ballard (S&S, Spring 2026). For readers of Born to Run, Outlive, Built to Move, and Breath comes a fascinating and fun character-driven, globe-spanning narrative exploration of our ever-growing obsession with cold water, and its myriad benefits.


Lizzie Johnson (Crown, August 2022). A riveting, deeply-reported narrative of the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, CA, following residents and first responders as they fight to save themselves, soon to be a major motion picture starring Matthew McCougnahey and America Ferrara, and directed by Paul Greengrass.

Laura Dail Literary Agency

Behind the Crimson Curtain

E.B. Golden (47 North, September 2024). Golden’s debut, the first in a romantasy duology, follows a theater troop that acts as a revolutionary front.

Queens of Crime

Marie Benedict (St. Martins, Feb. 2025.) Five female crime writers seek to solve the murder of a nurse in this cozy historical mystery.

O'Connor Literary Agency

The Computer Always Wins

Elliot Lichtman (MIT Press, Spring 2025). By using board games, strategy games and word games, Lichtman introduces readers to computer algorithms.

The Fountain

Casey Scieszka (Harper, Spring 2026). A woman attempts to unravel the reason why she hasn’t aged past 26 for the last 100 years.

Sanford J. Greenburger Associates

Arcane Mechanicals

Dana Schwartz and Dan Frey (Del Rey, February 2026). The Night Circus meets Ninth House meets Babel in this romantasy novel set at an elite magic graduate school.

A Beast Slinks Toward Bethlehem

Alice Evelyn Yang (William Morrow, Fall 2025). Three generations of a northern Chinese family are the focal point of this work of historical magical realism.

The Dollmakers

Lynn Buchanan, (Voyager, August 2024). Buchanan debuts with a fantasy in which magical dolls made by artisans fight monsters.

The Vipers

Katy Hays (Ballantine, Spring 2025). History and secrets start unraveling bring severe consequences to the present.

SBR Media

Land of Ashes

Stacey Marie Brown (Twisted Fairy, March 2024). The seventh book in the Savage Lands series focuses on Ash and picks up where Shadow Lands ended.

Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.

The Most

Jessica Anthony (Little, Brown, July 2024). A 1950s housewife decides to get into the pool in her family’s apartment complex and refuses to come out.

Rabbit Heart

Kristine E. Ervin (Counterpoint, March 2024). Ervin’s memoir catalogues her family's decades-long quest to identify the two men who murdered her mother.


Moorea Corrigan (Berkley, Winter 2026). In this cozy debut fantasy from Corrigan, only a few still hold out hope for the return of the faeries, who disappeared over one hundred years ago.

The Villain Edit

Laurie Devore (Avon, July 2024). A cynical romance novelist becomes the villain of a Bachelor-like show despite meeting the love of her life.

Trellis Literary Management

Jolt: My Electric Journey Out of Darkness and Into the Light

Ted Scheinman (Scribner, winter 2026). A Smithsonian senior editor’s memoir in which his electroconvulsive therapy is used as a jumping off point for an investigation into the connections between mental illness, memory loss, and identity.

Margo's Got Money Troubles

Rufi Thorpe (William Morrow, June 2024). A bold, buzzy, laugh-out-loud funny, and heartwarming story about one young woman’s attempt to navigate adulthood, new motherhood, and her meager bank account in our online world.

Middle of the Night

Riley Sager (Dutton, June 2024). Bestselling thriller author Sager’s latest introduces a man dealing with the long-ago disappearance of his childhood best friend as secrets are unearthed.

A Thousand Times Before (Asha Thanki, Viking, July 2024). A multi-generational tale following a family of women from Partition-era India to modern day New York.

Trident Media Group

The Dream Hotel

Laila Lalami (Pantheon, summer/fall 2025). Finalist for the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize Laila Lalami’s new work is set in a future without privacy, following a museum archivist who is detained after an algorithm uses her dreams to determine she will commit a crime—an exploration of how we can be seduced, and eventually shackled, by the technology that makes our lives easier.

