cover image Innocence


Dean Koontz, read by MacLeod Andrews. Brilliance Audio, , unabridged, 10 CDs, 11.25 hrs., $36.99 ISBN 978-1-4805-4269-3

Narrator Andrews brings to life a dynamic cast of characters in the audio edition of bestselling author Koontz’s mystical thriller. Koontz is a master at creating protagonists who are unique in the extreme. Here he presents two—Addison Goodheart, who hides in hoods and shadows because his otherworldly visage turns even gentle pacifists homicidal, and a Goth-garbed teenager named Gwyneth, who cannot allow herself to be touched. Andrews provides Addison, the novel’s narrator, with a youthful voice that’s full of wonder, tempered with shy self-consciousness when in the company of Gwyneth. Gwyneth’s voice sounds just as young, but there’s also determination and an uneasy, suspicious edge. As for the other characters, Andrews serves them equally well. Addison’s mother, who banishes him from their secluded home, speaks with harsh self-loathing. The former marine turned priest who becomes Addison’s benefactor has a similar attitude, but his voice is deeper and stronger. And, for Gwyneth’s horrific pursuer, Telford, Andrews eschews the more obvious villainous rasp or hiss for the supercilious, ironic attitude of a man convinced he has the upper hand. A Bantam hardcover. (Apr.)