cover image Night Visions IV

Night Visions IV

Robert R. McCammon, Dean R. Koontz, Edward Bryant. Dark Harvest, $18.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-913165-21-8

This excellent anthology series showcases the work of three talents in each volume, and this time contains material by a trio of highly regarded fantasy and horror writers. Edward Bryant, who is represented by six stories, has contributed some of his best short work, including a marvelous account of the manager of a nuclear power plant, a man who was also on the Nagasaki bombing run in 1945, haunted by ghosts of the past and possibly the future. Dean R. Koontz has three stories here, including a well-done if overly sentimental tale of a young woman who overcomes a malign alien through will power and love, ""Miss Attila the Hun.'' And Robert R. McCammon's three entries include ``The Deep End,'' about a monster that lives at the bottom of a public swimming pool, and ``Best Friends,'' a knockout of a novelette, grisly and horrific, about a psychotic adolescent and the three demons who have obligingly torn his family into little pieces. Horror fans should find this collection well worth looking into. (October 31)