Order of Swans

Jude Deveraux (Mira Books, April 2024). Deveraux delivers a new romantasy, the first part of a duology in which a Ph.D candidate finds herself in a world where the characters from our childhood tales live, where she rescues the king’s son in exchange for information for her dissertation about folklore.

The Dirty Version

Turner Gable Kahn, (Harper Perennial, summer 2025). In this rom-com debut, a writer seeking to spice up her bestselling book for a Hollywood production hires an an intimacy consultant, and a chemistry between them, even hotter than their script, ignites.

What Are the Odds

David List (Blackstone, October 2024)
From List, executive producer of Miramax’s Fletch Films, a debut novel about a retired NYPD detective and an IRS investigator who bump shoulders in Ecuador and end up working together to catch a shady oil magnate.

United Talent Agency

Are You Mad at Me?: How to Stop Focusing on What Others Think So You Can Remember Who You Are

Meg Josephson (currently on submission). Psychotherapist and wellness influencer Josephson shines a light on fawning, what she argues is the least talked about, but increasingly most common, trauma response.

The Art of Vanishing

Morgan Pager (Ballantine, spring/summer 2025). The creator behind bookstagram account @nycbookgirl, Pager’s debut novel follows a museum employee who discovers she has the ability to enter the worlds of paintings.

Peggy: A Novel

Rebecca Godfrey. A fictionalized account of Peggy Guggenheim’s life, the legendary heiress and art collector.

Waxman Literary Agency

Family of Spies: My Father, the Nazis, and the Only Secret Agent Convicted for the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Christine Kuehn (Celadon, Spring 2025). The true story of the author’s family, who were sleeper spies stationed in Hawaii.

A Horse’s World; A Brain Scientist’s Bond with Horses

Janet L. Jones, (Little, Brown, Spring 2026). Jones explores the science behind horse minds and how it affects behavior.

Like Happiness

Ursula Villarreal-Moura (Celadon, March). The story of a young women’s damaging relationship with a writer.

Sell Like a Spy: The Art of Persuasion from the World of Espionage

Jeremy Hurewitz (Diversion, August 2024). Hurewitz uses his relationships with former FBI and CIA agents along with spycraft strategies and tactics to sell anything.

William Morris Endeavor

The Strange Case of Jane O.

Karen Thompson Walker (Random House). A reclusive woman and her unconventional psychiatrist are drawn together as they plumb eerie dimensions of memory, truth, human consciousness, connection, and fate, from the bestselling author of The Dreamers.

20% Smarter: How Neurodivergents are Reshaping the Workplace and the World

David Flink (Grand Central). Flink identifies six key traits common across neurodivergents, and how they help organizations supercharge their growth.


Rebecca Cox (TBA). A moving, timely exploration of the consequences of our choices about how we create new life in the context of advancements in fertility treatments.

The Exes

Leodora Darlington (TBA). A razor-sharp debut thriller that examines how often women, particularly women of color, can feel so cruelly trapped by the men they date.

Writers House

The Chase: An Unconventional, Uninhibited, and Unapologetic Guide to Getting What You Want

Jenny Wood (Portfolio, March 2025). Going after the life and career of your dreams requires a pair of sharp elbows, an appetite for smart risk, and the stubborn willingness to bend the rules that society designed to let others maintain their lead, Wood argues.

The Good Evil

Samanta Schweblin (Knopf, spring 2025). A short story collection about the fragility of life in which ordinary people grapple with the uncontrollability of what they deeply care about.

Southern Man

Greg Iles (William Morrow, May 2024). A new Penn Cage novel about a man—and a town—rocked by anarchy and tragedy, but unbowed in the fight to save those they love.

What You Make of Me

S.M. Dess (Penguin Press, March 2025). Dess follows devoted but fiercely competitive siblings whose overlapping desires as artists, thinkers, and lovers comes to a head when they both fall for the same headstrong woman, who, by refusing to play their game, helps drive it into their final act.