Camp Prodigy

Caroline Palmer. Atheneum, June. Ages 8–12

In what PW’s review called an “effervescent and affirming debut graphic novel,” two nonbinary teenagers chase their musical dreams and face their fears at orchestra camp. Tate Seong yearns for a career as a professional viola player, though their aspirations outstrip their talent; Eli Violet, the star who inspired Tate to take up the instrument, is terrified to return to the stage following a public breakdown. Each must shore up their confidence, and trust in the encouragement of friends, to find their own songs.


Sink or Swim

Veronica Agarwal and Lee Durfey-Lavoie. Random House Graphic, June. Ages 8–12

The second collaboration between writer Durfey-Lavoie and illustrator Arwal is a standalone set in the same world as 2021’s Just Roll with It. Ty, a queer middle schooler, is feeling out of sorts because a broken arm sidelined him from the swim team for a season, leaving him distanced from his teammates. He heads to Silver Falls Camp for the summer, where he focuses on repairing relationships, building new ones, and learning to believe in himself.


Robin Easter. Little, Brown Ink, May. Ages 7–12

Theater camp BFFs Ash and Ivy are working on their last show together before they start high school, and Ash doesn’t know whether they’re more nervous about stage-managing the production or about confessing their crush on Ivy. Complicating matters is Ivy’s handsome costar Lucas, who may want to share more than the spotlight with her. PW’s starred review said of the My Little Pony cartoonist’s original debut: “This sharply written and evocative graphic novel is deeply grounded in reality even when its characters would rather fantasize about the what-ifs.”


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