Robert E. Kearns

“Brian’s dead. His killers hunt for me now, I’m certain. It won’t be long.”

Destiny’s Daughter

Frances Altman

“Let me tell you about a woman I met many years ago in the pages of history. Her name was Dr. Mary Edwards Walker.”

Fanning Fireflies

LS Delorme

“The headless chicken charging toward Veronica Crane was clinging to life against all odds.”

Gifts from a Feral Cat

Tian Wilson

“In a world where proof is required
to believe, I experienced the unbelievable.”

Grief Sucks

Brooke Carlock

“If you picked up this book, my guess is that you’ve been feeling like grief sucks, too.”

The Loon’s Song

Kim Herdman Shapiro

“ ‘I can’t believe that bitch actually came back.’ ”

Psychotropic Dragon

Michael Bailey

“The artist outlined wings on Julie’s abdomen, pressing her skin flat as the needle pulsated.”

She Taught Me Everything

Amy Smith Linton

“Starting when we were little, my sister made a habit of waking me in the middle of the night.”

The Stone Secret

Amanda McKinney.

“Who are you pretending not to know?”

Unveiling 11 Relationship Styles

Ahmad Aljazeeri

“As we explore relationship styles, it’s integral to understand the foundational concepts that will guide us through.”