cover image El Marido = The Husband

El Marido = The Husband

Dean R. Koontz. Suma de Letras, $19.99 (402pp) ISBN 978-987-04-1059-1

Mitch Rafferty is just an ordinary guy with a landscaping business until the day he gets the chilling call from kidnappers who have taken his wife, Holly. To prove that they are serious, the kidnappers fatally shoot a man who is standing across the street from Mitch. The kidnappers want $2 million, or Holly will die a horrible and prolonged death. Meanwhile, the police discover that the sniper victim was an old acquaintance of Mitch, and, since they don't believe in coincidences, they are suspicious of Mitch. The question arises: why did the kidnappers even think a working stiff like Mitch could come up with $2 million in the first place? It seems there are secrets, twists, and betrayals at every turn. Recommended for popular fiction collections. LJ 6/15/06